[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Jaxon has loved Kelphan for a long time, and he’s known he was one of many. He was content to let Kel have his lovers since Jax couldn’t acknowledge  their relationship openly. But he realizes he wants more. Still, Jaxon’s duty is to his family, to his faction.
Kel loves Jaxon, but his ex Zier has a hold on him he can’t shake. However, he would never ask Jaxon to accept Zier on a permanent basis. Besides, men on their planet have always taken women as their third.
Unable to do what he should, Jaxon demands a commitment from Kel, but Jaxon fears someone else has a claim on his man’s heart, too. Learning it’s Zier, a man he’s attracted as well, Jaxon decides they must give a triad relationship a chance.  As he settles this in his heart, all hell is breaking loose around him, and the flames just might burn him alive.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Passion's Fire (MMM)
4 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




He felt eyes on him and turned his head to find Zeir striding toward him with a determined gait. He watched, taking in the long legs and letting his eyes travel up slowly. Zeir was all hard muscle and lean planes beneath the jeans and T-shirt he wore. His smooth olive skin was reminiscent of the eastern boys on Barria. They all had gold and olive skin and most of them had black hair and gorgeous eyes. The color of all Barrians’ eyes was brilliant, never too pale and the same could be said of Zeir’s.

He turned back to his work, making a note on the small tablet he held in his hand. This one had come from Barria. It worked on solar energy and worked perfectly even after all these years.


He felt the heat of Zeir as he stood directly behind him and stroked his hand over Kel’s hip. “Hey.” He turned, meeting expectant eyes. His gaze dropped to lush lips he wanted to kiss. Damn. How did this man make him just as hard as Jax did? It wasn’t common for a Barrian to have two men in his bed.

Zeir pushed hair behind his ears and Kel’s eyes followed the action. “Did you talk to him?”

“No.” He had planned to discuss his needs with Jax but they’d fought before he had the chance. “Too much happened,” Kel told him. “We ended up breaking up.”

“Kel,” he said in a soft tone as he let his hand brush against the back of Kel’s sending a wave of warmth shuttling through Kel.

Kel smiled softly. It was special the way Zeir made him feel, but wasn’t the same as when Jaxon touched him. Jax electrified his blood with a simple smile.

Zeir pushed his hands into his jeans pockets. “Why did he break it off? I mean if you didn’t tell him about me?”

“He thinks I wanted to share him with Bria,” Kel said. “Thought never crossed my mind. Unlike my brothers, pussy doesn’t do anything for me.”

Zeir shrugged. “It has its moments,” he said. “He’s not going to be able to stand against Jarvis and his crew without a dominant at his back. Jarvis might not be like us, but he’s dangerous. He’ll stop at nothing. I mean, I heard he was trying to get proof he’s gay that’s why he doesn’t have a woman. We can’t take a chance on him falling in the polls.”

Kel frowned. “What are you not telling me, Zeir?”

“I overheard a few conversations in the last few days, and one of them is the reason I wanted to talk to you.”

“What?” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He was worried about this election and the stress it was putting on Jaxon emotionally. He was also worried about the depths Jarvis would stoop to to win.

“A few of the elders met at my grandfather’s a couple of days ago, including Jaxon’s grandfather. The old men are preparing to act.”

“Act?” Kel quizzed with a knot forming in his stomach.

“They don’t think Jaxon will win, and they aren’t confident there are enough of us to challenge Jarvis should he win. Jarvis is planning on doing something radical.”


“He’s going to wage war on the cats, and those of us who are more Barrian than the rest,” Zeir said. “Pure-breds. We exist, because our parents exist. Some of the original Barrians and Utarians had children together rather than taking humans.”

Kel and his brothers had thought they were the only pure-breds. They knew some of those like Zeir and Jaxon were different, but they’d thought it was because their grandparents had both been alien. That meant their alien genes were less submerged than those whose grandparents had tried to hide who they were by taking humans as spouses.

“The ones I call elders are all pure-bred and they are prepared to kill Jarvis and his supporters. Hell they’re prepared to purge this town of all those who aren’t willing to make the change, fully embrace the new constitution and bill of rights.”

