Trevor's Truth (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,666
3 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, HEA]
Trevor Hawk has everything he desires. His Hawk curse gives him the excuse to take his pleasure where he likes. What more could he want? He goes to Hawksfell Manor and discovers Hawks who have love, too. But love isn’t meant for him.
Ivy Billings, lady’s maid at the manor, is lonely. She has a crush on the earl’s valet, Grayson, but he’s so cold. When Trevor arrives, it’s like sunshine breaking through the gray January. Grayson Emmett values his position. But he’s removed from the other servants. He’s secretly drawn to Ivy and can’t help but be drawn to this newest Hawk, too.
Trevor wants them both, and he always gets what he wants. As their passion escalates he begins to think he might want them forever. Will he admit the truth and confess his love? Or will he cling to his belief that he can’t have real happiness?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Trevor's Truth (MMF)
3 Ratings (5.0)

Trevor's Truth (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,666
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Professional Reviews

"This seventh book in the ‘Lords of Hawksfell Manor’ series surprisingly and delightfully adds some new perspectives to the Hawk curse. Reading the previous books would provide more angles and understanding of this intricate, strange, perplexing family saga, however, this book can be enjoyed on its own. It is a rather hot and a delicious read! Trevor Hawk, Viscount Heatherton, pampers and feeds his Hawk beast with men and women whenever the necessity to quiet his insatiable sexual needs for at least a little while roars to the surface. He is quite familiar with his family history and his inherited damnation but he can and he does take any, all, and multiples to his bed when those sexual desires overwhelm him. Yet, he has heard of Hawks marrying. It seems too unbelievable and certainly a fate that would never...could never befall him. Oh how the mighty...! Grayson Emmett, the earl's valet at the manor, usually presents a very cold and austere bearing to all the other members of the staff. He especially hides his yearning for one particular lady's maid, Ivy. He has been assigned to serve Viscount Heatherton during his stay. Trevor, as the Viscount prefers to be addressed, quickly engages Grayson in a discussion about Ivy's history with any previous Hawks who have been guests. Oh my goodness, but Grayson is soon a major player in Trevor's current and future sexual proclivities while he is a guest at Hawksfell. It is going to be a trial for Grayson to maintain his implacable deportment. Marvelous! Ivy Billings, lady's maid at the manor, has a huge crush on Grayson. However, she is constantly reminding herself about what got her booted from her last employment posting and valiantly attempts to put a firm lid on her attractions. Yet, when the newest guest, a Hawk no less, boldly approaches her in a very suggestive manner, her inner urges boil up and race to the surface. There is a pleasing exchange of pleasuring somewhat out of character for Hawks but seemingly very Trevor like. The die has been cast and a threesome has been loosely entangled all via an unusually discreet and giving Viscount Heatherton. Completely delectable! There are some common themes that haunt all of the books in this series. However, that only provides a loose structure upon which a grand and glorious new variation gets to display its wondrous nuances for one and all to revel within. Book seven does not disappoint, and is a solid addition to the series. If hot three-way action is a new or established interest, this book is right on point. Luscious!" -- jj, Rainbow Book Reviews

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As he entered the breakfast room, the three Heatherton ladies were already seated.

“Good morning, Trevor!” they said in unison.

“Good morning, ladies.” He smiled at his aunts, Penny and Patty, and bent down to kiss his mother’s cheek. He stood. “How lovely you all look this morning.”

His mother waved a hand but his Aunt Penny tittered and patted her blond hair. “Oh, Trevor. You say the sweetest things.”

Aunt Patty bristled, but he could see she was pleased with the compliment as well. “Really, Trevor. You shouldn’t waste your time on such frivolities.”

His mother shook her head. “Sisters, don’t tease Trevor. It’s been too long since he’s been up early enough to join us for breakfast.”

He shrugged and sat at his mother’s elbow across from his aunts. “I slept long and deep last night.”

“After carousing in the attics, no doubt,” Aunt Penny said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Trevor kept his expression even. Penny was the more outrageous of the sisters, and seemed to delight in Trevor’s exploits ever since she first walked in on him with a maid in the butler’s pantry. Patty was the opposite, pursed and passionless despite the Heatherton beauty she shared with her sisters. And his mother? Well, his mother Polly’s spirits fell squarely in the middle between Penny’s and Patty’s.

