The Pregnant Mate Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

The Pregnant Mate Series

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,471
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Blind Wolf Love

Scott Doelen, a recently freed slave, is having trouble adjusting to his new life, especially as a blind wolf. Until Jesse Hill comes along. Scott finds himself attracted to the beta of the alpha who set him and the other slaves free and is surprised when Jesse returns those feelings.

That’s enough for Scott to pull back. He's confused about whether he wants to go for anything, and even when he and Jesse begin sleeping together, he can't decide if he wants to risk getting his emotions involved. When Scott's pregnancy is discovered, it's time to stop playing around, especially when they both find themselves in a dangerous situation, and Jesse is forced to send Scott away for his protection.

But when a former master finds Scott and takes him, Jesse will do everything in his power to get his mate back before not only the life of their pup is taken from them, but Scott's soul as well.

Sold as the Alpha's Love Slave

Theo Rosewell was kidnapped and sold from house to house as a sex slave. In this new house, he's immediately chained to the floor, as two alphas are forced to fight for the right to mate with him.

Lucius doesn't want another mate. After losing two in the arena, he has no interest in loving and losing another. But the frightened omega will die if he loses. So Lucius fights and wins. When he's injured in the battle, Theo takes care of him. Lucius can't lie. He tells Theo that he can never love him.

Lucius can't keep his own promise, however. Worse still, Theo is pregnant with Lucius's pup, a pup they will never be allowed to keep. When rumor goes around of a pack of alphas roaming around the property, Lucius will risk everything to get his mate into that pack. He will let Theo go even if it breaks his own heart.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Pregnant Mate Collection, Volume 2 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Pregnant Mate Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

The Pregnant Mate Series

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,471
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Blind Wolf Love


One of the vampires grabbed his back leg and bent it down sharply.

Scott and Garrett both screamed at the crunching sound of the bone being broken.

Now Garrett was never going to run ever again, even if they both lived through this.

One of the vampires finally noticed that Scott was just sitting there, shaking like a leaf like the worthless omega that he was.

The vampire smiled as he approached him, and it was the same smile Scott had received before being raped by one of the vampire masters. It was the sort that would have seemed kind and gentle had it not been for the white fangs showing.

Scott shook his head. “Please don’t hurt him. It’s my fault. I tricked him. I wanted to get away.”

He could immediately sense Garrett’s remorse at the lie that left Scott’s lips, and the wolf abruptly worked to shift back into a man. A lot of his wounds healed with the shift, but a broken leg was something else entirely that couldn’t be undone with just a simple shift.

This shift must’ve been especially painful because it forced him to move his broken leg, and the vampires barely let his fur go so that he could change back into his human shape. Either way, their hands were immediately back on his arms, holding him and keeping him from moving or struggling. One vampire had his arm locked around Garrett’s throat, and the man could choke him to death, or snap his neck if he wanted to.

After their escape attempt, he would have every right. These vampires might be operating outside of the law with their ownership of slaves, but what would they do? Report each other to the authorities?

“No, it was me. Master, I stole him away because I was jealous. He’s my mate and I was jealous of my master for touching him,” Garrett said.

The vampires all chuckled, and Scott found himself grabbed by the throat with thin, steely fingers and lifted right off his feet. “Stupid mutts. This omega is the master’s feeder. If he wants to touch him, feed from him, or fuck him, then he is free to do so.”

“I know, masters,” Garrett said. “I lost myself. Forgive me. Don’t hurt him. The responsibility is mine.”

Scott wanted to say something. To tell them it was all a lie. That he was the one who wanted to run away. He was the one who begged his mate to take him away from here, even if that would be the real lie. But the hand that squeezed his throat wouldn’t allow a word to escape, and he could barely breathe.

He tried to call out to Garrett with his mind, while he was still conscious.

Garrett! Don’t tell them that!

It’s the truth.

I don’t care! They’ll kill you! They’ll kill me anyway!

