[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HFN]
Jack Styles has been fighting his feelings for Adonis 011, the sex god, for too long. Afraid of opening his heart to love again after losing the love of his life, he’d rather avoid the butterflies in his stomach or the swooning effect he gets whenever he’s around Adonis.
Adonis feels the love he and Jack have is growing into something spectacular, but he promises he won’t push him until Jack’s ready to take the next step. That’s easier said than done when they’re stuck in a cabin in the woods, and the sexual tension between them and fate keep placing them in precarious situations.
Craig Styles sees the love Adonis, his mate, and his brother Jack have for one another and knows they belong together, just like him and Adonis do, too. He’ll do whatever it takes to make his stubborn brother see that Adonis is the one for them both.
Meanwhile, the corporation that created Adonis has found out the secret location of the safe house in the woods. Now that they know where Adonis is, they’re coming to get their experiment back. Will Adonis, Craig, and Jack escape before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stimulus (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Adonis leaned in closer and gazed intently at Jack’s lips, which heated under his admiring scrutiny. Adonis said, “Good, so that solves that. Was there something else you wanted to talk to me about?”

Damn Adonis for teasing him like this. Didn’t he know what effect his seductive look was having on Jack? Scratch that, he knew too damn well and was milking it and Jack for all they were worth.

Jack licked his lips. “Umm, no, that was it.”

Adonis’s voice deepened and a wild hunger came over his expression. “You’re sure, Jack? Don’t you want to talk about the sexual tension between us?”

Jack widened his eyes in shock, then sneered when his coyness and avoidance of the plain truth returned to possess him. “There’s no sexual tension between us.”

Adonis moved in even closer, his hot breath on Jack’s neck sending shivers of pleasure down Jack’s spine. He began to play with the buttons on Jack’s shirt, then rubbed his hand over his chest through the cotton fabric. His brow lifted in a dashing tease.

“There isn’t? Sorry, my mistake. I thought there was a sexual tension that started last week and has kept growing all week long. I thought it hit its peak yesterday when I came out of the shower, naked and wet.”

Jack gulped, his legs beginning to feel weak with giddiness. “No, there’s none.” His cheeks heated and he looked away, though he could still feel Adonis’s seductive gaze travel over his body. Shivers of pleasure spread over Jack’s arms and back.

Adonis leaned closer still to whisper in his ear, “It’s all right if you admit it, Jack. You don’t need to be scared of me. I don’t bite.”

Jack’s eyes pierced Adonis’s gaze. Frowning, he shook his head. “There’s nothing to admit, and I’m certainly not afraid of you.”

Adonis titled his head to the side. “You’re forgetting whose memories are in me. Amanda knew you inside out. Now, I do, too. I saw the way you were looking at me when I came out of the shower.”

“You were naked, for crying out loud! Of course I was staring!” Jack said in a tense, raised tone. He didn’t like where Adonis was leading their discussion. But he quickly lowered his voice when he remembered Craig and Johnny were in the bedroom and could hear him.

“No, Jack. The look in your eyes wasn’t only one of shock or surprise. There was sexual hunger there, too.”

Jack crossed his arms across his chest in defense. “You’re wrong.” This conversation was making him so nervous. Although he had thought of talking to Adonis about it, having him standing so close and looking at him the way he was now was driving Jack crazy.

“Am I, Jack? If what you say is true, then if I kiss you now, it won’t affect you.” Adonis cupped his face.

Jack placed his hand firmly on Adonis’s chest. His own heart was pounding in his ears and chest and threatened to break free.

In a curt tone, he said, “It won’t have any effect, unless you use some of your sex god magic. Then any human is putty in your hands.”

Adonis sighed deeply, his brows furrowed. “That was uncalled for, Jack. You know I would never use my powers against anyone, especially someone I love so much.”

Jack felt like an utter and complete heel for lashing out at Adonis the way he did. It was a defensive mechanism and his last line against Adonis’s charm and the feelings Jack had for him that were fighting to rise to the surface. He knew that when Adonis kissed him, he’d lose all control.

But it was no excuse to attack him the way he did. He had hurt Adonis. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I know you wouldn’t do that.”

“Jack, I’m not pushing you or forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do or aren’t ready for. But we can’t ignore the sexual tension between us, either. I know you’re sexually attracted to me, and I am to you. And it’s getting stronger with every day that passes.”

There was no use denying it any longer. Jack had to admit to everything before it ate him alive. He took a deep, courageous breath.

“You’re totally right. We can’t keep ignoring these feelings. Yes, I am sexually attracted to you. You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and yes, after I saw you naked, I couldn’t stop thinking and fantasizing about making love to you.”

Adonis’s eyes softened as he stared at Jack. He brought his right hand to cup Jack’s face. “You did good, Jack. By admitting to your feelings, we can move forward.”

Rubbing Jack’s cheek, Adonis leaned in. “Seeing the way you were looking at me then, and how you’re looking at me now, titillates me. I want to kiss you.”

Jack’s stomach did summersaults of excitement with his anticipation. His heart pounded furiously in his chest. He felt like a high school student all over again, being kissed for the first time.

He licked his lips and moved in closer to Adonis. Their lips made contact and a fiery excitement channeled through Jack. It was magical, euphoric. It washed away all the fears that weighed down upon him this week and opened his mind to a new awareness.




“Thanks.” Jack broke open the cap’s seal and took a long swallow.

