[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Ten years ago, Tae Young-Jin got himself entangled in the Red Ribbon Killer murder case, resulting in not only the death of his parents but also the loss of his memory. When he wakes from a six-month coma, Tae starts his life with a new identity. Now, years later, using the name David Choi, he returns to New York as a genius profiler.
David is recruited by Abram Jackman and becomes a trainee with the Federal Paranormal Agency. He balances FPA training with his own secret investigation into the Red Ribbon Killer. While working on the case, David tries to uncover the past and unlock his memories.
Eric Khang has secrets of his own. The vampire has been watching over David since the young man was a teenager living in New York. And now that David is back, Eric is trying to help the other man recover his memories.
Working together, the truth will be revealed. But, sometimes things are better left in the past.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.


Devil Beside You (MM)
17 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet




David Choi sat in front of his computer checking his email. He sipped his morning coffee as he scanned the sender’s names. When David came across one from, anonymous, his heart started pounding in anticipation. This email, like the others he’d been receiving over the last couple of months, was an invitation. The sender didn’t identify themselves, but David knew that this person was trying to tempt him into making a trip back to New York.

At one point, David tried to trace the emails, but it led him to a dead end. The sender was untraceable. So, the question remained, was the killer reaching out to him or was it someone investigating the case? Either way, it was a tempting invite. David had to admit that he was curious. And he wanted to reply to this unknown person’s request, but so far, he’d kept silent.

Taking a deep breath, David placed his coffee cup down on the desk before opening the message. As he scrolled down, David stared at the crime scene photos, looking at each image. The photographs were similar to the others he’d received, which meant that it would be hard to find any DNA, trace evidence, eyewitnesses, CCTV footage, or any other physical evidence. And it was a very good possibility that there weren’t any suspects at this point either.

The crime scene, also like the others, was immaculate, which meant that the killer, whoever he might be, was experienced, intelligent, and well organized. He drained his victims’ of their blood and tied their wrists together using red ribbon. It was a signature of the killer. Why did he drain his victims of their blood? Was the killer a vampire or did he want the investigators to blame the paranormal community? Why did he tie a ribbon around their wrists? And more importantly, how did he choose his victims?

David leaned back in his chair and sighed. For the last ten years, he’d been studying and training to become the best in the criminal justice field. David worked hard, and at a young age, he managed to land a coveted position as an associate professor at the country’s top university in Korea. He spent countless hours working with the government to profile criminals. David interviewed infamous serial killers and even wrote a book on the criminal mind.

There were a lot of people that asked David why he was so driven to understand the criminal mind. What was he hoping to discover? Why serial killers? The answer, David was trying to unlock the past and the memories that he’d long forgotten.

Perhaps it was time to go back to New York after all. He needed to go back to the place where his story began. To the place where his life came to an abrupt end. Receiving the crime scene photos as an invitation was the excuse David needed to face the past.

David lifted his hips off the chair, pulled out his cell phone, and called his assistant. “I need a plane ticket to New York.”

“When do you want to leave?”

“As soon as possible.”


“No,” David shook his head. “One way.” He wasn’t sure when he would be back.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll get you on the first available flight to JFK and email you the itinerary.”

“Thank you.” Without another word, David ended the call.

He rose from his chair in one smooth motion, collected his briefcase and jacket, and left his office. He strode down the busy streets of Seoul, excitement singing in his veins. Before he left the country though, David needed to see his guardian, Bruce.

The older gentleman had been by David’s side for the last ten years. Bruce provided for him, encouraged him, and trained him. He was more than a father figure. He was David’s best friend and confidant. Since the day David woke-up from his six-month coma, they had shared a special bond. Bruce was always honest with him. He never kept any secrets. And since David lost his memories, it gave him peace, knowing that Bruce would always tell him the truth.

It didn’t take long to reach the penthouse condo he shared with Bruce. He opened the front door and stepped over the threshold. David placed his briefcase and jacket in the entryway, toed off his shoes, and put on a pair of house slippers. He followed the sound of Bruce’s voice to the kitchen. Bruce was humming a familiar song as he stood in front of the stove with his back toward David.

Bruce glanced over his shoulder. “You’re home early.” He shut the stove off and turned around. “Is everything okay?”

David nodded. He strode over to the table, pulled out a chair, and sat down. “I want the file on my parents.”

Bruce looked away, breaking eye contact. David could see a flash of fear. It was there one moment and gone the next.

“Why, all of the sudden?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest, putting an emotional distance between the two of them. “In the last ten years, you haven’t asked any questions. You haven’t wanted to know anything. So, what changed? Why now?”

“I’m going to New York.”

Bruce’s eyes widened slightly and his arms dropped to his sides. “The emails finally got to you.”

David nodded.

Bruce strolled toward him and took a seat. “Do you think the killer is connected to your parents?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

The death of his parents was the only thing that connected David to New York. It made sense that the killer might be the same. Otherwise, why would the emails come to him in Korea?

“I don’t have the file,” Bruce said. “The FPA is in charge of the investigation. You would have to contact them.”

David’s brows furrowed. “Who’s in charge?”

“Abram Jackman.”

Again, David nodded.

“I’ll call him and tell him to expect you.”

“Thank you.”

Bruce sighed. He didn’t seem happy that David was leaving to New York, but the man didn’t object or try to convince him to stay. Instead, he asked, “Are you going be okay?”

David smiled. He really appreciated the concern. It was nice to know that someone cared about him. “I’ll be fine.”