If there’s a chance they will keep you alive so you can escape later, then I’ll take it.

Garrett looked Scott in the eyes, and Scott’s face felt overheated from the lack of oxygen. He was getting tunnel vision, but then the vampire abruptly dropped him. It took almost everything he had to keep himself from landing on his injured leg, but he did it, and he choked and coughed, sucking back his precious air that he needed to survive.

“The master will be angry if we kill this one,” said the vampire who’d been holding him.

“How can you be sure? Frederik’s only fucked him once. He’s not exactly a favorite.”

“You’re right, but I don’t want to take any chances that he’ll want this one again. We should bring him back.”

Scott felt relief washing over him, even as he clutched at his own throat and breathed deeply. Garrett was still staring at him and smiling softly, as if he’d accomplished his mission of at least keeping Scott alive if he couldn’t free him.

“I love you,” Scott said. He had to say it, even if it got him in trouble.

He wasn’t prepared for when the vampire behind Garrett leaned in and bit down hard on his throat, fangs cutting deep and blood spurting out like there was an electric pump.

Scott froze, and the thinking part of his brain just stopped as he tried to reason with himself on what was happening.

The vampire was just drinking from Garrett, or being too rough with his punishment.

Then the vampire pulled his teeth back, taking a large chunk of flesh with him as more blood spouted out from the wound with such a force that it got Scott in the eyes right before Garrett was dropped.

He could barely see, even as he screamed and tried to rush forward to his mate, who was so strong and big and larger than life, lying lifelessly on the ground, eyes open in a chilling stare.

Scott was grabbed by the back of the neck, but he didn’t stop fighting to go over to his mate. “No! Let me go! Garrett! Let me go! I have to go to him!”

He could save him. Maybe Garrett wasn’t dead but he soon would be. If Scott was with him, holding his hand, doing something, then Garrett could fight this and get up. His body would heal.

“What did you do that for?” asked one of the vampires.

“You heard him. A jealous mate around our master? That’s not a good idea. Better he die like this than be ripped apart,” answered the vampire with the bloody face, as if he’d just performed an act of mercy.

All Scott could see through the blood and tears was Garrett’s body, but soon that faded from sight as the worst pain he'd ever felt struck him upside the back of his head, and he blacked out, losing sight of his mate forever.

When he woke up next, back in his cell without Garrett, he couldn't see at all.




Scott just smiled up at him, and he was so fucking sexy, lying there, naked and open for Jesse to take, that he couldn’t help but lean in and press his mouth down along Scott’s mouth, his jaw, and then after only a minor hesitation, his throat.

Scott didn’t exactly open himself up to the touch to one of his most sensitive places, and he didn’t relax into it either. For that, Jesse pulled his mouth away quickly.

Maybe putting his mouth to Scott’s throat was an example of moving too quickly. Scott just decided to pretend as though it was nothing as he moved his mouth away. At least he hadn’t done something as stupid as put his teeth there. That would’ve been a disaster.

Instead, Jesse just went back to watching his fingers being sucked up into the warm and tight space of Scott’s body. He pushed them back and forth, scissoring them and waiting with clenched teeth for when he could put his cock into that tunnel.

At least Scott was finally touching him again. The man was gasping softly as he canted his hips back and forth, trying to get more of Jesse’s fingers inside of him, to push them deeper.

“I love it when you put your hands in my hair,” Jesse said.

“Do you?” Scott asked, and he gripped Scott’s hair tight enough that he grunted a little in pain.

“Did you like that?” Scott asked.

Jesse did, and he was stunned to realize that he did. “Yeah,” he said, and he grinned. “An innocent looking omega like you, who would have thought you would be into pain?”

A strange, sour sort of look passed over Scott’s face, and now Jesse really worried that he’d said the wrong thing, but Scott spoke before he could take it back.

“I know some things. We’ll have to try them out later on.”

Trying them later on meant that there would be a later on. Jesse couldn’t wait for that.

