The Journey of a Thousand Miles Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,757
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Cowboy, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Light Bondage, Spanking, MFMM, MFM, HEA]

In Bella's Rodeo, Isabella, Alyssa, and Jessica have been friends since high school, their own little makeshift family. After Isabella loses her job, she convinces her friends to go on a road trip, one that they had planned since high school. Bella is looking for some adventure and a little fun when they leave Southern California and head on their journey. When their car breaks down, the three women are stuck in Coltmann County, Texas, but they won’t be alone for too long. Clint, Clay, and Cody Colton have moved back home to Coltmann County from living on the rodeo circuit. They are looking for a woman they can share, a woman to be a part of their family. When Bella’s car breaks down, they work together, convincing her that she should stay with them. Will Bella be able to start over in a new town, or will she be too afraid to entrust her future to three sexy cowboys? Let the real adventure begin…

In Handcuffs for Hannah, Hannah has only ever had her mom, until she dies of cancer. Feeling lost and alone, she searches for her half sister Bella, hoping to form a bond. After finding her, they become good friends and Hannah automatically takes on the role of baby sister. On a road trip with her two best friends Jessica and Alyssa, Bella moves to Coltmann County, Texas, leaving a very sad Hannah behind. Alone once again, Hannah jumps at the chance to start over in Texas with Bella as part owner of Love Song, a store for women only. When she drives to Texas alone, she’s pulled over by a very sexy sheriff. Fearful that he might be a criminal in disguise, she runs. Sheriff Reese Preston is shocked when he pulls over a frightened young woman. His reaction to her is immediate and he wants to hold her and protect her. He decides that she might be the woman he and his deputy, Logan Smith, are looking for.

Alicia White is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 78,757
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Bella's Rodeo


As they walked closer to the motel, Bella wasn’t sure how to say good night. Would she see these men again? From the looks on their faces, she decided not to doubt herself. She became bold and found herself gently rubbing her fingers on Cody and Clay’s arms. Occasionally she would turn her head to see Clint watching her.

“Thank you for walking me to the motel. I need to wait for Alyssa to get here. I forgot to get my room key from her,” Bella explained.

Clay smiled down at her and said, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. Alyssa gave me your room key as we headed out the door. Looks like you’re room number ten.”

She hadn’t even noticed where the rest of the group had gone. She had been so immersed in Clint, Cody, and Clay. She hadn’t been paying attention at all.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice.” She smiled at them.

“You don’t have to worry about anything from now on. If you’ll let us, we’d consider it an honor to always take care of you,” Clay said.

It was obvious from his tone that he was sincere, and looking into his eyes, she wanted to let them take care of her. However, she remembered that her visit here was going to be short, and she really couldn’t afford to be emotionally attached. Even though, deep down, she wanted to. She wanted nothing more than to invite these beautiful men into her motel room, but she knew if she did, when they left—not if they left—she would be heartbroken. Already, she felt close to them in a way she couldn’t understand.

“Thank you for walking me here. I guess I’d better go in, take a shower, and go to bed. I’m so tired,” she explained.

“Absolutely, beautiful,” Cody said. “Would you consider coming out to our ranch tomorrow? We can come here and pick you up in the morning.”

“Sure, that would be great. I’ve never been on a ranch before. I love to go horseback riding. Do you have horses?” she asked. She didn’t know what kind of ranch they had.

“Yeah, horses, cows, bulls, all the barn animals,” Clint said with a laugh in his voice.

He had the most amazing voice. Just listening to him, she became wet. If she stayed outside her room and talked any longer, she would just start to get weaker and invite them in. So instead, she said, “Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Clint pulled Bella close, holding her securely in his arms. He leaned down slowly, giving her plenty of time to pull back or push him away. She moved closer still, their bodies completely touching. She stood up on her toes to get closer, and when their mouths touched, it felt like coming home. The kiss slowly became more intense. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. He tasted amazing, like sin, and he played with her tongue, convincing her to join in.

“Beautiful.” She barely heard the whispered voice of Cody.

“She’s amazing,” Clay answered back.

As the kiss slowly ended, Cody stepped up and pulled her to his body. He swept his mouth down to devour her. He kissed so differently than Clint. Where Clint was playful and gentle, Cody ate at her mouth like a starving man.

