The Orchard: Toy with Me (MF)

The Orchard 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,860
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic BDSM: Contemporary, BDSM, MF, HFN]

Kinsley Vance has a secret. It’s part of the reason she enjoys playing at the BDSM club, The Orchard. She can just be a face in the crowd there. Simply another submissive. Chase McCoy knows who Kinsley is, but that is not what’s holding him back from completely being with her.

Master Chase has fun with Kinsley, but there’s something about the way she looks at him that worries him. She looks at him like she lives and breathes for his attention. Is that too much pressure for him? He had a similar experience in his past that makes him wary to commit to Kinsley. Master Chase is waiting for a sign that he should throw caution to the wind and claim her.

When accusations about Kinsley surface, can Master Chase clear her name? Will his feelings for her change in the process?

The Orchard: Toy with Me (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Orchard: Toy with Me (MF)

The Orchard 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,860
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


There she is. Kinsley had found her ground to stand on. Release it, sweet. Chase wanted her to realize that it was ok for her to be herself. If she didn’t want people to know who her dad was, fine, but she shouldn’t hold back her real personality from the world. She was still somewhat hiding.

Just as he stood back from the table, Beth had to interject one more unnecessary comment.

“Oh, hon. I was going to mention, I have a lot of connections in town if you ever need like a favor or something.” Beth smiled.

Chase could see that she wasn’t being completely rude on purpose. Beth enjoyed using her “fame” to help others. And by help, it meant she had more chances of flaunting herself.

Kinsley stepped closer to the table, slapping her hand down. She stood there breathing angrily for a few seconds before speaking.

“Favors? Hon, any special treatment I need is taken care of by people bigger than—”

“Pet. Sorry, to interrupt.” Chase looked over at Beth before glancing up at Andy, who wore a confused expression. “I thought you were in a hurry.”

Chase looked down on her with a slight scowl. Kinsley’s expression changed immediately. She went from irritated to nervous before his eyes. His opinion of her mattered more to her than this petty argument.

“Yes. Sorry.”

Chase turned to the other couple. “Excuse us.”

He then gripped Kinsley’s elbow a little harsher than he needed to. He guided her forward, away from the table. When they were a fair distance away, he leaned down to speak to his sub.

“That was close, pet. You almost lost your cool, which could have resulted in a club punishment, depending on how far Beth wanted to take it. And I have a feeling that she’s a woman who holds grudges.”

Kinsley slowed her pace and looked up at him. “I know. I’m sorry. It’s just… You aren’t helping, you know.”

Chase came to a stop, still holding her elbow. “Not helping? Dear, what would Daddy think?”

* * * *

What? Master Chase’s eyes sparkled with humor. Does he know? Is he fucking with me? Did he put Beth up to all this?

Kinsley pulled on her arm, but he didn’t let go.

“What does that mean?” She couldn’t make herself include a ‘Sir’ with that.

“I know who you are, love.”

Instant panic mixed with anger. “Have you been messing with me? Is that why you picked me?”

She was mildly surprised with his first reaction. His smile faded and what looked like real concern lit his eyes.

“Of course not. Neither of those. Do you really think that lowly of me?” His grip on her lessened.

His expression confused her. Could she trust his words? The worry of making him angry was growing. Damn it. He should be worried about pissing me off. Right? She was all over the map of emotions now. She was, after all, still in the club and his sub.

Fuck me.

“I want to go.” She tried to hold her face as emotionless as possible.

That statement was both truth and a lie at the same time.

Master Chase let go of her and folded his arms over his chest, exhaling. What was he thinking? He couldn’t refuse to let her leave, could he? Kinsley didn’t know how to calm down her anxiety or irritation in this moment. She was worried she might do something stupid.

“Go?” He raised an eyebrow.

Damn it! What is he thinking? The fact that he wasn’t explaining himself was pissing her off even more. Was he doing that on purpose, too?

Kinsley tightened her jaw, a scowl now on her face. She balled her small hands into fists.

“Chase.” She closed her eyes for a moment, reeling herself in as much as she could. “Master Chase, please explain yourself. You know who I am? Surely, you and your toy, who you did God-knows-what with in your room, were setting me up. You want me to believe that that was all a coincidence? The one person, I think, that knows who I am and the girl who looks at him like a fucking savior are both discussing my dad. Oh, and she just happens to drop the fact that she’s a model. Really?”