Scott’s cock remained hard as Jesse prepped him, and he could see one of the veins pulsing in time with his heartbeat.

Jesse added in a third finger and pushed it deep, but he didn’t do much else before he decided that he had to fuck this man right now before he imploded. “Touch yourself, Scott. I want to watch your hand moving up and down the length of your cock while I’m fucking you.”

Scott moaned, and he spat in his hand before gripping his dick. The satisfied look on his face when he did that made a shiver pass up and down Jesse’s spine.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Jesse said. “You’re mine now.”

Even if Scott never loved him, Jesse couldn’t just have this once. In his heart of hearts, he knew that he’d already chosen Scott for a mate, and this was just going to put that decision in cement until the day he died.

That was fine. So long as Jesse at least got to have this, that he got to be with Scott even if the man would never love him, then everything would be fine.

Jesse pushed the head of his prick up against Scott’s stretched hole, and even with the preparation, it was still an incredibly tight fit, and it took a decent amount of pressure before Jesse was even able to get the head past the ring of muscle of Scott’s asshole.

When he did, when he was sinking inside of that tight heat that felt so damned good, he and Scott moaned together.

Scott was made for this, made for Jesse. There was no other description for how Jesse was feeling right now, how his body was reacting to Scott.

“Fuck, I can’t believe we held out on each other for so long,” Jesse said.

“Me either,” Scott replied, and he gripped Jesse’s shoulders tightly, and his thighs tightened around Jesse’s hips.

“Now fuck me, wolf,” Scott said, his tone all-demanding and urgent.

“Of course,” Jesse replied, and he left the word mate unsaid as he was already pushing back and forth at a rapid pace. There was nothing he could do to slow himself down at this point. He had to have this. His balls were tight and actually paining him with the urge to put his scent all over the man beneath him and make sure that everyone in the pack knew that Scott was a taken omega.

Jesse moaned, and the bed rocked. It sounded like something was being crushed into splinters, and he realized it was the legs of the bed as the force of Jesse’s thrusts were taking their toll.

Mine. Mine. Mine, chanted the inner voice of Jesse’s wolf, a creature that was usually silent unless there was something around that was severely overstimulating it.

It could now be confirmed that Scott was a stimulant for Jesse’s wolf, and Jesse moved faster.

Claim him. Fuck him. Take him!

I am, Jesse thought, even as he panted and tried to catch his breath so that he could continue to fuck hard and fast.

It was like his body was on autopilot, and he’d never had this happen to him before. It only made sense that he would lose so much control with his chosen mate, and Scott seemed to be loving it as he pushed his hips back up to meet Jesse’s.

Filthy words of encouragement fell from Scott’s mouth, which spurred Jesse on, and their flesh slapped together in lewd noises that were better than anything Jesse had ever heard in his life.


Sold as the Alpha's Love Slave


“Wait!” Theo called, and he stupidly tried to follow after them. Of course, the chains stopped him, and they didn’t look back.

Even with the glass in the way, keeping him from the vampires who were all around him, there had to be at least four or five hundred, and Theo could still make out the rumble of their excited chatter. It was the sort of noise that was made when there were too many voices speaking over each other at the same time, only magnified.

Theo looked up and realized that there were speakers on the ceiling, surrounding him.

He wasn’t going to be sold. This was something else, and the thing that Theo suspected it was, was enough to make his bladder quiver, and he had to struggle to hold it in.

He’d heard of this, and suddenly, the idea of being a blood whore didn’t seem all that bad. At least he wouldn’t be dead in a few minutes.

Finally, there was a loud clapping sound above him, and Theo looked up at the speakers before he realized it was his master who was standing behind him.

He tried to look over and up to see, but the positioning was off, and all he could hear was a voice. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for your patronage. I hope you have enjoyed the night’s festivities so far.”

There was a loud roar of appreciation as the vampires all around clapped and cheered for their host. Theo wanted to be sick when he realized some of them still had blood on their lips. They’d just come from feeding. Did they buy their blood legally? Or had they stolen it from a poor werewolf slave?

