Marek's Doctor (MM)

Space Warriors 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,742
19 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]
Dr. Seth Runner doesn’t trust people. He is the only doctor on The Defiant, the flagship of the Warsarian space force, until Marek Grander walks into his medical wing. Now he has to share space with a man that not only outranks Seth but turns out to be his mate.
Marek is ready to stake his claim and take what belongs to him. Refusing to submit to Marek’s advances, Seth keeps his distance. He learned long ago that men can’t be trusted. They lie, spread rumors, and have destroyed Seth’s reputation. But Marek doesn’t care about Seth’s past. He wants to be part of Seth’s future.
Before Marek can get Seth to open up and accept him, he has to earn the doctor’s trust. But Seth has been hurt too many times. He’s an outsider that pushes everyone away. Can Seth learn to open his heart and trust the man who wants to love him?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marek's Doctor (MM)
19 Ratings (4.5)

Marek's Doctor (MM)

Space Warriors 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,742
19 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Yes, you are. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll call for security to drag you out by your hair. If you’re lucky, they will toss you onto the streets. If you’re not lucky, they will grab you by the balls and make you wish that you were born without them.”

The thief laughed,a devilish, masculine sound that sent a shiver fluttering through him. “That’s a very vivid picture, but it’s not going to happen. I’m fond of my balls and would never wish their existence gone.” When he turned, Seth caught sight of strong, chiseled features that would make any man salivate. But it was nothing compared to the dark, piercing gaze that forced Seth to take a step back.

“The warriors will rip them off if I order them to.” Seth doubted that, but men as good-looking as this one were obsessed with their cocks and fucking anyone that caught their attention. Anything that interfered with their sexual conquests would send fear through them, but for some reason, this man seemed unaffected by his threat.

“No, they won’t,” he said with authority that left no question of who was in charge.

Seth narrowed his eyes. It would take more than this man’s confidence to send him running for the door. This thief was challenging him and Seth refused to back down. “You don’t know the warriors on this ship. They don’t like trespassers.” His hand reached for his wrist computer.

“As of this morning, I’m a crewmember. As for not knowing the men on this ship, I know a few of them. I had lunch with Caleb. We’re old academy buddies. Go ahead, call him.” He waved a hand as if dismissing him. “If that’s what it takes for you to calm down, get your head out of your ass and think about the situation.”

Anger made his hands tremble. All of Seth’s control snapped and he couldn’t stop the shaking. “Get out of my medical wing or I won’t wait for backup. I’ll drag you out by your balls myself.”

The thief smirked, which only added oil to the flames burning inside of him. “You’re awfully fascinated with my balls. If you’re good, I’ll let you suck on them.”

Seth wasn’t the type of man to flinch from that type of taunting. He did this time, because this man could make him do just that. If this stranger touched him, he’d give in and let his body be claimed. Seth pushed up his walls and tried to calm the rage and desire that were swirling around inside of him. “Maybe I am. How about you cut them off and give them to me as a present? I’ll wear them around my neck.”

“Oh, I’ll give them to you, but they’ll still be attached to my body when I press them against your ass.”

Men talked dirty to him all the time. He was the Warsarian flagship doctor because of hard work, but a lot of warriors thought he spent his time bent over a desk with his pants around his ankles and not reading and studying. “Try that and it won’t be your balls I go after. I’ll rip out your heart.”

“Now you want my affection. I don’t give my heart to just anyone. You’re better off going after my cock.” The dark gaze ran down his body, lingering over his chest and groin before moving back up to his face. “Let me know when you want a nice, long ride.”

Seth’s eye twitched, a habit that he hated. Thankfully, it only came out when he was enraged, and right now, he was seeing red. Before he lunged at this stranger, the man held up a hand.

“Before I force you onto your back and you accuse me of sexual harassment, I’m Marek Grander.”

His mouth opened, but no words would come out. This was the Defiant’s new doctor. “Get out of here. This is my medical wing.” Until that moment, Seth had hoped Marek wouldn’t show up. The transfer orders had come in last month, but he refused to accept them. “Get out,” Seth repeated, as if that would help him get rid of the man that confused and angered him.

Marek sighed. “This is our medical wing, Dr. Seth Runner. We’re both assigned to this ship.”

“You knew who I was and didn’t say anything.”

“I liked flirting with you.”

Seth didn’t know a lot about flirting, but he wouldn’t call that exchange by anything other than harassment. “Get off this ship,” Seth ordered.

“You can’t order me around. I outrank you.”

Oh, he didn’t just say that. “Well, I outclass you.”

Marek started to laugh. “You’re feisty. The rumors are true.”

Rumors? Seth froze. Which rumors had he heard? The ones that claimed Null and the admiral in charge of the Warsarian fleet played favorites? Or that he passed his academy exit exam with perfect marks because he bent over for the dean of the school to get an advance copy of the test? Was that why this man treated him like a piece of ass that would jump into bed with him? All men were the same.

