Questful Journey (MMF)

Royal Bloodlines 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,946
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/M/F, shape-shifter, HEA]
Rydan has been a captain in the Elvin army for longer than he could remember. He gets to spend his days lusting after Obsidian or his newest team member, Quest.
Obsidian loves scouting and being able to explore new territories. She wants nothing more than to see beyond the next mountain, and being married doesn't hold much appeal to her. But she can't stop staring after her older Captain.
Quest wants nothing more than to enjoy his year of freedom, before he has to return to his royal responsibilities. He gets a position on a scout team with a sexy captain and a tough-spirited woman named Obsidian. It doesn't take long for the heat to sizzle, and Quest finds himself in a mating that wasn't even supposed to exist. Matings were fairy tales, but Quest can't deny the attraction he feels for both Obsidian and Rydan.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Questful Journey (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Questful Journey (MMF)

Royal Bloodlines 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,946
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Obsidian ran the wet rock along her sword, sharpening the edge until it was sharp enough to slice skin. A drop of blood dripped from her finger onto her tanned skin, splashing her deep tones with color for just a moment before the heavy rain washed the sight away. The sun was just coming up above the mountains, but the stormy sky hid most of the light, casting the world in an eerie blue haze. Rydan stood out of the makeshift shelter with his hands on his hips in irritation. They had been asked to stop here and wait for an elf to join their unit. The inn behind them offered comfort, but Obsidian knew they wouldn’t be staying in such a place as it cost a lot of gold, and not many soldiers made that much.

She popped her collar up, hiding her face from the morning chill. Hoofbeats sounded in the distance as Obsidian repacked what few belongs she had out. The air was chilled, coming out in a rolling fog that seemed to damper the world around her. The fog swirled in the distance revealing a lone rider traveling at a fast pace. She situated her gear on her back comfortably, just grateful they could continue scouting.

She slunk to the side of the tree as the elf jumped down from the saddle. The newcomer was met by Rydan, where they exchanged low murmurs that Obsidian didn’t care to hear. She was ready to move on from the inn and continue their exploration of the wilderness out in the furthest reaches of their new lands. There was something exciting about being one of the firsts to venture into new areas, with new plants and new species.

A letter was passed to Rydan, which finally set their small party in motion. The letter would be the elf’s orders, which probably said something about him accompanying the scout group until further notice, along with his rank. Obsidian shook her head as her impatience took over, so she tapped her foot lightly against the ground. Finally, Rydan seemed appeased of the orders, before turning towards their small group.

“This is Quest, he’s a delta,” Rydan stated gruffly. Obsidian nodded her head before turning away. Females were frowned upon as soldiers, and she was the only female soldier in their entire army. She didn’t care too much for opinions, as she’d spent her entire life doing things she had been told she can’t. Only her father supported her, teaching her weapons as an elfling and then pushing at every advancement. She had pushed herself, and she had succeeded in becoming the first female elf soldier.

Her current assignment was with the scouting team providing whatever knowledge and or sellsword she could to her unit, which consisted of five elves, now six. The new replacement was good news as they had just lost Kolonu a few weeks before to fever. Whatever disease or poison he had contacted, they hadn’t been able to find a cure for him. The familiar pit of loss ached in her chest, making it hard to breathe for a moment. She would miss her companion as he had been one of the few that had respected her. Though, her current unit had nothing but respect for her, but she had earned it.

“As long as he keeps up,” Answar mumbled to Rydan, referring to the newest member. Answar was an older elf, with battle scars that littered his leathered face. He was handsome, as were most elves, but in a way that made you want to trust him. He was always serious, to the point of coming across as being gruff. She had no idea why he hadn’t retired, instead he embraced this lifestyle. Obsidian envied him. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her life.

Keylee was their archer and no finer bow-elf could be found. He was known throughout the lands as Quicksilver because he was fast and a wicked good shot. His blonde hair gave him an elfling charm, while his serious nature took second to his love for adventure. They had known each other many years, and Obsidian found him comforting, like a reminder of their home.

