The Darkfall Mountain Pack Collection, Volume 3 (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,246
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Shape-shifters, Sex Toys, MM, HEA]

Longing for Isaac

Dominant werewolf and enforcer for the Darkfall Mountain Pack, Isaac Bennett has always wanted submissive tabby shifter Oren Frye. Sexy, snarky, and smart, Oren embodies all the qualities Isaac wants in a mate—except Oren chose Isaac’s best friend. Isaac tried to do the decent thing. To forget, Isaac moved to a new town and pack, but time only worsened the ache and longing.

Ten years has passed, and Oren comes knocking on Isaac’s door, seeking sanctuary and carrying an urn of ashes. Oren doesn’t know what to expect. Gone is the shy young wolf he met years ago. Domineering and protective, Isaac kindles a need inside Oren he never expected to feel again. Oren has loved and lost. He doesn’t think he deserves a second chance with a great guy like Isaac, but Isaac seems determined to chip at Oren’s defenses until Oren says "yes."

Wanting Jordie

Forced to return to his hometown after not being able to find a job in the city, things go from bad to worse for new graduate Jordie Simmons. Jordie survived a car accident, but a broken leg becomes the least of his worries. His brother’s best friend Matt is trouble with a capital T. The fact Matt is a werewolf and a member of the Darkfall Mountain Pack doesn’t scare Jordie as much as the way his body reacts to Matt. Jordie is afraid once Matt has his way with him, Jordie will only beg for more.

A werewolf has better things to do on a Friday night than baby sit his best friend’s brother. Matt has known Jordie all his life, but Matt doesn’t recognize the gorgeous scowling young man. Matt’s wolf knows Jordie is his mate. He has always kept his distance, knowing he’ll lose his best friend, but Matt is done waiting. Jordie will be his, no matter the cost.

The Darkfall Mountain Pack Collection, Volume 3 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Darkfall Mountain Pack Collection, Volume 3 (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,246
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Longing for Isaac


Isaac shouldn’t want Oren the way he did, but his wolf refused to be dissuaded from the notion Oren should be his mate, not Terrence. Christ, Isaac grew up with Terrence. He knew the guy since they were both young wolf pups, struggling to learn about controlling the beast contained within them. It was because Isaac didn’t try to find a cure for his unhealthy obsession, because he tried it all—blind dates, casual hook-ups, and even the whole new online dating thing.

Nothing worked. Isaac became even more miserable with each passing day. Terrence and Isaac met Oren in college, and Terrence proposed right after they graduated. Here they were, twenty-three and looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. Well, at least Terrence and Oren did.

A quick rap on his window made Isaac jump in his seat. Oren broke into a grin, seeing him. He took a step back as Isaac opened the door.

“Isaac what took you?” Oren demanded. The feisty and slender tabby shifter had his usually disheveled shock of orange hair tamed back.

“You look good in your tux,” Isaac said, voice hoarse.

Fuck, he needed to get himself together, but it Oren’s presence made it hard. Oren’s casual wear consisted of jeans, shirt and a pair of sneakers, but in a black-and-white tux he looked more adult-like than Isaac had ever seen him, so damn sexy and fuckable. Combined with Oren’s alluring scent, Isaac had trouble focusing on the present. It would be so easy, to bring Oren close, to rip all those clothes off and—fuck no.

He needed to be there for Terrence and Oren, not pant like a lusty horny wolf pup still unable to get over his fixation. A dominant werewolf didn’t act this way. He needed to shove his personal issues aside. Seeing Terrence and Oren exchange rings would mean the end, would make Oren untouchable because Isaac knew Terrence would give Oren his mate bite after today. Shifters mated for life and that would bind their souls and animals together.

“Isaac, is something wrong? You seem to be down lately, are you sick?” Oren asked, reaching out to touch him.

A huge mistake, because the moment Oren’s fingertips touched his temple, Isaac lost his careful control. Heat sparked from Oren’s fingers, and Isaac grabbed his wrist without thinking. Knowing how he felt, Isaac made it a point not to touch Oren by accident. With the wedding in only a couple of minutes, panic gripped him in a tight vise.

“Isaac, the look in your eyes is scaring me,” Oren whispered. It didn’t help that Isaac could feel Oren’s pulse racing, or his breathing speeding up, in fear and also in excitement.

“You getting off on this, little tabby? I always knew you needed some bite to your pleasure.” The words came out of Isaac’s mouth, but he no longer recognized himself.

