Shadow Omega (MMM)

The Alpha’s Pleasure 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,115
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage & More ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Menage, BDSM, MMM, HFN]

Jason Gardner is a new inmate in prison. One thing Jason doesn’t yet know is that a corrections officer named Terrence and another prisoner—Adam—are getting ready to play a major role in his life. His first night there, Jason finds his cell door unlocked and goes exploring. Soon he encounters Terrence and Adam engaged in hot bondage sex that fascinates Jason every bit as much as his new prison life terrifies him.

When Terrence spots Jason spying, he calls him into the cell to join the action. The three men soon throw themselves into a fit of sexual passion. When Terrence leaves the two prisoners alone that night, however, Adam confesses that he loves Terrence with all his soul, even though his sentence is up in only a few days.

Jason feels compassion for Adam’s plight, but he has a wounded heart and a dark past of his own. Now the three men must save their new relationship… if they can.

Shadow Omega (MMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Shadow Omega (MMM)

The Alpha’s Pleasure 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,115
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Officer Terrence held the whip high above his head, ready to strike new prisoner Jason Gardner at a moment’s notice. Jason’s eyes grew wide with terror as he watched, but slowly, Terrence brought his whip down gently, sparing the 23-year-old inmate, at least for the moment.

“You’re totally out of line, prisoner,” Terrence said, shaking his head, walking to the young man before him and pressing the whip into his naked chest.

Jason stepped back, now leaning against a wall, biting his lower lip in contrition, though he honestly wasn’t sure what he had done wrong.

For a long time, Terrence stood there with the handle of the whip placed firmly against Jason’s sternum, and Jason prayed that this moment of terror would not last long. Would this man decide to savagely beat him on his first night at Hardline Prison for Men? Jason didn’t know the answer to that question, but he did know he was soon to find out.

He was shirtless and barefoot, wearing only the gray uniform pants someone had given him on his arrival, along with wrist and ankle shackles. He had seen movies where such restraints on a prisoner were attached to each other, but these weren’t. He was grateful, at least, for that.

Jason stared at Terrence for a moment as best he could without gazing directly into the man’s eyes. The officer was probably thirty-five years old, very hot considering the power dynamic they shared. He obviously worked out, sporting huge biceps, triceps, and pecs. Jason dared to look down at the bulge in his pants. Was he hard? Jason couldn’t tell, but he longed to know.

“I’m not an unreasonable man,” Terrence said, now moving the whip away and thrusting it back into a loop in his belt.

Jason figured Terrence carried that whip everywhere he went whenever he was working, ready to strike a prisoner’s naked flesh should he feel that inmate needed such a punishment. So far, though, he hadn’t used it on Jason. And yet, there was a nagging question that gnawed at Jason’s heart. How long would it be before he felt the cruel sting of that whip on his back or shoulders?

“I’m here to explain the rules to you, Jason,” Terrence continued.

“Rules, sir?”

“That’s right.”

With Jason’s question, Terrence suddenly pulled the whip out again, and now Jason was convinced this man would torment his soft flesh with it before this whole exchange was over.

“Do you see this?” He held out the whip, balancing the handle on the open palms of his hands.

“Yes, sir,” Jason managed to squeak out, eyes even wider now than they were before.

“You’re terrified of it, but really this whip will be your friend, your teacher. And one you’ll grow well acquainted with. It keeps you in line. It helps you learn the rules a lot faster.”

Jason felt his cock grow harder with each passing word pouring from the officer’s lips.

What was it about a whip that aroused him as it did? Maybe it was his ex-boyfriend, who had flogged him in much the same way, though perhaps not as savagely. Jason and that ex had actually played naughty games where Jason pretended to be a prisoner and the ex, the guard. Now his fantasies were materializing into reality right before his very eyes. Yes, this was no fantasy. This was real, and the whippings he would experience here would be so much more sinister than the ones his ex had subjected him to.

Jason was silent, but he felt his mouth watering as he wondered what a true whip would feel like against his soft, young flesh. He also wondered what it would be like to deserve such a whipping, such that this experience would be even more concrete still than the mere games he had played with his former partner.

“First of all, you may be given hard labor at times. If you slack off, we’ll get you back on track with a quick lash to your back. Real simple.”

“What kind of hard labor, sir?”

Terrence narrowed his eyes as he viewed Jason, and Jason pressed himself even harder into the wall behind him. What was it about fear that so aroused him, about terror that so captivated him?

“Not everyone does hard labor. There are those prisoners who do. It’s its own form of punishment. Most of the prisoners spend their days finding other ways to entertain themselves.” He paused, perhaps to let Jason soak in all he had said. “But if you ever are assigned to hard labor, put your back into it, or you’ll taste the lash. Like I said, real simple.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Fighting is not allowed either.” At this point, Terrence approached him again, now placing the handle of the whip under his chin, forcing Jason’s gaze into the officer’s. “Any prisoner who starts a fight gets five lashes. The other prisoner gets three. The guards will decide who started it. Got that?”