Piros was much different than the rest of her team. He came from a noble background, though Obsidian couldn’t imagine Piros in a noble house with his mouth. He was notorious for his attitude, always having a quip to say. He was as fearless as he was quick-witted, with his temper matching his fiery red hair. Though, most of the time, he was good natured, always smiling, but that was only outside of elven walls. She couldn’t imagine him functioning well in a smothering environment.

“We move out, ” Rydan called, his voice quieted by the rain that pelted against Obsidian’s back. The newcomer strapped his pack up, disappearing with his horse towards the inn. Obsidian stared off in the distance, watching the rain pelt against the forest trees and floor. Keylee waiting at the base of the path, ready to return to his scouting. Obsidian smiled at his eagerness, knowing the feeling herself. She was ready to move on.

The new elf returned, without his horse, leaving Obsidian to wonder how many golds it cost to board a creature at an inn. Since she had never owned a horse, she had no idea but imagined it cost a few golds, depending on how long it took someone to retrieve the creature. His face was hooded, shrouding his features in the early morning light. Only his long, braided hair fell out the side of the hood, giving any hint to the elf beneath. His clothes were pricey, but not new. She could tell he had worn the outfit on enough occasions, which left the impression that he had been part of another scout group.

“Quest, we’ve got miles to cover today, so I hope you’re up for a jaunt,” Rydan called out softly, his voice full of irritation. Obsidian imagined it was because of the waste of the rising daylight hours, though they hadn’t lost that much time. If they hurried through the first few miles, the time could easily be made up, but Rydan was always one for things running on his exact time preference. He was always controlled, and that showed in everything. Even his hair and beard were trimmed perfectly, never a stray hair out of place.

“I can manage,” a deep voice mumbled that reminded Obsidian of cave water rushing along a cavern, powerful, almost on the edge of lustful. The imagery caught her off guard for a moment, pulling her back to eyeing the stranger with a new interest. There was something about his voice that calmed her, and it took her a moment to pull her mind back to the issue of scouting at hand.




Rydan was standing there, his anger clear by the swing of his arm as his voice carried to her on the wind. She couldn’t tell what they were saying, only that his voice on the wind sounded almost soft, which was completely opposite of his body language. Quest stood in his normal pose, arms crossed, blank expression masking whatever thoughts flittered around his handsome head. Rydan seemed to come to the same conclusion as he lashed out, grabbing Quest by the shoulders and shaking him. Obsidian pulled her body back into the night shadows of the tree, not wanting either of them to catch her peering around.

Quest seemed to fly into action, easily twisting himself from the hold, but he didn’t back away from Rydan. Instead, he flipped Rydan around, pushing him against the tree firmly. Obsidian’s breath caught in her throat as the newest team member leaned over and kissed Rydan with a passion she could only imagine. Her heart thudded against her chest as she watched Rydan kiss Quest back with the same passion that she felt deep within her. The scene was erotic, pulling flashes of heat along Obsidian’s skin.

Rydan’s hands appeared on Quest’s shoulders, running along his shoulders in pleasure. Obsidian wondered how they felt, she wanted nothing more than to run her own hands along with Rydan’s, feeling the strength of both of them. It seemed to fuel Quest’s desire as the kiss deepened, and electrified the air around them, which seemed to carry the passion on the wind to Obsidian. It ran across her arms, kissing the skin with tiny electric shocks that set her skin on fire.

Quest broke the kiss, shedding his shirt easily, showing off his naked chest in the moonlight. His muscles were defined, lodging a lump in Obsidian’s throat that she couldn’t swallow away. Her breath seemed to match Rydan’s, coming out in short gasps that seemed like she would never be able to breathe right again. The lust that rolled deep in Rydan’s ice blue eyes was enough to pool desire deep within Obsidian.

Rydan ran his hands along Quest’s chest curiously, following each curve with his fingertips. Her lips parted, and she had to lick her lips from the dryness of her breath. She couldn’t believe the sight before her as Rydan shed his shirt, showing his muscular chest in the moonlight as he leaned down to lick the curve of Quest’s defined abs.