“Shit.” He wiped a hand through his hair. “They can’t do that. The feds will be in here on us before we get five days deep in a civil war,” Kel muttered.

“I know that,” Zeir said softly. “That’s why you have to get him back. He might let his father and grandfather guide him, but he has to seem strong on his own. With you, he’s more confident. You see how he acts since you’ve been seeing more of him. He comes right up to you like he owns your ass. He has a self-assuredness about him that just pours off of him.”

“That’s not me,” he said, shaking his head. Jaxon was confident, but he wasn’t a dominant. He didn’t have the balls to be cut-throat but with the right lover, the right supporters, Jaxon would be fine.

“My grandfathers said Barrian submissives never had any power, fathers married off their submissive sons and daughters to strong men and women. Submissive men who couldn’t hold their own and found themselves in a position of power were killed by stronger men, and Jarvis will kill him if the elders don’t.”

“No one’s killing him,” Kel snapped.

“Then, get him back.”




“You feel so good, Kel,” he murmured. “Love the way you’ve got me so hot. I’m like chocolate chips ready to pool into rich chocolate goodness.”

Kel chuckled at his ear and then drew his tongue down the column of his throat and then kissed his chin. “I need some oil to facilitate that melting,” he said thickly and backed away from Jaxon to retrieve a bottle of olive oil.

Jaxon pushed his pants and briefs down and kicked them out of the way. Kel grinned as he set the bottle next to him. He kissed him softly as he reached to close his fingers over his erection. He swiped his thumb over the pearly drop of pre-cum beaded on the tip. He smoothed it over Jaxon’s cock, and Jax let out a ragged breath.

“Yeah. I like that.” He loved Kel’s gentle touch and firm hold. He leaned toward him and kissed his jaw as he pushed his hand back beneath his shirt. “You get me so needy for you.”

“The feeling’s mutual baby, I promise.” Kel claimed his lips for a slow kiss. “Look at your pretty eyes. All fired with electricity.” He worked Jaxon’s cock with firm pulls.

Jaxon groaned roughly, and thrust into the big hand. “Kel.” The word was tight with erotic tension. “Please fuck me,” he begged. “I need you.” He stroked his hand over Kel’s erection and squeezed. “I want you inside him.” He shivered as he recalled the last time Kel had been inside him. He worked Kel’s belt open and then unbuttoned his pants and dragged down the zipper. He reached into his briefs and pulled the thick length free.

“Fuck! If you play with it, I won’t last.”

Jax kissed his jaw. “Then, I’ll have to get it up again,” he teased.

Kel chuckled. “You’re going to do that anyway.” He released Jax and grabbed the oil. He poured some into his palm and slathered his cock with it. “Turn around, sweet thang,” he ordered.

Jax did and grinned at the light tap on his ass. The bloated head of his lover’s cock nudged at the pucker of his anus before pushing gently inside the entrance of his body. He gripped the counter.

“Tell me what you fantasized about while you were gone,” Kel said as he pushed further inside and then withdrew.

“You. You know that.”

“Just me?” His lips grazed the back of Jaxon’s neck and then he pushed further inside the tight confines of his ass.

“You and Zeir,” he said breathlessly. “I wanted you both.”

“At the same time? Both of us filling your tight little treasure box?” He pushed deeper and Jaxon shuddered.

The thick length burned over his tight tissues sending thrills of pleasure through him. A little pain was pleasure when Kel took him. “Baby, you feel like heaven.”

“How does this feel?” He thrust in to his root and Jaxon made a soft noise of pleasure.

“Like you claiming me.” He reached back to stroke the back his lover’s neck. “Is that okay? That I want you both at the same time?”

“I won’t be the one with the sore ass,” he murmured. “But I’ll be as turned on as you are.”

Jaxon clenched around the thickness and felt his man’s warm breath on his neck. He smiled and then let out a soft grunt as Kel began to move in him. He moved with him savoring every thrust in and retreat out. His body thrummed with electricity, with desire. They both wrapped around him and kissed him hard.

“Oh fuck!” Kel drew back and thrust into him again.

The sounds of wet sex filled the air in a symphony with harsh male grunts.

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