Planet Noglion: Freedom (MMM)

Alien Lovers 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,642
13 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Alternative, Futuristic, Menage a Trois, Science Fiction, sex toys, MMM, HEA]

Dennis Osborne has kept his sexuality hidden, afraid of being ostracized. When he’s finally ready to admit the truth, Dennis volunteers to leave Earth. Dennis isn’t only looking for the freedom to be himself; he’s also looking for a mate. When Dennis is sent to Noglion, he’s scared. Did he make the right decision by leaving the only home he’s ever known?

Gogrek Vemm is a government official. When Gogrek receives Dennis’s paperwork from the Glecerian ambassador, he knows that Dennis is meant to be his. The human is destined to not only belong to Gogrek, but also to his younger brother, Ragnon.

It doesn’t take long for Dennis to learn about Noglion and his mates. Quicker than Dennis thought possible, he adjusts to his new life and falls in love. And then something shocking happens. Dennis becomes pregnant. Soon, jealousy threatens to tear this happy family apart. Luckily for Dennis, he’s got two fiercely protective mates.

Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.

Planet Noglion: Freedom (MMM)
13 Ratings (4.5)

Planet Noglion: Freedom (MMM)

Alien Lovers 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,642
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
I like this author and have all the books in this series. The characters are likable and the details of the sci fi alien world interesting. My only negative comment is that it felt like I was reading parts of the previous book in the series verbatim. Many of the descriptions of the Noglion world were the same in both books. I would have liked a little more variation in the descriptions of the accommodations and activities.
E-book Junkie
Terrific story and great series. Was great watching his fear turn to love and passion.


Dennis Osborne ducked his head and lifted his arms, trying to protect himself against the sandstorm. The rust-colored dirt swirled around, pelting Dennis from every direction, covering him from head to toe. Dennis groaned in anguish. This was his introduction to the scorching-hot desert planet of Noglion.

As they walked, Dennis tried to breathe, but it was nearly impossible. He panted, unable to pull a full breath of air into his lungs. In front of him, he couldn’t see anything. Noglion looked as if it were just a dry, lifeless planet. Behind him, the Noglion starship sat motionless on the desert floor. The metal beast stood, unaffected by the storm.

In truth, Dennis wasn’t sure how much farther he could go. The extreme heat stole all of his energy, making him feel sluggish. Still, Dennis pushed forward, following the Noglion males. Eventually, they ended up in a cave. It was dim and spacious, fitting their entire group. Dennis blinked slowly, waiting for his eyes to adjust. When he could see clearly, Dennis brushed off his clothes and ran a hand through his short brown hair, shaking off a layer of rust-colored dust and dirt.

Commander Gru Poez’iq, the Noglion ship commander, pressed his hand against a pad beside a metal door, and several locks disengaged. There was a hiss, and the door opened, exposing rough rock walls leading to a passageway. When Dennis stepped into the tunnel, he glanced around. Metal sconces lined the walls, lighting a pathway that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Dennis fell into step beside Eric Wilson, the only other human. As they walked, moving at a downward angle, the temperature changed slightly, making it easier for him to cope with the heat. The deeper they went, the easier it was to breathe.

“Fuck,” Dennis muttered as he wiped the sweat from his brow, smearing dirt across his face. “It’s so damn hot.”

Beside him, Eric nodded in agreement.

They moved together, one large group, striding down the endless tunnel. The passageway seemed to go on for miles. When they finally stepped out of the long shaft, a city spread throughout a massive layered cavern. From what he could see, the entire planet was carved from the same rust-colored stone that covered his clothes. As Dennis looked around, he realized that the planet of Noglion was similar to Glecerus in that the city was located beneath the surface.

Dennis watched as Eric wandered close to the edge of the precipice. He kept his eyes on the other human, watching Eric. Commander Gru stayed by Eric’s side. Dennis wasn’t sure what was going on between the two men, but they already seemed close. He’d noticed it on the starship.

“Welcome back, Commander Poez’iq,” a male said, joining them. “Word has gotten around that you acquired two humans while on your mission.”

The commander nodded in response.

“It’s been announced, and there will be a battle soon. But first, please escort the human named Eric to the arena waiting room. The king’s mate is waiting to speak with him.”

Dennis glanced at Eric.

“And the other human, Dennis.” The male looked directly at him. “You can follow me.”

“Yes, sir,” Gru answered without question.

All of a sudden, Dennis’s world started to spin. He was terrified. Dennis didn’t want to be left alone with a stranger. He wanted to stay with Eric.

“Wait!” Dennis shouted. He reached out and grabbed Eric, wrapping his arms around the other man. “I don’t want to leave your side. I’m scared,” he admitted.

Eric patted Dennis’s back as if trying to comfort him. It was a nice gesture, but it did little to help. Eric didn’t seem worried at all. In fact, he was calm. The other human had been composed and relaxed throughout this whole ordeal.

“They aren’t going to hurt you,” Eric whispered. “I promise. Trust me. Nobody is going to hurt you.”

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never…” He paused, unable to finish his sentence.

“You’ve never…” Eric repeated, coaxing him to continue.

Dennis didn’t have a lot of time to talk with Eric, so he blurted out, “I’ve never been with a guy before.”

Eric leaned back and looked him in the eye. The other man smiled gently. “Tell them that. Whoever ends up being your mate, tell him the truth. I know he’ll be gentle with you.”

Dennis nodded.

He didn’t want to leave Eric’s side, but it didn’t seem as though he had much choice. Taking a deep breath to steel his nerves, Dennis turned away from his only friend. Up to this point, Dennis had Eric. But now, he was alone and surrounded by humanoid-looking alien males. Dennis didn’t know what would happen to him. He didn’t know what these Noglions would do to him. Dennis had heard rumors about Noglion. The scariest of which had him naked, wearing a collar and leash and being dragged around as if he were some sort of animal.


