The American Soldier Collection 12: Ask Me No Questions (LoveXtreme)

The American Soldier Collection 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,960
33 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Cassidy is a retired Marine. She's trying to survive, evade a stalking soldier, and make a new start. She doesn't want to be seen as weak, so she decides to leave her job and start new, away from trouble. She visits an old friend from the military and a new town called Tranquility that many soldiers live in. They're a lot like her, trying to adapt, looking for support and compassion, yet striving to maintain strength and live better lives after serving their country and making so many sacrifices. She falls in love with it all, including five American soldiers who make her feel protected, and also like everything will work out just fine. But trouble seems to follow her, and now more is at stake, including the lives of five American soldiers she's fallen in love with and the hope that after all her struggles and pain that she could have her happily ever after.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The American Soldier Collection 12: Ask Me No Questions (LoveXtreme)
33 Ratings (4.7)

The American Soldier Collection 12: Ask Me No Questions (LoveXtreme)

The American Soldier Collection 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,960
33 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This book was an excellent example of woman portrayed in the military and how they feel they should hold up to a certain persona rather than just be themselves and accept help. In the end regardless of who you are you should be able to let your hair down and enjoy life. The style of writing makes it easier to paint a picture in my head and visualize the story. Amazing story, characters and end result. I loved it!
A very good book

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Sergeant Major “Red” Halloway stood in full uniform at the retirement party for one of his friends. He almost didn’t show up. But his son Cash talked him into going. Cash was now living back in Tranquility with his team and brother Stryker. Red took a sip of bourbon from the glass he milked the last hour. He couldn’t even enjoy his drink. His mind on his son Stryker and how badly he suffered from his injuries. A Marine just like him, both sons nearly lost their lives serving. A routine mission gone wrong, Stryker sustained injuries to his legs and hip. He was in such a state of anger and depression that none of the therapists that came to the house lasted more than a few days. He was obnoxious, downright mean and said he didn’t care if he would walk correctly again or not. It didn’t even help that the rest of his team took up residence on the nearby ranch.

“Hello, sir.” Red turned around to see Gunnery Sergeant Frederick Holt. He saluted him and Red saluted him back before he pulled Frederick into a hug.

“Damn, this is turning into a fucking reunion of sorts. I’ve seen about five or six of the crew from that mission in Iraq that nearly took all our lives.” Frederick said as he joined Red by the bar and rubbed along his belly as if remembering the bullet he took to his gut that day.

“I haven’t seen anyone. Where are they all hiding out?” Red asked. Frederick chuckled.

“They’re vying for one very special ER nurse’s attention.”

Red squinted his eyes.

“Who would that be?”

“The sexy Lance Corporal Cassidy Williams, sir.” Frederick said and chuckled.

“Cass is here? Where?” he asked and Frederick laughed.

“Damn, you too?” he teased.

“Hell, I could be her father, hell her grandfather.”

“Not a chance. Women like the older military types.” Frederick teased.

“Not Cass. She’s a gem. A God damn asset to the United States Marine Corps.”

“Not anymore. She retired. Took a civilian job in Houston. I’m surprised you haven’t bumped into her in your neck of the woods. You’ve got all those cool dance halls and of course Caspers.”

Red couldn’t help but look around for Cass. It had been two years since he had seen her. He often wondered what she was up to. He recommended her for accommodations and even a few medals for risking her own life to save the troops and taking out the enemy soldiers before they could take out more U.S. soldiers. She more than proved her position as a Marine, never mind as an ER nurse.

“There she is over there.” Frederick pointed toward the right and sure enough a crowd of four men surrounded her. She looked incredible. The black cocktail dress hugged her shapely figure, and her long brown hair hung past her lower back in an abundance of curls. She looked as sweet and youthful as he remembered. Shocked the crap at of him and the other soldiers that she could shoot the way she did and react as swiftly.

She caught sight of him and completely dismissed the four naval officers she was with and headed toward him.

“Look at that. Maybe you do have a chance,” Frederick teased and Red shook his head at Frederick. “She’s younger than my youngest son,” he replied as Cassidy approached.

She immediately stopped, stood straight at attention and saluted him. Red saluted her back and then she embraced him.

“My God, Cass, you look incredible. How the hell are you?” Red asked.

“I’m doing well sir. How about yourself? Retirement life all it’s talked up to be?”

“You tell me. I hear you’ve left the Corps and are now engaging in some sort of civilian affair. Sounds boring.”

She chuckled, her hazel eyes sparkling as she glanced at Frederick then back at Red.

“I wouldn’t say that. I’m keeping busy. I was working at the military hospital for a while but then started focusing on private care. I’m currently working at a small non for profit agency in Houston.”

“As a nurse?” he asked.

“Not in surgery or trauma like before. I’ve decided to slow things down a bit. I enjoy helping injured soldiers get back on their feet again and work out a regimen of physical therapy, nutrition, and exercise. You name it. It’s a new way of approaching the special physical and psychological aspects of a soldier’s experience with combat and their injuries.”