“Which rumors are you listening to?” Seth finally asked.

“Oh, there are so many that you need to ask?”

This man was infuriating. “I’ve heard nothing about you, but I can clearly see you’re an arrogant idiot.” That wasn’t true. He’d heard a lot about Marek Grander. He was a genius both in the medical field and as a warrior, but Seth wanted Marek to think he wasn’t important enough for Seth to read his biography. Well, that was true. Seth hadn’t cared enough to press the link that led to it.

“Now, that’s not nice. You knew I was coming. I looked you up.”




That did it. Seth charged at Marek, but the other man was ready. He grabbed Seth’s arms and pinned him to the bed.

“I told him the truth. You’re mine. It’s only a matter of time before the universe knows it.”

“I don’t want to be yours. I don’t want to belong to anyone.”

“The universe is lonely. Let go, Seth. Let me show you what it’s like to be with me.”

Seth’s heart thumped. Marek’s scent was driving him crazy. Every nerve ending was on fire. “I need to leave.” Seth’s voice was dripping with desire. It was hard to resist when they slept five doors down, but sharing the same bed made it impossible.

“No. You’re right where you belong,” Marek said as he leaned closer.

Marek hovered an inch away. Dark eyes watched him and the feeling of need washed over Seth. Refusing a lifemate was hard. On a large ship, he could run away, but in this room, that wasn’t an option. It was only a matter of time before his body demanded relief.

Deep down, Seth wanted everything Marek offered. Thoughts left him. He wanted to be owned and loved. A fog kept his reasons from stopping him. He moved forward, lifting his head to close the distance. The moment he touched Marek’s lips, Seth felt the other man’s power flow into him.

Marek pushed him down. His powerful body rested on top of him. The heavy weight was comforting, not scary. Lips moved down to his neck, while Marek’s knees pushed open his legs. Then, fingers worked his spacesuit down and off his body. Seth could’ve stopped it, but he wanted this. Reason was gone. Seth was a bundle of nerves that longed to feel Marek’s touch.

“Touch me,” Marek coaxed.

Seth obeyed. With shaking hands, he started to pull down Marek’s spacesuit. Large hands wrapped around Seth’s wrist. His hands were pulled to Marek’s lips. He kissed the thin layer of skin and ran his tongue over his pulsing blue vein.

The fluttering in his stomach mixed with a needy moan. Seth was feeling too much. Every nerve ending burned, but it wasn’t enough. He was greedy for more and Marek was only too happy to oblige. He moved down Seth’s body, loving every inch of him. He found spots that no one else had ever touched. Teeth pulled on his nipple. Seth arched off the bed, pushing his chest forward.

A soft breath blew across his hard nubs. “These like my touch.” And to prove his words as true, Marek went in to touch them again. Heat pooled in Seth’s groin. The touches didn’t go low enough. He hissed when Marek pinched harder.

“Yes. They love to be played with.”

Seth shook his head in an attempt to deny it, but his body was too honest to support his claims. Then Marek found his way between his legs. He blew across the tip of his cock before placing a light kiss on it.

“No.” Seth tried to push Marek away. “It’s dirty.” His mate grabbed his arms and pushed him back down on the bed.

“Nothing about you is dirty. Let me love you.”

Seth shuddered at Marek’s tone. He closed his eyes as Marek move back down his body. Lips tugged on his balls and Seth hissed. Then Marek’s warm mouth wrapped around him and started to suck and tease as fingers ran down his thighs.

He grabbed the sheets between his fingers, desperate for something to hold on to, as his entire life was unwound. Everything he knew would change, but even knowing that, he wanted Marek. It was useless to resist. He’d tried too hard for too long. Every inch of him now demanded more. Marek’s tongue licked down the underside of his cock. His fingers rubbed and squeezed his balls. He only had his hand to compare this to, and already this was so much better.

A bottle popped open, but Seth was too lost in the sensations to think coherently. Then a cool, slick finger teased his sensitive opening. He jerked away as the finger pushed inside. He hissed at the intrusion. Seth might be use to his own fingers, but he wasn’t ready to feel someone else playing back there.

“It’s okay. Relax. I won’t hurt you.”

Gently, he was opened to Marek’s touch while his mate continued to play with his cock. Then a second finger joined the first, stretching him in ways that he’d never been before. Deep inside, they found the spot that had him thrusting back down to get Marek to touch it again. The other doctor laughed, but he was rewarded for his honesty.

“You like that.” The husky sound of Marek’s voice left him panting. “Like this?” Marek asked before hitting the spot with his fingers again. “No one took the time to show you a good time, or maybe doing this with love is different than hard fucking.”

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