Adonis did the same, from his own bottle, while he leaned on the tree inches away from Jack. He stared at him intently.

Jack’s stomach did somersaults under Adonis’s hungry scrutiny. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other in order to do something other than lean in closer and stare.

After a minute, Adonis wiped his lips with the back of his hand and then braced his upper body weight on his right arm, which he extended and anchored against the tree trunk.

In a deep, sultry voice, Adonis spoke near his ear, “To answer your question, yes, Jack. I’ve thought about several of your intimate moments with Amanda, some of the sweet ones, and some of the extremely sensual and erotic ones.”

Jack’s shallow breaths continued even though they stood still and weren’t exerting themselves. Adonis’s sexual prowess was having a far more stimulating and exertive effect on Jack’s body than the power walk ever did.

He gulped, only to realize his mouth was once again parched, even though he had just finished drinking half of the water bottle’s contents.

Jack turned so that his lips were less than an inch away from Adonis’s and said, “You have?” That was all he could muster to say.

Adonis nodded and gazed down to focus on Jack’s lips while his hand slipped into his hair, caressing strands of it. “Mmm, I’ve got to admit, Jack, based on Amanda’s memories, you’re one hell of a lover. You knew exactly what to touch, what to fondle, lick, and suck to bring Amanda to the throes of ecstasy. And every time I replay one of those amazing times in my head, I get excited. Really excited…and aroused.”

A chill of titillation rolled over him. The bulge in Jack’s pants was making his jeans uncomfortably tight in the crotch area.

Panting, he asked, “They have that much of an effect on you?”

Adonis nodded, alternating his gaze from Jack’s eyes to his lips. He leaned in even closer, his lips almost touching Jack’s. His hot breath on Jack’s face and neck made goose bumps of pleasure form everywhere on Jack’s body.

“I won’t lie to you, Jack. After you caught me in the shower and I saw the sexual hunger and desire in your eyes, I was hard for you. Just like I am now.”

He grabbed Jack’s hand and guided it to his crotch, so Jack could feel exactly how excited he was making Adonis.

Jack twisted his hand around and cupped and groped him. Ah, the size of him. Adonis was sexually divine.

Adonis closed his eyes and bit his lip, groaning. Then he opened his eyes and confessed, “I was so excited that day that I replayed the night you and Amanda made love the week before she left to work at the Derringer Bio-Lab. As you know, it was one of the most climatic and erotic nights of lovemaking you had ever shared. I remembered that night and your body…and your amazing cock. And I imagined me fucking you and then you fucking me. I reached one of my highest climaxes then, Jack.”

He dipped in to kiss Jack on the lips for several seconds. After he released them, he said, “I want to continue where we left off the last time we kissed. I haven’t stopped thinking about it and about you. I want to make love to you, Jack.”

He licked the outline of Jack’s upper lip, which sent Jack into a frenzy. “Do you want to make love to me, too, Jack?”

In a raspy, demanding voice, Jack replied, “Yeah, all I’ve been thinking about these two days is fucking you.”

Adonis smiled as he dropped his empty water bottle to the floor and then cupped Jack’s face.

“Then fuck me, Jack. I want it so much. I want you so much.”

Jack wrapped his arms around Adonis and crushed his body hard against his chest. His tongue darted into Adonis’s mouth. The internal battle he had been struggling with this past week had finally come to an end and his love for this sexy man before him won.

Now all Jack’s wanton, lewd desires and fantasies rushed over him. He wanted it all with Adonis. He wanted to touch and feel him. He wanted to kiss him on the lips and all over his body. But most importantly, he needed to fuck him before he exploded. His taut balls were warning him his body was on the verge of release.

God, he felt the burning heat within his heart and his cock. He had never desired anyone as much as he desired Adonis.

And just when Adonis pulled off his jacket and slipped his warm hands into Jack’s shirt to play with his chest hair and his pecs and abs, the sensation of being watched overtook Jack’s mind.

Instantly breaking their bonded lips, Jack looked around, panting and wild-eyed.

Out of breath, Adonis frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Jack motioned with his shifty, alarmed eyes and spoke from the side of his mouth, “They’re watching.”

Squinting, Adonis peered up to the side. “Ah, there’s a surveillance camera up there.”


Adonis gave Jack a devilish grin while he began to unbutton his shirt and peck his lips. “And what is the problem?”

Jack huffed, rolling his eyes. “The problem is they’re watching!”

Adonis walked behind Jack and licked his nape and his earlobe. “I don’t mind an audience. I think it adds a little thrill and naughtiness to the whole experience.”

Jack began to lose his resolve and himself in Adonis’s seduction. The man could have Jack clucking like a chicken with just one of his simpering smiles and a longing kiss if he wanted.

Jack closed his eyes, allowing Adonis to do whatever his heart desired and have them both enjoy it.

Suddenly, a sharp slap across his ass had Jack gasping in shock. He turned to see Adonis laughing and walking over toward the camera. He tossed up his jacket into the air. It landed directly over the camera, acting like a drape.

He meandered back to him and wrapped his arms around him. “Will that do?”

Jack chortled. “I actually thought you wanted us to make love in front of it.”

Adonis touched his chin and shook his head languidly and with emphasis, offering Jack a wide grin. “Umm-hmm. I don’t want an audience. I want you all to myself. You and me alone, fucking in nature.”

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