Independence Day, Lusty Style (MFM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 31

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,337
21 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
How could she have just met the man of her dreams—times two? Bernice White discovers they do things differently in Lusty, Texas.
Both Caleb Benedict, a Texas Ranger, and his twin brother, Jonathan, a rancher, know Bernice is the woman meant for them. Caleb convinced her to come to Texas. Now they both hope to convince her to stay for the rest of her life.
All Bernice knows is that for the first time in her life she understands what all the romance writers have been writing about. She knows loving two men is outside of convention, but to her it feels very, very right.
But what none of them know is they’re being watched, and they’re being followed. And soon, this unknown enemy will make his move—and the only question is, will forever love turn to heartbreaking tragedy?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.
Independence Day, Lusty Style (MFM)
21 Ratings (4.6)

Independence Day, Lusty Style (MFM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 31

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,337
21 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved the book. I felt that it fit well into the Lusty series..

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Bernice spotted Caleb Benedict the moment she emerged from the gangway. He was standing, hat in hand, and his gaze was locked on her. The smile of welcome she read on his face helped calm her nerves. It had been a month since she’d seen him face to face, but they’d spoken on the phone twice a week since they’d met.

Her female parts were very happy to see him. The memory of that one kiss, after he’d walked her to the front door of her parents’ house, had stimulated a lot of very hot dreams over the last many days. Finally, she was here in Texas, and as she began to walk in Caleb’s direction, those butterflies that had danced when she’d met him began to rumba again. And then her gaze strayed to the man standing beside Caleb, his entire focus on her.

The world stopped. Everything disappeared but those two incredibly handsome men—one light, one dark—both standing, hats in hands, waiting for her.

Everything that she’d felt the first moment she’s set eyes on Caleb came rushing back to her. That same sense of having met her one and only surged through her anew. That must be Jonathan. Lord, have mercy, how can I respond to him the same way that I respond to Caleb? How can I be drawn to him, too?

She finally tore her gaze away from the man standing beside Caleb. Half afraid of the censure she’d see in his expression, she looked Caleb square in the face, prepared to take responsibility for her actions—and saw what she could only call joy.

I just undressed his brother with my eyes and he’s…happy?

She stopped walking mere feet away from them. She couldn’t get her legs to move any closer. She kept looking from one to the other of those two incredibly mouth-watering hunks. She’d never felt so confused in her entire life.

The two men traded a look. Then, together, they came to her.

“You’re finally here.” Caleb took her left hand in his, brought it to his lips, and kissed it. The gesture, old-fashioned and, yes, courtly, brought a light heat to her cheeks. The sizzle of contact was exactly as she remembered it. She was grateful neither man could know her panties were already damp.

“Yes, I’m here. Thank you for sending the airline ticket. I felt very pampered. I never expected to fly first class.”

“It’s nothing more than you deserve. Bernice, this is my twin, Jonathan. Jon, Bernice White.”

Jon took her right hand in his and, like his brother had done, kissed it. Shivers sizzled through her body beginning the instant Jonathan Benedict took her hand in his. She didn’t understand it, but when he kissed her hand, she wanted to melt every bit as much as she had when Caleb had done the same thing the day they’d met—as she’d wanted to do just moments ago.

I’m not a Loose Lizzy! What’s going on here?

Bernice looked from Caleb, to Jon, and then back to Caleb. She felt her bottom lip quiver, and when she realized both men still had hold of her hands, she honest to goodness thought she was going to burst into tears.

Sweetheart.” Caleb’s emotion-filled voice drew her gaze. “It’s all right. We need to talk, the three of us. Let’s get your luggage. Then we’ll take you to a small restaurant here in Dallas. This time of day it’s not very busy. Please, don’t cry. Everything really is going to be just fine.”

“I’m not…that is, I don’t…” Bernice honestly didn’t know if she was going to say that she wasn’t a crier or that she never played the coquette. Never in her life had she ever been drawn to two men at the same time. It simply had never happened.

Truth to be told, she was rarely drawn to men, period.

“Yes, we know.” Jonathan’s voice was just as smooth as his brother’s, and in that moment, she had the sense that they did both know what she was experiencing. Jon looked at his brother and nodded, then stepped back just a few inches. Caleb offered her his arm. Needing to hang on to him—or maybe, just needing to hang on—she took his arm. He seemed to know where they had to go because, in short order, they arrived in the baggage claim area.





Caleb’s husky one-word command arrowed into her consciousness, and her body responded, releasing the tension in her legs so that, between them, her would-be lovers were able to easily spread her legs.

“You’ve got a very pretty pussy, sweetheart.” Caleb began to lightly stroke from just above her clit down to the bottom of her slit.

Jonathan released her mouth and then looked down her body. Strangely, she didn’t feel shy or awkward. Lying there, spread open so that no part of her could hide, she felt at ease, even as she acknowledged she felt empty.