Red was really impressed. He couldn’t help but to want to learn more about Cass’s new profession.

“Can I grab you a drink? Maybe you can tell me more about this new profession. Do you work privately as well?” he asked.

Frederick chuckled.

“That’s a hell of a line, sir. I’ll leave you two alone.”




“Stryker, get undressed and lay down on the bed.” In a flash Cash was pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply. She could sense things going on around her and then felt Cash’s cock against her pussy. “I want you, baby. Do you want me?” he asked and she nodded her head.

He rolled her to her back, spread her thighs and then she felt the tip of his cock at her entrance.

“How badly do you want five men to make love to you?” he asked as he grabbed her hands, clasped their fingers together and brought them up high against the comforter.

“Badly,” she whispered.

“There’s no going back after today. No holding back our feelings. No running from this. You got it?” He asked her firmly as he slowly pushed the tip of his cock between her pussy lips.

She felt that sense of uncertainty because she feared telling them about Blaze. But she would have to. If things progressed between them all, she had to tell them everything.

“Yes.” He smiled.

Good. Now hold on baby, this is about to get very fucking wild.”

He plunged his cock fully into her pussy, shocking her and making her moan. He was thick and hard and penetrated her pussy in such a snug fit she panted as she widened her thighs. He unclasped their fingers lifted up and began a series of hard, deep thrusts into her pussy. Her breasts rocked and swayed and she felt her cunt tighten. She was already ready to come. “Cash!” She cried out and he pulled from her pussy. She was shocked.

“Cash?” she questioned as he nodded to her left. She looked that way and there was Stryker. Naked, on his back stroking his cock and staring at her. She wouldn’t look down at his legs or take in the sight of him. She was afraid to see the scars that she wasn’t certain were there. She felt her heart racing.

“I’ll need some help baby.” Stryker said. She didn’t give it a second thought as she rolled to her side and ran her palm along his torso. Stryker closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. She explored his skin with her mouth and tried to get him to relax and loosen up.

She lifted her thigh up over his waist and immediately felt his hand gliding up and down her thigh then over her ass scooting her up closer. She kissed along his pectoral muscles. She licked his nipple and tugged on the tiny bud. His fingers stroked between her thighs and pressed against her pussy lips spreading her cream along the crack of her ass. She would have a cock in every hole today. That’s what making love to five men entailed.

His lips landed against the scar on her shoulder and she scooter up higher as he gripped her waist and lifted her so that he could suckle her breast.

She straddled his waist as he tugged and nipped on her nipple. She felt the hands on her back and she tensed.

“Easy baby. I’m going to get this ass ready for my cock while you ride my brother,” Cash said and squeezed her ass cheeks then massaged them and along her back, too.

“Oh God. Will it hurt?” she asked and Stryker cupped her cheeks as she rose up above him.

“You tell us if it does. He’ll stop. He’ll make sure you’re ready and don’t feel any pain,” Stryker said to her then tugged her hair to make his statement get across to her. “No pain for you ever.” He said. She smiled at how compassionate and caring Stryker really was. She leaned down and kissed him. She explored his mouth as his hands explored her body. She felt him reach beneath them and grasp his cock. She lifted up, still kissing him until she felt the tip of his cock against her pussy. She released his lips and held his gaze as she sunk down onto his thick, hard cock, losing her breath along the way.

As she rocked her hips and made love to Stryker, he cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples and held her gaze. There was such a strong connection she felt tears hit her eyes. Stryker reached up and caressed a stray tear she hadn’t felt falling get wiped away by his thumb.

“You’re mine now, and I’m yours,” he said. She lowered down and kissed him against then felt the cool liquid against her puckered hole. “Easy, baby. Getting you ready. I think Coast has something for you, too,” Cash said. The bed dipped as she released Stryker’s’ lips and saw Coast kneeling on the bed stroking his shaft.

He looked so sexy. His blue eyes sparkled, his muscles looked so hard and attractive. She felt her pussy cream and then Cash’s fingers pushed into her ass. “Oh God, Cash. It burns.” She moaned, gripping Stryker’s shoulders as Coast reached out and pulled her closer.

“Relax those muscles and let him in. let him stretch that ass so you can take all our big cocks,” Coast told her. She gasped. She felt her cheeks turn red just as he kissed her deeply.

It all happened so fast yet so smoothly. One moment she was rocking her hips against Stryker’s cock as Coast kissed her. The next moment Coast was puling from her mouth and lowering her head to his cock. Just as she licked the tip and tried thrusting up and down onto Stryker’s cock, Cost pulled his fingers from her ass making her feel the loss and almost beg for more. But Coast kept stroking his tongue into her mouth and Stryker was thrusting upward as he cupped her breasts and manipulated them. Then she felt Cash’s cock push through the tight rings in her ass.

“Relax and let them love you,” Memphis ordered and she did.

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