Planet Sweshan (MM)

Alien Lovers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,497
33 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]
Grant Byers was barely surviving. He volunteered to leave Earth so that the government would take care of his family. His parents were religious fanatics, and Grant didn’t want to live a lonely existence to please them. Now that he’s free to be himself, Grant is ready to find a mate.
The Sweshian race is dying, and they need humans to procreate. Each human brought to Sweshan is given to a male for one week. If, after that week, the human doesn’t have a positive pregnancy test, he is given to another male.
Ael is the deputy commissioner of Sweshan. After losing four potential mates, Ael took his name off the list. One day, without warning, a human is delivered to Ael’s home. He tries to keep Grant at a distance, but he soon realizes that it’s impossible to ignore the young human. Grant is beautiful, smart, and funny, and he’s not afraid to try new things. When Grant is injured, Ael quickly realizes how much he cares for the human—but is it too late?  
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.


Planet Sweshan (MM)
33 Ratings (4.4)

Planet Sweshan (MM)

Alien Lovers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,497
33 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
This is the third book in the Alien Lovers Series and was happen to see book for Grant. Grant has a rough start off being injury and when he taken to meet his mate. Ael is tried of heart break and does not want to be involve with the mating when all they do is leave after a week. Can Grant break the ice around Ael heart and have the happy ending? Love the characters and the way the show their emotions and fears. Highly recommend this book and series
virginia lee




For a long time, Grant Byers knew only darkness. He came back to consciousness, slowly. One moment he was floating comfortably in a sea of murkiness, and in the next, Grant was pulled back to reality. He was instantly surrounded by sounds he didn’t recognize—the steady beep of a machine, a door hissing as it opened, light footsteps, the swish of fabric, followed by two distinct voices. Grant didn’t move. He lay motionless, listening.

“Still no change?”

There was a heavy sigh. “No, not yet.”

“Why isn’t he awake yet, Doctor Talr?”

“I don’t know,” the doctor murmured in response. “His surgery was a success. I’ve given him a full body scan. Everything is normal. He should be awake.”

“Keep me posted on his progress.”

“I’ll let you know if there are any changes.”

There was a moment of silence, followed by footsteps, and then, the door hissed once again. Grant assumed it must’ve closed behind his visitors as they left the room.

He didn’t even try to open his eyes, not yet anyway. Grant lay on the bed, trying to figure out where he was. He thought back, running the most recent memories through his mind.

The Glecerian starship transporting them to Sweshan. The explosion that ripped through the ship. His friend, Georgie. The unbearable pain in his chest. Lying down on the ground beside Bryson. And that was where his memories abruptly ended. He couldn’t seem to remember anything else. Had he been transported off the starship? Where were his friends? Did Georgie and Bryson survive the attack? What about the other humans? Questions swam around inside his mind, and Grant knew that he needed answers.

He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids felt as though they were glued together. He groaned, shifting restlessly on the soft bedding beneath him, as he fought to peel his lids open.

“You’re okay.”

A cool hand touched his shoulder. The difference in temperature, from his own body heat, sent a shiver racing down Grant’s spine and goose bumps broke out along his flesh. He knew it wasn’t a Glecerian doctor since the males of that particular alien race ran hotter than humans. At least one question had been answered. He wasn’t on Glecerus. Grant started to panic. He jerked away, desperately trying to escape the foreign hand.

“You’re safe, Grant. I’m Doctor Talr. You’re on Planet Sweshan.”

Grant stopped struggling. His heart pounded wildly as he took in deep gulps of air, trying to calm himself.

“I’m going to remove the patches covering your eyes. I placed them there after surgery to help you rest peacefully.”

Grant took a deep breath. He cleared his parched throat. “Okay,” he said, but it came out as nothing more than a hoarse whisper.

The doctor removed his hand from Grant’s shoulder. “I’m going to peel the pads off. Keep your eyes closed for a moment. Take it easy. It’s bright in here. It will take some time to adjust to the light.”

Grant gave a sharp nod. “I understand.”

Doctor Talr started removing the gel-like material over Grant’s eyes, peeling it away. Until this moment, Grant hadn’t even known that anything was on his face. It was a strange fabric he didn’t recognize. With his eyes still closed, the light was bright. It pierced through his lids, causing Grant flinch away. He pinched his eyelids closed, wishing he could be surrounded by darkness once more.

“Take your time.”

Grant was almost afraid to separate his lids. It took a couple of minutes to build up enough courage, but eventually he did. Grant slowly peeled his eyes open into a squint. The light burned. He lifted his hand, shielding the light, giving his eyes time to adjust. Grant blinked repeatedly until he could see clearly. He dropped his hand and stared up at a fish-like humanoid alien.

Even though he knew what the people of Sweshan looked like, seeing one in real life was still a little shocking.

The male was wearing a gray-colored jumper beneath a white lab coat. His skin was blue, covered in bluish-green shimmery scales. That wasn’t nearly as surprising as his ears, though. They looked like fins composed of protruding bony spines covered in blue skin. And his eyes…they were off putting with black vertical pupils and a yellow sclera. He had three slits on the side of his throat that looked like gills. And his hair was blue and short. It appeared wet, curving back like a wave away from his face. The Glecerians called them fish people, and based on looks alone, the name fit.