He dug into the heaping plate of eggs and kidneys a footman set before him. “What are you three ladies about this day?”

“Not a thing, Trevor,” his mother said.

“Just another day of privilege and boredom,” Penny said.

“Really, Penny and Polly,” Patty sniffed. “Look at Trevor’s countenance! You’ve brought him down.”

Trevor blinked, then flashed his winning Hawk grin. “Ah, Aunt Patty. Do not think the three of you need to school your words. Why don’t I take you all into the village?”

His mother’s eyes went wide and her hands fluttered. “No! I don’t want to go into the village, Trevor.”

He knew his mother kept to the manor house and had for as long as he could remember. Her sisters always kept her company, for the most part. Penny was the only one who went into the village with any regularity. What she did there, he didn’t want to know. As long as he never ran into her at the inn getting a bit of something. He didn’t want to think about his aunts or his mother in the sack with a man like himself.

It was a wonder his mother had ever met his father, that bastard Hawk who’d fucked and abandoned her. Yes, he’d legitimatized Trevor after he was born. From what little his mother told him about the Hawks he knew this wasn’t unusual. But his sire hadn’t been seen nor heard from in all of Trevor’s twenty-six years.

The Hawk men were cursed, which he’d heard again and again from his mother and aunts. He was personally acquainted with his own beast, though he had to wonder why now and again. Had a Hawk fucked and abandoned a witch some one hundred or more years ago? He wasn’t fanciful, but that made as much sense as anything else. Either way, Hawks littered Yorkshire with bastards who in turn rutted their way through the countryside.

Simply nodding gently in his mother’s direction, he put aside the question of her leaving Heatherton House. He wouldn’t ask and she wouldn’t go.

The three sisters began to talk about some gossip or other Penny had heard when she was last in the village, not that Trevor paid attention. He ate and bided his time when he himself could get out into the brisk January day and ride the property. Or get his shaft polished, truth be told. He was always up for whatever came his way.

As he finished his breakfast, his mind pleasantly engaged on the day’s possibilities, the butler came to the door with a letter in his hand.

“For you, Lord Heatherton,” he said.

The ladies twittered in obvious surprise as Trevor took the letter.

“Who is it from, Trevor?” Penny asked.

“Not bad news, I hope,” Patty said.

“Do open it, dear,” his mother said.

He tore open the letter and read it. Twice.

“The Earl of Hawksfell has invited me for a visit,” he said.

“Oh, no!” his mother cried. “You mustn’t go there, Trevor. The earl is a wicked man.”

“Far worse than your father,” Penny said.

“Or any other Hawks, I’ve heard,” Patty said.

Trevor blinked. “Do you know him, Mother?”

“No, of course not.” Her cheeks went pale. “His reputation is legendary in Yorkshire, dear.”

“But didn’t he die on the Titanic, Polly?” Penny asked.

“Yes, that’s right!” Patty said. “Went down to his icy death with the other poor souls.”

“That is true,” his mother said, her hand pressed to her chest. “He’s dead and gone, thank the good Lord.”

Trevor had never seen his mother so bloodthirsty. “This is from Gabriel Hawk,” Trevor said. “I take it that’s his son?”

“One of them,” Penny said. “A half-brother turned up a few months ago.”

“Not surprising, the way the old earl rut his way through the countryside,” Penny put in.

Trevor shifted in his seat. The last thing he wished to discuss with the Heatherton ladies was rutting. “Nevertheless, the current earl has invited me for a visit.”

The sisters exchanged a long look, then his mother nodded her head. “You will go, I take it?”

“I admit I’m intrigued,” Trevor said.

“You should go, Trevor,” she said. “Meet your Hawk relatives.”

“Polly!” Patty said.

“Quiet, Patty,” Penny said. “Polly’s right. Trevor should go.”

Trevor stood and tucked the letter into his pants pocket. “I’ll have my valet ready my things, then.” He flashed them all his most charming grin. “Try not to miss me too much?”

They all giggled and his mother beamed, making him feel a damn sight better than he had moments ago.




“Quickly,” Grayson urged, opening Trevor’s door.

Ivy was pulled inside and immediately faced with a delectable Trevor. He was standing by the huge bed, wearing nothing but his robe and an expression of pure sex. Her breath caught and her pussy throbbed.