“Yes, sir. I think so.”

“Good.” He removed the whip from Jason’s chin and let it fall from his fingers to the stone floor, now staring Jason in the eye. Jason looked away, but Terrence brought his hand to Jason’s chin and once more forced his gaze. “You don’t have to be afraid of me, Jason. I’m no sadist. I just don’t take shit from prisoners—I can promise you that—but I’m always fair.”




Terrence stared straight into Jason’s eyes.

“Do you wanna play?” he asked.

Even now, Jason didn’t want to come between the relationship Terrence and Adam clearly had, but this play that Terrence was now talking about didn’t seem to involve anything of the sort. This kind of play appeared to be an invitation into these men’s inner realm, a way to get to know them better on a more intimate—even on a sexual—level.

“Yes, Sir,” Jason said softly, and then he glanced over at Adam, who seemed to be drinking in his form.

Jason only hoped his emotions didn’t get the better of him and that his heart didn’t get injured in this process. After all, others had betrayed him before, and he had no desire to go through any such experience again.

“Good,” Terrence said, approaching him and lightly slapping his cheek twice. Then he walked to Adam and did the same thing. “I want you both on your knees. You,” he said to Adam, “get behind Jason. Your handcuffs won’t cause any problems for what we’re about to do.”

Adam instantly fell to his bare knees, tucking his toes under his feet behind him, as if he somehow knew exactly what they were all about to do. Had Terrence and Adam done this before? Did these two lovers frequently invite a third into their sex lives just to spice things up?

Jason quickly got to his knees, as well, just in front of Adam. He rested his weight on his hands on the floor in front of him, and he waited for whatever was going to happen next. Adam placed the palms of his bound hands onto Jason’s back, creating a surge of electricity throughout his body. If only this moment could last an eternity. If only these men could play together for years to come.

And if only Adam weren’t leaving. Jason shook his head violently, trying to force the thought from his head, at least for now.

Terrence soon took his place in front of Jason, cock hard in his hand, and he, too, got to his knees. Jason immediately understood that he, and not Adam, was going to finish Terrence’s blowjob that night. And he also suspected that with Adam positioned just behind him, he was about to get his ass fucked as well. Jason’s eyes grew wide at the size of Terrence’s cock. It had to be at least eight inches long, and thick, as well. Jason knew he could worship a cock like that with no problem, but while getting fucked by yet a third? That was going to be a challenge. Still, he knew he was up to such a feat, and he was eager to begin.

Terrence didn’t immediately utter another word. He simply moved his cock forward, and Jason instantly opened his mouth, ready to take the throbbing member inside, swirling his tongue around the shaft and hopefully providing his new Master all the pleasure he could handle. The fact that Jason and Adam were also wearing handcuffs only made the experience that much hotter, as Jason had—just like Terrence suspected earlier—always held a taste for bondage in his sex play.

Soon, just the tip of Terrence’s cock rested against Jason’s lips. Jason instantly opened his mouth, and Terrence slowly moved in. Jason went to work on that hard rod, even as Terrence thrust it into his mouth, almost without mercy. Clearly the passion had taken Terrence over.

As Jason worshiped his new Master’s cock, he heard Adam spit into his hand just before starting to slick up Jason’s ass. Then Adam spat into the palm of his hand yet again, now likely slicking up his own throbbing member in preparation to penetrate Jason’s hole, but Jason couldn’t yet be sure.

A few seconds later, just as Terrence’s cock had rested on Jason’s lips only moments before, Adam’s cock now sat on the edge of the crevice of Jason’s ass. Jason felt a twinge of fear in his heart, as he hoped he performed well enough to please these men, that they would ask him to play again or even accept him into their relationship entirely.

As Terrence fucked Jason’s mouth, Jason’s eyes were clenched tightly shut, even as Adam moved his cock slowly into Jason’s hole. Jason knew it wouldn’t be long before Adam was fucking his ass without mercy, just as Terrence was doing to his mouth.

It was in that moment that Jason realized that his body was completely covered in sweat, that he must surely seem like a shiny gem as these two men fucked his various orifices. And did they like that hardcore fucking action? He prayed they did, and he realized that he, in fact, liked it, as well. He would have stayed there on his knees all night if he could have.

Jason carefully brought his body up, ensuring Adam’s cock was still able to fuck his ass, and he moved his bound hands to Terrence’s tight balls, playing with them as Terrence thrust his raging member in and out, in and out of Jason’s mouth. The sexual frenzy was divine.

“Take that cock,” Terrence commanded, just as he had said to Adam less than an hour earlier. He wondered if Adam would grow jealous that it was Jason, and not him, who was getting his Master off. Still, the visual stimulation of Adam fucking Jason must have been quite the turn-on for Terrence, as well. Plus, Jason knew these men were far from finished with their play. Jason was well aware that they had a long way yet to go.

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