Maggie's Men (LoveXtreme)

The Australian Farm Series 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,618
7 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MMMMMMMF, with MM elements, HEA]

After years in the army, Private Tom Storm is hit by an insurgent grenade in Afghanistan and loses his foot and lower leg. He returns to his farm in Australia, determined to reclaim his former love, Maggie. Multimillion-dollar whiskey distillery heiress Maggie Tempest ends her marriage after discovering her husband sleeping with his secretary. Maggie and Tom are reunited and vow to never spend another day apart, regretting their ten-year separation.

Tom tells Maggie that he was in a relationship with all six of his army mates. Having left the army, Jack, Ben, Mitch, Caleb, Nate, and Harry, turn up unannounced to reclaim Tom, but when he chooses Maggie over them, they prepare to leave, loving him enough to let him go. When attempts are made on Maggie’s life, the men stay to protect her and eventually, all eight enter into a loving relationship, but can seven ex-commandos keep Maggie safe from a murderer intent on stealing the Tempest fortune?

Maggie's Men (LoveXtreme)
7 Ratings (4.7)

Maggie's Men (LoveXtreme)

The Australian Farm Series 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,618
7 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Parker banged on the door to the stables. “Rise and shine, fellas. Sam and Matt will be here shortly. We all need breakfast, or lunch as the case may be.”

Ben opened the door. “What the hell, Parker? What time is it?”

“Ten o’clock. Nice package, Ben. Did you lose your underwear?”

“Aw, crap! We always sleep in the raw.” Ben went back to reclaim his place on the couch.

Parker pushed past him, carrying a large carton of supplies. Walking through the open plan living area, he stepped over more naked men, until he could drop the box on the kitchen island. “Wakey, wakey. Hands off snakey. Why did you all sleep down here on the floor? There are perfectly good bedrooms upstairs.”

Nate groaned while trying to stand. “Because we’re not used to sleeping in soft beds yet, and because some bastard gave us free grog to drink. I couldn’t have made it up the stairs if I tried.”

Caleb joined Nate at the island bench. “Bloody oath. I’m pretty sure it was two bastards who gave us free grog. Whose idea was it to drink beer, white wine, red wine, port and whiskey in one sitting?”

Harry stepped over Mitch and Jack to join the others in the kitchen. “No one forced you to drink it, Caleb.”

“Fair suck of the sauce bottle, Harry. You were three sheets to the wind, too.”

“Maybe, but I feel better than you look this morning because I didn’t mix my grog. I only had the one beer, and then I stuck with the whiskey.”

Caleb chose to ignore Harry, speaking to Parker instead. “G’day, mate. My stomach feels like my throat’s been cut. Whatcha makin’ us for breakfast?”

“A full English fry up, black pudding included. Just what you need to soak up the alcohol.” Parker poured glasses of orange juice and put empty mugs out on the end of the island, along with milk and sugar, so that the men could help themselves once the coffee had brewed.

Matt and Sam entered through the still open front door. Matt made the introductions. “Morning all. This is Sam, everyone. Sam, that’s Harry, Nate, and Caleb over by the kitchen with Parker. Ben is on the couch, and these two on the floor are Jack and Mitch.”

Sam responded to the groans and waves by the men with a hearty laugh. “Nothing like a fry up and some hair of the dog to cure a hangover, boys. We’ll take you on a tour of the vineyard as soon as we eat, and the cellar doors open at twelve.”

Jack almost growled. “You’re a ray of fucking sunshine, Sam.”

Mitch managed to sit up next to Jack. “That’s not very polite, sir!”

“Stop fucking calling me, sir!” Jack pulled a pillow over his face but stayed naked, sprawled out on the rug.

“Sir! Yes, sir!” Mitch winked in Matt and Sam’s direction, then tried to stand while steadying himself against the mantle.

By this time, everyone except Jack and Ben was laughing. Ben bellowed, “Enough with the fucking ‘Yes sirs,’ Mitch. The joke’s gone stale.” Then he got up as well.

Parker called out, “Come on over, fellas. Plate up.”

A few minutes later, they were seated at the table eating their meal, all bar Jack, who was still on the floor, groaning. Sam asked, “What’s with the commando look? Don’t you guys own any underwear?”

The ex-army men laughed out loud at the comment. Mitch explained the in-joke. “We are all commandos. Green Berets, First Commando Regiment, Special Forces, Special Operations Task Group.”

“I get it, now,” said Sam. “So, are you guys together?” Sam’s question was met with stunned silence as everyone stopped eating and stared at their plates. “Hey, no judgment here, fellas. Parker, Matt, and I are together. I just wondered.”

Parker apologized for his partner. “Sorry, fellas. Sam has no filter. Why don’t you think before you speak, moron?”

“It’s okay,” said Harry on behalf of all of his men. “We are together. We didn’t think our lifestyle would be accepted back home, especially not here in rural Australia.”

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong,” Matt attempted to explain, “There’s a real lack of women out here in the back blocks. Ménage relationships are commonplace. Not saying we flaunt it or anything, else the elderly ladies in the Country Women’s Association strike us off their lamington list.”