“Ah, Ivy.” Trevor stepped closer. “I trust Grayson made our intentions clear?”

“You intend to have me, yes.” She lifted her chin toward Grayson. “Grayson as well.”

Trevor blinked. “I do like your plain-speaking, love.” He came toward her and took her hands in his. “Do you know how sweet you are?”

She stared into his dark eyes and shook her head. “N–no.”

He brought his face to the side of her neck and breathed in deeply. “You’re like a biscuit dripping with icing.”

Her juices began to flow at his words. Closing her eyes, she gave up any pretense of resisting her urges. For now.

She let her head fall back. “Then take me, Trevor.”

He laughed, the sound rough in her ears. “Ah, I shall. But not until you’re ready and eager, love.”

His fingers worked on her blouse buttons as Grayson stood close behind her. He worked the pins out of her hair and ran his fingers through it. It was heavenly to have another knead her scalp. To gently untangle her thick waves. It was the one indulgence she allowed herself. That, and her lacy underthings.

“Mmm,” she murmured, leaning her head on Grayson’s chest.

Trevor took advantage of her easy submission to spread her corset wide and kiss her breasts. His mouth was hot. Hungry. Grayson’s hands were deft as he removed the rest of her clothing. And before she was aware she was naked and seated in the center of Trevor’s bed.

“There, love,” Trevor said, coming to sit behind her. “Grayson is going to taste you.”

She looked at Grayson where he stood at the foot of the bed. He still wore his trousers but nothing else. Lord, he was beautiful. Sculpted muscles and a stance that accentuated his strong arms and long legs. His erection was all but visible in his pants, and she knew just what was hidden there.

She licked her lips and leaned back on her hands. Trevor was there to catch her, parting his long legs and settling them alongside hers. She could feel him hard and straining behind her and couldn’t resist wiggling her bottom.

“Naughty girl,” he said, nipping her earlobe. “I’ll be inside you soon. Believe me.”

He pulsed forward and for an instant his words had another meaning. He couldn’t mean…Oh, he was a Hawk. He surely knew every way to make love.

“Do you mean in my bottom?” she asked.

He laughed, low and soft. “A delightful package. My original impression stands.”

“Please, Ivy,” Grayson said, his voice tight. “Spread your legs.”

She promptly forgot about Trevor’s outrageous words and gave her attention to the man now staring hotly at her. Legs trembling, she slowly drew her feet closer and let her thighs part. Grayson sucked in a breath and Trevor let out a low whistle.

“I can smell her, Grayson,” Trevor said. “Wait until you taste her sweet pussy.”

His closeness, taken with Grayson’s sharp regard, made her swell. She couldn’t be embarrassed by her reaction. Any woman would be eager for whatever these two men had in mind for her body. She put aside any lingering hesitation, not that there was more than a jot of it, and spread her legs wider.

“Lick me, Grayson,” she demanded.

Grayson groaned and fell into her. His mouth slid over her, spreading her juices as he began to savor. She discovered he was as thorough and methodical in this as he was in everything he did. His tongue dragged slowly over one lip and the other, circling completely around her clit before repeating the process in reverse. Trevor’s large hands closed over her breasts and he began to pinch her nipples, tonguing her ear as she reached up to clutch his shoulders.

Grayson’s mouth was magic on her flesh and she held on more tightly to Trevor behind her. Her every nerve ending was snapping and popping and she felt as though she was coming apart. Again and again he slowly licked her, moving two large fingers in and out in a lazy rhythm designed to split her in half with want. She was so close to what the two of them gave her yesterday. She was almost afraid to experience what she knew was crashing toward her.

“Yes!” she cried out, arching. “Oh, what you’re doing to me!”

“Who, love?” Trevor asked, nuzzling the side of her neck.

“B-both of you.” She gasped, unable to suck in air. “It’s too much.”

She must have begun to squeeze her legs together, because Trevor shifted and locked each of his ankles against hers. He held her legs braced apart now. Open to everything Grayson was doing.

“Let him, Ivy,” Trevor rasped. “Let him make you come.”

“I love your taste,” Grayson said, pausing to kiss her inner thigh. “I could eat you all day.”

“I gathered as much,” she half-choked out a laugh. “You’re killing me, Grayson!”

“Ah, our girl has no patience.” Trevor chuckled in her ear. “Finish her, Grayson. Make her scream.”

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