“This isn’t like you,” Oren said softly, eyes wide, but he didn’t yank his wrist back or tell Isaac off. If Oren pushed him away, Isaac would admit defeat. Still, he held onto some shred of hope, illogical as it was because he’d seen Terrence and Oren. They were very much in love, and nothing should get in their way, not someone they trusted.

“Please,” Isaac said, voice ragged. “Just one, give me one kiss, and I won’t bother you two anymore. I just need to know.”

“Know what?” Oren demanded, familiar fire sparking in his eyes, but Isaac could no longer bear to say the three words aloud.

Silence stretched on between them. Sweat soaked Isaac’s shirt, and he sweltered under his suit. Isaac wasn’t exactly the kind of guy who wore suits every day. Any moment now someone could see them, and tell Terrence the truth. Isaac released Oren’s hand, admitting defeat, shocked when Oren grabbed the collar of his suit and brought their faces close. Oren breathed hard, brown eyes seeking to understand him.

Refusing to let the opportunity go, Isaac went in for the kill. He crushed Oren’s lips with his, watching Oren’s eyes turn to shock, and Isaac expected Oren to shove him away, not respond to him with equal passion. Isaac didn’t do gentle. He kissed with teeth and tongue, but Oren responded to him like a perfect fit. Isaac’s dick hardened in his trousers and he felt Oren’s erection, rubbing against his. A hand pushed him gently away later. Isaac’s wolf told him to push back, to take control, knowing Oren would submit beautifully, but Isaac wouldn’t go that far.

Releasing Oren’s lips, Isaac took a couple of steps back. Oren did the same, his lips still swollen from Isaac’s. Isaac couldn’t help but notice.

“What?” Oren looked lost, confused, touching his mouth. Oren looked to Isaac for answers he couldn’t give.

“I’m so sorry,” Isaac whispered, the only words he was capable of saying over and over. He stumbled back to his car, hand reaching for his car keys. Fingers trembling, Isaac managed to get the car door open after three tries.

“Isaac, where are you going?” Oren demanded, hands on his hips. “We need to talk about what just happened.”

“No, we don’t. I’m going away, far away,” Isaac answered, slamming the car door shut.

Oren hammered at his window, and Isaac hesitantly slid the window down. “Look, I shouldn’t have kissed you. I’m sorry, but you no longer need to worry. I should have done this a long time ago.”

“Done what?” Oren whispered.

“Left, because you two deserve to be happy. Tell Terrence I’m sorry, I had an emergency,” Isaac said.




“Please, Isaac. We both need this. To heal.” Those last words crumbled the wall between them.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Let me see you.” Oren shut the shower and opened the door to the enclosure, inviting Isaac in.

“We’re both going to regret this,” Isaac muttered. He lifted the hem of his shirt, unveiling hard lean muscle layered in ink and occasionally marred by old scars. Oren’s breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of the entwined wolf and cat on Isaac’s left side. No denying who the two represented. Even apart, Isaac inked reminders of Terrence and him on his skin.

“You’re not stopping.”

“If this is one roller-coaster ride to hell, then I’m fucking game.”

Isaac unbuckled his jeans, stepping out of them and his boxers, revealing powerfully muscled legs. However, it was the massive dick hanging between his legs that caught Oren’s eye. Long and thick, Oren stared at it in wonder. He’d never had anything so huge up his ass.

Hell, the only man he’d been with was Terrence, but this wasn’t a sin was it, if Terrence saw Isaac as his brother, as the only man able to keep Oren safe? That was the reason Oren came to Darkfall, didn’t he, to seek out Isaac and guarantee his protection? What better way than to seduce his dead husband’s best friend?

No. That wasn’t right either. Isaac was more than that. Oren always thought of him as the missing piece of Terrence and him. When Isaac left, he left a hole, but that could be remedied. This couldn’t be wrong. Not when it felt so right.

Isaac finished undressing and slipped into the shower. “Fuck, baby. You can’t imagine how long I wanted this.”

Despite his words and the limited space, Isaac kept his distance, watching Oren, probably waiting for Oren to tell him this was a bad idea. Making the first move, Oren pressed a hand against Isaac’s left pectoral, near his heart. He could hear the unsteady rhythm, and wanted to put Isaac’s fears to rest.

“I want this. I want you. Is that clear enough?” Oren asked, wondering where all this courage came from.

“Crystal.” Isaac banded one hand around his waist, bringing him close for a kiss.

Heat erupted between them. Tongues and teeth clashed. Opening his mouth wider, Oren let Isaac deepen the kiss. He could sense Isaac’s wolf, wrapping itself around his tabby like a blanket, like it knew it belonged there. God, how fucked-up it was, that Isaac touching him felt so natural. Oren could feel Isaac’s thick dick, rubbing against his.

