Pleasuring a Slave (MFM)

Spells of Seduction 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,630
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Historical Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Royanna Rye wants to be free of oppression and pain. Escaping the evil sorceress Mora’s clutches, she hides in a brothel. Just when she thinks she’s safe, in walk two handsome, virile men. Fearing exposure, she plays the part of a prostitute and does anything they ask for freedom.   Eric Chambers and Shawn Thomas visit a brothel hoping to find information on Pondora that can help their friend and fellow sorcerer Merlin. The moment they spot Royanna, they’re smitten with love. They offer to pleasure and bathe her. But their plans of seduction get rudely interrupted when their naked and wet enchantress transforms into an eagle and escapes, only to be caught by her master Mora once more.   Now knowing who Royanna is and that she’ll play a key role in Pondora’s undoing, Eric and Shawn enter Mora’s lair to save her. But the cunning sorceress catches them and plans on teaching them a torturous lesson they won’t forget. Will they survive Mora’s cruel punishment, or will Royanna have to witness the death of the only men she’s ever loved?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jessica Frost is a Siren-exclusive author.

Pleasuring a Slave (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Pleasuring a Slave (MFM)

Spells of Seduction 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,630
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Her hand, as cold as ice, could not be warmed with Royanna’s caresses. Tears flowed down Royanna’s cheeks like a flood of remorse and despair.

“Mother. No. Don’t leave me.” Her voice, little more than an agonizing whisper, laced the silence with her grief. Her mother had taken her last breath and passed to the realm of the dead. Royanna was now alone in Mora’s lair, abandoned and vulnerable, more vulnerable than ever before. Her mother would never be there again to comfort her and give her strength when Mora’s punishment became unbearable.

How could she survive another day in the prison from hell without her? She couldn’t.

Closing her eyes and focusing her will, Royanna’s body became weightless and she floated through the air, rising higher and slipping out the open window into the midnight air. Still higher and higher she floated, the refreshing, purging wind cleaning her body, mind, and soul as she passed the horizon, the clouds, the stars, and the moon, and finally arrived at Heaven’s gate.

Only in Heaven could she find peace with her mother and God. Only there, she could be forever free from the evil sorceress and her reign of terror.

Touching the soft clouds that formed the gates to Heaven, Royanna called out, “Mother, I’m here. I’ve come to Heaven to be with you again.”

She waited for what seemed an eternity in silence, her nimble hands stroking the soft clouds, which calmed her. A hand appeared through the cloud, touching her hair, gliding down her soft tresses with gentleness. She closed her eyes, absorbing its ministrations. She didn’t know if it was her mother’s or God’s hand, but it made her feel warm, happy, loved, and safe.

Tilting her head so the hand could caress more of her head, she cooed, “Mmm, that feels so good.”

A deep male voice replied, “I’m glad this pleases you, my lady.”

The cloud that made up Heaven’s gate just vanished with the voice, and so did the sky and the stars. All that remained was darkness, and then came awareness.

Royanna’s eyes fluttered open as she struggled to wake up. Her weary mind and body weighed like an anchor, making her sink into the depths of unconsciousness, but the caressing hand played as a buoy pulling her to consciousness’s surface.

As her eyes opened fully and she fixed on the blur of black curly hair and blue eyes above her, she turned her head and took a deep breath. Then fear locked her in its death grip, making her heart tremble uncontrollably, and the deep breath she just took became liquid in her lungs.

When she focused on the stranger’s handsome face and merry eyes, reality cut into her in an instant. She had fallen asleep on the bed.

This must be this man’s room.

Bolting to an upright position, she stammered, “I’m so s–sorry, my lord…”

“It’s quite all right, my lady. We should have knocked instead of coming into your chambers uninvited.”

Confusion swirled in the air. “My chambers?”

“Yes, my lady. Mary said it’d be all right if we came on up. We’re your next clients. My name is Henry, and that is John over there.” A wide grin stretched his lips, revealing perfect white teeth. His lifted brow either reflected what his mind envisioned or his curiousness. Royanna had yet to figure that out.

Peering at the bed and the bath in the room, it all became clear to her. She was in a brothel, and this room a prostitute’s place of work. Panic had her eyes shifting from one handsome man to the other beside him whose dark brown, straight hair fell into his deep brown eyes, and his square jaw and full red lips had her captivated. With too much stimuli and information for her to process all at once, the shock only made her brain function more languidly.

“Ah…ah…” was all that slipped from her lips.

