The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

PUP Squad Alpha 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 116,632
1 Ratings (4.0)

In Warlock's Way, Amber Williams thought she was losing her mind—until everything she’d prophesized came true. Darian and Wilson were assigned to protect her. What they hadn’t expected was to both fall for her. But will it be a fatal distraction when the traitor brings their world crashing down around them?

In Wolves' Bite, Thomas and Adam decided months ago not to disturb Jennifer’s happy life. Yet now that they’re sharing mating dreams, everything has changed. The two werewolves are ready to claim their mate and they’re not going to be put off by anything—not the lady’s stubbornness or an invincible pixie king.

In Angel's Touch, Lilly blinked one day and her life changed forever. Devlin and Jed have been tasked to find the missing Oracle’s receptacle, but when Lilly finds them instead sparks fly, powers are revealed, and attraction rekindles. Now, if they can just stop whoever is trying to kill them…

In Oracles' Light, Kristen is convinced that PUP Squad Alpha is protecting the wrong woman because she has none of the gifts the other women share. Can Dyson and Angus use their very different skills to convince their seemingly ordinary human that between them is exactly where she belongs?

A Siren Erotic Romance
Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.


The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

PUP Squad Alpha 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 116,632
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Amber shook her head sharply. Less than a minute ago a seriously weird thought had popped into her head, almost like some sort of vision. She’d dismissed it as more of the same gobbledygook that had filled her mind over the past few weeks.

At least she’d thought it was gobbledygook until a damn vortex exactly like the one from her “premonition” opened in front of the car. She’d slammed her brakes on and now currently sat staring through her front car window at the four men who’d stepped out of it.

“Amber Williams?” one of the men asked.

Okay, so now she knew for certain her brain was broken. Handsome, soldier types did not step through strange swirling tunnel thingies and ask for her by name.

“Uh-huh,” she said with a nod. What could it hurt to confirm who she was? It was very obvious they were some sort of delusion. She smiled slightly. At least she had enough mental fortitude left to create good-looking men. Although, the one who looked like a motorcycle rider and was covered top to toe in black leather and a dark helmet seemed a little out of character even for her wild imagination. Her fantasies usually bent more toward the charming-smile, Armani-wearing guys than the rough-and-ready bad boys.

Tall-dark-and-handsome and his motorcycle buddy stepped closer to the car. The other men went in opposite directions, seemingly alert for some sort of trouble.

“Have I given you names yet?” she asked in a pleasant voice. They looked confused by her attitude, so she shrugged. They may as well get to the good stuff before she woke up. Although considering she didn’t remember going to sleep, waking up might be a tough ask. Maybe she should have thought harder about her boss’s offer to get her a shrink. It would appear that the relaxing road trip to clear her head and de-stress wasn’t working very well.

“Amber,” helmet guy said in a surprisingly clear voice. Considering the design, the deep whiskey voice should have at least been muffled a bit. “We need to get you to a safe house. Assassins have been sent to kill you.”

Whoa, way to go, imagination. She’d never added intrigue and danger to her fantasies before. This should be a lot of fun. “Seriously?” she asked, trying to play her part of damsel in distress.


* * * *


Wilson Jones didn’t like the way things were going. Amber was way too calm for someone who’d just been told that sort of news. In fact the woman even looked happy.

“I had no idea my imagination was so good. If someone had told me how much fun a breakdown was going to be I would have had one way earlier.”

Well, that explained the attitude, but it left him with another problem. Did they waste time trying to convince her she wasn’t delusional, or did they grab her, get her to safety, and then try to explain? Before he could really decide which way to jump, one of his mission partners, Darian Hawkes, made the decision for him.

“That’s right, princess. We’re your knights in shining armor. Just grab my hand and we’ll show you a life you’ve never even imagined.”

“I don’t know,” she said, frowning suspiciously. Of course the woman would choose now to start being distrustful.

“Amber, sweetheart,” Wilson said as he moved toward her, “we need to get out of the open. We’ll protect you. I promise.”

“How do I know you’re not the assassins?”

Darian seemed out of patience. “Because, princess,” he said as he stepped closer, dropped his arm, and lifted Amber out of the car and over his shoulder, “you’re not dead yet.”

Before Wilson could utter a protest, Darian opened a bounce tunnel and stepped through. Unwilling to leave the woman alone with a fellow teammate acting so out of character, Wilson followed.




Amber was so relieved to hear Darian deny needing some of the more extreme BDSM lifestyles that she nearly missed the part where he used his fingers to open her folds and let the water trickle over her clit. She gasped as the tepid water caressed the suddenly supersensitive skin.

