[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA] 
City slicker Bo Ramirez reluctantly agreed to spend the weekend camping in the Darkfall woods with his outdoorsy werebear boyfriend. But when Bo turns from lover to food, there is no one else in the woods to hear his cry for help.
Dominant werewolf Garret Marks is a part of the Darkfall Mountain Pack. The lone wolf of the pack, Garret’s peaceful solitary existence is shattered when an injured human male stumbles into his property.
Garret smelled trouble the moment Bo crashed into his life. Bo’s stalker crazy shifter boyfriend is out for Bo’s blood, but it’s really none of Garret’s business. Something about Bo calls to Garret though. The human drags all of Garret’s protective animalistic instincts to the surface, preventing Garret from walking away.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Garret's Dilemma (MM)
18 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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5 FLAMES: "I really liked Bo, and Garret definitely grew on me. I'm looking forward to more in the series."—Christy, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Jesus, were those wide brown eyes lethal. Bo reminded Garret of a puppy that needed protection. Usually, Garret didn’t give a fuck about others, especially outsiders who had no right lingering on pack land, but something about this human made him do the unthinkable. Garret tugged on Bo’s hair, used his other hand to grip his arm and lift him back to his feet. The gesture worsened the situation.

Now, Garret became aware of how Bo’s delicious lean sweat-slicked body rubbed against the fabric of his clothes despite the inappropriate situation. The way Garret’s erection visibly poked through his jeans, and Bo’s—well, the human’s cock pressed up against him, hard and long.

Garret grinned when Bo realized his reaction. Color flushed his neck and cheeks. Bo leaned in close, brushed his lips with Garret probably without understanding why. Garret banded his arm around Bo’s waist, pulled him close, and took his lips. Garret told himself he’d maybe break his rules a little, and help this human for a while. Scare off his crazy ex, before sending him on his way. That thought evaporated and all his pure intentions dissipated.

His wolf didn’t just want to tear the fucker who hurt their human to unrecognizable pieces. It wanted to take Bo under their protection, ride Bo, quench the heat emanating between their bodies, and claim him. Stay fucking calm. Don’t talk about the inconceivable.

Except Garret couldn’t think. His head spun when he caught the first taste of Bo. Bo kissed him back, clutching at his shoulders. Their teeth and tongues tangled, but Garret led the dance here. Bo yielded to his prodding tongue though, and his submission made their first kiss so much sweeter. Another howl, filled with fury, but also with impatience.

Garret wasn’t worried. A slight tug on the metaphysical bonds connecting his wolf to the rest of the pack told him two of his buddies were nearby. He parted from the human to pull his head back and let a howl tear out of his throat.Garret’s lupine brothers answered his call. Bo’s ex let out a pissed off snarl.

Three against one, bastard. What’s your next move?

His pack mates won’t be pleased by the turn of events, but Garret would worry about that later. For now, he needed their help.

Garret’s hearing caught the sound of breaking twigs and the sound of Bo’s ex faded to echoes. When Garret looked down, Bo looked at him, wide-eyed, mouth slightly open. While it was tempting to resume where they stopped before,Garret scented a mix of fear and anger on the human now. What the fuck? Didn’t Garret just save his life and risk his neck out for him?

“You’re a shifter,” Bo accused, pushing at him. Garret refused to let go, he tightened his grip. “Let me go, fucker.”

“Not until you explain yourself, human. You owe me that at least,” Garret said coldly.

Bo let out a hiss. “It’s Bo, and if I didn’t let my boyfriend hunt me down and kill me, then you can’t have me for dinner either.”

Boy, did this guy sound hysterical. Garret reeled in his temper. The human must be in shock, after his blood-pumping run through the woods.

“Trust me. I’m not interested in eating you, not in the literal sense.”

Bo looked startled, and Garret had an impression the human got his intended meaning. Garret wondered how Bo would react if he pointed out both their erections hadn’t backed down.

“How can you expect me to trust you or any other shifter again?” Bo demanded.

“I don’t expect or want anything from you. Fuck. I’m not even interested in helping you in the first place. That’s the reason I live up here. To avoid humans.” Garret showed Bo a flash of the slightly sharpened rows of his canines. He must have convinced Bo he didn’t mean Bo harm, because Bo didn’t look impressed or scared. Garret ought to change that soon.

“But you did. Help me I mean, even though I was sure you’d shoot me.” Bo pointed out the obvious. “Why?”

“The fuck would I know. I’m as clueless as you, human.”

“Bo,” Bo corrected.

Except Garret did know, he just couldn’t admit the truth out loud.

There was only one reason why his wolf reacted that way, why his attraction to Bo would overcome all his hard-wired notions to keep out of anyone’s business but his own. All shifters came with the in-built software to be able to instantly identify their mate, the fated half they would spend all their lives with, the moment they came along. It sure couldn’t be this human though.

Garret’s wolf must have made a mistake, because Garret already found his mate. Brandon might be buried under an unmarked grave somewhere in the woods like he asked, but Brandon was his only mate.




