The American Soldier Collection 7: Their Sin City Showgirl (MFMMM)

The American Soldier Collection 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,668
42 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, spanking, HEA]
J.J. Jacobs is one sexy, undercover cop. A Vegas showgirl, she escaped death only to be hunted by the killer and his cohorts. Calder Murphy, Conway Lewis, Brook Lewis, and Lincoln Jones are retired Special Forces and set on keeping her alive, especially since others have failed her. She’s combative, untrusting, negative, and on the edge of a breakdown. She’s not convinced that they can be trusted, despite their military backgrounds, all those muscles, and take no prisoners attitudes.
Some sparring on the mat, combative personalities, sexual tension, and it’s the perfect combination for heated passion. But with her life on the line, and a need to capture a high profile killer, could their own fears and unwillingness to trust send her right into the pathway of the killer?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The American Soldier Collection 7: Their Sin City Showgirl (MFMMM)
42 Ratings (4.7)

The American Soldier Collection 7: Their Sin City Showgirl (MFMMM)

The American Soldier Collection 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,668
42 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
One of my favorites of this series.
I loved this book! I could read it again!

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J.J. couldn’t sleep. She was tossing and turning, and kept waking up with a jolt or in a sweat. The nightmares were getting worse, and so were the shakes. She even cut off having coffee and other caffeine related drinks. But it wasn’t working. Knowing that today was Sunday, she decided to do something to keep her mind off the nightmares and the shaking. She wished she could work out, or go for a run. But that didn’t seem feasible. She wanted to ask the guys, but they disappeared during the day, except for one of them. One of them was always around to keep watch. Usually it was Brook.

She walked into the kitchen. It was early, and the guys were up by six. The clock read 5:00 a.m. She pulled out some pans, and took the bacon from the refrigerator. Looking around the cabinets, she found the ingredients she needed to make pancakes and then a container with chocolate chips. She decided to make chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Although she felt kind of funny doing this and making herself at home in their kitchen, she needed this. She needed to find some kind of normalcy to what was happening.

She didn’t know these men. They were huge, they were intimidating, and supposedly retired from the military. When she asked further questions, Sandman stated that it wasn’t important for her to know. Hadn’t she said the same thing to him about her? Wouldn’t she remain silent and not share too much about who she really was and why she was here? She was kept up for too long, and forced to stop everything that would make her feel strong again. She wanted to exercise, to hit a punching bag and release some anger.

Before the first piece of bacon hit the pan, Lincoln entered the kitchen.

“What are you up to?” he asked with an attitude.

“Cooking breakfast. I couldn’t sleep.”

“I know,” he stated and then walked over to the coffeepot and poured himself a cup. She started that, too, as she gathered the ingredients.

She hoped that she hadn’t made any sounds. She had slept with the pillow partially over her head in hopes of muffling any sounds she may make during her sleep. It was crazy and a bit uncomfortable considering that she awoke more often than not, feeling Dexter choking her against the car, the pillow blocking her breathing making it worse.

She shivered from the thought, despite the turtleneck she wore, and nearly burnt the bacon.

“Whoa. Hey, let me take care of that,” Lincoln said as he slowly took the tongs from her hand, and placed his hand on her waist to guide her out of the way.

She looked up at him.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered and turned toward the bowl. She hadn’t even realized what she was doing. Am I losing my mind?

“J.J.? Are you okay?” Lincoln asked her.

She saw the concern on his face. His blond crew cut hair, the way his shirt clung to tight, large muscles, gave her an odd sensation. His green eyes seemed filled with concern, as well as the hard expression on his chiseled face. The man was very handsome in a rugged, hard, experienced kind of way. He was also older. The tattoos on his forearms, similar to Calder’s, gave her the impression that he was hard, and dangerous. But then, he spoke so softly to her. Was it a way to draw her in, and then pounce?

“What’s going on?” Conway asked as he entered the room.

“Nothing,” she whispered and turned toward the mixing bowl. She needed to focus on the task at hand and not the terrifying thoughts of her undercover operation. She could handle this, just like she’d handled everything else thus far.

“You’re up kind of early,” Conway said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“You are, too,” she replied, as they locked gazes.

It was like a game. She wanted to figure out who they really were and whether or not they were trustworthy, and they were doing the same with her. She didn’t like feeling as if she were living in a fishbowl. Why did they have to watch her every move? It was unnerving, especially since certain body parts immediately reacted.

“I have some things to go over in the surveillance room with Lincoln. Brook and Calder will be around the house. If you need anything, just holler.”

