A Force of Three (MFMM)

Elite Dragons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,338
49 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, HEA]

Codi, Linton, and Bryden Healy are going undercover to crack the black market organ donor smuggling ring. They want to be able to finally retire.

When two more women are reported missing, they end up in Butte, Montana, and meet the beautiful Nyssa Mathis. Unbeknownst to Nyssa, she is working for one of the criminal doctors involved in the ring. The Healy brothers implore Nyssa to help them by being their eyes and ears at the clinic, but Dr. Jones is cunning and doesn’t give himself away.

The Healy brothers are frustrated and worried because they haven’t been able to find the missing women, but they are concerned that Nyssa’s life could be in danger.

Nyssa is abducted and smuggled across the Canadian border. It’s a race against time to save Nyssa and the other two women. Will the Elite Dragons be able to save the love of their life?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Force of Three (MFMM)
49 Ratings (4.5)

A Force of Three (MFMM)

Elite Dragons 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,338
49 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Title: A Force of Three - Elite Dragons ( Book 4 )
Author: Becca Van
Siren Publishing - Paranormal, Menage
Published 1-21-2013 Pages 120

The Elite Dragons - A group of 12 men with special training and special abilites who work for the US Government and are sent where all others fear to go. The four teams of three have been experimented on to make them stronger, quicker, with better hearing and sight than a normal human as well as empathic abilities.
The teams are 1) Coulter, Corbin and Trace Thornell
2) Seton, Wolf and Lander Garman
3) Stedman, Ward and Bronsin Tiltman
4) Codi, Linton and Bryden Healy

The Healy brothers, Codi, Linton and Bryden are undercover looking to finally finishing off the black market organ smuggling ring that is kidnapping women off the street and selling them for their organs. Linton goes to the clinic believed to be the new base for the ring to scan for the blood types they needed for their customers. He lets it be known he is new in town and looking for work. They let it spread around town that Linton can get things across the border that can not go through leagal channels without questions being asked. They meet Nyssa Mathis, receptionist to Doctor Jones. They talk Nyssa into helping them find evidence against Doctor Jones and perhaps information that will help them find the latest two missing women.

The brothers are all attracted to Nyssa, but they had been attracted to Katlynn too. Katlyn was one of the women they had rescued with Brooke, Alicia, and Janie, But she turned out to be working with the kidnappers. She had in fact been finding women for the ring but they had turned on her and threw her the basement with the other women intending to kill her and sell off her organs as well. After the rescue she then tried to get back into the rings good graces by delivering Brooke into the hands of the ring and steal her money. Now they brothers are not sure they can trust their instincts.

They talk Nyssa into spying on Dr. Jones and getting information on potential victims. Soon they are possitive they have the right man, but are unable to find the missing women. Nyssa is their only access to the doctor. They have let her know that they want her to come back with them when they finish their mission, but Nyssa is unsure. A holding pattern developes just before everything hits the fan and Nyssa's life is on the line.

They know they want Nyssa in their lives as well as their bed, but Nyssa is unsure if they are only using her till they finish their mission. Follow along as the last of the Dragons find and woo their women, and as the entire teams finally has a chance to utterly destroy the black market organ smuggling ring enabling them to finally retire to the horse stud farm and starting the families they desire so much. Don't miss this exciting conclusion to the Elite Dragons series, but do not despair Becca Van has other series available to you. If you like werewolf stories their is Pack Law, Or perhaps you might be interested in the town of Slick Rock and the unsual men that reside there. She has also begun another series about The paranormal series Terra-Form about the parallel world inhabited by shape shifters with a portal between the two worlds.




For the past three nights her men had loved her with their hands, mouths, and bodies, and even though she had relaxed enough to sleep, she hadn’t had a restful night all week. With a sigh she stared at the ceiling and listened to the deep, even breaths of her sleeping lovers. She only had two more days, and then she would be free of the stress and worry. Surely she could handle just two more days.

Codi moved beside her and propped himself up on his arm. “Are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m just having trouble sleeping. I can’t seem to turn my mind off.”

“Do you know how proud I am of you, Nyssa? We all are. God, I am so in awe of your bravery. Even men trained to deal with this shit would have trouble coping with what you have over the last weeks.”