Sam blurted his thoughts again. “Speaking of flaunting. If you guys don’t get some pants on soon, I won’t be responsible for my actions. You’re all hung like horses. I’ll be fantasizing about you for months as it is.”

Parker drawled. “See? I told you Sam has no filter.”

Matt diverted the conversation. “Can someone get Jack up and feed him? The tour starts in twenty minutes. Then you can have some hair of the dog in the wine tasting room.

Jack was staggering to the table, thanks to Mitch’s efforts to drag him there. “Sounds like a plan to me. Some hair of the dog is just what I need.”




Tom awoke to the new day with his woman in his arms and a smile on his face. Life doesn’t get any better than this. “Good morning, beautiful.”

“Hello, handsome.” Maggie responded to his soft kisses and pressed her body even closer to her man.

“Are you happy, whirlwind?”


“Are you horny?”


“Can I do something about that?”

“Yes, please!”

Tom deepened their kiss and rolled Maggie until she was under him with her legs spread, ready to receive him. “What? No foreplay?”

Maggie was keen. “I’m all wet and needy. I want you now.”

Tom held the base of his cock and ran the crown up and down her slick folds. “You are ready for me, but never let it be said that I don’t pleasure my woman before taking her.”

“Please, Tom!”

“Not yet.”

“I’m begging you.”

“No, you’re not, but you will soon.” Tom moved to Maggie’s side, and lavished attention on her perfect tits with his mouth while he slipped his fingers in and out of her sex at a leisurely pace. He teased her nipples with his teeth and used his thumb to rub circles over her clit.

Maggie was moaning and squirming under his touch. “Tom, please!”

He firmly sucked the underside of each breast leaving bruises, and continued down her middle, leaving a trail of tiny bites in his wake. When he reached her love button, he fluttered over it with his tongue then grazed it with his teeth.

Maggie’s orgasm was all-encompassing. Her body continued shuddering while colors burst behind her eyes. “Tom!”

“I’ve got you, whirlwind. I’ve got you.” He flipped her over and licked long stripes from her clit to her anus. Then with two fingers moving inside her pussy, he spent time licking her pretty rosette and dipping the tip of his tongue past the taut ring of muscle.

Maggie was mindless in bliss, losing all thought, she succumbed to the pure ecstasy of what she was feeling. Squealing into the pillow she was clenching, Maggie arched her back and raised her rear to meet Tom’s wicked ministrations. With another tweak of her clit, Tom sent her soaring into another climax that had her repeatedly screaming out his name.

Tom could still feel her inner muscles clenching when he plunged his cock into her dripping cunt. “Fuck! Maggie!” He had to hold still, or he’d blow his load early. Taking deep breaths, he managed to regain his control. He held tight to her hip with one hand and with the other he pushed his thumb into her dark tunnel.

Maggie was now groaning loudly with her face hidden in the pillow and bucking her hips to gain deeper penetration. “Oh God! Tom!”

“One more, whirlwind. I’ve got you. You can do it.” Tom let go of her hip to pinch her sensitive nub once more. This time her scream was shrill, and the way her muscles spasmed around his thumb and cock was almost enough to milk him dry. He drew in more long breaths, removed his thumb, held fast to her butt cheeks, and ground his hips so that the crown of his dick pressed hard against her womb. “Okay, love. Time to ride.”

Maggie rose onto her forearms and met every one of his determined thrusts. Her staccato cries merged with his wordless grunts at every relentless slam from his massive member against her inner depths. Sex had never felt like this before.

Tom climaxed with a primitive ferocity that overtook all sense and reason. He growled and shook, as he spurted jets of jism into his woman, and then collapsed on top of her.

“Tom, I can’t breathe.”

He pulled out and rolled to the side. “Sorry. Are you okay? Aw shit! I was too rough, wasn’t I? I’m sorry, Maggie. Did I hurt you?”

Maggie curled up against him. “No, you didn’t hurt me. You’re an amazing lover. I’ve come more times in the last day and a half than I have in my entire life.”

Tom was incredulous. “You’re not serious, are you?”

Maggie lowered her gaze. “Mark told me only yesterday that I was crap in bed.”

“What? That fucking bastard! That comment only speaks of his own inadequacy. Don’t believe a word of it. You’re sexy, beautiful, and extremely responsive to my touch. Hell, you go off like a fucking firecracker. I love you, and I can honestly say that sex with you is the best I’ve ever had.”

She scoffed, believing his disclosure to be false. “Don’t bullshit me, Tom.”

“I’m not! That’s the God’s honest truth.”

“You’re obviously experienced, and I’ve only ever been with Mark.”

Tom moved to cup her face with his large hands, and he looked her straight in the eye. “I would never lie to you, Maggie. Yes, I have experience, but no, I’ve never had a relationship that lasted more than two months. Any time I thought a woman was falling for me, I ended it. Every time I had sex, I could only see you. Hell, I’ve never even been able to jack off without bringing the image of you to my mind. To make love with you, finally, after all these years, I feel like I’ve been healed. It’s always been you, Maggie. Only you.” Tom held her while sobs wracked her body. “Hush, love. Forget the past. The only thing that matters is that we are finally together.”

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