“You’ll feel everything more keenly without the hair,” he said, running his fingers over her pussy lips once more. “Turn around and bend over.”

She felt her eyes widen at his request, but took a deep breath, turned around, and stuck her bottom in the air. His hands glided over the wet skin, his fingers sliding up and down the crease of her ass as he knelt behind her. She shivered as his tongue touched her denuded folds, his fingers pushing up into her pussy as he continued his “inspection.”

Over and over he wriggled his tongue over her pussy, his fingers curling inside her and hitting a spot she hadn’t known existed. She was on the verge of orgasm, shaking all over, ready to explode into a million tiny pieces when he pulled away.

She whimpered her disappointment, but the hard slap on her butt cheek stole her voice.

“Quiet,” he said, caressing her spine in soothing, sweeping motions, keeping her on the edge of arousal but not letting her fall over. “You don’t get to decide when you come. That’s my decision, and since this is punishment…” His words trailed away as he thrust his tongue into her pussy, spearing into her over and over hard and fast.

This was punishment?

She was shaking, shivering, quaking all over when he pulled away once more. She couldn’t call back the whimper that escaped her. The harsh slap barely hurt at all.

“Don’t you dare,” Darian said with a soft chuckle. “If you come again without permission, your punishment will be far worse.”

“Just for curiosity’s sake,” she said breathlessly, “how much worse?”

He laughed again, this time the sound taking on a much darker tone. “I will tie you to the bed, and fuck you over and over without letting you come. I have ways of stopping your orgasm. At the moment I’m asking for your self-restraint, but I will use sneaky warlock measures if you misbehave.”

She nodded, not doubting him for one moment. She took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and tried really hard to take her arousal down a notch or two.

“Good girl,” he said, thrusting his fingers into her pussy and undoing all her good work. She was so close to going over the edge that this time she actually sighed in relief when he pulled away. She lost count of how many times he brought her to near orgasm and then forced her to relax. When he finally turned her around, lifted her against the smooth rock face of the waterfall, and thrust his cock hard and deep into her pussy, she almost cried with sheer relief. But this time she didn’t go over, didn’t give in to her body’s baser desires, she held on to her control for all she was worth. Hell, if he could manipulate her this easily without magic, she sure as hell didn’t want to try punishment a warlock’s way.

He thrust frantically a few times, but then slowed down, fusing his mouth to hers as he slid into her pussy and held still. “Beautiful,” he said as he lowered her feet back to the ground and pulled away once more. She bit her lips together, determined not to make a sound. “Good girl.” He grabbed her arm, spun her around, pushing her hands against the wall as he pushed her legs wider and lifted her hips to where he wanted.





Jennifer moaned in her sleep. Somehow she knew she was dreaming, but it didn’t stop the terror gripping her as she watched Thomas get crushed in the arms of a murderous vampire. She cried out in horror as the dream went a step further than what had actually happened. This time the vampire crushed the life from the wolf and then did the same to Adam. She whimpered as Thomas changed to his human form and fell dead to the floor, Adam beside him, their sightless eyes staring up at her.

In her dream she ran to them, pushing past her sister, Skye, despite the woman’s vampiric strength. Tears flowed down Jennifer’s face, blurring her vision as she fell to her knees beside Adam’s and Thomas’s lifeless forms. The vampire laughed, the cruel and soulless sound filling the small room.

“Come here,” he ordered, compelling her with his vampiric skill. She whimpered as she did exactly what he told her, this time her sister unable to stop her. She moved into the vampire’s embrace, and realized she no longer cared what happened. Thomas was dead. Adam was dead. Her sister was a vampire and had a life of her own. Jennifer was the one left behind to live the day-to-day drudgery of an ordinary life.

She watched, somehow outside herself, as the vampire bit into her neck, the room suddenly empty of everything except the one who would end her life.

“Babe, you know it didn’t happen like this,” a voice said next to her ear.

Startled, she turned to see Thomas standing beside her watching the strange way her dream was warping the past. An arm slid around her from behind, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she realized Adam was with him.

“Hello, beautiful,” Adam said as he pulled her closer and pressed a kiss to her lips. He moved back slightly, giving Thomas room to kiss her as well.

And then, holding her tightly between them, they turned to watch her strange dream play out.

But this time the memory was more accurate. With the dream no longer embellished by her fear, Jennifer watched as events happened the way they had in the past. Skye held the other Jennifer back, stopping her from following the vampire’s order. The bathroom and front doors both opened at the same time, a strange popping noise and then blood everywhere.

Skye shielded her from the worst, the blood and gore barely a memory as Dream Jennifer moved to Thomas’s side. Adam held her tight as he reassured her that Thomas would recover quickly.

