The Ghost(s) in Our Bed (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,707
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, sex toys, HEA]
After Jake and Meg marry, Sam feels like the spare in their ménage and feels he must leave. Hot, passionate sex and an overload of love and emotion explode as Jake and Meg say good-bye to Sam. Hoping to bring him back home for good, Jake and Meg make a sex DVD loosely based on The Perils of Pauline for Sam, using different sex toys on each other and a mechanical sex machine as a train.  
But unusual things begin to happen in the mansion, scary things. Sam comes home to stay and shows Jake and Meg a ghostly figure on the DVD they sent him. The ghost, Charlie, was also in a ménage and longs for his lovers. Sam finds where Lily and Theo are buried and the ghosts reunite, gratefully accepting Jake’s offer of the mansion’s renovated attic. The ghosts are then introduced to sex toys, which they love. But what will three ghosts do when visited by burglars? Oh, my!
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Ghost(s) in Our Bed (MMF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Ghost(s) in Our Bed (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,707
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Dawn was just breaking when Sam slipped out of bed.   Jake could feel Meg’s body tense, but she tried to relax as though she was still sleeping. He gripped her hand beneath the covers when she turned to face him. The snick of the door opening, and the long pause before it finally closed with a whisper was heartbreaking. Jake gathered Meg into his arms for a tight hug. Then, naked, they both left the bed and went to the window overlooking the circular driveway below. Jake moved behind Meg and put his arms around her. They stood back from the window, out of sight, and watched Sam walk to his car. He paused and looked up at the building as if memorizing it, his eyes stopped at their bedroom window, and then he shook his head quickly. He entered his car and drove away.


* * * *


Four months later


“The storm seems to echo our emotions this evening,” Meg said sadly as she gazed out of the old, paned window. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed as the rain teemed down in slanting sheets of water.

“It wouldn’t have worked, Meg. Not with Sam getting that fabulous business opportunity in Australia. Then we learned that my reclusive great uncle had left us this incredible pile of damp rock and stone.” His arms slid around her shoulders as he pulled her firmly against him and kissed the top of her head.

“This place is not that bad, Jake. I know you really love it, as I do. It puts me in mind of an old, haunted castle, with its majestic stone staircase, turrets, and stone balconies, especially in this storm. In fact, I often feel as though I’m being watched, even when I’m alone which, I know, is ridiculous.” She shivered slightly in his arms as the lights flickered and dimmed.

“Maybe it’s the eyes in some of these old portraits on the walls, because I’ve occasionally felt the same thing.”

“Well, let’s hope Mr. and Mrs. Mackelby do not spook too easily. We were lucky we were able to hire them to open the place up, get in a supply of provisions, and agree to work for us.” Meg sighed deeply. “But we’re both still missing Sam, aren’t we?”

“Yes, Meg. Sam has been a part of our lives from the very beginning when we were just kids. Even though you were only thirteen or fourteen years old, you had developed into a real woman physically and mentally.  When I first met you, the Gordon brothers had cornered you in the hallway at school.  Sam was fighting one of them off while you grabbed your bookbag and started swinging it at the remaining brother.  You and Sam had the Gordon’s on the run before I could get to you. I was impressed with both Sam and you, although I was still young enough that I wanted to be a hero, too. The three of us were always together after that; we literally grew up together.”

“Jake, you have always been a hero to me.  Always, Jake. I had seen you, many times, take care of the bullies in the school yard so that the younger kids had a safe zone when you were around.  Actually, I was grateful to the Gordon brothers for finally getting your attention and Sam’s attention directed on me.  You’re right, Jake, we did grow up together, but it was several years before sexual desire raised its head between us.  I knew there was something going on between you and Sam and I was so jealous.  I wanted both of you and feared you’d never look at me the way I sometimes saw you look at each other.”

“Well, don’t give me too much credit, Meg.  I lusted for you when you were far too young, and so did Sam.  In fact, you played an important role in the sex that Sam and I had.  We both talked about you when we had sex together, we fantasized about having you in our bed and fantasized about all of the ways we wanted to make love to you.  You, Meg, not any other girl in the school, ever.”

“Jake! I never knew that.”

“Well, dammit, you were too young, and when you finally were of age, we were too happy and excited, too thrilled to find you’d accept both of us at the same time as lovers. I don’t think I ever told you how terrified I was that you’d marry Sam instead of me.”

“I love you both, and always will. I hope our marriage wasn’t the reason Sam moved half a world away from us. It’s just that after we got married last year, things seemed to change. It wasn’t anything too obvious, but there was a definite difference in Sam. I could almost feel him pulling away from us. Didn’t you notice it?”  She turned in his arms and rested her cheek against his broad chest.