Theo’s master—he wished he could remember the man’s name—quieted the crowd down somehow, maybe a motion of his hands, or maybe they all knew to just show him proper respect. He started speaking again.

“Of course, I would not simply think of ending our happy occasion in such a droll fashion such as just wishing you all a good day and shoving you out the door.”

There was a soft laugh throughout the crowd.

“Which is why I have invited you all here tonight for this free show. Small bets may be made amongst yourselves, but of course, since this is free, I will simply be enjoying the fight along with the rest of you.”

There, he’d said the word fight. That was all the confirmation that Theo needed for him to know what was really happening here, and he really had to struggle just to keep from peeing himself.

There was another set of doors in the arena, along with the doors that Theo himself had walked through earlier. Two alphas, huge men, also in chains, were being brought inside, and the second the heavy metal doors opened and the alphas were within sight, the crowd went absolutely wild.

Some of the vampires even slapped their hands on the glass, and the noise was incredibly powerful on Theo’s eardrums.

Now he knew why he wasn’t supposed to tap on the glass of a fish tank.

These alphas were going to fight, and Theo felt only mildly better about his situation now. He’d heard that some omegas were chained down, with almost no room to move and definitely not enough room to shift, before a mountain lion, or a fox, or even a bear, real wild animals and not just other slave shifters, were brought in.

The sport in those events supposedly came from seeing how long the chained slave would survive. Theo had never heard of anyone surviving. Of course, he’d also thought these arenas were bullshit meant to scare slaves into behaving themselves.

Well, now he knew better.

The first alpha, a huge man at least five inches taller than Theo was, took one look at Theo before something flashed into his eyes, and he began bouncing eagerly on his feet as his chains were removed, though his unbelievably gorgeous expression remained grim.

His skin was just slightly tanned. The vampires must let him out in the sun to keep him in prime fighting condition, and he had dark black eyes, thick black brows, and black hair, but it was buzzed incredibly short.

To keep his opponent from grabbing at it?

Either way, he looked mean, he looked hungry, and not for food, and Theo was fairly sure that he didn’t want to be alone with this alpha for any small period of time.

Theo looked at the other man, and he gasped at the sight of him as lust immediately pooled into his belly and made his cock hard and swell like the thing was an inflatable balloon. He couldn’t stop the reaction in himself, and it horrified him because he knew that it would just make these alphas more violent with each other if they were here for what Theo thought they were.

This alpha was even bigger. His hair was a dark red-brown, also buzzed short, and there was just enough stubble on his strong jaw to indicate that he hadn’t shaved that morning. He had blue eyes, which almost looked out of place on him, but Theo doubted he was wearing contacts. He was at least one inch taller than his opponent, his shoulders were a little wider, and he too was staring at Theo, but there was no hunger in that scrutinizing look. He certainly wasn’t showing much interest when his chains were removed.

The pants the alphas were wearing were also removed, likely so it would be easier for them to shift and rip each other’s heads off.

So this was going to be it. Theo knew what this was now. There was no mistaking it. The alphas were going to fight each other, and the winner was going to take Theo as a mate.

So this was why he’d been bought.




Theo was getting the point. Lucius wanted him to be quiet. Maybe talking turned him off during sex?

Well, too bad for him because Theo had just a few more things he had to say before he could be quiet, and he threw his arms around the other man’s neck.

“Fuck me. Put your cock in my ass, I’m ready.”

“Ready for me?” Lucius asked, and there was a whole lot of lust shining in his eyes.

Theo nodded, and then he let his head fall back on the thick pillows again. “Fuck, yeah.”

It was almost a shame when Lucius pulled his fingers out of Theo’s hole. But he was still gentle about it. He was always gentle and there was never more than just a little bit of pain that always vanished as quickly as it had come.