Finally, the dream faded, the landscape of her fictional world now just a spotlight on the three of them. Feeling safe in her men’s arms, she held them both, too worried to ruin their brief time together with silly words.

A real relationship between the three of them simply wasn’t practical. They were highly trained members of PUP Squad Alpha, and she was an accounts clerk in a sleepy little tourist town. They traveled the country. She sat still. They fought to protect people. She wrestled with numbers and missing receipts. They were long-lived werewolves. She was plain old ordinary human.

“I miss you,” she finally blurted, unable to keep the emotions under control. Hell, it was only a dream. She knew that. But it didn’t stop her from wanting it to be real. She’d spent only a few hours with them, and that had been months ago, but somehow she missed them even more than she missed Skye.

Considering that her younger sister’s absence left a gaping emotional hole in her chest, she couldn’t even describe what missing Thomas and Adam was doing to her.

“Babe,” Thomas said as he pulled her closer, “we miss you, too.”

“I don’t understand why I feel this way. I barely know you.”

Adam sighed, pulled her away from Thomas, and wrapped her in his warm embrace. “It’s because we’re mates. We can deny the attraction all we like, but it won’t change the fact that we were meant to be together.”

“We talked about this,” Thomas said with a low growl.

“Maybe it’s time to talk about it again,” Adam said angrily. He hugged Jennifer to him as if he were afraid she’d disappear. Considering she felt the same way, she tightened her grip as well. “Denying the connection is making us all miserable.”

“Loving us could get her killed.”




Adam couldn’t believe how incredible it was to fuck his mate inside a mating dream. Even though he was taking her hard and fast, it wasn’t affecting the way she sucked on Thomas’s cock. In real life this position would have been awkward, but inside the dreamscape it was absolutely fucking incredible.

“Stop,” Thomas growled a moment before dragging Jennifer’s mouth away from his cock. “I want inside you.”

She nodded, pushing back against Adam, apparently trying to finish him off so that Thomas could take over. He slapped her thigh, riding her harder for a few moments before pulling out altogether. He glanced over his shoulder, saw the bed materialize, and moved to lie down on his back.

“Come here, beautiful,” he said as Thomas helped her onto the bed so that she was straddling his thighs. He lifted up, ramming his cock back into her pussy, smiling as she gasped. “That’s it, Jen, come for me.”

Adam took her mouth savagely, thrusting his tongue past her teeth, forcing his cock deeper into her pussy. She began shaking, her body vibrating against his. He slid a hand between them, found her clit, pressed it with his thumb, pushing against the tiny nub as he fucked her faster and faster and faster.

She screamed, her orgasm pounding through her, overwhelming her as her pussy dragged at his cock, milking him, tempting him, nearly taking him with her. He ground his teeth together, resisting, denying, holding back his orgasm.

Finally she lay sprawled over the top of him, her pussy pulsing spasmodically, her breathing harsh, her energy completely spent. She sighed sleepily.

“Oh no you don’t,” Thomas said with a soft laugh and a harsh slap on her ass.


* * * *


Jennifer bowed her back, rearing up with the pain as the sting warmed her bottom and swelled her clit even more.

“Hey,” she protested even though the slap had been more erotic than painful.

Thomas slapped her again. She went to move away but Adam wrapped his arms around her and held her still. The next slap was even harder. She wanted to demand they stop, wanted to deny her enjoyment, wanted to moan with her need, but embarrassment held her back.

“That’s it, babe,” Thomas said as he caressed a warm hand over her heated skin. “Don’t hide from us. I know you’re enjoying this. Say it for me. Ask for more.”

She hid her face in the crook of Adam’s neck, but couldn’t stop her bottom lifting into the touch of Thomas’s hand. Adam laughed, the deep rumble vibrating through her entire body.

“He’ll wait all night if he has to.” He lifted a hand, caressing her scalp for a moment before tangling his fingers in her hair and tugging her into a position where he could see her face. Whatever he saw made him smile. “Ask him, beautiful. Ask him to spank you to orgasm.” A deep, naughty thrill ran through her, the aching, tingling sensation bouncing over her again and again. Adam lifted his mouth to hers, kissing her harshly. “Ask him,” he demanded in a rough voice.

“P–Please, Thomas,” she said shakily. She’d hoped that plea would be enough, but they both waited, staying still, watching her closely. She said the words very quickly, embarrassed by a need she’d never expected. “Please spank me to orgasm.”





“Find anything interesting?” Benjamin asked as he handed Devlin a cup of something that smelled like fruit punch.