The man with the short hair leaned in to ask, “Is there a problem, my lady? Was Mary incorrect? You aren’t free for two new customers?”

She yearned to scream, “I am not your paid whore, gentlemen!” But she knew what a disaster in the making that would be.

Instead, after taking a big gulp, which uselessly only made her throat scratchier and feel like sand coated it, she nodded. “Yes, my lords, Mary was correct.”

The man on the bed nodded, his smile returning. “Good, I would have been very sad if you weren’t free.”

“Why is that, my lord?”

He brought his hand to her hair again, caressing it as she guessed he had when she was asleep. A tingling, warm feeling began to build in her stomach under his fixed, serene stare.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and it would break my heart if I couldn’t make love to you today.”




Scanning her room, Royanna said, “This is my world. This lair is all I’ve known for my entire life. The only time I ever left it was when I escaped and met you.”

Shawn kissed her head and then bent lower to kiss her lips. “That will change now, my lady. We have come to save you from this, from Mora and Pondora.”

She smiled kissing him back. “Thank you. My name is Royanna.”

Eric grinned. “That is a beautiful name. Would you like us to cast a spell for the pain, Royanna?”

She liked the way her name rolled off his tongue. “What would it feel like?” she asked.

“It will numb you so you cannot feel pain.”

“Then I will not feel pleasure, too.” She took a deep breath. “No, I want to feel all of it. I want to feel you both inside me. I want to feel all the pleasure I receive and that I give you. I have numbed my mind and body for far too long. It is time I stop that and actually live.”

Eric stood. “Yes, you deserve to enjoy the pleasures of life and of love, Royanna. We will give you both.”

Her breath caught in her throat. Love? Would they give her that as well? Did she even deserve it?

Eric added, “We will be gentle and responsive to all your desires.” He took off his trousers in a quick movement. His erect, thick, and very long cock bobbed in reflex. Her eyes bulged in disbelief.

He laughed. “Never seen one this size before?”

She smiled. “It shocks me.”

He gently pushed her back as Shawn helped her down the rest of the way onto the bed. Lifting his brow in a daring gesture, Eric responded, “The better to please you with, my dear.”

She giggled at his humorous gesture, but deep down she wondered if having him in her, thrusting, would give her pain rather than pleasure.

Shawn bent over and began to slide the dress the rest of the way down her body. Eric helped him from the other side. When they had slipped off her stockings and she lay there as nude as they, they stared at her with appraising eyes while she observed them.

“You are beautiful,” she murmured.

“No, it is you who is beautiful, Royanna,” Shawn said before he kissed her on the lips.

His tongue pushed her lips open, and then it circled them, tickling her for an instant, which made her smile. That was when he entered her mouth, probing the front and then the back of it. As it met hers with curiousness, it looped it before caressing it.

Royanna lost her breath. How his tongue made love to hers was an experience she never fathomed possible. She followed his moves while her body reacted to her rising sexual yearnings.

His hands travelled to her breasts, and she quivered from the contact and sensation of fire and ice. She wondered if he used a spell to produce these opposite effects. Her breasts swelled, and her nipples puckered when his finger rubbed and pinched them.

Her heartbeat quickened while her clit throbbed and her pussy lips whimpered for attention.

Breaking the kiss, she pushed him up. Panting, she gazed in his eyes and said in a low voice, “Let me pleasure you, Shawn.”

He gave her a sideways grin and moved to lie down. Pulling her hair away from her face, she got on her hands and knees on the bed. She took his shaft in her hands and marveled at its thickness. He stared at her, observing her moves with longing eyes as she pumped it back and forth. He then closed his eyes and thrust when she moved back.

Wanting to taste him, she wrapped her lips around his cock and slowly slipped it in and out of her mouth, going deeper with every slide in.

Meanwhile, Eric moved her pelvis back and began to rub her ass cheeks. She moaned in excitement and pleasure when her pussy lips rubbed together. He didn’t waste any time bringing his fingers to pleasure her cunt. He traced her clit and her pussy lips first in a circular motion then in a back-and-forth motion. She quivered with the heated excitement building in her body.

Shawn had now grabbed her head, combing his fingers through her tresses and guiding his cock in and out of her mouth. When he slid it in to the very back, she had no gag reflex but instead felt pleasure from its contact. When he began to deep-throat fuck her, she almost climaxed as she got a duel thrust first of Shawn’s cock and then of Eric’s as he slipped into her pussy.

She was wet and waiting for him. His large cock slipped in slowly. He took things gently, and she enjoyed every slight movement as his cock’s shaft progressed into her.



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