Bruce reached out and grasped David’s hand. “If you need me, call me. I’ll get on the next flight to New York.”

“I will. I promise.” David gave Bruce’s hand a gentle squeeze before pulling back and rising to his feet. “My assistant is getting a ticket for the next available flight. I need to start packing.”

“There’s a thirteen hour time difference.” Bruce glanced at his watch. “Tuesday 9am…that means it’s…” he clicked his tongue for a few seconds. “Eight o’clock pm in New York. I’ll call Abram now.”

“Thanks.” David patted Bruce’s shoulder leaving the kitchen and heading toward his bedroom.




Eric exposed his neck. He lifted a finger, and the nail grew, becoming a claw. He drew a line along his neck, hoping to entice.

David licked Eric’s neck, flicking his tongue back and forth. He bit down, his teeth slowly sinking into Eric’s skin. On the first pull, Eric shivered. It felt like David’s mouth was connected to his cock. As he sucked, Eric slowly lost his mind. Then, David started moving his hips, rubbing against him.

Little moans hummed against Eric’s skin, driving him crazy, but nothing could compare to the young man’s movements.

David used his new found strength to roll Eric onto his back. The young man climbed on top of Eric, straddling him. David’s hard shaft rubbed against his. And the young man moved, humping him.

A strong climax tingled at the base of his spine and Eric knew without a doubt he wouldn’t be able to prevent himself from coming. When David moaned against his throat, Eric’s hips jerked upward and he came. Panting, Eric closed his eyes as he tried to catch his breath.

David slowly pulled back, removing his teeth. He sat up and licked his lips. David wiped his mouth, collecting a few stray drops of blood from his chin. His eyes glittered, the dark depths swirling.

David groaned, “Fuck me.”

Eric flipped him over. He leaned down and pressed his lips against David’s, taking possession of the young man’s mouth. Eric moaned. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He couldn’t believe that David was finally underneath him. He’d been waiting years for this moment, patiently waiting for David to come back to him.

The two kissed, tongues twirling and dancing. The kiss started slow and exploratory, but soon changed, becoming wild and passionate. David’s tongue slid in and out of Eric’s mouth as if he were fucking him. The scent of David’s arousal filled the air, floating off the young man in thick waves. The scent filled Eric’s head, making him dizzy with need.

David turned his head, disconnecting their lips. “I need you now.”

“I need you, too, love.”

Eric reluctantly pulled back. He reached over to the bedside table, pulled the drawer open, and grabbed a bottle of lube. Lying back down, Eric faced David. He flicked open the container of lubricant with his thumb and coated his fingers with the slick substance. Eric moved closer to David. And David lifted his leg, throwing it over Eric’s hip. Using a single digit, he circled David’s hole before slowly pressing his finger into David’s puckered entrance.

He pulled out and then pushed in again, stretching his lover. David squirmed and arched, moving back and forth. After a few minutes, Eric inserted a second finger. Eric crooked his fingers up, rubbing David’s prostate gland.

“Oh, God,” David tossed his head back. “Do that again.”

Eric grinned. He did it again and again.

David swiveled his hips in a circular motion, thrusting back against Eric’s fingers and then forward, ramming his hard cock against Eric’s stomach.

David gasped. With his mouth open, Eric watched David run his tongue over his beautiful fangs. “Blood.”

Eric tilted his head, exposing his neck.

David dove for Eric’s neck. The sharp points of his teeth pierced his skin. David moaned as he fed, and Eric groaned.

Eric wrapped his free hand around the base of David’s shaft. He pumped the hard flesh while adding a third finger to David’s quivering hole.

“Eric!” he shouted. “Oh God! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…”

David screamed, crying out in pleasure as he came, shooting hot jets of spunk across Eric’s chest.

“Don’t stop,” David ordered. “Oh God…”

Eric flipped David over onto his hands and knees. He grabbed the bottle of lube and opened the lid, coating his shaft. Eric lined his cock up to David’s ass, the spongy head kissing David’s hole. He applied a bit of pressure, and his cock slid past the tight ring of muscle, sinking deep into David. When he bottomed out, Eric paused for a moment.

“Ahhh,” Eric groaned. He grabbed David’s hips, holding the young man in place. “You feel so good.”

“Move!” David clawed at the blankets, shredding the linen.

Covering his True Match’s back, Eric wrapped his arms around David’s waist, holding him close as he moved. The slow rhythm built in speed until he was fucking David in hard, deep strokes. Eric groaned as he thrust faster, harder, driving his cock in and out of David’s ass. Eric lowered his head, rubbing his nose against David’s shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent. His True Match’s blood called to him, tempting Eric.

“Bite me.” David tilted his head to the side. “Claim me.”

Eric’s gums tingled, the sharp fangs lengthening. He ran the edges of his teeth over David’s skin before slowly puncturing the vein.

David’s blood flowed into his mouth, hot and thick and sweet. Delicious. Eric growled at the exquisite taste as he sucked gently, feeding on his True Match. David called out his name. It sounded like a prayer spilling from the man’s lips.

Eric moved faster, deeper.

David cried out, and his hole fluttered as he came, the scent of spunk surrounding them. The scent pushed Eric over the edge.

“Mine!” he shouted, marking and claiming his True Match. Eric plunged his cock as deep as he could reach. His muscles tightened, and his hips jerked in spasms as he came.

“More!” David demanded. “I want more.”

“Anything for you.”

Eric flipped David over onto his back. He lifted David’s legs over his forearms and sank back into his ass.

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