[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
When Adam Mackenizie’s family cannot pay off their debts, he sells himself into temporary slavery. It’s only ten years of his life, and he can do that to keep his mother and sisters from becoming blood whores.
He never expects to be put up for auction in a sex market by his new master. He also doesn’t expect his buyer to be a sweetheart from his past, who bailed on him when it mattered the most. Adam doesn’t know whether to be relieved and kiss him, or punch the man’s beautiful face.
Alpha wolf Mason Cayne never thought he would see Adam, gorgeous, sweet, and innocent Adam, in a whore house. His first instinct is to buy him and finish what they started seven years ago. Thanks to Adam’s stepfather, the vampires want to collect Adam personally. Now Mason must decide if the puppy love he once shared with Adam is worth risking the lives of everyone in his pack.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Buying a Mate (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Marcy Jacks has written another wonderful series. Buying a Mate, is my favorite so far. The emotions and connection between Mason and Adam made me fall in love. My heart went out to Adam early in the story and I rooted for him the entire book. Great read!
Olivia Black




Adam was frozen. People were staring at him, most of whom were rich men, alpha wolves, or just normal humans who wanted in on a little human trafficking.

His stomach was in knots just then, and Adam started to wonder if he would be allowed to jump offstage to find a bathroom somewhere before he puked, pissed himself, or did anything else that would be utterly humiliating.

He doubted it would be allowed. If he dashed away, the people watching him would probably just think he was making a run for escape. That was next on the list.

The man with the microphone was dressed in a fancy suit. They were really playing up the classy men’s club with this place, but there was nothing classy about being sold as a sex slave.

This wasn’t fair. Adam hadn’t signed on for this. He was supposed to be cooking and cleaning for the next ten years, not lying on his back on some random person’s bed.

One of the men smiled at Adam, and even though he wasn’t the greatest to look at, Adam imagined himself getting sold to him. Was he expected to fuck the man, or to get on his knees and be fucked by him?

When the man’s smile became an openmouthed thing, revealing rows of crooked, piss yellow teeth with stuff stuck between them, the need to puke and do other things came back, badly, as whatever small amount of good looks Adam had tried to convince himself that the man had suddenly vanished.

No way. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t stay here. He was—

Getting his dick stroked by the man with the microphone.

“Hey!” Adam snapped as he tried to fly away from the offending person who had his hand shoved down Adam’s pants. He couldn’t get very far since two huge men came forward and grabbed onto his arms.

Well, at least it was proof to what Adam thought about when he imagined jumping off the stage.

He was even more mortified when the announcer started talking about the size of his cock. “He’s a big one, folks, excellent if your preferences are to having a top.”

Adam looked out amongst the crowd. He kind of doubted that any of those huge men would want to be a bottom to anyone, which was interesting, because Adam never really liked taking that sort of position anyway.

And why the hell was he thinking about that at a time like this?

He was grateful when the jerk with the microphone and slicked hair didn’t just pull his pants down and expose his dick for the world to see, but then Adam supposed that might have a little more to do with keeping his audience guessing and drooling.

Why show off the entire prize when half the allure was making their imaginations work?

Adam groaned and his face heated up as the announcer’s thumb circled over the head of his cock. “Cut it out,” he said through his teeth. He knew the prick could hear him, and Adam was just praying that if he was quiet and somewhat docile about it, then he could convince the man to stop.

He did, but just long enough to put his hand over the microphone and whisper to him, “Sorry, kid, I’m just doing my job here.”

Oh, well then, by all means, continue because it’s your job, Adam thought sarcastically as he snarled at the man.

He couldn’t get the heat out of his face. This was so embarrassing. It was the worst thing to to happen to him in his entire life.

For whatever reason, there was a face in the crowd that Adam hadn’t noticed before, and he almost looked right over it before his eyes shot back to him like an elastic band snapping back into place.

No way. No. Fucking. Way. He was here. Mason was here, and he was looking up at Adam with raised brows above confused blue-gray eyes, like he was the one who was shocked about this entire thing.

Adam had never wanted to curl up into a ball and vanish more in his entire life. He wanted to die. Actually, no, he wanted to kill his stepfather for putting him into this position!

“We have a ten-year contract on this one with the possibility for renewal—”

Renewal?” Adam yelled. “My contract is strictly ten years!” And now even that was looking like it would be too long.

One of the big men behind him put a huge hand on his shoulder and made a grunting noise at him. Adam got the point through the pain. He was expected to shut the hell up.

“Buying price for this nice young man is one million dollars, but we will be opening up the bid at two hundred—”

“I’ll buy him.”

Everyone was silent. Almost no one had been speaking anyway, but now it was complete and utter nothingness. Adam was wondering if people were even breathing.

“We haven’t even started the bidding, sir,” said the man with the microphone, and Adam was stunned to hear that it was Mason who’d actually called out the purchase. Six years was a long time, but hearing his voice now was a reminder of how much had changed.

Of course, now that Adam could put a face to the voice, he was stunned that he hadn’t recognized it before.

What the hell was he doing?

“I don’t care,” Mason said. “I want to pay one million for the rest of his contract.”

There were some people who glared a little at Mason just then, probably for being a show-off asshole with his money and scooping up one of the prized young men on stage.