Gogrek carried Dennis out of the kitchen and down a hallway to a large bedroom with a huge bed covered in blankets, furs, and pillows. Dennis wanted to explore his new surroundings, but Gogrek seemed to have other plans. The male dropped Dennis down onto the bed. Sitting up, Dennis stared at the two Noglion males before him. He watched as Gogrek and Ragnon removed their loincloths. Dennis’s gaze dropped first to Gogrek’s thick cock and then to Ragnon’s heavy erection. Dennis licked his lips.

Gogrek climbed up onto the bed and crawled toward Dennis like a predator ready to pounce. Dennis leaned back, lying down.

“I’ve been dreaming about you, pet.”

Dennis smiled.

“I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do to you.”

Gogrek leaned down and pressed his lips against Dennis’s stomach. The male moved up Dennis’s body, his mouth and tongue exploring Dennis’s abdomen and chest. Dennis groaned as Gogrek moved, shifting against the soft bedding.

When the bed dipped, Dennis knew that Ragnon was joining them. Ragnon didn’t seem like to type to sit back and simply watch. The warrior moved in close. He cupped Dennis’s cheek. Turning his head, Dennis looked at Ragnon. The male leaned forward and connected their lips.

Gogrek and Ragnon worked together as a team, both of them giving him pleasure. Rough fingers pinched his nipples, sharp fingernails scratched his skin, mouths tasted his skin, and lips kissed. The males caressed and explored, touching every part of him. Dennis moaned, desperate for more.

“Gods above he’s beautiful,” Gogrek said.

“He’s perfect,” Ragnon murmured.

Gogrek flipped Dennis over as if he weighed nothing. “Hands and knees, pet,” he said, his voice thick with lust.

On shaking arms, Dennis lifted himself up onto his hands and knees. Gogrek moved in behind him. The male grabbed hold of Dennis’s ass and squeezed the meaty globes. Dennis glanced over his shoulder. He watched as Gogrek slowly lowered his head. The male stuck out his tongue and licked Dennis’s hole.

Dennis groaned. “Oh, damn.”

Dropping his head, Dennis closed his eyes. Gogrek swirled his tongue around Dennis’s hole, coating it in saliva, before slowly penetrating him. So damn good. The male groaned against Dennis’s hole, and Dennis felt the vibration throughout his entire body. The male plunged his tongue into Dennis, eating his ass. Dennis’s muscles flexed, and his asshole fluttered.

 “Fuck!” Dennis shouted.

Gogrek replaced his tongue with a toy. The male pushed the dildo past the sensitive ring of nerves and muscle, sinking it into Dennis. Slowly, the male pulled it out and then pushed it in again. The toy thickened and lengthened within Dennis’s hole, stretching him, preparing him. Dennis grabbed the bedding, holding the material in a tight grip. He moved his hips back, riding the toy as if it were Gogrek’s cock.

Dennis was lost. He couldn’t seem to get enough of the pleasure from the males. They took him to the edge again and again, playing with his body. Dennis whined. He needed more.

“Take me, Gogrek.”

Gogrek twisted the dildo, pegging Dennis’s prostate before pulling it out and tossing it aside. Dennis felt the tip of the male’s cock against his entrance. He leaned down and relaxed his muscles. Gogrek gently pushed his shaft inside him, mounting him. The male sank his cock into Dennis, filling him.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Dennis cried out, vocalizing his pleasure.

The male didn’t move for a moment. “Gods, you feel good.”

Dennis tightened his muscles, flexing around Gogrek’s dick, and the male practically growled. Gogrek grasped Dennis’s hips, holding him firmly while slowly easing his cock back, almost pulling free. And then, Gogrek surged forward, burying himself in Dennis once more. Gogrek moved faster, in and out, pounding against Dennis. The male pegged Dennis’s sweet spot on each stroke, and Dennis’s entire body shuddered.

Dennis felt a hand touch his hair. Lifting his head, Dennis looked at Ragnon. The male moved, sitting in front of Dennis. Ragnon spread his legs. The male wrapped his hand around his hard shaft and started stroking his huge cock. Dennis watched each stroke of the male’s scaled hand as it moved up and down his slick dick.

Dennis inched his way toward Ragnon, desperate to have his mouth wrapped around the male’s cock. He opened his mouth and took the head between his spread lips. Ragnon’s cock was slick, and the sweet-spicy fluid that coated the male’s shaft made Dennis’s tongue tingle. Dennis twirled his tongue all over the flesh. The male tasted delicious, and Dennis wanted more.

“Feels so good,” Ragnon said, his voice rough with pleasure.

Dennis moaned, doubling his efforts. He moved between Ragnon and Gogrek, sucking and fucking, one cock in his ass and the other in his mouth. He writhed, trapped between the males.

Ragnon pushed his fingers through Dennis’s hair. Dennis glanced up at the male. Ragnon was staring at him. Then he closed his eyes, body tightening, and with a loud roar, he came. Hot, spicy-sweet fluid splashed against Dennis’s tongue. The male came in thick steams. Dennis sucked and swallowed until he drained the male. Ragnon moved, lying down beside Dennis. The male kissed Dennis, taking his mouth in a passionate kiss.

Gogrek tightened his hold, scraping his sharp nails along Dennis’s hips. The mixture of pleasure and pain pushed Dennis over the edge. He came then, hard and fast, his body bucking, shooting ribbons of cum across the bedding. Gogrek kept thrusting through it, never missing a stroke, drawing out Dennis’s orgasm until he thought he might pass out.

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