Grant opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He just stared at the male, his brain frozen. The Sweshian doctor seemed unfazed by Grant’s reaction. He merely smiled, flashing a toothy grin, exposing a row of perfectly straight teeth. It was probably meant to put Grant at ease, but it made him wary, and a little scared. 




Ael dropped Grant down onto the bed and immediately covered him. The male’s body pressed against Grant’s, and he groaned. Ael’s weight felt amazing as it pressed him into the mattress. He leaned down and captured Grant’s mouth in a passionate kiss. A jolt of pleasure shot through his system, and Grant shuddered. Ael consumed him, taking possession of Grant’s lips. Grant wrapped his arms around Ael’s neck, holding him, as their tongues twirled together.

Grant went lax beneath Ael, melting into the soft bedding. Ael kissed him until he was breathless. And when Ael pulled back, disconnecting their lips, Grant groaned in disappointment.

“Don’t stop,” Grant whispered.

Ael stared into Grant’s eyes. He shook his head. “I’m not going to stop. Gods help us both,

Ael placed a trail of kisses down Grant’s neck. Grant shivered, goose bumps breaking out along his arms and legs. He kissed Grant’s nipples, teasing the nubs with his teeth. Grant bucked beneath him. He wanted more, but kept his body firmly planted on the bed, refusing to rush Ael along. Ael had denied them both the pleasure for so long that Grant wanted to savor every second with the male. Ael slowly moved down Grant’s body, kissing his stomach and around his groin.

Ael glanced up. He looked into Grant’s eyes and smiled. “You are so beautiful.”

Grant reached out and ran his fingers through Ael’s hair, combing back the long strands. The male’s blue, wavy hair felt silky soft. Grant ran his hand down Ael’s face, cupping his cheek. He ran his thumb back and forth over the shimmering scales.

They stared at each other for a drawn-out moment. Every time Ael’s gaze met his, Grant’s heart turned over in his chest. It was just the two of them, sharing something incredibly special. Grant felt the intensity. He knew this was special. This was love.

Ael wrapped the palm of his hand around the base of Grant’s shaft and lowered his head. He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around Grant’s erection, sucking eagerly. Ael’s mouth was warm and wet, and his talented tongue moved rapidly, lapping against the sensitive spot right under the head and exploring the slit. He pulled Grant’s length deep into his mouth and down his throat. All logical thought fled as Ael sucked and licked at Grant’s cock.

Grant lost all control. He thrust his hips upward, off the bed. Ael drove him crazy. When he was close, when he was about to come, Ael pulled his mouth off Grant’s straining erection. Before he could complain, the male flipped him over. He placed Grant face down on the bed. Ael pulled Grant’s hips up, squeezing his ass cheeks in a firm grip, before spreading him wide open.

Grant pressed his forehead against the pillow as his heart slammed against his chest and his muscles tightened in anticipation. And then, Ael started licking him. He pressed his face against Grant’s crease and flicked his tongue against Grant’s hole. His entire body jerked as jolts of pleasure rushed through his system. Grant cried out Ael’s name, repeating it like a prayer, over and over.

He grabbed ahold of the bedding, fisting the sheets in a tight grasp as Ael’s tongue stroked his hole again and again. Ael flexed his tongue, pointing it, pressing the appendage against his hole. The male teased and prodded. Nerve endings Grant didn’t even know existed came alive, and Grant pushed his hips back, eager for more. Ael growled as he licked, sucked, and ate Grant’s ass.

Grant spread his legs wider, arched his back, and tilted his ass up. He offered himself to Ael, and the male didn’t disappoint.

Ael took without hesitation. He reached beneath Grant and stroked his balls. Grant had no self-control. His body seemed to have a mind of its own. He started moving, humping the air in front of him as he rode Ael’s tongue with his ass. Ael didn’t stop. He tormented and played with Grant until he came, shooting an arc of spunk across the bedding as Ael tongued him.

Taking a deep breath, Grant dropped down and buried his face in the pillow. He felt a splash of warm oil coat his hole before two thick fingers pressed against his entrance. Grant gasped. He spread his legs apart, widening his stance. Ael used his free hand to rub Grant’s back, which helped him to relax his muscles.

“You feel so good, love.”

Love. That one word made Grant’s heart sing.

Ael murmured softly as he worked his fingers into Grant’s ass, deeper and deeper, loosening Grant’s tight entrance. Ael added more oil and slid a third finger into Grant’s hole, scissoring the digits. Moving. Rotating. Preparing him for Ael’s cock. Ael brushed his fingertips against Grant’s gland, and his entire body shuddered. His cock jerked, precum oozing from the head.

Grant turned his head and shouted, “Ael!” Grant was on the verge of begging. At this point, he was willing to do anything to get the male’s big dick in his ass. “Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me.”

Ael covered Grant’s back, his skin cooling Grant’s overheated flesh. “I’m going to bite you and inject just enough venom to help you relax your muscles.”

Grant tilted his head to the side, giving Ael access to his shoulder. The male leaned his head down, dragging the sharp edges of his teeth over his skin. Ael’s teeth pierced his shoulder, sinking into his flesh. Grant gasped. Heat, unlike anything he’d ever felt before, moved through his system. His entire body tingled. Euphoria floated through his mind. And his tense muscles relaxed. Ael’s venom worked like magic. 

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