[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Interracial Menage a Trois Paranormal Science Fiction Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, HEA]
Cade has been in love for at least a year, but Zan has been too busy with other men and women to notice him until now. Cade knows they’re perfect for each other, but Zan is hung up on the idea that only a woman can complete them. Cade isn’t interested in a triad love, but frustrated and full of fear of losing Zan, Cade gives in. He doesn’t expect to lust after Zaria, let alone fall in love with her, but tragedy strikes Willow Brooke drawing him and Zaria together.
Eyes open, Cade realizes Zan isn’t the only one attracted to Zaria. Willing to give them a chance, he opens his heart to her. Cade comes to see that with Zaria as their third, his relationship with Zan can only be strengthened, and they will all need to be strong to conquer the danger threatening to rip their town apart.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Passion's Brewing Storm (MMF)
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




He wanted a one-on-one romance with a little ménage on the side once in a while to spice things up. However, Zan was meant for a triad. It was a proven fact with his people that no one lover could ever meet all of their needs. He needed a woman to bear his children and a man’s silent strength.

It was too bad that man wouldn’t be Cade with his beautiful cerulean blue eyes. There was enough chemistry sizzling between them to power a small city, but there was no way this could go any further on Cade’s terms.

He’d put off getting involved with Cade for months even though the attraction had nearly been overpowering. He could fall for him so fast, but there was just no way for this to work.

“Zan,” Cade called as he headed for the bathroom.

“I can’t,” Zan said and his chest tightened. He pushed out a harsh breath. “It wouldn’t be right.” He removed the condom and cleaned away his juices before discarding the towel in a hamper and washing his hands.

Cade was sitting on the edge of the bed when he returned. “I know you’re fucking someone.”

“Almost always,” he commented wryly. He was the only unmarried member of his family left. Only one of them had a wife, which meant they’d be light on heirs. So, it was his duty to take a woman to fulfill that part of his obligation to his family. His people had engaged in the practice from the dawn of Barria’s existence, his real home.

The planet was gone now, but this little town held its bloodlines. Ninety percent of the DNA was tainted with human blood, but his brothers had managed to find mates that carried strong genetic samples from their planet. So, his brother’s children would be more alien than human.

“Are you going to cheat on your mate?” Cade asked angrily.

“You think you’re a mate?” he asked quietly as he reached for his khakis. He wouldn’t be surprised Cade was one of his mates. He hungered for him the way he’d never craved a man, but it didn’t change reality. Cade had been educated with a human’s beliefs and values.

His beliefs were Barrian and his desire to see a small piece of his planet right here in this town was only growing each day. However, Zan knew there would be no peace if true Barrian law was instituted, so he was willing to settle for the version that might just come into being tonight if his brother’s mate won the election.

“I wouldn’t have one,” Zan said. “I’d have two of them.”

“I don’t understand this obsession you have to fuck women. What is it about them that’s so fantastic?” Cade came to his feet, hands clenched at his sides as he glared across the semi-dark bedroom.

Cade had an older brother who’d long since renounced this town and his family. He despised his alien genes. So, Cade had inherited everything when his parents passed away. This house was too big for one little man and Zan knew how lonely Cade was, but he couldn’t fix it the way Cade wanted him, too.

“It’s not an obsession,” Zan replied. “I enjoy women. They smell good and they feel good. Besides, since Rhys and Kel have male mates, it falls to me to take a female. Our family’s bloodlines depend on it.”

“I know about family duties,” he snapped. “I have a few of my own to adhere to, but that doesn’t change a single thing between us.”

“Does your family dictate you take a woman?”

“How else can the bloodline not end with me?” he muttered and ran a hand through his hair. “My brother wants nothing to do with our heritage. He won’t even take my calls anymore.”

“Then, what’s your problem?” Zan demanded, pulling on his T-shirt.

“I prefer men, damn it,” he muttered.

“Stop the cussing. It’s not attractive on you,” Zan told him.

Cade bared his teeth in a growl. “You’re not my man, Zan,” he said icily. “You’re a fuck whenever we both have time.”

He stalked toward the bathroom and Zan grabbed his arm and jerked Cade up against him. “Why do you have to be so damned hard on this issue?” He kissed the side of Cade’s neck. “You pushed until you got me in bed.”

“Alicia invited me into your bed, and I still don’t know why since she wants you all to herself. I guess she realized you’d never give yourself to just her.”

He backed Cade into the wall next to the chair. Zan put one hand on the wall next to Cade’s head and cupped his jaw with the other. “Be that as it may, whenever we are together, you belong to me for that space of time, and you’ll obey me, Cade,” he said in a hard tone.

“You want to claim rights?” Cade demanded, snarling at him. “Fine. You have rights.”

Zan grunted and the calculating gleam in Cade’s eyes made him back up, wary. If Cade thought they were mates, then he had probably formulated some kind of plan in his head. That’s what lawyers did. They schemed and planned.

Cade reached for him, fingers curling at Zan’s waist. “Get back here,” he murmured.

“Careful, Cade, you could end up over my knee,” he warned in a tight tone.

“Only if you adhere to my terms for this little whatever it is,” he said, waving his free hand.