Bella was barely able to breathe when Cody pulled away and Clay slowly pulled her to his body. He rubbed her back and let his hand slowly run down and massage her bottom. He leaned down and kissed her with such reverence it brought tears to her eyes. All three of these men were so overwhelming. She wanted more.

When the kissed ended, she smiled at them, gathered her wits, and walked into her hotel room. Before she shut the door, she turned. “Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

All three of the men stood in a row, with huge smiles on their faces. “Good night, baby, I’ll be here to pick you up around ten,” Clint said.

Bella turned and shut the door. She leaned against it and listened to them walking away.

Oh my God, her mouth still tingled from the scorching kisses. Bella locked the door and headed to the bathroom. Looking around, she spotted her luggage. How had she not realized they brought her things to the motel? She shook her head. She had been so focused on them she hadn’t seen them grab her things.

She quickly started undressing and getting things organized, and then started the shower. She climbed in under the hot water and just let it run down over her. This whole day had been crazy, and now she had just met the most wonderful men. Should she go for it and have some fun while they were here? Should she tell them the kiss was wrong and keep herself at a distance? In all of her thirty-one years, nothing like this had ever happened before.




Clay and Cody were staring at him with shock and excitement as Clint yelled out, “Hurry up! We’ve got a woman to please. Master bedroom now.”

He didn’t have to say any more than that. His brothers took off for the house, opened the doors for him, and stripped on the way to the bedroom. It seemed that they all were in desperate need of some loving. Clint walked straight into the bedroom and dropped Bella on the bed. He immediately started taking off his clothes. He needed to get his cock out of the confines of his jeans. They all stood naked before her and gave her a minute to look her fill before they all got onto the bed and started removing the barriers between them and her soft, naked flesh.

Clint climbed up Bella’s body, kissing her stomach, the underside of her breasts, her neck, and when he got to her mouth, he kissed her deeply, enjoying her tongue against his. He ate at her mouth, moving to the side of her body to allow Cody access to her pussy. He heard her gasp and moan and assumed that Cody had started licking her.

Clint pulled away from her mouth and moved his big body down so that he could suck on her perfect nipples. He needed another taste. They had taunted him all day under her sundress. Clint made eye contact with Clay as he moved from Bella’s mouth, and gave a knowing smile. Clay was waiting for his turn at her mouth. He had his hand on his cock and was slowly pumping it up and down.

Clint rolled his tongue over one nipple and started to suck it. He used his hand on the other nipple, rolling it and pinching it. Bella seemed to like her pleasure with a little pain. She was writhing on the bed, pushing her pussy firmly onto Cody’s mouth while lifting her breasts further into his mouth.

Clay got onto the bed and positioned himself right in front of Bella’s face. Like a starving woman, Bella went after Clay’s cock, sucking him deep. A thought flashed through Clint’s mind that they had found a perfect woman in Bella. She didn’t play games with them, needing to be led into every encounter. She didn’t hide the fact she loved sex or the fact she obviously loved cock. She was embracing what they offered wholeheartedly.

Bella was in heaven. All three of her men were as desperate as she was. Cody had his face buried in her pussy, Clint was sucking her nipples, pinching and playing with her. When Clay climbed onto the bed, she couldn’t contain herself. She went after his cock like a starving woman. They were giving her so much pleasure, and in turn, she wanted to pleasure them. She just tried to focus on the feel of them.

Clint watched Cody and Clay. He knew they were as worked up as he was. They were trying to take things at a pace that was comfortable for Bella, not wanting her to feel scared. She was a pleasant surprise to them all. She dove right into the excitement, giving and receiving with equal enthusiasm. They wanted her to come before they moved forward, and from what he could see, Cody was doing everything in his power to have her come.

Cody was licking Bella up and down, from her beautiful little rosebud to her gorgeous, delicious pussy. He wanted to taste her. He wanted her cum all over his face. With that thought, he brought his fingers into play. He slowly twirled his fingers around her clit and gently pushed them into her pussy. He soaked them with her juices and then started pumping them into her. He held on to her hip tightly with his other hand, and she bucked and squirmed. He looked and made eye contact with Clint, sending him a silent message.