There was even another man standing right beside him who was fervently whispering into his ear, even going so far as to grab onto his shoulder. Clearly he was trying to talk Mason out of buying someone. Maybe Mason’s pack didn’t look too kindly on purchasing temporary slaves.

The man with the microphone remained stunned for only a few more seconds before he smiled and made the announcement. “Sold!”




Adam had a lazy smile on his face. Mason touched his mouth. “You smile the same,” he said.

“How do you mean?” Adam asked, and he nipped at the finger near his lips before sucking it into his mouth.

Holy hell. “Your smile is the same when you’ve had an orgasm.”

Adam’s face immediately changed, but he didn’t seem angry. “Oh, fuck. You didn’t come yet.”

“Don’t worry, I have every intention of doing so,” Mason replied, right before he shimmied down Adam’s body.

Even though his body was desperate and aching, he wasn’t going to shirk this. He was going to make sure this was as good for Adam as it could possibly be.

He was down between Adam’s legs, and Adam spread them briefly before Mason lifted his knees up instead. “Hold onto these,” he said.

Adam was smiling through the red blush on his cheeks again, but he did as he was told.

He had always been great at following orders in bed.

With Adam’s pucker exposed, Mason wasted no time in pressing his tongue to that pink little star, feeling the shiver of pleasure that went through Adam’s body.

He looked up, and he was stupidly proud to see that Adam was already half-hard. His cock was at half-mast, and Mason gently massaged Adam’s balls with one hand while he started lathering more attention onto his asshole.

That seemed to be the secret ingredient to getting a real reaction out of the man, because the next thing Mason knew, Adam’s eyes were popping wide and he was gasping and humping against Mason’s mouth.

“F–fuck!” he yelled.

Mason chuckled, and the vibrations of that made everything worse for Adam as his movements became just a little more jerky, and the swearing escalated.

Mason chanced looking up, and he grinned proudly at the sight of Adam gripping his hair in two tight fists.

“Don’t do that, you’ll rip it right out,” Mason admonished him.

“I’ll rip it out if you don’t keep doing that,” Adam said, and there was a pleading tone in his voice that Mason couldn’t ignore.

This was all just for fun and teasing however. Even when he pushed his tongue through the ring of muscle that was there and thrust it back and forward, mimicking the act of fucking, he knew full well this couldn’t go on for very long if he wanted to keep Adam hot and bothered for him.

Which reminded him. His tongue wasn’t going to be a good enough substitute for lube, and it wasn’t like he walked around carrying the stuff in his pocket.

When he figured he had to stop or else Adam would come again, hell, Mason would come just listening to the noise this man was making, he pulled away and all but jumped out of bed.

Adam continued to lie there, looking very dumbfounded over what had just happened.

He was half turned onto his elbows when Mason returned from the bathroom, and the dazed look was still in his eyes. “Where did you go?”

Mason held a tube of sunscreen in his hands. “We can use this for lube,” he said, and he got on his knees onto the bed.

Adam closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He looked very much like he was trying to meditate or something. “If I move even a little I’m going to come.”

Mason laughed at him. For the first time in years he felt free again.

“No, you don’t get it. I’m completely serious,” he said.

Mason leaned down to kiss him, and it was like no time had passed at all.

They were carefree again, coming back from their last class of the day, or a job, or one of Adam's triathlete practices before tumbling onto Adam’s incredibly small bed to rut and make love.

Mason opened the cap of sunscreen. It was new, so he had to take off a plastic seal. While he did that, Adam was already getting himself into position on his hands and knees, and Mason damn near moaned at the sight of him.

“It’s been way too long since I’ve seen you like that,” he said.

“Been way too long since I felt your cock in me,” Adam replied, looking over his shoulder, and there was definitely some urgency in his voice. “So hurry up.”

Mason’s hand trembled a little as he squirted some of the white lotion onto his fingers, and then he was inching closer to Adam’s body. He put the bottle down and let his free hand come to sit on Adam’s hip.

“You ready for this?”

He could hear Adam’s heart beating through his chest. His werewolf senses made that possible, and he noted how incredibly fast it was thumping.

He could also hear Adam’s hard swallow. “Yeah, do it,” he said.

Mason pressed a kiss to Adam’s spine, and he pushed one finger inside of Adam’s puckered asshole.

Adam hissed a little, but he already knew what to do. He pushed out as Mason thrust his finger forward. “You’re so tight,” he said.

“Yeah,” Adam replied, but Mason wasn’t sure if that was just an agreement or what.

It certainly wasn’t very specific, but Mason sure as hell wasn’t about to ruin the mood by asking if Adam had been with anyone else since Mason left.

A question like that wouldn’t be fair.

Because of how tight Adam’s entrance was gripping onto Mason’s finger, he had to take his time before adding in a second one, and even then he remained very aware of how Adam’s body was reacting to him.

He watched the man’s shoulders, waiting for them to tense. He looked at Adam’s eyes, checking to see if they were closing in pain.

There were always small signs of discomfort, but they were always gone quickly, and Mason went about what he was doing to his lover.

Eventually, Adam began to sigh and moan as he pushed his ass back against Mason’s fingers.

“You like that?” Mason asked.

“Fuck, yeah. That feels good,” Adam replied, still gently thrusting his ass backwards onto Mason’s fingers.

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