“Terms? There are no terms. You’re available when I want you, end of story,” Zan muttered in an irritated tone.

“Guess again,” Cade said softly and gave him a little smile. “You want some of this ass? Then you’ll bother to listen for a change, or don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”




Zan’s soft lips moved over his skin and his tongued snaked around the tiny point of Cade’s nipple, flicked over it, and then sucked. And Cade pushed his fingers into Zan’s thick hair moaning softly.

He basked in the sensations washing over him as Zan laved the turgid peak while his fingers pinched the other nipple hard. Breath rushed out of Cade and intense pleasure washed over him.

Zan sucked at the hard tip before lightly biting it, drawing a ragged moan from Cade. Zan bit the delicate flesh sending a slash of delicious pain through him. Zan then turned his attention to the neglected tip, lashing it as warm breath fanned Cade’s chest.

“Zan, you make me crazy with hunger,” Cade said roughly.

Zan thumped his nipple before swirling his tongue around the areola. He speared the tip and then closed his hot mouth over it. The sweet suction went straight to Cade’s dick and it jerked, hot and ready eager for action.

Cade made soft noises as Zan sucked harder. “I love that,” he confessed roughly as he pulled Zan’s hair.

Zan released his flesh and licked down over Cade’s stomach, drawing his tongue around the interesting little protrusion of his belly button. It was gold with broken blue lines and shards of crystal around it, and a tiny gold flower petal lay inside.

Zan caught it between his teeth and Cade gasped as unchecked fire spread through him. He was never prepared for the unmitigated pleasure that shot through him when Zan touched him there. It was an erogenous zone that made his cock leak and throb.

“Zan,” Cade cried breathlessly.

Zan ran a finger over the button, pinched it, and Cade gasped as pleasure rushed through him. Zan sank to his knees and gripped Cade’s thickly jutting cock and ran his tongue around the blue triangular head.

He’d rarely allowed men to go down on him before Zan because he always had to come up with some lie about the color and shape of his penis. He caught his breath as teeth lightly raked the head while a firm hand pumped the shaft.

“Fuck, Zan.” He moaned and thrust his hips forward. “Suck my dick,” he begged.

Zan tightened the suction of his mouth and sucked, sending shards of pleasure through him so extreme, he could hardly stand it. Cade tightened his grip in Zan’s hair and fucked his mouth slowly.

Zan took him deeper, sucking harder as he gripped his ass cheeks. His head came up before he sank back down, lips fastening on his flesh again. Cade screamed and trembled as he struggled to stay upright.

Then, Zan ran his fingers down the seam of his ass and let one dip past the cheeks to caress the treasure between them. The digit slipped past to breach the tight ring of muscles. The pain was a kiss of pleasure that drew a low whimper from him.

Zan lifted his head and got to his feet, then turned Cade to face the mirror over the vanity. He kissed a path down the center of his back as he reached out to open a drawer. He bit Cade’s shoulder lightly and licked over the sting before meeting his gaze in the mirror.

“I want you with every breath I take, Cade.”

Cade shivered and Zan dropped his hand on his ass and a jolt of pain rushed him. He closed his eyes savoring the ache. Zan hit him again before twisting the cap off the small bottle he’d taken from the drawer. He poured some onto the counter and dipped his fingers in it. A moment later, a drizzle of cool lube licked the pucker of his anus as a long finger pushed into his ass.

“Fuck, baby,” Cade said breathlessly. He shivered as Zan’s finger pushed in deeper and slid out. He added more lube and slipped two fingers inside, the burn building, and Cade clenched on them.

“You’re so damn tight,” Zan murmured. “I love how good you feel cradling my dick.” He kissed the side of Cade’s neck as their gazes held in the mirror. The intimacy of the moment stole his breath.

Zan fucked his fingers in, drew them out, and repeated, loosening up his body. Zan parted his fingers and withdrew them, then thrust them back in again.

“Zan, now,” he pleaded. “I’m going to go crazy if you don’t fuck me now.”

Cade groaned and panted as Zan fucked him harder.

Cade reached for his cock. It pulsed and leaked the pale blue pre-cum.

Hard and deep, Zan’s fingers drove into him, brushed his prostate and retreating before brushing up against it again, causing bliss to unfold in his belly. “Yes!”

He was going to come. He felt the need boiling in his balls like a bomb on the verge of exploding.

Zan quickly pulled his fingers free and Cade barely registered the whisper of fabric behind him. Moments later, he felt the blunt head of Zan’s dick pushed inside him.

The tight tissues of his ass were slowly parted, nerve endings firing. Cade hissed at the rush of pleasure as Zan filled him in two strokes.

“Damn, baby,” Zan cried as Cade’s inner muscles clenched around him.

Zan didn’t wait long before he gripped both of Cade’s hips and moved in him. His strokes were light and easy at first as the pleasure began to swell anew in Cade’s belly. Then, Zan took him fast and hard.

Cade caught his bottom lip between his teeth and thrust his hips back to meet Zan pump for pump. Each plunge was hotter than the one before it, and the heavy veins on Zan’s shaft massaged his ass, sending pleasure shooting through him, making him ho

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