Monkey See, Monkey Do (MFM)

Drunk Monkeys 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,801
25 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
When failure isn’t an option, that’s when you call…the Drunk Monkeys.
Dumped and homeless on Thanksgiving, Dr. Leta Gaebel is having her worst day ever. Why not work another shift at the hospital? It’s the only home she has now. When two mysterious hunks interrupt her desperately needed nap, she’s not exactly upset. Then they offer her a chance to help save the world.
Uncle and Zed must steal mission-critical supplies from a nearby hospital. They didn’t intend to meet the exhausted but gorgeous doctor. They certainly didn’t expect a sexy proposition from her—and they damn sure aren’t turning her down. One more doctor in their unit and a woman to call their own? Yes, please!
The trio gets assigned to the Atlanta safe house. But when Reverend Silo’s mercenaries attack, Leta is forced to dig deep, not only to save others, but to keep herself alive in the process. Will any of them survive to see another day?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Monkey See, Monkey Do (MFM)
25 Ratings (4.6)

Monkey See, Monkey Do (MFM)

Drunk Monkeys 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,801
25 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Another excellent book with a fantastic storyline and characters
Awesome book! Loved it.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS "This is what I have been waiting for! Book nine is setting up for the end games. Loose ends are all tying off. There is bloodshed, victories and a very scary goddess of destruction taking human form. In MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO, Uncle and Zed finally meet their package. Sexy and tired Leta is in her 3rd year of residency. Homeless and single, she crashes at the hospital. It is not as if she has time to spare so staying at the hospital gives her more time to sleep because she won't need to travel back to a home. Unfortunately, the downside is that she is in the hospital so she takes on three shifts in a row. After her last straight shift, she is loopy and in desperate need of a little nap. When two sexy burglars wake her up, there will be hell to pay. This book is action packed and I loved it! I liked Leta. Ms. Dalton does a great job of balancing a doctor saving lives and taking lives in defense. Leta is a snarky character who easily keeps up with Uncle and Zed. Uncle and Zed are sweet and a good calming influence for Leta. The sexual heat between the three of them is good and a bit kinky. I enjoyed is the nonsexual interaction between these three. And I liked Leta's interaction with Clara, the RN who threatens to castrate bothersome males. There is one tense situation which Ms. Dalton provides the perfect timing for humour. Clara tapped Zed on the shoulder and held a gun out to him, nodding her head toward the body on the floor. "She [Leta] emptied her mag into the guy. She needs a reload." "You shot him?" Zed asked Leta. "I only rendered the assist. I'm pretty sure Clara killed him, too." "Too?" both men asked before looking at Clara. "She killed a guy upstairs," Leta said. Clara shrugged. "Do no harm, but take no shit. Not just a slogan for witches." (Kindle loc. 1996-2000) I need this slogan on a t-shirt. Seriously, this is priceless. Whilst the three main characters are Leta, Uncle and Zed, the one I am really interested in is Tank. She is the bomb. I love everything about her. I wish I was her! I can't wait to read her book next. Another character is Kali Enyo. Hell hath no fury like woman scorned. Kali, previously known as Mary, is out for blood and she is becoming disturbingly scary. Her death fantasies are understandable and it will be interesting to see if she can bring her dreams to reality. The plot to this book is working very well for me. It is nice to see progress with the vaccine as well as the Drunk Monkeys unraveling Silo's corrupt tentacle arms. Watching the destabilization of Silo's nasty cons and games is fabulous. It satiates my thirst for justice. Reading this book will create a deep craving to read the very next book. I cannot wait. This is highly recommended and my favourite book in this series to date. Recommended to ménage readers who enjoy speculative fiction, dangerous women and the men who love them." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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That must have been the beep in my dreams.

The two men appeared shocked to see her standing there. Fair enough, because it sure as hell looked like she’d interrupted something hinky going on.

“I asked what you’re—” Her jaw snapped shut on a terrified squeak as they both produced guns and swiftly moved forward, pulling her deeper into the research department offices and out of view of the windows in the lobby area.

“Shh!” That man had gorgeous green eyes and short, straight brown hair with the barest traces of grey visible.

“Where did you come from?” the other man asked. “I didn’t hear the door open.” He had curly brown hair a different shade than the first man’s, and brown eyes with flecks of amber in them.

“Where’d—listen, what are you doing in here?”

“I knew something would happen,” Green Eyes said. “Just knew it.”

“Look, I was taking my first damn nap in too farking long on the couch in there and I heard you two rummaging around in here. Thanks for waking me up, assholes.” She got a better look at the backpacks. “Are you stealing?”

Okay, maybe she should be waaay more scared than she was, but she was exhausted and had been rudely bumped out of her first halfway decent attempt at sleep in…days.

“Let’s tie her up and go,” Brown Eyes said.

