Purge (MF)

Club Fray

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Killian du Pont is a regular Dom and manager at Fray, Melbourne’s premiere BDSM shifter club, but he only wants to play with one girl. A girl who craves pain over pleasure, soothing his beast, a gray buck kangaroo.

Problem: she isn’t his.

Emu shifter Lux belongs to no one. Her uniform consists of a collar she bought for herself, signature dark denim and a fluff of her own shifted feathers. Her loyalty belongs to her boss but her attention is drawn to Killian who irritates her with his overprotective streak but attracts her with his personal brand of dominance.

When Killian breaks through Lux’s edgy exterior, he discovers trauma and courage, but inner strength isn’t her weakness. Lux’s past haunts her to the club’s doorstep. Killian doesn’t know where Lux stands when Fray is threatened or if he’ll lose her just as he’s found her.

Be Warned: BDSM, public exhibition, sex toys, spanking

Purge (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Purge (MF)

Club Fray

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

I yanked off both our seat belts, wound my hands around her waist, and pulled her onto my lap.

Her knees splayed over my thighs. I held her pinned to me with both hands tight on her tiny waist. She might fight me, but I wouldn't allow her to get away without one hell of a hissy fit. Hopefully, we wouldn’t get that far.

“Do you want me to slap you?” Lux employed the supremely disdainful voice that put her in good standing with the staff at Fray when she needed to ward off unwanted advances. Her hand rose to her throat, but she dropped her fingers when they touched nothing but air.

“I want to talk. Don’t fight me, you damn minx,” I muttered.

Two hands slid behind my neck. She filled my space in an instant, leaning the heat of her slim form close enough that if I flicked my tongue out I’d be able to trace the shape of her plump lips. Lips still swollen from my kisses before.

I hardened beneath her, cursing myself for bringing her so damn close.

I should have let her go home with the swan.

“Talk?” Her hips swayed over my prone body. Heat emanated from her core, and I realized the only things between us were my pants and whatever she chose to wear beneath that thin little dress, if she wore anything at all.

Suppressing most of a groan with limited success, I gripped her tighter, digging my thumbs into her soft, yielding flesh. “I hear my Little Bird likes pain.”

“It’s not a secret.” She tossed her head. Hair cascaded over my thighs, covering my hands. “But it’s something not every Dom can offer without … everything else.”

A growl rose in my throat. I forced that back, too, and leaned into her, running my nose along the slim column of her throat, across her jaw line. My lips grazed the shell of her ear as I held her close. “Does Rafe know?”

“What?” She jerked back like I’d slapped her. I kept her pressed to my chest, brushing my lips across the sensitive spot at the base of her throat. She let out a low moan and slid down on me. “Stop that.” Pain of a different sort crossed those stunning stormy eyes, glazed halfway between arousal and something else.

“Tell me, Little Bird. Let me help.”

“You can’t help.” She ducked her head.

When I thought I might have lost her, prepared to draw her back to me, she moved. Her hips undulated in a long, slow roll she repeated, grinding her hot little pussy over my cock in both directions.

“Fuck, Lux.” My groan tore from between closed lips.

I pressed her down onto me, offering no reprieve, and returned the favor, grinding my cock against her heat, finding every sensitive spot with the roughened seam of my jeans.

Her moans grew, slipping between us in a heady state of arousal while I fucked her with our clothes both on like a pair of teenagers on a joy ride full of summer flings and unrequited love.

Lux leaned into me, brushing her lips over mine. “Kiss me?”

I slid my hands up her back, beneath the glossy sheet of hair that covered her as she moved over me, slow and sweet, and drew her mouth against mine in the filthiest fucking kiss I could offer.

My tongue slipped between her lips, dancing with hers. Her mouth seared me, and I fucked it with my tongue, slow and exploring, then harder, faster until she worked her body in a frenzy above me.

Leaving one hand cupped behind her head, I slid the other between us. Grazing her cotton-covered nipples with my knuckles, noting their hardened peaks as I kissed her, I refused to let her up for air.

When I reached her waist, I flipped the hem of her skirt back and jammed my knuckles between us, working her clit through her panties, catching it between the hardened skin and bone.

She yelped, and I still didn’t let her back off, rubbing and pinching her throbbing clit, assaulting the bundle of nerves with everything I had to rip the orgasm from her body. She worked her hips in jerking motions, pulling away, then grinding back.

I broke the kiss, both of us gasping with need. “Come for me, Little Bird.” I dropped my hand from the back of her head and caught her ass in one broad palm, pinning her to me. No matter how she writhed, her body ground against my fingers or my denim-encased cock.

Her cry built until she threw her head back, mouth wide. A thin cry tore from her, and her body shuddered, bearing down against my hand. “Killian!”

Fuck me if I didn’t come in my jeans right then. My cock ached, throbbing as her sweet little cry echoed in my ears. Hot and flushed, she collapsed on my chest. I eased my fingers out of the cramped, folded position, opening them out to stroke the heat of her swollen, wet panties.

Her body shivered with aftershocks as I worked her in long, soothing circles where her engorged pussy lips pressed against my palm behind their barrier.

“Let it out, pretty girl. Let me ease that need for you,” I cooed in her ear. Liquid pooled at the corner of her mouth. I licked at it, and she found my mouth with hers on the end of another soft groan.

“I can’t—”

“You can,” I promised her, continuing my sweet assault on her tender flesh. “Let me give you everything, Little Bird.”

Let me take away their insults and hard words.

I worked her until she trembled again, and when she cried my name a second time, I lulled her into sleep against my chest, still stroking her cotton-covered pussy through a series of aftershocks as she pulsed against my fingers.

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