Slave Gold Dimensions: No Mercy (MFMM)

Slave Gold Dimensions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,598
10 Ratings (4.6)

[Menage Everlasting: Fantasy Menage a Quatre Science Fiction Romance, M/F/M/M, reverse harem, HEA]

After buying and trying on a Celtic Slave Gold bracelet, Chrissy Dawson is spirited away from her familiar world and dumped onto another. While she’s still on planet Earth and the natural landscape is the same, everything else is different.

Including the people.
Alden, Barron, and Cade Ledger, the leaders of Earth, are mesmerized by the beautiful unique female with the moonlight-colored hair and sky-blue eyes, but not only because she is tiny and so different from their own women.
She’s their mate.
Trying to convince Chrissy to take a chance on them is a lot harder than the three brothers expected, but they are determined to win her over.
However, they need to protect her more.
Rumors are abounding regarding a coup and after one attempt on their woman, the Ledger brothers along with their head warriors are determined to thwart the rebellion while keeping Chrissy safe.
The security measures the men take aren’t enough and Chrissy ends up fighting for her life.
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Slave Gold Dimensions: No Mercy (MFMM)
10 Ratings (4.6)

Slave Gold Dimensions: No Mercy (MFMM)

Slave Gold Dimensions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,598
10 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A good read.
The characters names were a little similar so I had to re-read the odd sentence but overall, I enjoyed the book.
I didn't think your little rant on "freedom of speech" was necessary as it didn't fit into your storyline very well. I think if the author has a point to make, she should make it in social media and not in a book that I've purchased where it feels a bit like preaching.





Chrissy stared with nervous wonder at all the tall buildings. They were spectacular with their innovative modern architecture.

Everything seemed so surreal she was still trying to get her head around the idea that she wasn’t dreaming. She’d never had a good imagination, and there was no way she could have thought up any of this shit.

Alden, Barron, and Cade Ledger reminded her of Legolas even if their coloring was all wrong. Their long hair was so dark it looked almost blue, but the black was broken up with an inch-wide strip of silver on either side of their faces. Some of their tresses were tied back, but the rest of it was free. She would have thought such long hair on a man would have looked feminine, but there was nothing feminine about them at all. However, their eyes were such an amazing hue of amethyst, whenever she met their gazes she had to really concentrate on what they were saying. She was so entranced with the color she felt as if she was drowning in a sea of purple each time she looked into those amazing orbs.

When she’d first seen them galloping across the open plane, she’d been awed and relieved, hoping they’d help her, but when she’d seen their pointed elvish ears and light purple eyes, her heart had beat so hard and fast in her chest it had hurt, and she’d been in danger of hyperventilating. Nevertheless, her panic had diminished slightly when Alden had introduced himself and his brothers. She’d been scared they wouldn’t speak English and she wouldn’t understand a word they were saying. Thankfully, they did, and while she was still tense, she’d relaxed somewhat since they’d offered to help her and hadn’t tried to hurt her.

“What’s this city called?” Chrissy asked.

“This is Earth’s capital, Denver, Colorado,” Barron answered.

Chrissy turned to meet his gaze. “I’m from Denver, Colorado, but it looks nothing like this. Did you say Earth’s capital?”

“He did. There are alternate dimensions of Earth,” Cade explained. “We’re not sure of how many there are, but we know of at least four.”

“Four?” Chrissy whispered incredulously as her heart thumped hard against her sternum and her breathing turned fast and shallow.

“This scares you?” Alden asked.

She shivered when his deep rumbly voice vibrated against her back, sending shards of heat through her body. She had no idea why she was reacting to Alden, Barron, and Cade. She’d never responded like this to any member of the opposite sex before. Sure, she’d been attracted to a man, but not so instantly or intently. She’d kissed a couple of boys and men, but none of them had ever affected her this way. Pushing her thoughts aside, Chrissy finally remembered to respond to Alden’s question.

Right now everything scared her, but she didn’t want them to know how frightened she was. So instead of answering verbally, she shrugged. His fingers flexed on her hip, the heat of his long, thick fingers and palm were almost searingly hot, and while her body was warming, she also felt cold to the bones. She suspected she was in a bit of shock, which wasn’t such a surprise considering where she was.

She stared at the lights shining through the windows of all the skyscrapers, but her gaze kept going back to the tallest structure. Where all these buildings offices? Or were some of them apartment buildings? How many people lived in the capital city? How many people lived on this plain of Earth? How had the scientists back on her realm of Earth not known there were alternate realities of the same planet? Maybe they did know and had kept their knowledge quiet. Chrissy mentally shook her head. She doubted such analytical people would even contemplate such a theory. From what she’d heard, scientists only ever dealt with facts and wouldn’t believe something like this unless it was proven.

So why was she starting to believe what the three Ledger brothers had told her so far as truth?

Was it because it was difficult to refute what she was seeing with her own eyes?

For all she knew she was hallucinating, or she’d hit her head and was lying in a hospital bed hooked up to all sorts of machines and dreaming. Oblivious to what was going on around her. Nonetheless, if that was the case, why had she felt pain when she’d pinched herself? Had she landed in some sort of fictional storybook that she’d been sucked into?

She gave a mental snort. You’ve totally lost your mind, girl. None of this can be real. You have to be dreaming.