Caleb stroked her damp folds, causing her to close her eyes so she could pull that exciting sensation close. She pushed her pussy closer to him, chasing those fingers, and not even his soft chuckle pulled her from the mood of deep hunger that grew within her.

“Please.” She wanted more than teasing tastes of excitement.

“Please what, sweetheart?”

“Please…I want to see the both of you, too.” If the sight of their bare chests turned her on, she knew the sight of their cocks would just shoot her higher and make her hotter. She knew she was crossing a line, that she was taking a step forward from which there could be no going back.

Bernice didn’t care. For the first time in her life, she knew what it was to truly hunger for a man’s touch. It didn’t even matter that she hungered for two men. She would claim this for herself, and to hell with the consequences.

“If we get naked, sweetheart, we’re going to want to do more than just look at you.”

It was a moment for Bernice to consider. Yes, her arousal seemed to be taking over her body, but she wasn’t worried, and she wasn’t afraid. Jonathan had said he’d felt joyous watching his brother kiss her. She read in his words that he hadn’t believed such a moment could ever be his.

Bernice understood completely. More, she needed to share her own epiphany.

“All my life I’ve waited, but no one ever stirred this kind of yearning in me. I thought it was part and parcel of being a tomboy. I believed no man would ever stir me, that the feelings and the heat and the need only lived between the covers of a book. But now they’ve been awakened in me… you’ve both awakened them in me. And I need, very much, to see what else the two you can awaken in me.”

It was all she could do to remain quiet and still as the brothers Benedict shared a look and, by that look, she knew, a decision.

Jonathan’s nod to his brother was so subtle she nearly missed it. Then both men levered themselves off the mattress. Caleb stood at the foot of the bed, and when Jonathan joined him, they both reached for the buckles of their belts. There was nothing hurried about the way they undressed for her. Their gazes remained fixed on hers, and she thought she could be very mature and sophisticated and keep hers fixed on theirs.

That lasted until they dropped their pants. Her gaze defied her mental command and focused on their very large, and very erect, cocks. Words escaped her. All she could do was lick her lips in anticipation.

“Sweetheart, you challenge our self-control, looking at us like that.”

Caleb’s words urged her to meet his gaze again. “I can’t help it. I feel so…so empty inside. I need…”

“Hush, darlin’, we know what you need.”

Jonathan moved back to the right side of the bed. The slide of a drawer sounded loud in the room. Two small, foil packets landed on the bed beside her hip. Bernice’s face colored. She hadn’t given a thought to birth control.

Caleb proved he was tuned into her. “It’s part of our job to protect you—even from ourselves.” He knelt on the bed at her feet and then used his hands to spread her legs wider. Now she did feel a little self-conscious. Was that his intention? Was he testing her resolve to give him and Jonathan everything?

“Thank you for thinking of it. I’ll confess my mind was full only of thoughts of having you both.”

“And now?”

“Now I want you both even more. Please.”

She would have thought it near to impossible to just lie there, open and vulnerable. But the fires of her arousal, and the arousal of her curiosity together, kept her committed.

Caleb’s grin, slow and sure, promised everything and anything. “Oh, yes, I’ll pleasure you, sweetheart. I’ll pleasure us both.”

He crawled onto the bed, but instead of reaching for a condom, he stretched out so that his face was mere inches away from her pussy. He slid his hands, palm up, under the cheeks of her ass, opening her even wider. One flick of a sly glance as he licked his lips was all the warning she got.

Then he laid his mouth on her pussy and began to drive her wild.

Bernice bowed her back off the bed as Caleb used his lips and tongue on her feminine folds. On fire, her arousal nearly more than she could bear, she reached down with her right hand, her fingers grasping his hair. She wanted to push him away, her sensitive flesh overloading on sensation. She wanted to clutch him tight so that he’d never, ever stop. Nothing had ever felt this good!

She didn’t notice the bed dip, but when strong hands captured her wrists and stretched her tight, she opened her eyes. Jonathan grinned down at her, and then he lowered his head and kissed her mouth every bit as voraciously as his brother devoured her pussy.

Fingers probed and then slid into her, pulling a whimper from deep in her soul. Jonathan kissed that whimper then lifted his head. He used his thumb to caress the corner of her mouth and then looked down her body.

Caleb moved slightly, and as his fingers continued to move within her, he circled her clit with his tongue. Then he brushed a spot inside her tunnel that made her jerk.

Caleb made a sound of satisfaction and then sucked her clit into his mouth.


Rapture flooded her, sending wave after wave of pure bliss bubbling over and through her. This orgasm took her higher, gave her more ecstasy than she’d known existed. Her entire body tightened and strove, reaching and consuming the pleasure that kept coming and coming and coming.

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