“Yes, I did notice it, and I couldn’t blame him. If you’d chosen to marry Sam instead of me, I’d eventually have had to leave, too.”

“But why, Jake?” Meg cried plaintively. “I couldn’t legally marry both of you. And Sam never asked me. I could just shake him for leaving us like that. And it was a stupid thing to do. I don’t care what you say, it was plain stupid.”

“I understand why he did it, Meg. Royalty calls it an heir and a spare, and I’ve heard ménages such as ours called a pair and a spare. Once we married, we became the ‘pair.’ Sam just didn’t want to be known as the ‘spare.’ I wouldn’t want to be called the ‘spare’ either.”




Meg stretched out on the bed, one foot straight out and her other foot drawn up near her body. Just having her thighs closed caused her pussy and clit to pulse and throb. Jake had certainly made sure she was sexually ready for whatever he had planned for later, she thought with amusement.

She picked up one of the journals and began to leisurely flip through the pages. At first, she didn’t realize that it wasn’t so much a journal as it was a diary of sorts. Many of the words were unrecognizable to her as were the meanings and spellings. It wasn’t until she read a sentence which she finally deciphered into current English as: ‘I gazed on her beautiful pink cunny and tickled and played with her until she screamed with pleasure.’ It was only then she realized that this book appeared to be detailing someone’s sexual escapades. The writing was faded and spidery and there were many ink blots on the pages. Meg’s eyes began to blur and it became more and more difficult to figure out words and meanings. She could hardly wait to show Jake and see if they could work together and try to read the old diary. She could just imagine his interest. He loved puzzles of all kinds, and this old diary would be a real challenge for him.

Meg smiled as she drifted off into that half-asleep and half-awake state. She could almost swear Jake was stroking her hair. He had always loved the color and texture of her hair and couldn’t seem to keep his hands off it. She hadn’t heard him return, but when his fingers combed through her hair and then softly stroked her cheek she leaned into his hand, placing her lips on the palm of his hand in a quick kiss. A fleeting thought shimmered briefly in her mind—something about her near fall—but she just couldn’t quite put her finger on it. A deep sleep claimed her before she could try to figure it out.

The dream was erotic and unexpected. Meg couldn’t remember ever having a dream quite so explicit or so arousing. Her sex life with Jake and Sam was so satisfying and complete that she seldom, if ever, dreamed about sex. If, for some reason, Sam and Jake were absent and she wanted or needed sexual satisfaction, she knew she could masturbate with any of the sex toys they had, and they had a lot. The only stipulation the men made was that she had to repeat the masturbation session in front of them when they returned so they could watch her. They were fanatical about that—about watching her pleasure herself—and after she was through performing for them, the sex between the three of them would become even wilder and crazier than their normal wild and crazy and could last for hours.

Although Meg knew on some level that she was dreaming, she couldn’t seem to pull herself out of the dream. She couldn’t wake up, and couldn’t open her eyes. The dream had taken over completely. She felt a hand between her legs, stroking her pussy lips and clit softly until she was squirming and moaning. Another hand kneaded her breast and she felt a mouth cover her nipple and begin to suck in long, slow pulls. During a long, deep moan she felt three fingers enter her and start a fucking motion.

“Lily, my beautiful Lily, it’s been so long, so long. And you cut your beautiful hair! Why, Lily? You know how much I loved your long, fiery hair. And you shaved your cunny? I love how it feels. You must know that I never stopped loving you, Lily, or Theo either. I’ve been so lonely without you. Why did you both leave me? Why? I love you, Lily. Let me show you, my love. Let me love you, Lily, just the way I used to.” The words spoken in her head were so emotional and filled with such pain and longing that Meg became frightened.

“Who are you and who is Lily?” Meg screamed the words in her mind as she registered the sensation of weight bearing down on her body and felt strange lips kissing her mouth softly.

“No!” she shrieked as she felt an attempt to penetrate her pussy. Her head whipped back and forth in panic and she kept screaming “No, no! I’m not Lily, I’m not Lily.”

“Meg! Wake up Meg. Sweetheart, wake up.” Jake lifted Megan into his arms and held her close.

“No! I’m not Lily, I swear, I’m not Lily. Let me go! Don’t touch me!!” Meg fought wildly, body writhing, arms flailing, and her legs kicking until Jake stood her on the floor. He wrapped her tightly in his arms as she began quietly sobbing and shaking, murmuring softly to herself, “I’m not Lily. I’m not, I swear!”

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