“Show me,” Isaac said, voice husky.

He looked into Oren’s eyes, and words weren’t needed. Oren knew what he wanted. Affirmation that Oren wanted him as badly as he wanted Oren. Without another word, Oren dropped to his knees, the cold tiles doing nothing to quench his feverish skin. Seeing Isaac’s glistening tip, Oren licked his lips in anticipation. All thoughts of Terrence’s unfair death and Joker fled from his mind. All that mattered was now, and the present involved Isaac and him, nothing else.

Isaac tugged at his hair, pressing his tip against Oren’s lips. The tabby in Oren wanted to be playful, to tease. Tongue darting out, Oren licked away Isaac’s pre-cum. He dragged his tongue lower, from top to base, hearing Isaac’s groan above him. Isaac tightened his grip and Oren opened his mouth to take Isaac’s member in his mouth. Applying careful suction, Oren did his task with relish. Bobbing his head up and down, Oren pushed for a relentless motion, enjoying every growl and hiss he wrangled from the dominant werewolf

“Fuck, Oren. Your mouth feels so good around my dick.”

Another tug on his hair and Oren surrendered his control. Isaac fucked his mouth in an unsteady rhythm.

“Swallow,” Isaac ordered, entering his mouth one last time, before spilling his load.

Sucking on his softening dick, Oren didn’t spill a drop. When he looked up, he saw pleasure fill Isaac’s features.

“Good pet,” Isaac murmured.

Oren was surprised when Isaac offered him a hand up. Easily hauling Oren back to his feet, Isaac surprised him again by pushing him against the wall. His back hit the tiles, and the roughness turned him on. Isaac kissed him again, grinding his body against his. Groaning, Oren felt Isaac’s hand moving to his dick, beginning to stroke him.

“Isaac.” Oren said nothing else as Isaac began to work him. Christ. He missed someone else holding his dick captive, and it didn’t hurt that Isaac seemed to devour his every reaction. Shamelessly, Oren thrust his hips toward Isaac’s hand.

“That’s it, baby. Come all over my fingers. Do it now,” Isaac commanded. The authority in his voice made Oren cry out. Whimpering, Isaac let out strings of cum all over Isaac’s waiting hand, stomach and ribs.

“Fucking perfect,” Isaac remarked, making Oren blush. He swayed slightly, lost in a sea of bliss, but Isaac caught his shoulders, steadying him.

“Don’t fall asleep now, little cat. I haven’t fucked you senseless,” Isaac whispered against his ear, teeth tugging at his earlobe. His words instantly woke Oren’s cock, and Oren didn’t miss the fact his climax thickened Isaac’s dick again.

“I’m awake,” was all Oren managed.

“Good. I’m getting some lube.” Isaac stepped out of the shower, yanked open the drawer under the sink and came back with lube. “Face the wall.”

Oren obeyed, spreading his hands on the tiles to clear his head. He couldn’t wait to feel Isaac sinking his glorious dick into his waiting ass. Hell, Oren craved the burn, to lose himself in sensation. In a way, sex was a kind of healing for both of them.

“Don’t worry your little head off, kitten. I’m going to fuck you here, because I can’t wait anymore, but the next time it’ll be on my bed. Then you on all fours, offering your ass up to me, knowing it’s my cock you want.”


Wanting Jordie


Matt didn’t know what the hell happened. He was supposed to be here as a favor to Zack. Certainly, he didn’t expect anything out of the awkward evening. Zack needed him, so Matt came, despite not wanting to. The memory of Jordie’s high school graduation still burned bright in his mind. The press of Jordie’s lips against his own, and the way Zack’s kid brother looked, bright-eyed, eager, and fucking tempting. Matt fucked anything that walked on two legs and at that moment, his wolf wanted nothing but Jordie.

God, Jordie’s kiss felt like a wrecking ball, incinerating everything in its path. Never before had Matt and his wolf wanted anyone so badly, but it took him a second later to remember this was Zack’s kid brother and Zack’s only family. Damn it, but the fucking pack saw Jordie grow up from depressed kid to promising adult. So Matt kept his distance while Jordie nursed his wounds, thousands of miles away.

Matt told himself this was better. The kid would make new friends. Find some lucky bastard to love. Even though he had zero claims on Jordie, the thought rankled. Matt’s mind occasionally went back to that fateful day, full of so much revelation and sorrow, and he was green with envy each time Zack told him about the recent guy Jordie was seeing. Matt handled his jealousy in the only way he knew how, in drink and one-night-stands, but after Jordie’s kiss, no amount of casual sex could cure his obsession.