Garret let out a growl. He closed the distance between them, finally crawling into bed with Bo. Garret flung the sheets aside, rolling on top of him. Bo groaned, feeling the weight of Garret’s body against his—not unpleasant, but Bo liked the feeling of being restrained. Before Bo could decide whether he should make the first move, Garret began pelting kisses down his jaw, the column of his throat, and collarbones.

“Whoa there, big guy,” Bo whispered. Each press of Garret’s lips on his heated skin felt like a singe or tiny burn mark. Garret paused from pulling over the hem of his shirt.

Breathing hard, Garret looked at him and asked, “Changed your mind?”

“No. Don’t laugh okay? But I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this with anyone else,” Bo said.

Garret laughed, unfretted and unexpected. Damn. Did Garret know he had a gorgeous laugh capable of melting Bo’s frozen heart?

“I fucking love how responsive your body is, Bo,” Garret said.

Bo’s shirt came off a second later, then his shorts. He didn’t recognize both items. They were twice his size, so they probably belonged to Garret.

“Wait,” Bo interrupted.

Garret snarled, sounding annoyed, but he stopped. “What now?”

“You give me strip show too. I want to see the goods,” Bo defiantly said.

Garret blinked, looking stunned. “Fine.”

The werewolf grumbled under his breath as he got out of bed and began undressing. Bo licked his lips each time Garret dropped each article of clothing. Every inch of his wolf was roughly hewn and hard.

Bo wanted to reach out, touch that expense of tan skin. Rub those six-packs. Then Bo’s gaze reached Garret’s package. His mouth went dry. Garret’s length stood at half-mast, beautifully long and thick—larger than anything that Bo had taken inside him.

“That reaction almost made that effort fucking worthwhile,” Garret’s voice rumbled through the room.

“Why almost?” Bo asked.

“I’m not satisfied until I fuck you.”

“Make love,” Bo cut in.

“You’re always full of surprises. Fucking feisty for a human,” Garret muttered. He blanketed his body over Bo’s again. The feel of Garret’s scarred hard flesh against his felt amazing.

“Getting hard and we haven’t even started yet?” Garret whispered against his ear. Bo swore he nearly came when Garret bit down on his earlobe and wrangled a moan from me. “If you come early, I’m going to get pissed, Bo.”

“I won’t,” Bo promised.

“You better,” Garret warned.

Garret nipped his way down again. When Garret’s mouth closed around Bo’s left nipple, Bo speared his fingers through his thick hair. Garret’s eyes angrily flashed a mixture of pleasure and annoyance. Then Garret sucked. The bud instantly peaked. Feeling the slight edge of Garret’s teeth, Bo groaned. Garret bit hard enough to leave a slight ache, before moving to the other.

Bo’s balls drew in tight around him, as Garret continued his exploration. In his limited experience, Bo noticed shifters didn’t possess much patience when it came to rutting. Garret though, took his time exploring Bo’s body like it was worthy of worship.

By the time Garret reached his groin, Bo was squirming with impatience. He groaned when Garret playfully slapped at his inner thigh. Hell. His member perked up at that little gesture.

“So, you like some bite to your pleasure, don’t you?” Garret whispered against Bo’s thigh, his breath warmth.

He blew at Bo’s tormented cock, and Bo almost came then. Remembering Garret’s warning, he thought of other mundane things to avoid coming on the spot. God. He couldn’t remember the last time any man reduced him to a horny teenager incapable of controlling himself.

Garret flicked a tongue over the pre-cum gather at his tip, making him shudder. “Answer me,” Garret demanded.

“Yes,” Bo replied, breathy.

“Let’s see how long your resolve lasts,” Garret said. He licked Bo from root to tip, watching Bo the entire time. Jesus, the way Garret trained his amber gaze on him, watching his reaction, was a damn erotic sight.

“Garret. Please,” Bo hoarsely whispered.

In response, Garret took his tortured length between his lips. Bo’s mind went blank. He couldn’t remember the last time another guy gave him head. Usually, their positions would be reversed. Bo would service Royce, but Royce never returned the favor. Thoughts of his bastard ex evaporated when his tip reached the back of Garret’s throat. Garret pulled out smoothly, taking air for a couple of seconds, before diving back in.

“Oh God. Garret, I’m about to explode,” Bo confessed.

Hell, he practically begged when Garret didn’t stop, only applied slight pressure by squeezing his balls. Bo tightened his grip on Garret’s hair. Bo pleaded again. “Please.”

Garret withdrew his mouth. “Come, Bo.”

The command was enough to trigger Bo’s climax. Bo’s head reeled. The cabin fell away as intense waves of pleasure shook his body. Strings of his cum coated Garret’s chest, but Garret didn’t seem to care. When Bo came back to reality, he found Garret had returned with a washcloth to clean the mess.

Noticing Bo watched, Garret grinned. “Don’t think we’re done. I haven’t had my fill.”

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