Rydan’s fingers popped in Quest’s waistline, pulling the material slowly down to reveal his throbbing cock. Obsidian mirrored Rydan’s face, licking her lips slowly at the sight. Rydan reached out, grasping Quest in his hand, slowly jerking in the sexiest manner Obsidian had ever seen. Quest moaned, and the sound drifted on the wind, playing on Obsidian’s excitement. Rydan ran his tongue along Quest’s impressive cock, pulling a longer moan from the sexy elf. Obsidian almost moaned aloud when Rydan’s knees hit the ground in front of the ethereal whitened tree. The sight was beautiful, watching her dominant captain kneeling, stroking his leaking cock feverishly.

Obsidian’s clothes rubbed against her sensitive skin, causing it to prickle more with desire. The pit of her stomach felt heavy, while her head felt light with hunger. Time seemed to pause as the two sexy men enjoyed each other’s company. Quest pumped his hips in Rydan’s open mouth, forcing the man to choke slightly. The sound carried with the breeze. Obsidian hung onto every flick of their voices that she could hear.

Rydan moaned low, a sexy, sensual sound that somehow reminded her of a wild animal. It was primal in need, and she could only pray that he would make that noise again and again. The sound seemed to snap Quest’s control as much as it did hers as he pulled Rydan to his feet in one swoop. The movement was so fluid it spilled across Obsidian, pulling her inside the fantasy completely, taking over her logic for a moment as she took a step out of the darkness. A branch snapped under her feet, and fear rushed across the desire, stemming it quietly and she quickly retreated into the shadows, hoping she didn’t ruin the moment. Because she wanted nothing to do with stopping the scene in front of her.

The noise went unnoticed by Quest and Rydan as Quest pulled Rydan’s pants to his ankles easily. Rydan’s plump ass was exposed to the chilly air, but it didn’t seem to bother him any, as a soft moan carried from his lips to her eager ears. She was completely surprised when Quest leaned down licking along his back towards his starburst in a need that Obsidian shared. A dainty moan escaped from her lips at the sight, mixing with the louder, deep-throated groans of Rydan’s. Obsidian wished she could cross the distance, because she would give anything for a first-person view of the sight, but she knew exposing herself would most likely end the foreplay.

She could almost picture the sight in her mind, Quest’s sharp tongue spreading Rydan opened to be penetrated, and nervousness spread across her chest at the thought. Would Rydan really allow him to go that far, or was this normal? Had they done something like this previously, or was this the first time? She honestly didn’t care as long as she didn’t miss previous scenes like this. Because that she found sad. Quest’s eyes had closed, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying tasting their captain.

Obsidian almost cried aloud when Quest pulled himself away from Rydan. Her breath lodged in her throat as he placed his thick, long cock at Rydan’s entrance in need. In one easy movement, he slowly slid inside the hole, pulling needy whimpers from Rydan. Obsidian delved her fingers in her pussy, finding her nub easily. She began to rub, watching Quest rotate his hips against Rydan. Rydan used the tree for support, pushing back against Quest in a begging manner that fueled her desire. Desire built inside her, forcing her to pant as quietly as she could. She mentally begged Quest to snap his hips against Rydan faster, harder.

Quest seemed to feel her mental desire, grabbing Rydan’s hips forcefully. His control snapped as he pushed deep inside her captain, driving the three of them towards orgasm quickly. The sound of skin slapping carried on the wind mixing with her breath in the chilly night air. Rydan whimpered, his voice coming out in cracked, rough, half-thoughts. The sound spurned her on as she increased the speed in which she rubbed. Tingling electric shocks went through her body, rubbing her nipples against her shirt in need.

Rydan reached orgasm first, digging his fingers into the bark of the whitened tree and crying aloud in the night. The sound was primal, sending Obsidian over the edge. Her orgasm rushed through her body, a fiery heat that scorched everything it touched, causing thoughts to explode in her head as quickly as they appeared. She shook, biting her lip in a groan that was joined in the wind with Quest’s primitive cry in the night. Her legs shook as she watched Quest push his cock further into Rydan, releasing his seed deep within Rydan’s channel.

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