After hearing Jordie came back home, Matt still kept away, but since Zack was his best friend, he knew their paths would eventually cross. He’d employ the same tactic as he did before, except one glimpse of Jordie made him forget why he kept his distance in the first place. Matt hardly recognized the lean young man in front of him. Although Jordie had the same shaggy brown hair and sported the same yummy, slender physique, the shadows under Jordie’s eyes told Matt Jordie had ridden his share of rough roads. While they never communicated, Zack was always concerned about Jordie’s time in the city. The kid had it hard—no, Matt couldn’t keep thinking of Jordie as that.

Matt swore to keep this civil until Jordie riled up all the anger contained inside him when he blew Matt off and retreated to his room.

Pissed, Matt unthinkingly closed the distance between them, startling the human. Jordie let go of his crutches and Matt automatically caught him, not realizing his error. Once he'd got hold of Jordie, Matt refused to let go. His wolf caught wind of Jordie’s distinctive scent and it drove Matt mad with unexpected want. Years of keeping away made him suddenly long once more for the forbidden.

“Fuck, Jordie, you smell so fucking good.”

In those few damning seconds, Matt forgot Jordie was Zack’s brother, that Jordie was untouchable, because at that moment, Jordie was his. His for the taking if Matt wanted, and the way Jordie sagged in his arms told him Jordie wouldn’t refuse him.

“Matt,” Jordie whispered, his voice raw and cracking. That told Matt all his attitude earlier had been a façade. God, his name on Jordie’s lips felt right. Perfect. Matt wanted Jordie to say in again.

Matt sniffed the side of Jordie’s neck, and his tongue lashed out to circle Jordie’s racing pulse.

“God,” Jordie whispered.

Matt ground himself against the curve of Jordie’s back, letting Jordie feel his erection. “God can’t help you now, pet.”

“Matt, we can’t.”

“Why not? I can smell you, little human. You want this as bad as I do.”

“Because you’re a dick and after so many years of not talking, you want me now?” Jordie let out a bitter laugh. “I’m not one of your fuck-buddies, Matt. I’m not going to fall all over your feet just because you said so.”

Stung, Matt loosened his grip, letting Jordie pick up his crutches before letting the human stand on his own two feet. How a crippled human could reduce a werewolf’s stature to a hot mess, Matt didn’t know.

“This cuts both ways, Jordie. Don’t dump all the blame on me. Not a text, email, or a call from you for four fucking years. You can’t just waltz back into my life.”

“I should be the one saying that. Well, put your mind to rest, because I have no intentions of being part of your life,” Jordie fired back, although Matt could sense how much strength it took for Jordie to say those words.

“Darkfall is a small town, Jordie. You can’t avoid me forever.”

“I can try.”

Matt couldn’t bear to see it end this way. Fuck his pride, but he had no intentions of letting Jordie get away. One sniff, one touch, and his wolf knew the truth. Jordie was his mate, the one he’d waited all his life for, and he couldn’t let the human go. Never mind Jordie was Zack’s brother. Matt would worry about that later on. Now he should focus on repairing the damage he’d caused.

Jordie began to turn away, but he froze when Matt spoke.

“Jordie, please. Give me another chance. I didn’t mean to get off on the wrong foot.”

The fact Jordie paused told Matt volumes. Conflicted emotions crossed Jordie’s face. The human hadn’t let go of his feelings for Matt either. Matt’s heart soared, but he needed to play this cool. Jordie made an excellent point. Nothing in life worth owning was easy. Matt’s mother told him and his younger brother Mark that often enough.


“Let’s start simple. Be friends. I’m part of Zack’s life and you’re important to him.”




Unable to wait any longer, Matt yanked Jordie to him when the elevator doors hissed shut behind them. He kissed Jordie again, all tongue and teeth, liking the look of longing on Jordie’s face when he released him. They stood in the corridor of Zack and Jordie’s apartment. Matt walked up to their unit and used his spare key to open the front door. A part of him wondered if they should have gone back to his place instead. Matt didn’t deny there was a strange, forbidden allure though, taking Jordie in this place.

The three of them practically grew up together. Given Matt spent most of the time getting in trouble with Zack, Jordie was always in the background, the kid brother Matt never had—until Jordie kissed him during his high school graduation. Matt admitted he handled that particular incident badly, but he was a kid too, too ashamed of his feelings for Jordie. How could he pursue Jordie when Zack was practically his brother?