Then Lucius was settling himself between Theo’s legs, and he had to spread his knees wider just to accommodate the bigger man. His entire body had to be made of rock solid muscle. Theo was sure that not even Conner or Mason, who were both alphas in charge of their own packs, were as big as this man was right here.

Then the thick head of Lucius’s dick was pressing up against Theo’s stretched hole, and Theo shivered with anticipation. Fuck, he was so eager. He really did want this. He wanted the luxury of enjoying a nice hard fuck without there being any horrible strings attached.

There were horrible strings attached, but at least they were both in this together.

“I will bite you, and then after that, you’ll be mine,” Lucius said, and from the sound of his voice, it almost sounded like he was apologizing to Theo as well.

Theo was too high on his own pleasure and the pulsing sensation inside of his dick and balls to care about that in the least.

“That’s all right. I don’t mind,” he replied, and he reached his hand up to feel along the short hairs on the back of Lucius’s head. They were soft.

Lucius’s eyes also softened. Because he hadn’t expected Theo to say something like that?

Theo didn’t get the chance to ask him as Lucius was suddenly pushing that massively huge erection inside of Theo’s hole.

He immediately tensed up, even though he knew it was the wrong thing to do.

Fuck! That hurts! You’re too big!”

The stretching hadn’t been enough. Even when Theo was trying to prepare himself for this, it hadn’t been enough, and pained tears formed at the sides of his eyes.

Lucius moaned a little and brushed them away with his thumbs. It was actually such a sweet gesture that it shocked Theo into opening his eyes and staring at the man.

“Tell me to stop, and I will.”

Theo’s heart broke a little, and then melted and formed back together like it had been poured into a mold or something. Did Lucius even know how fucking precious it was for him to hear those words? And Theo believed them. He believed, for the first time since he was taken, that if he asked for this to stop, that it would stop.

Theo thought he fell in love a little bit right then.

Even though it still hurt like hell, hearing those words was enough to make a switch inside of Theo’s brain go off, and he didn’t want to stop. He wanted to see this through.

“No,” he said, shaking his head and breathing deeply as he tried to force his body to relax, if the body could even be forced to do such a thing. “I want…I want you to keep going. If we stop now, then we’ll just have to finish this again later, right?”

Something flashed inside of Lucius’s eyes. “Right.”

He didn’t immediately push himself all the way inside of Theo, however. He reached for the bottle of lube instead and opened the cap. Theo listened as he squeezed more onto his hand, and from the motion of his arm, he was stroking his cock with it, adding more of the stuff to the length of his dick to make the inward slide easier.

Then Theo felt Lucius’s fingers gently outlining Theo’s hole with the stuff as well, but not pushing inside since Theo was pretty sure he was at max capacity.

When Lucius started to push in a little more, the burning was there again, but the pain wasn’t nearly as bad now that Theo had a minute for his body to adjust and Lucius had added more lube.

In fact, he was shocked when he felt the man’s balls touching the back of his ass. “You all the way inside already?”

Lucius was gasping, his shoulders shaking a little bit as he tried to keep control. There was a small smile on his face when he looked down at Theo, however. “I hope that’s not meant to be an insult to my cock.”

“Never,” Theo said, shaking his head, but he wasn’t afraid because he could tell the man was joking around with him.

Holy God, Theo hadn’t felt this free in months. “I’m glad you won me,” he said.

Lucius nodded. “Me, too.”

That was something, at least.

Lucius pulled out just a little, reminding Theo of the burning and then just a little bit of the pain, and then he thrust back inside. It was a shallow thrust. The man probably didn’t think it was the right time for hard and fast fucking, considering the yelling Theo had been doing just a couple of minutes ago.

More proof of his consideration. Theo promised himself he would take good care of this alpha. He stroked the back of the man’s head and ran his hand up and down his shoulders and sides. Theo thrust his ass back as much as he could to participate with him, and on each forward thrust, both he and Lucius moaned and sighed and gasped together.

“Your tunnel is tight around my cock,” Lucius moaned. “Fits perfect.”

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