Nyssa shrugged but then moved over closer. Codi sighed and hugged her tight.

“I love you, Nyssa,” Codi declared then placed his fingers over her lips when she would have spoken. She wanted to speak of the feelings in her heart, too, but she stayed silent and allowed him to continue. “No, don’t say anything, baby. I just wanted you to know how I feel in case things go bad, how much you mean to me. When this is all over I want your answer about moving to North Dakota with us.”

Nyssa snuggled in, placed her arm across his upper torso, and rested her head on his chest. The steady beat of his heart was comforting and helped her relax enough to drift off to sleep.

The next morning Codi drove her to work and, just before she got out of the truck, kissed her nearly senseless.

“Check and make sure your transmitter’s on, baby,” he commanded.

Nyssa pushed the button and then whispered as she got out of the truck, “I’m scared, Codi.”

Codi got out and pulled her close for a hug. “You’ll be fine, Nyssa. Just pretend it’s another normal day at work.”

“Okay.” She sighed, leaning into him, reassured to have his arms and warmth surrounding her.

“You are so brave, baby. You better go before you’re late. I’ll see you tonight. I’m going to check in with you several times today, but if you need me just call.” Codi tapped her earlobe. “And remember Ward will be close by.”

“I will.” Nyssa pulled away, gave him a tremulous smile, and headed to the office.

By the time she unlocked the door, she was so scared that her hands were ice cold. She set up her computer and tried to concentrate on one task at a time. Two women came in within an hour of each other, and Nyssa was glad for a break in the monotony. The only other work she had was going through patient files and printing out their details to hand over to the Elite Dragons.

Codi checked in with her as did Linton and Bryden, and each time she whispered her reply that she was okay.

By the time the last patient left at four, she was beginning to think the day would never end. She had just printed out the last patient’s details when the door to Dr. Jones’s office door opened. He was headed straight to the printer.

Shit! Nyssa rushed toward the printer, but Dr. Jones was closer and beat her to it. He picked up the paper and perused it. He looked up and pinned her with his gaze. He was frowning at her. Nyssa felt a shiver of fear skate up her spine at the malevolence in his eyes as he stared at her.

“What’s this?”

“Uh, I thought we should have paper files, too. You never kn−know when a computer will crash.”

“Hmm. Come into my office, I want a word.”

Nyssa frowned. “There’s no one here. Surely we can talk out here.”

“My office now, Nyssa,” he ordered.

Shit! Did he see through my lie?

“Sit down, Nyssa.” He indicated the chair across from his desk.

Nyssa didn’t want to sit because he was still behind her, but if she didn’t, she could rouse his suspicions. So she sat down with her back to him and waited.

He came up behind her and placed an arm across her throat and gripped her hair so tight he brought tears to her eyes.


“Quiet,” he barked. “You have been such a good little receptionist. You are a joy to work with, Nyssa.”

A sharp pain stabbed into her neck and everything began to get blurry. She tried to get her tongue to work, but whatever he gave her had paralyzed her. Nyssa couldn’t even move her pinky. The only things still working were her eyes. When he released her, she fell to the floor with a thud, right onto her chest and face.

God, that hurt! Warmth trickled from her nose, and tears leaked from her eyes. Did he break my nose? Fucking asshole! He moved away from her, and she heard him in the reception area. The phone gave one ring, and Nyssa knew the prick had put the answering machine on. She heard the snick as he engaged the lock to the front door.

What is he doing?Fuck, I’m screwed!

His shoes were within sight and then the bastard grabbed her hair close to her ear and lifted her to her feet. A hot, stinging pain shot through her earlobe and a slight ping sounded just before a small crunch.

No! The asshole had ripped her earring out when he’d grabbed her hair. As he dragged her to the door, she saw the remains of the device. It had been crushed beneath his shoe.

If she could have screamed she would have, but whatever he had drugged her with had frozen her vocal cords as well. Her nose was throbbing and bleeding as was her ear, a warm trail of blood was trickling down her neck, and now she couldn’t even call for help.

You’re not screwed, Nyssa.You’re dead!




Codi leaned in for a kiss and when he lifted his head again said, “Don’t lie to me, baby. Now answer my question again. How do you feel?”

“Um, I−I’m a little sore.” Her cheeks heated at discussing such a personal matter.