She crossed her arms over her chest. “If you’re going to tie me up, there damn well better be orgasms involved. I don’t put on handcuffs for just anyone, you know.”

Fuck, she could not control her mouth right now. That was likely due to her sleep-deprived state. What little filter on her snark she usually had totally dissolved when she was completely focused on trying to stay vertical.

Didn’t help that the two guys were pretty hunky. Damn sure hunkier than Gary, even without any beer in her.

Then again, she was dangerously sleep-deprived.

Wonder how they are with their tongues?

The men stared at each other in shock before turning back to her. “Listen, lady,” Green Eyes said. “We don’t want to hurt you or anyone else. We just need—”

“There aren’t any narcotics in this storeroom.” She wasn’t an expert on every employee in the hospital by any stretch, but she damn sure would have noticed if she’d seen either of these two guys before. They were hunks. “I know, because I did a couple of turns through here in first-year. What the hell are you taking from here?”

Maybe if she could just keep them talking long enough to get her brain to slip out of neutral and into a better gear that would allow her to, oh, escape.

Behind them, she heard the lobby door beep just before it opened.

Karen. “Leta, I know I said—Leta? Where are you?”

Not even thinking, she held up a warning finger to her lips to the two men and turned, racing out to the lobby to stop Karen before she could walk in any farther. “Sorry, was using their bathroom. What’s up?”

The nurse wore an odd expression. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just startled out of a dream by having to pee.” She forced a laugh. “What’s wrong?”

Karen held a tablet in one hand and still eyed her suspiciously. “509B just threw some unusual EKG readings I needed you to take a look at before I call for a cardiology consult.”


* * * *


Honestly? Uncle was still trying to process the shock of the woman standing there, followed by her handcuffs and orgasm comment, to even think about grabbing her when she turned and slipped away.

“Dammit!” Zed whispered but Uncle reached out and snagged his backpack, hauling him back with a stern shake of his head.

She’d given them a signal to stay quiet. Maybe she wasn’t thinking straight due to being startled out of sleep, but slipping out of there without tying up one, much less two people in the process, would be far preferable.

If she was going to give them up to this other person, she would have let out a yell for them to run, or call security, or something.

Unfortunately, the two women stood between them and the only viable exit out of that department. The fire exit door at the back of the research department was armed with a warning alarm that would go off if they used it.

Not exactly the stealthiest of retreats.

Uncle waved Zed behind him and eased forward, the gun still in his hand but now held down and against his thigh, out of sight. He took a deep breath and stepped into the doorway, because it was the only way he was going to hear what was going on.

The other woman, likely a nurse from her scrubs, startled when she saw him. “Who are you?”

The first woman, whom he now assumed to be a doctor, didn’t even look up from the tablet she was perusing. “He’s a friend. I’m afraid we were a little…busy when you showed up.”


“Yeah. You know—”

Both of them?”

Now the first woman glanced up at her, then at the doorway. Zed had stepped into view behind him.

Her face didn’t even turn pink. But even more impressively, she didn’t miss a beat. “Yeah, my damn boyfriend dumped me last night, okay? That’s why I showed up way early last night. I’m moved out. All my shit’s in my car. I called them after you banished me to here, and they asked if I wanted a little…comfort. So sue me, I decided to get my Thanksgiving freak on. They had a few free minutes to come do it and me.”

She returned the tablet to the nurse. “Go ahead and page a cardiac consult. I don’t like the looks of that. He might be heading for an ablation, but I’m not going to make that call today when I don’t know his full history.”

The older woman still stared at him and Zed. Uncle opted for a friendly approach. He waved with his left hand. “Hi.”

The nurse’s eyebrow arched. “Getting your freak on, huh?”

“You should have seen me with the twins in med school. Now, you promised me”—she looked at her watch—“an hour and it’s only been twenty minutes.”

“Yeah, and I told you to sleep.” The older nurse snorted and slowly shook her head. “I’ll try to give you an extra hour.” She jabbed a finger in the men’s direction. “Let her get a damn nap, okay? She’s walking dead right now, and we’ll need her vertical and braining this weekend.”

Amazingly enough, the nurse left.

And Uncle realized his cock was hard and tenting the front of his scrub pants.

The doctor turned and approached them. She crossed her arms over her chest again. “All right. Answers. Now.”

“Twins, huh?” Zed asked.

“Fuck,” Uncle muttered.




Zed was convinced someone had shot them, killed them, and now his soul was living out some weird sort of fantasy afterlife sex dream.

Did that mean he’d reached a heavenly reward?

He hoped to hell so.

This wasn’t supposed to be the plan, but damned if he was going to argue. She wanted to get fucked?

Hell, he’d be happy to oblige her.

He led the way back into the research area to one of the offices, which was unlocked. Opening the door, he switched on a desk lamp and was happy to see a small loveseat against the far wall.