Clint gave him a slight nod, and he started whispering to Bella, “Cody’s enjoying the taste of you, baby. I can’t wait to get my mouth on that pussy. Do you like that, baby? Do you like having your pussy licked?”

“Oh God! It’s never been this good!” Listening to Clint’s erotic words while Cody was licking her and she was sucking on Clay’s cock. This was her undoing. Bella grabbed Clay’s cock and sucked harder, while Cody clamped down on her clit. Almost at the same time, Clay shouted his release. Bella let go of his cock. “Ohhh! Ahhh!” The most amazing feeling washed over her, and she grabbed for her men desperately. Oh, wow…Her mind went blank as the world spun all around her. Pleasure pulsed through her. The intensity scared her a little bit. As she lay there trying to get her heartbeat under control, she felt the bed dip and heard the bathroom water turn on. Clay must have gone into the bathroom.

Clint watched from his position next to Bella as Cody stood up and slid a condom onto his cock. He looked ready to ram it into her, but instead he caressed her stomach and hips.

Cody leaned down and took possession of her lips before he said, “Bella, Clint’s going to lie down in the middle of the bed. I want you to climb on top of him and put that beautiful pussy on his cock.”

Clint’s cock jerked when he heard his brother’s words. It seemed that it was time to move forward. Cody was taking control.

“After your pussy is packed full of his cock, I’m going to get your ass nice and ready. Do you know what’s going to happen next? Clint’s gonna fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass.”

Handcuffs for Hannah


Hannah parked her car and tried to gather her composure before getting out. Before she could even open the car door, Reese was there, opening it and offering his hand to help her. They were right. Men from Texas took care of their women. It was obvious that they were incredibly respectful. She felt feminine and small next to him. Being only five foot three, she already felt short, but these men were massive. She took a couple deep breaths, trying to lead her thoughts away from their muscles. She really wanted to jump in his arms and beg him to hold her.

“Darn, I didn’t get to help you from your car. Reese got the better parking spot.” Logan gave a fake pout, and Hannah felt herself smiling. For the first time in a while, she was giving a genuine smile.

“You can get the door for us,” Reese offered. This was very entertaining. These men were so sweet. They made her feel pretty, even though they were just being polite. She was going to pretend that they really did like her. That thought had her standing taller and feeling better.

Logan held the door as they walked into the café and took a seat in a comfortable booth near the rear of the building. They walked together, Reese holding her arm and Logan at her other side. They received a few questioning looks, some smiles, and waves. Bella was right. The people in this town were nice.

They got comfortable in the round booth, Hannah sitting between the two of them. The waitress walked over with a huge smile and a polite greeting.

“Well, hello there. My name is Susan. You look a lot like Bella. You must be her little sister Hannah,” the waitress said. Her smile was friendly and her words sounded sincere. Hannah smiled back at her.

“Yes. I just got into town.” Hannah smiled, holding her hand out. Susan took it in a gentle hold and gave a slight squeeze.

“So, how did you end up with these two so quickly?” It was obvious that many people in the small café were curious as well. Some were openly watching and listening to their conversation.

“I’m here to get myself out of a speeding ticket.” Hannah smiled. Other people in the café started laughing, and some hid their smiles, pretending that they weren’t listening.

“Well, you’d better eat a lot, dear. Make these boys pay for blackmailing you.” She winked at Hannah. “How about a nice burger, fries, and a Coke? You look famished. That should tide you over. I’ll make sure it’s the most expensive burger we got.”

“That sounds perfect. Thank you, Susan,” Hannah said, looking at both Logan and Reese, hoping that the conversation didn’t upset them. They were smiling as well. It didn’t seem that the conversation had bothered them at all.




Hannah felt both Logan and Reese move from the bed, and opened her eyes. She didn’t want to miss a minute of this. Seeing them both taking off their clothes, golden perfection met her. They were both so muscular and tan. She sat up and reached out, wanting to touch them just as badly. Looking at them was like looking at sexual warriors.

“Reese, I want to taste you. I want to give you the same pleasure you gave me.” Hannah watched as surprise and utter joy came over Reese as he walked over to the bed.

“Where do you want me, baby? I’m your slave.” Reese smiled and watched Hannah.