“Nyssa, when I ask a question I expect to be answered honestly. The next time you try to hide from me I might just put you over my knee and spank you. Do you understand?”

Nyssa felt her eyes widen. Is he serious? She could just imagine lying across his lap and his hand coming down on her ass then caressing her hot flesh. She shivered with desire. God, Nyssa, what is wrong with you? You should be cursing at him not getting turned on.

“It looks like our little honey likes that idea.” Linton spoke from her other side.

She turned her head and met his hungry gaze. Shit! What have I gotten myself into?

“I’d like to stretch that little asshole so she can take a cock.”

Nyssa looked down her body to see Bryden lying across the bottom of the bed. He was also propped up on his arm, staring at her. No wonder I was so warm. I’m surrounded by big, sexy, attractive men.

Codi tapped her on the thigh to get her attention.

“Come and shower with me, baby.” He got off the bed and held a hand out toward her. Her breath hitched in her throat. Codi was naked, and she couldn’t help but let her eyes rove over his gorgeous body. She tentatively reached out a hand and then squeaked when he pulled her across the bed and lifted her with ease. Why did being carried by him feel so right? She nuzzled her nose into his neck, inhaling the light scent of clean male sweat and enticing man.

Without putting her down, Codi turned on the shower and stepped in once the temperature was right. He slowly lowered her down his body, and it was impossible to miss the massive erection between his legs. When he placed his hands on her shoulders, she turned at his direction until her back was up against his front. His hard cock ended up nestled between her legs, and every time either of them moved, it brushed against her sensitive, slick folds.

She held in a moan as the tip of his dick brushed against her labia when he reached for the shower gel. He began to wash her with the soapy sponge, but she gripped his wrist to stop him.

“Let go, baby. I’m going to wash you.”

“I can wash myself.” She looked over her shoulder and met his heated but determined stare.

“I want to do it. Now release me.”

Nyssa let go of his wrist, and he resumed washing her as if there had been no interruptions. Then he proceeded to wash her hair. When he’d finished, he dropped to his knees and tapped against both her thighs.

“Spread those legs, baby.” Her gaze connected with his determined glare, and she found herself obeying. Again!

“Good girl. Now don’t move.”

Nyssa let her head fall back as he used his thumbs to spread her labia. He held her like that for what seemed like an eternity, but as she began to look down again, his tongue licked from her pussy hole to her clit. A whimper escaped her as his tongue lashed over the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her slit. Cream dripped from her pussy onto her thighs to mingle with the water running down her body. Then Codi rimmed a finger around the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed it in.

The slight tenderness she felt faded away as he started pumping that finger in and out of her sheath. His tongue worked faster, laving over her clit at a rapid pace, and when her pussy clenched, he shoved his digit in as far as it would go. He pulled out completely and she sobbed with frustration, but that sob turned to a groan when he pushed two fingers back inside her. Codi wriggled his fingers around as if searching for something and then he rubbed against a spot inside that caused her to cry out.

“That’s the right spot.” Codi’s voice rumbled against her pussy. The vibrations raised her libido to another level.

His fingers didn’t slide in and out of her pussy like she’d expected. Instead he tapped that spot inside her with the pads of his fingers and began to lick her clit once more. Nyssa’s legs began to shake and her belly trembled as he tapped faster and firmer against her sweet spot. Her insides felt hot and heavy. She clenched against the sensation, and Codi withdrew his mouth from her pussy. His free hand slapped her ass with a resounding smack.

“Don’t fight me, baby. I’m going to make you come so hard and fast you won’t know what hit you. I am going to make you ejaculate. Just let it go for me. Okay?”

Nyssa didn’t know how to answer, so she just stared at him mutely. He gave her that sexy crooked smile and winked. When he lowered his mouth to her pussy again, she reached out and placed a hand on his head to steady her shaking body.

This time he didn’t start off slow and easy. He went in for the kill. Those fingers he had buried inside her began rubbing against her G-spot once more, and he flicked his tongue hard and fast over her clit. Her body was shaking so much she wondered how she was still standing. The internal walls of her pussy began to tauten. Warm tingles turned to heavy molten lava in her womb and spread to her pussy. The storm gathered in intensity, and she clutched at his head, the only anchor in the tempest.

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