“I’ve had enough of the sun for one week,” Jordie muttered, limping in.

Matt locked the front door behind him, watching Jordie make his way to the living. Dumping his crutches to the side of the couch, Jordie slumped into his favorite spot— right in front of the TV. Even Matt knew that little tidbit. Hell, Matt knew plenty of things about Jordie.

“What’s wrong?” Jordie cocked his head to regard him, still frozen by the doorway.

Did Matt harbor second thoughts? Yes, but Jordie made a valid point. Sooner or later, Zack would know. Hell, Matt loved Mark, but his brother had a big mouth. Even if Mark didn’t say anything, too many people knew. There was Mack, for one, Michella, and probably Sergio too. What did it matter? Only Zack’s opinion did, but Matt couldn’t stop now. It didn’t help that Jordie looked so fucking tempting, with his shirt plastered close to his skin.

Matt walked over and leaned down to plant a kiss on Jordie’s lips. Careful of Jordie’s cast, he grabbed the hem of Jordie’s shirt, pulling it above his head with Jordie’s help. Seeing Jordie’s slender frame, Matt licked his lips.

“All for me,” Matt said, tracing a line of sweat down Jordie’s left pectoral to his flat stomach.

Jordie swallowed. He could practically taste the anticipation and excitement on Jordie. Not waiting for Jordie to change his mind or for Matt’s conscience to ram its ugly head, Matt kissed his way down Jordie’s tempting body. He sucked and nipped his way downwards. With every groan and whimper that came out of Jordie’s mouth, Matt’s cock hardened.

Finally reaching Jordie’s groin, Matt knelt between his legs. With quick fingers, he undid the button and unzipped Jordie’s fly.

“Matt, what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Matt grinned up at Jordie. “You little tease. Now I need to taste you.”

Jordie bit his lip.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just,” Jordie hesitated. “I’m the one usually doing the giving, not much on the receiving end.”

Matt swore under his breath at the mention of other men Jordie had been with. Jordie was an adult. Of course he’d been in other relationships, but the thought still rankled. Well, Matt would remedy that soon. Once Jordie had a taste of him, Jordie wouldn’t want for anyone else.

“Those fuckers didn’t know the first thing about being in a relationship then.”

As if Matt knew. He’d never lasted more than a week with anyone, but none of those hook-ups were Jordie either. Maybe, that was why he’d been restless all his life. Matt’s wolf simply waited for the right one and now that Jordie was within his grasp, he wouldn’t let go. Pulling Jordie’s jeans and boxers down, Matt exposed Jordie’s dick, already at half-mast.

He nuzzled his face against Jordie’s cock, feeling Jordie’s hand in his hair.

“Finally, I have something better than ice cream.” Jordie’s cheeks turning pink was a fine sight to see, Matt mused. Going right down to business, Matt flicked his tongue out, licking away the pre-cum on Jordie’s tip. He tongued Jordie’s slit, while Jordie gasped above him. Far from done, Matt licked Jordie from cock head to balls. He took Jordie’s left ball in his mouth, sucking hard before moving to the next.

“Christ, Matt. Stop teasing me.”

Matt pulled his mouth away to answer. “Only if you say the magic word, pet.”

“Are you serious?”

Matt answered by tracing his way back to Jordie’s tip, swirling his tongue over the head again.

“God,” Jordie whispered.

“No God, baby. Just us.”

“Please, Matt.”

Fuck, did that word sound gorgeous on Jordie’s lips. Matt took Jordie’s dick between his lips and began to give Jordie the best blow job of his life. The next time they did this, Jordie’s leg would be healed and their positions would be reversed, but Jordie deserved a reward for standing his ground against wolves like Mack. Matt wasn’t worried, because Jordie had steel in his back bone. Despite being human, Jordie could handle himself around shifters.

Matt bobbed his head up and down while Jordie’s dick turned steel-hard under his ministrations. Knowing he was close, Matt pulled away, rose from his knees, and curled his fingers around Jordie’s cock, pumping him with fast strokes.

“Go on, pet. Come all over my fingers. Do it now.” His command and a pinch on Jordie’s tip was enough for Jordie to let out a shuddering cry. Jordie exploded, spilling strings of his cum over Matt’s fingers. Seeing Jordie climax made Matt aware of his hard-on, pushing painfully against the zipper of his jeans. Jordie seemed to know it too, because his heavy lidded gaze settled on the bulge in Matt’s pants.

“Let me return the favor,” Jordie said, voice husky.

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