“I want you to lie down in the middle of the bed, so I can give you the same attention you gave me.” Hannah watched as Reese’s big body moved.

“Where do you want me?” Logan asked. They were letting Hannah be in charge, lead them along. She already knew they could pleasure her, but they didn’t want her uncomfortable with having two men. This was a very new experience.

“I’m sure you don’t need any direction, Logan. I’m wet, I’m horny, and I want all of you. Both of you.” She crawled toward Reese, hungrily eating him up with her eyes. She wanted to devour him.

“Oh, baby, I can’t wait to feel your pussy surrounding my cock. Enjoy Reese while I enjoy you.” As Hannah got comfortable, she could feel Logan watching her. She was running butterfly kisses all over his chest, working her way toward his cock.

She didn’t have much experience, but that wasn’t going to stop her or intimidate her. He had given her so much pleasure and in return, she wanted to do the same. She wanted them both to be as out of control as she felt, mindless and desperate. Her heart was pounding and she squirmed on top of Reese, feeling his heat, enjoying the feel of him being skin to skin.

When she reached his cock, she stopped to admire its beauty. He was long and hard. She wrapped her hand around the base and noticed that her fingertips barely touched. There was a drop of pre-cum glistening from the tip. She leaned in and licked it, desperate to taste him. She could hear Reese panting. He held the sheets tightly in his grip.

She moved her mouth slowly down his length until his cock reached the back of her throat. His flavor hit her tongue, and she groaned. He tasted wonderful, spicy and sweet at the same time. She pulled back, gently scraping her teeth along his shaft. Soon, she was feeling confident and increased her speed. Listening to him moan helped increase her courage, and soon she was moving, using her hands and her mouth.

* * * *

Logan loved watching the woman that would be theirs giving love and attention to Reese. He knew that one day, they would all be together, and today was about Hannah. She needed to realize that they could all be together and be happy. He moved in behind her. She was moving her hips, mimicking what she was doing with her mouth and hands, riding the air. He used both his hands, holding her magnificent hips. He leaned down and licked her from pussy to ass.

Hannah jerked and moaned.

“Don’t stop, baby. Show Reese how much you enjoy what I’m doing to you. I’m gonna make sure this pussy is nice and wet. Then I’m going to slide my cock so deep, you’re gonna beg for more.” Logan watched Hannah closely. His words had affected her, and she dove down and ate at Reese’s cock. Reese moaned and shook, obviously enjoying her sexy mouth.

She had a good rhythm set up, but every time Logan touched her, he noticed that she got distracted from what she was doing to Reese. His fingers pumped in and out of her pussy, and she rode them, obviously craving another orgasm. He could feel her muscles spasm and knew she was getting closer. When Logan pulled away, she stopped, irritated.

“No, don’t stop.” She pleaded.

“I won’t, baby. I need you too badly. I was just grabbing a condom.” He quickly put it on as he watched Hannah move back to give him plenty of room and take Reese back in her mouth.

“I want you to fuck Reese with your mouth while I fuck this pussy.” He walked up behind her, grabbed her hip with one hand, and with the other grabbed his cock. He positioned himself for penetration, and with a powerful thrust, he slid right into her heat.

“Oh, fuck, you feel so good, baby. Tight. Wet. Hot.” He couldn’t speak, couldn’t put a whole sentence together. Her heat surrounded him. He pulled his cock out and pushed back in, holding her steady so she wouldn’t collapse.

“Oh shit…I’m not gonna last. Her mouth is amazing. She’s going faster. Logan…fuck her.”

Logan wanted them to finish at the same time. He wanted her to come again.

“Baby. I’m gonna come. If you don’t want it in your mouth, you better stop. Oh, God…baby…I’m coming.” Reese roared his pleasure. Logan watched Hannah’s head jerk as she swallowed Reese, taking every drop down. Logan continued to fuck her as Reese rubbed her head, moving her hair out of the way.

Logan knew she was close. He reached around and played with her clit as Hannah threw her hips back to meet his thrusts. “Oh yeah, baby…I know you’re close…come all over my cock.” He could feel his balls draw up close to his body, and a tingle at the base of his spine told him he was almost there. He needed her to come first, though.

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