Still, she wasn’t sure she was imagining her present reality. Things just felt far too real to be a fantasy.

She had so many questions whirling around in her mind and didn’t know which one to ask first.

“Is your Earth made of lots of different countries?” She was about to gaze over her shoulder at Alden, but when the horse’s hooves made a soft clopping sound, she looked down to the road they just stepped on. The carriageway wasn’t black as she’d expected but a stark white which would be easy to see even if it was raining heavily and nighttime. She leaned forward and slightly to the side to see the horse’s left hoof sink slightly into the tarmac, or what looked like tarmac. She wished she could get down and touch the roadway, but she wasn’t sure her legs would sustain her weight right now. She wasn’t used to straddling a horse, and because of her earlier hours-long walk, she was weary.

“There is only one country on Earth, and that is called Colorado,” Alden answered. “Are you all right, Chrissy? Are you hurting?”

She straightened, tipping and tilting her head until she could look into his eyes. “No, I’m fine, just a little tired.” They only have one country? Does that mean they only have one land mass, too?




Chrissy had never had sex before, and she hoped she didn’t do anything wrong.

When she saw Alden’s fingers at the fastening of his pants from the corner of her eye, she turned her gaze toward his crotch and waited with bated breath as he tugged them open. Air exploded from her lungs when his hard, thick cock sprang free of his leather pants. She tried to calm her breathing and her thundering heartbeat when Alden bent over to remove his shin-length black boots, but it was a futile effort. As soon as he straightened up, he shoved his pants down over his hips before kicking them away.

Alden, Barron, and Cade stood side by side by side at the end of the bed, letting her look her fill. They were so brawny with delineated ridges under their bronzed skin she couldn’t have looked away if she’d been paid a million bucks.

Chrissy shivered as a frisson of heat skated up her spine. She must have blinked because in the next moment, Cade and Barron were climbing onto the bed on either side of her, and Alden was crawling up onto the end.

Barron cupped her cheek, turning her head toward him, and their gazes met an instant before his mouth slammed over hers. She moaned as he licked into her mouth, his tongue curling around and sliding along hers.

She groaned when both her breasts were cupped in large, warm hands and couldn’t stop herself from arching up further into their touch. Cade and Barron kneaded and molded her breasts, sending sparks of heat shooting straight down to her pussy.

She cried out when Cade swiped his tongue over her nipple before drawing it into his mouth, suckling firmly. Barron pinched and tweaked the other peak while he continued to ravish her mouth.

Alden caressed his hands up and down her legs, pushing them farther and farther apart. She shivered as he lightly skimmed the tips of his fingers in the crease where her hips and thighs joined. She jolted and groaned when he ran a finger up through her folds, swirling the tip around her clit without touching the engorged throbbing nub.

The mattress dipped as Alden maneuvered between her thighs just as Barron broke the kiss. Air sawed in and out of her lungs and mouth as she tried to regain her breath, but when Alden blew warm moist air onto her aching clit, she stopped breathing altogether.

“You are so fucking sexy, little one,” Barron rasped out, as he kissed and licked his way down her neck toward her chest.

“The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Cade said in a growly voice after releasing her nipple from his mouth.

She jerked and groaned when Alden nipped high on the inside of her thigh. When she gazed down at him, her heart flipped in her chest, and she gasped when she saw his fangs had lengthened and sharpened. She glanced at Barron and Cade and noticed their eye teeth were longer than before.

A shiver of heated trepidation raced up her spine as goose bumps erupted over her flesh.

Alden wrapped his arms around her legs, spreading them wider as he dropped down to his belly on the bed. He gazed up her body, locking eyes with her as he lowered his head toward her pussy. She saw the tip of his tongue just before he swiped up through her folds from bottom to top.

“Oh god,” she groaned as he laved his tongue over her distended clit. Her internal muscles clenched, and more cream wept from her entrance.

Barron lifted her breast as he bent his head. Chrissy cried out as he drew her nipple into his mouth, suckling on the achy tip firmly. Cade was licking and lapping up her neck toward her ear, and when he laved a sensitive spot that caused her to tremble, he licked and sucked at it like it was the tastiest morsel he’d ever eaten.

Alden swiped the flat of his tongue over her clit again and again as he rimmed her pussy hole with the tip of a finger. She was so wet juices were trickling down to her ass and no doubt the sheet beneath her.

“Please,” Chrissy moaned as she bowed her hips up, trying to get Alden to put his finger inside of her. She was so damn hot and achy it was almost painful. If she didn’t get some release from the fiery heat soon, she was going to start screaming.

* * * *

“Please what, mate?” Alden asked in a deep gravelly voice after lifting his head from her hot, wet cunt. He was so hungry for his woman his cock was pulsing and leaking pre-cum. Even though he wanted to get up on his knees, align his aching dick with her pussy, and shove in until he was balls-deep, he had to make sure Chrissy was ready for him. She’d never been with a man, and he needed to make sure the only thing she felt from him was pleasure.

“I don’t…I want…”

Alden knew exactly what she wanted and needed. His cock driving in and of her wet heat. He wanted that so badly he was shaking, but he resisted. He lowered his head, scraping his fangs along the inside of her thigh, so close to the dripping cunt his mouth watered. He’d already had a taste of her and craved more. So much more, but first—

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