“Hot damn,” he said. He carefully set the backpack and messenger bag on the desk and started shucking his clothes as Uncle led her into the office and closed the door behind them.

Uncle had once again grabbed her, this time with both arms, one hand cupped around the nape of her neck and the other arm around her waist. He was slowly grinding his hips against hers.

“Tell us you got a five-year, lady,” Zed said, “because we ain’t packing.”

She managed to hold up one hand and give him a thumbs-up, making him chuckle.

She had a lot of spunk, that was for sure.

When he was naked he got behind her and took her from Uncle, who put his backpack on the desk, too, before he started stripping.

Zed turned her around and kissed her, not even caring how he moaned into her mouth. A little coffee breath, he didn’t give a shit, she kissed like a dream and when her fingers wrapped around his throbbing cock he had to struggle not to start humping her hand.

Once Uncle was naked, they got her stripped down to gorgeous bare flesh before they lifted and carried her over to the loveseat.

Zed dropped to his knees in front of her, throwing her legs over his shoulders. “Glad to see you keep it trimmed short. I like to see what I’m eating.” He grabbed her by the hips and buried his face in her pussy.

Her sudden moan was cut off by Uncle grabbing her head and pulling her mouth onto his cock. Actually, no pulling required, because her lips were open and she eagerly devoured the man’s cock down to the root.


* * * *


Leta honestly hadn’t expected them to take her up on her offer.

She damn sure wasn’t going to turn them down, either.

And when Zed’s mouth closed over her clit, it took him less than thirty seconds to send her into orbit with her first orgasm.

Uncle’s hands cradled her head as she gobbled his meat, one of her hands twining through Zed’s hair, the other caressing Uncle’s sac.

Fuck, yeah.

Gary, who?

Not that Gary wasn’t okay, because he was, but she never could get him to just grab her, throw her onto the bed, and fuck her brains out like this.

This was…hell, this was like something out of bad porn or a really good book, and felt amazing.

“You will be coming with us,” Uncle said, his voice sounding deep and needy and making her want to curl up in his arms forever. “We get done here, we’re all going downstairs together. You’ll come back with us, we’ll get you some lunch, and then you can fall asleep after we each bust a nut again. Because after two fucking years of our own hands, baby, trust me, we’re horny.”

Okay, the way he was talking to her, she’d follow him to the ends of the earth on his say-so. She let out a soft mewling cry as Zed’s tongue started circling her clit, getting ready to send her to the moon again even as she was still coasting through the reverberating tingles of orgasm number one.

“We know how to take care of a lady,” Uncle continued. “Tonight you’re going to be on your knees in our bed, cock at both ends, giving you as much as you can handle. And then we’ll fill you front and back, too, sandwich you between us with a cock up that nice, tight ass of yours while the other’s in your pussy. Bet you’ll like that, huh?”

She closed her eyes as she mumbled her assent around his meat, orgasm number two closing in strong and fast at that hot mental image.

Being DP’ed had been one of her favorite things with the twins. She’d never admitted it to Gary, why she’d loved it when he fucked her while she had a butt plug in.

These two men would obviously be able to take it and her to a whole new and better level.

Zed reached up and grabbed her breasts, finding and pinching her nipples. She was glad for Uncle’s cock in her mouth, muffling her scream of pleasure as the orgasm exploded out of her.

Uncle simply slid his cock deeper into her throat, waiting her out with her nose pressed against his pubes as her world unhinged between her legs. Once he let her breathe again she realized overachiever Zed was already ahead of her and had started leading her clit and nervous system toward orgasm number three.


“Look at me, Leta,” Uncle said.

She forced her eyes open and stared up into his green gaze. “He’s going to get you off a third time, then he’s going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you, and we’ll get out of here. Understood?”


No way in fucking hell she’d let these guys walk out of her life after…this!

Yes, it made her shallow and she’d allow that a lot of her judgment was currently impaired due to severe sleep deprivation, but dammit, for once in her goddamned life she wanted to do something that made no fucking sense and was completely unpredictable.

“Good girl,” Uncle whispered.

And that did it. Number three burst out of the gate and her eyes dropped closed as Uncle once again muffled her with his cock.

Before she knew it, Zed was up, feeding his cock into her pussy, her ankles around his ears as he grabbed hold of the back of the loveseat and started pounding his cock into her. Every stroke hit her swollen, sensitive clit.

Uncle had moved next to her, standing on the loveseat so he could slowly fuck her face with his cock. Good thing, too, because she wasn’t expecting climax number four to pop up and say hiya just from being fucked.

That had never happened to her.


Not even with the twins.

“Heh,” Zed said. “Guess we just made your day. I felt that.”

She gave up trying to hold on to anything except reaching behind her and grabbing the back of the loveseat with her hands. Zed moved his hands, covering hers, lacing fingers with her as he stared down at her with the most intense gaze she’d ever seen in her life.

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