Held Hostage by the Vampire Lord (MM)

The Vampire District 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,814
21 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Vaughn Carson has been in the hands of vampires for weeks, and with no rescue in sight, he knows he's on his own. This would be a much scarier thought if it wasn't for the incredibly handsome vampire noble Daren Fenrir, who nursed Vaughn to health after he fell sick in the dungeon and brought him to stay in one of the luxurious rooms of the mansion.

Daren is clearly in lust with Vaughn, and while he feels the same, he's hesitant to act on it, or to respond to Daren's sudden and intense kisses.

Daren claims to only want his missing brother returned, and he will release Vaughn when he is convinced that Vaughn poses no threat to the rest of his family. Vaughn's defenses lower and he and Daren become closer, giving in to their lust, but unbeknownst to either of them, a group of human hunters are closing in, and they are not Vaughn's friends coming to the rescue.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Held Hostage by the Vampire Lord (MM)
21 Ratings (4.5)

Held Hostage by the Vampire Lord (MM)

The Vampire District 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,814
21 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Then he acted. Vaughn cleared away the glass and climbed out the window. He was on the second floor, but there were ledges and heavy vines growing along the wall that he was able to grab onto. He realized just how they weren’t made to hold the weight of a full-grown man when he was halfway down and the vines broke away from the wall.

He fell flat on his back, but the soft bed of grass caught him, and nothing felt broken, so he got up and started running.

He couldn’t believe he was actually out. It was a damn miracle. All of that effort, and he’d never bothered to try and break the windows. He’d just assumed that because he was in a vampire mansion they would be shatterproof as well as tinted.

Well, that was a lesson learned. If he made it back home he could even tell Hawke, the team leader of every hunter and warrior back in the West Village, about that little weakness.

Vaughn had made it to the trees, but he’d stopped dead in his tracks the second that thought had crossed his mind.

If he did that, and the humans came together and attacked this house, then using that information, they might hurt or kill Daren.

He shook the thought from his head. Stupid. It was stupid to care about whether or not the vampire who’d held him hostage lived or died. Daren had refused to let Vaughn go, no matter what Vaughn had told him.

But the vampire had never tortured him for information. He’d also never denied Vaughn food, or water to bathe in. Aside from the few near fights they’d gotten into, including one that had ended with them both on the bed, Daren had been downright civil.

No. It was stupid of him to be thinking like this about a Goddamn slave-owning vampire. Daren had even drunk some of Vaughn’s blood, and he was never going to forgive the paranormal creature for that one.

Besides, he had to get back to the village and check on his dogs.

Vaughn started moving again, determined now to get the hell out of here before the vampires released their own guard dogs or something.

Or something was exactly what crashed into him, and Vaughn found himself wrestled easily to the ground, and a sharp pain licked up his back, starting right where he’d first landed on it before traveling up his spine at the speed of light.

He screamed, and the vampire guard in his black protective suit suddenly pulled away from him.

Vaughn couldn’t see who was behind the mask, but somehow he got the feeling that he was being stared at for deception through those round black goggles.

“Either kill me or bring me back, but I really am hurt, you asshole!” Vaughn yelled. He tried to get up, but the movement brought a lance of pain to his spine and he went back down hard.

“Fuck,” he said, drawing out the word so it sounded like fuuu-uuuk.

“Turn around,” said the vampire, who sounded suspiciously like Daren did.

Vaughn wanted to curse again. “What?”

The voice was stronger now through the material of the mask, and this time Vaughn knew without a doubt that it really was Lord Daren Fenrir beneath the mask.

“Turn around so I can see the injury.”

“You were the one who gave me the injury, asshole,” Vaughn said, glaring at him. He did as he was told anyway because it was some of the worst pain he’d ever felt, and the fact that it was in his spine made it only worse.

It mortified him when Daren lifted the blue cotton T-shirt he wore to have a look at his skin, and he felt his face go hot when the man’s gloved hands started to gently poke and prod from place to place.

Daren was still wearing gloves to protect his skin against the bright and hot sun, but Vaughn still had to struggle just to keep from shivering in delight at the touch.

He hadn’t had sex in a while. That was all this was. Living as a free human meant it was difficult to come by partners he would be interested in, and Vaughn hadn’t so much as touched himself since arriving in the vampire mansion.

Daren’s touch, however, since the day Vaughn was pushed down on the bed and he felt the other man’s stiff cock pressing into his own, not to mention the kiss that followed in the meeting they had after that, did something to him that made his skin pebble up with goose bumps.

It also made his cock and balls unbearably heavy and uncomfortable in the pajama pants he wore. He was glad he was on his stomach, and that would keep the vampire from noticing Vaughn’s arousal. For now.

Well, it wouldn’t matter if he was able to see it or not. Vaughn eventually had to get up and turn around. And if Vaughn did managed to convince his dick to go down a little by then, Vampires could still smell blood and sense a quickly beating heart. If Vaughn didn’t calm down, Daren might get it into his head that Vaughn actually wanted this.

