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A Spanktacular Fourth (MMF)

Suncoast Society

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 28,528
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[Siren Sensations: Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Life’s never boring with Max and Sean, but Cali wouldn’t have them any other way. Still, it’d be nice if they both had two eyebrows and weren’t trying to set each other on fire. 

Except when a routine evening volunteering at the club turns into anything but, it’s just the start of a chain of events that will upend all their lives…and leave Cali fighting for hers.


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

User Reviews
This triad seems to move through life together but things are always smooth. But it is how you see things through together when things are rough that will really tell the strength of the relationship...

- Katy Beth

Suncoast Society, Book 74. After the fireworks, comes the fire. Will Cali, Max, and Sean survive? Another holiday. another Suncoast Society private party. You'd think by now nothing Sean and Max could...

- jlrgal19

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It was the middle of June, and the men were prepping for the Fourth of July kinky party they were hosting in a couple of weeks.

Ross offered to host it. Noooo. I had to be a hero.

Honestly, when the men had flown this particular idea past her a couple of weeks ago, she’d heard “sparkly flogger.”

She’d swear that’s what she heard.

Then again, she’d been buried in her monthly reports and trying to get the sales tax invoice ready to send to the state, and she’d had her music playing.

Of course she’d okayed a sparkly flogger. She didn’t know where the men were getting the materials, but it sounded like fun. She’d even imagined how she could rig Sean as the unicorn—or even in his Stumpy the T-Rex outfit—and do a website header shoot for it.

Apparently, she needed to get her hearing checked.

That, or else the men had deliberately pulled a fast one on her.

Well, they are consenting adults.

Sean let out a yip of pain, and Max hit him in the face with the hose.

Okay, so they’re consenting. The adult part is still up for debate.

They weren’t exactly acting like adults at that particular moment.

She pulled out her phone and added aloe vera burn gel and fire extinguishers to the shopping list.

“Ow! Goddammit, Sean!”

“Well, you should have moved faster.”

Baxter startled, clawing Cali in the thigh as he did and catching her in the right thumb with his teeth as he frantically twisted and scrambled to jump down while she was trying to lower him to the ground. He raced toward the living room slider that was left cracked open and streaked into the house.

Cali decided that wasn’t such a bad idea. She stood.

“Hey, where you going, babe?” Sean called out.

“Scream if you need 911. I can’t watch this.” She headed inside and closed the slider behind her. Three thin lines of blood appeared on her left thigh, just past the hem of her shorts, where Baxter’s nails had caught her. When she squeezed her right thumb, two points of blood appeared on the pad.


Had to be her dominant hand, of course. And now that she was evaluating her injuries, she realized he’d also gotten her right index finger, at the last joint.

Not that she was a stranger to injuries. That was called “life with Max and Sean 101.” Plus she was always getting nicks and scratches out in the workshop. Hell, the men had accidentally opened larger blood welts on her with a dragontail before. And having previously worked at the local animal shelter, she’d gotten scratched and bit on a regular basis, especially by the ferals.

She headed for the master bathroom and pulled a bottle of alcohol from under the sink. Grabbing a couple of cotton balls, she dabbed at the scratches on her leg first.

Damn, that stings.

She squeezed more blood out of her thumb, and out of the bite on her index finger, but now she realized the ones on her fingers were deeper than she first thought.

Opting to wash her hands first, she scrubbed those fingers extra good with anti-bacterial soap, then soaked two more cotton balls in alcohol, hissing in pain as she swabbed the wounds with them.

Dammit. Those are going to hurt like a bastard tomorrow.

She dug out antibiotic ointment and a couple of bandages and five minutes later had finished doctoring herself.

Out in the living room, one of the sliders opened and she heard Sean muttering. A moment later he stalked into their bathroom, shirtless, and pulling up short when he saw her.

“Please tell me I’m not missing an eyebrow.”

She leaned in. “Well, the right one looks pretty singed.”

“Motherfucker.” He stepped around her and leaned in to examine it in the mirror, reaching up and wiping at his eyebrow. “That is going to look fucking weird at work on Monday.”

“It’s going to look fucking weird at the club. We’re volunteering tonight, dumbass. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah.” He turned and seemed to see her injuries for the first time. “What happened to you?”

She held up her right hand, flipping him a bird with it. “Baxter freaked out while you two jackasses were setting each other on fire. He was sitting in my lap and got me.” She pointed her middle finger down at her thigh, the scratches there.

“Oooh, ouch. Damn, babe. Sorry.”

“My own fault. I should have known better than to put him in my lap while you two are trying to burn down the house.”

“Maybe you’ll turn into a werepussy.”

She flipped him another bird as he grinned, leaning in for a kiss from her.