“I won’t need anything,” she replied and then started to make the pancakes. She had to truly focus on the task at hand to not burn these damn things, too. Why the hell did she decide to take on this task? Especially now, when she felt so out of control of her emotions?




She was in shock as her flesh hit his flesh. Her thighs pressed against his muscular thighs, and she felt so aroused and excited. She ran the palms of her hands up his very muscular thighs in admiration. Calder grabbed her hips and lifted her up. She fell to his chest.

“Well? Pill or no pill?” Calder asked. She just stared at him. The man was a work of art.


She gasped and turned not expecting the smack to her backside.

She stared at Conway.

“You were asked a question.”

“No. I’m not on anything.”

“We got it covered,” Brook said and then moved around the room. A moment later, Calder was pulling her down to kiss her. She hugged him hard. She hadn’t been with a man in almost three years.

She absorbed the feel of thick, steel-hard male flesh beneath her breasts, her hands, and pussy. She straddled him as best she could, and kissed him back, giving him as good as he was giving her. He had ridges and dips in his flesh from all the hard muscles. He had muscles where she never knew muscles existed.

He released her lips and lifted her up.

“Put this on him,” Conway stated, joining them on the bed. He was naked, too, and damn, was he just as well built as Calder. His cock was huge and thick. His skin a bit tanner than Calder’s and his expression was firm as usual.

Calder cupped her breasts and she grabbed on to his chest for support. Conway placed his hand over one of her hands. He turned it over and placed the foil wrapper into her palm. Then he cupped the back of her head, brought her closer to him, and kissed her.

She felt her pussy leak and her nipples harden. She was going to do this. She was naked, surrounded by four men with huge cocks that all wanted her. How could this be happening? When would it go wrong?

Conway released her lips.

“Put it on him. Tonight is a very special night. We’re going to make you forget about everything but us,” Conway whispered.

She felt the force of his words.

She fumbled with the foil. She hadn’t opened one of these in ages. She tore it open and pulled out the condom. She stared at Calder’s cock.

“Put it on. You know how to, right?” he teased.

“It’s been forever,” she whispered and slowly moved toward his dick.

Calder grabbed her wrist as she pressed the contraceptive over his shaft and into position. “God, your touch is like fire. Take me, J.J. Lift up, take me inside of you and ride me. I need you.”

She hesitated only a moment as she lifted up. She felt her thighs shaking. Her hands were, too, as she placed one hand on Calder’s shoulder and the other on his encased cock, lining it up with her oversensitive pussy. She lifted higher, his cock thick and long, and then slowly lowered onto his shaft.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so fucking tight. You’re like a goddamn vise grip. Shit.” He growled and then grabbed on to her hips and pumped upward. She gasped and fell forward, grabbing on to his chest.

“She’s so damn tight. My God, I can hardly move.”

“Oh, please move. Please, do something. You’re so big and thick. Oh God, I don’t know if I can take you,” she stated, and then lifted up and tried to ease back down. But Calder was on a mission to penetrate deeper.

“Oh!” she screamed and then she felt the hands on her back, and something cold against her ass.

“What is that?” She moaned as Calder pumped his hips up and down, penetrating her, and lubricating her pussy with every stroke.

She looked over her shoulder, and Lincoln was there. He was pressing something to her ass.

“Oh, my God. What are you doing? Oh!” She moaned from the sensations. His fingers pressed something cold into her ass. She was relieved and amazed that it had made her instantly come and allowed Calder to penetrate all the way inside of her cunt. She’d never done anything so crazy. Sure, she’d thought about trying it, but held off. It was so forbidden and naughty and… “Oh!” she moaned again.

“I’m just getting this beautiful ass ready. My God, J.J., you have an outstanding ass,” Lincoln stated and then pinched her ass cheeks. His words, his actions, along with Calder’s thrusts, made her scream her orgasm. Calder followed.

“Holy God. Holy shit,” he repeated and she lowered to his chest as Calder hugged her.

She squeezed him tightly as her body shivered with the aftereffects of their lovemaking. But what had shocked her, what had amazed her and nearly brought tears to her eyes, was the feeling Calder’s hug alone had caused inside of her. She could love a man like Calder. Just as she could love Conway, Brook, and Lincoln. That scared the crap out of her.

How could she love four men at once? How could four men love her and cherish her, alone?

They can’t, you idiot. Take this for what it is. Lust, passion, and a human need to connect after being alone for so very long.

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