Would he bring him back just to try and kiss him again? Fuck. Would Vaughn even have the strength to say no to him if Daren propositioned him?

He doubted it. He was so fucking horny and Daren leaning above him and touching him wasn’t helping.




Their clothes came off quickly, and Daren slid down Vaughn’s body to worship him and put his darkly covered dick into his mouth and suck on him hard.

Vaughn groaned, and his fingers carded through Daren’s hair as his hips began canting forward.

“Love it. When you. Do that,” he said though hard and puffy breaths.

Daren loved doing it, but he was too eager to get to the main event. He lifted his head just enough so that the tip of Vaughn’s cock was still in his mouth, and he swirled his tongue around the head, taking in the drops of pre-cum that were forming there.

Vaughn’s grip on Daren’s hair was becoming damn near painful, and though he didn’t mind, he still pulled back, releasing the other man’s dick from his mouth with an audible pop.

“No,” Vaughn groaned when Daren reached over for his nightstand where the lube had been put away. “What are you doing?”

Daren handed it to Vaughn with a quick kiss. “I think you like it too much when I blow you that you forget what we were really doing after only a few seconds.”

“I really like it when you blow me,” Vaughn said with a big stupid grin. “I’d like it even more if you finished me off.”

“I’d rather you finished off inside of me,” Daren said, but was surprised when, after a few seconds of hesitation, Vaughn opened the cap, took hold of Daren’s fingers, and began coating them.


“No questions. Not right now,” Vaughn said, and when he lay back, he pulled Daren on top of him. “I’d rather your cock inside me tonight.”

Daren grinned and accepted what was happening. Vaughn clearly recalled Daren’s suggestion earlier, before they were both interrupted, and Daren could barely contain his excitement as he pressed his fingers against Vaughn’s pucker.

“You’re not going to regret this,” Daren said.

“Mmm,” Vaughn moaned, that little smile still on his face.

Vaughn was tight. His asshole clenched around Daren’s fingers like he hadn’t done this with another man in a good long while. Or it could possibly be his first time as well.

He wouldn’t let himself hope for that. He just wanted to listen to the little satisfied noises that Vaughn made as he thrust one finger, and then two, and then three as far as they could go, stretching the man wide. He pulled his fingers out, added more lube, and then put them back in, wanting to be absolutely sure that Vaughn would be well prepared for this.

Watching Vaughn’s pleasure was almost as good as if Daren was taking pleasure himself. Then the man’s amber eyes widened, and his mouth dropped as his back arched just a little.

“Right there. Oh, fuck, right there!” he said, his chest heaving as he started to gasp.

“I hate to torture you like this, but I think that’s my signal to stop,” Daren said, and he pulled his fingers out of Vaughn’s pucker, listening, only a little smug, at the sound of Vaughn’s disappointed protest.

“If you keep leaving me hanging like that, I’m going to start hating you,” he threatened, reaching down and grabbing the base of his dick, groaning even at that touch, just to keep from coming.

“Almost, Vaughn. I’ve got you,” Daren said, taking more lube and pouring almost the entire bottle onto his cock. It was cold at first, but his skin warmed it.

Vaughn spread his legs wider apart as Daren took himself in hand and pressed his dick against his lover’s waiting hole.

He tried to be gentle and slow when he sank in, but Vaughn’s thighs went tight around his hips as the man moaned and beckoned him closer, and Daren lost all control as he started thrusting hard and fast.

“This…this is fucking great!” Vaughn said right before he groaned and bit down on his bottom lip.

Daren couldn’t agree more.

This was not making love. This was sex based off of desperation, because Daren only realized right then how much he needed this man in his life, and how much he did not want him to go in the morning with his friends and Daren’s brother.

Neither of them hardly seemed to mind a bit. Vaughn put his hand behind Daren’s neck and pulled him closer so that they were chest to chest as they moved against each other, their flesh slapping together as Daren’s balls bounced against Vaughn’s ass.

This position gave Daren a close look at the bite mark he’d created on the other man, and it was his shame that made him turn away from it and press his mouth to Vaughn’s in a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” he said, pulling away briefly to gasp out the words, but he couldn’t stop moving as heat and pleasure built up inside of him. His balls felt tight and his cock was rock solid inside of Vaughn as the other man squeezed his asshole around him, which only made it that much better.

“It’s okay,” Vaughn replied, bringing him down for another kiss.

Did he even know what Daren was apologizing for? There were so many things that they were hard to name off the top of his head at this point.

Vaughn’s grip on him became tighter, and his moaning became louder, which only spurred on Daren’s movements as he felt his peak coming on, and he quickened his pace to get there in a hurry.

“Harder,” Vaughn said, pressing his head back against the mattress, and Daren complied, and they both moved against each other so quickly that there was no rhythm whatsoever, but nothing had ever felt so good, or so right as this.

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