Max, also shirtless, appeared in the doorway. “It’s out. Did you lose the whole eyebrow?”

“No, but we created collateral damage.” He pointed at Cali’s hand.

Max winced. “What happened?”

She repeated the story.

Max’s brow furrowed. “Sorry about that, babe. Do we need to run you to a walk-in clinic?”

“No. Phhthhp. Puhlease, I got worse than this at the animal shelter. Hell, I’ve had worse than this from you two waling on me. Besides, we don’t have time for that.” She turned to exit the bathroom. “Make sure you’ve completely extinguished the backyard, please. We need to leave here in an hour if we’re going to grab dinner on the way.”

She loved the two jokers, but sometimes, it was like having two toddlers running around.

Worse, toddlers with engineering degrees, credit cards, bad ideas, and the ability to buy the items to bring about their potential demise with a mutually sadistic evil streak between them.

Thank god they got vasectomies.

She knew she’d never be able to handle having an actual child of her own thrown into the mix with the two of them to babysit.

“I love you guys,” she said, the warmth of the mug feeling good against her right hand.

“Nothing’s too good for our girl,” Sean said. He leaned in and kissed the back of her shoulder. “Especially after how good you treat us and everything you do for us. And we already prepped and packed the orders that came in since yesterday. They’re stacked in the garage and ready to load into your car.”

“That’s wicked sexy foreplay, dude. Did you scoop Baxter’s litter pan, too?”

Max grinned. “We know. And damn right, we did. We’re not stupid.”

She handed the mug to Max, who set it on the nightstand next to him. “Well, I know you two goofballs love me, because you got snipped for me.” Sean leaned in, pressing himself against her back while Max kissed her.

“We have Baxter,” Max said. “He, or any other furbabies we have, is plenty. I like our personal time.”

“But first,” Sean said, waggling his one-and-a-half eyebrows at Max, “I want to play a little.”

Max rolled his eyes, but didn’t protest or safeword as he turned, hands and knees, and presented his ass as a ripe target for Sean.

Cali wiggled underneath Max so she could kiss him, distract him.

She felt Sean changing position to kneel off to Max’s side and behind him. Max slanted his lips over Cali’s, starting off as a slight teasing, gentle exploration. But at the sound and feel of the first impact of the slapper, a grunt escaped Max, muffled by her mouth.

Cali wrapped her arms around his chest and trusted Sean to be paying enough attention to not hit her in the process. Max lowered his body on top of hers, not fucking her but with his cock pinned between them, as he squirmed, she felt him grow hard against her.

She wrapped one hand in his hair, loving the way his body melted against hers between tensing after every impact.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Sean said. “Love spanking this ass of yours.” The sound and feel of more strikes, Max shifting position again to hook his hands under her shoulders and hold on to her. “Grind against her all you want, buddy, but you’d better hold it or I’ll go grab a cane and really make you wish you had.”

Max moaned into her mouth at that. Yep, he was gone.

That was something else she desperately loved about her men, how they could flip so fluidly between roles, in bed or in play. There wasn’t a bit of self-consciousness between them or in front of her, just raw, primal passion.

She wasn’t sure how long Sean was going to go after Max, but she hoped it wasn’t too long because now Max had settled into the perfect position to glide his cock along her clit, making her want to do more than simply lie there and be a distraction.

Except Sean apparently sensed that, too, and quickly worked up to a big finish with Max, which left Max digging his fingers into the tops of Cali’s shoulders as he held on, pained moans rolling from him as she sucked on his tongue and rocked her hips against him.

She heard the sound of Sean dropping the implements onto the floor. “There. That’s the look I wanted.” He must have reached in and grabbed Max’s ass, because he moaned again. “Yeah, buddy. Just like that. Now make room and let’s take care of our girl right. She’s been so patient.”

Max broke their kiss and stared down at her, a sweetly sexy smile on his face. “Love you, babe.”

She tousled his hair and released her grip on hi. “Love you, too.”

Sean nuzzled in for a kiss. “How about me?”

“Love you, too. Both of you.”

Max cleared his throat.

“You could’ve said it to me,” Sean teased, but then he leaned in for a kiss from the man. “Fucking know I love you, fucking sadist.”

“Says the man who just reddened my ass.”

“Payback for the shower yesterday, and you know you wanted it.”

Max grinned. “Yeah, I did. Love you, too.” He leaned in for another kiss, and while it was sexy to watch them really starting to get into it, she was wanting more than just spectator status.

Ahem,” Cali said. “Forgetting about someone down here?”

They broke their kiss, smiling. “Sorry, babe,” they echoed in unison. As they both started feathering their lips over her body, she closed her eyes and relaxed, savoring this and loving them.

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