Kinsley was out of breath. She ran her gaze over his face before noticing that his arms were repeatedly flexing and unflexing.

Master Chase’s nostrils flared as he inhaled. “This both saddens and pleases me.”

What the hell? Kinsley was about to lose it. She lifted her hand, pointing at his face. Before her angry words could spill out, he grabbed her hips, pulling her into his warm body.

Master Chase took her hand and lowered it to the side with a cool expression. “Pet, this is not the setting to discuss this.”




Kinsley flicked her gaze over to the extra man in the mix, Master Michael. He winked at her, causing her face to heat. She looked down at her lap, feeling more nervous. She was smart enough to know what was happening. Master Chase was going to show her off, most likely climaxing. Hadn’t that just happened with someone else? Her stomach seemed to do a cartwheel as Master Chase bent down and lifted her chin.

“Don’t forget that safe word, huh?”

She swallowed, staring intently into his eyes. “Yes.”

He smiled at her and an unexpected ease ran through her. His look was all she needed. He bent down and kissed her briefly before standing tall, looking over at his friend.

“Feel free to jerk it while we go. If you feel the need.”

Master Michael chuckled. “Oh, I never thought that was off the table.”

Master Chase snorted with a smirk before turning back to Kinsley. “Lay down.”

Her arms trembled, and she took a deep breath. Kinsley laid back stiffly, keeping eye contact with Master Chase. He searched her face for a moment before his smile grew. He sat down on the couch, at her feet, reaching up to pull her shorts off. She held her breath as he did.

Master Michael cocked his head to the side, watching. Kinsley did her best to keep her focus of Master Chase, but it wasn’t easy. When her shorts were on the floor, Master Chase lifted her legs so he could slide back to sit fully on the couch. He then laid her legs over his lap.


Her body shook slightly, partly from chill but mostly from nerves. “Yes.”

“Pull your top down.”

She froze for a few seconds. Master Chase wasn’t looking at her face. He was looking down at her pussy as he ran his hand up and down her leg. She took a shaky breath, her eyes looking over at Master Michael without her fully intending to. They made eye contact, and her face heated even further.

Kinsley did as she was told and lowered her black top to reveal her breasts. Master Chase reached up and flung her red tie off to the side before bringing his attention back down to her legs and pussy.

“Did you bring the thing I asked for?” Master Chase looked over at the other Dom.

“Yeah, hang on.” Master Michael stood up and walked past the couch. He bent down, retrieving something from the floor. Kinsley watched the two men, feeling like the pawn in their game. Master Michael came back around and handed Master Chase a small plastic box.


Master Michael took his seat again, but this time, he reached into his boxers. Kinsley again tried her best to ignore the other man, but she was failing. She brought her stare to Master Chase as he opened the box. She was not surprised to see what he pulled from it—a vibrator.

“All right, love. Come for us so that he may move on, and I can really have you.”

Kinsley’s whole body now felt overheated as she stared into Master Chase’s eyes. She was the center of attention, and it felt excellent and bad at the same time. She loved that he was only paying attention to her, but the other Dom was making it awkward. That was most likely the point, she thought. Would things like this ever feel completely normal to her?

“Kinsley?” Master Chase was now frowning at her.


His expression instantly lightened. He nodded at her before turning on the small toy he held. She inhaled as he brought it to her clit. He pressed it against her already engorged button, and she inhaled deeper.

“Relax, pet.” Master Chase tilted his head to the side with a small grin.

A deep breath rushed from her as her clit began to tingle. She gripped the edge of the couch and opened her legs wider, not totally on purpose. Her clit was still sensitive from her earlier climax. This was going to make her second one easier to achieve. Master Chase moved the vibrator in small circles while his other hand squeezed her thigh.

Kinsley’s attention was taken away from her Dom when she noticed Master Michael had his cock out, and he was stroking it. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on her climax. The sooner she came, the sooner the other man would leave them to themselves. This thought was making it harder to concentrate on her body, though.

Master Chase moved his hand up her body, gently taking hold of her breast. He massaged it while never stopping the toy against her. Kinsley forced herself to open her eyes and look at him. She was glad she did because he was giving her the warmest smile she’d ever seen on him.

She took a shaky breath, and her climax was so near. She closed her eyes to imagine what it would be like to have a naked Master Chase on top of her, sliding into her. Kinsley slowly opened her eyes to stare into his. He was so handsome. She was there.

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