“Nothing to report,” he said, biting back the “Sir” at the last moment. Benjamin smiled as if he heard the word anyway.

“It’s a hard habit to break,” he said, “but you’ll get used to civilian life eventually.”

“How long did it take you?” Devlin asked curiously. It was obvious that Benjamin had been a soldier at one time in his life, but he’d been the commanding officer of PUP Squad Alpha for over five decades now. Despite their military-type training and mission protocols, the PUP squads worked mostly undercover and therefore used a less formal structure than the human military.

“Only about a decade or so,” he said with a wide grin. “Relax, Devlin. Try to enjoy the par—”

Benjamin’s words cut off as he reached for his weapon. Devlin did the same, turning and dropping low to the ground, minimizing his exposure and maximizing his aim.

The swirling vortex was like nothing he’d ever seen before. It didn’t belong to a witch, warlock, or dragon, but no other form of transport that he knew about looked like this thing.

The pretty blonde that appeared a moment later had him wondering if he’d lost his mind.

“Lillian?” he asked as the woman glanced around the tense group of people. Devlin was vaguely aware of the tearing of fabric as people urgently changed into werewolves and surrounded the intruder. She looked at Devlin blankly, apparently more concerned with her own mission than the wolves that seemed ready to attack or the man she should probably have recognized. It had been more than four years, but surely the woman would notice a man she’d been involved with for several months.

The woman spun in a circle, seeming to search the crowd of wolves still in human form before muttering a curse and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

One of the larger wolves morphed back into human form and gave Devlin and Benjamin a hard stare.

“Would somebody like to explain to me what sort of creature can step into the middle of a pack of wolves and not even notice?”

“I’m sorry, Xavier,” Benjamin said, addressing the pack alpha with the deference the werewolf deserved, “but I’m not even sure what type of travel she used to get here. I’ve never seen a jump vortex or bounce tunnel like it.”

“Me neither,” Devlin said, still trying to process what he’d just seen. “But she looked a lot like a human woman I once knew.”

“You said Lillian,” one of the other wolves, now in human form, said with a curious smile. “Old flame of yours, Dev?” Daegan and Isaac both stepped closer to shake his hand. Despite the tension, Devlin smiled at the two men he’d known in college. Being the only three paranormals on campus and surrounded by hundreds of clueless humans had been way harder to cope with than Devlin had anticipated. Just knowing Daegan and Isaac shared his paranormal secret had made the longest years of his life almost bearable.

Of course the twin werewolves had studied computers and then come back to the pack and literally made millions of dollars, while Devlin had gone on to join the Navy SEAL teams and risked his life for low pay instead. He was about to explain why he’d said what he said when the vortex appeared once more.

If the woman who appeared wasn’t Lillian, then she was a damn good copy.

“Damn,” the woman said as tears filled her eyes. She scanned the crowd once more, apparently unfazed by the dozens of naked people dropping onto all fours and turning back into wolf form.

“Lillian,” Devlin called loudly, hoping to catch the woman’s attention before she could disappear again. She turned sharply, her eyes widening when she saw him. That, unfortunately, was also the moment she noticed the wolves that circled her.

“Devlin?” she asked without taking her eyes off the wolf in front of her. “Where am I?”

It seemed a rather strange question, considering the woman seemed to be in control of whatever type of transport she was using.

“You’re in the middle of a werewolf party,” he said. Daegan quirked an eyebrow at him, but the wolf in front of Lillian turned back into a man and stood in front of her. She seemed more embarrassed that Xavier was completely naked than surprised by his shift between forms.

“You’re in the middle of my pack, lady. It would be a good idea to explain yourself.”

“Explain what?” she asked with a wry grin. “How I appeared out of thin air? How I ended up apparently at the wrong address? Or how five weeks ago I was just an ordinary waitress happy to live out my life in a small town.” She sighed tiredly, obviously at the end of her emotional fortitude. “I was looking for an old friend of mine. He might be able to help explain how I ended up here.”

“What’s your friend’s name, Lillian?” Andrea—Xavier, Isaac, and Daegan’s mate—asked in a kind voice as she pushed her way through the three men. “Maybe we can help find him.”

“Jed Mathewson. He was a regular customer at the diner where I worked. I was hoping he’d be able to help me understand what was going on. He used to talk about magic like it was real, so…” She let her words trail off as Devlin stepped closer and pulled her into his arms. It didn’t matter that everyone else was on high alert. He knew this woman, and she wasn’t dangerous. Hell, she didn’t have a mean bone in her body.




Lilly wriggled impatiently.

Jed seemed to be waiting for something. He’d rolled the condom onto his cock and then simply lay down beside her on the bed. He kissed her softly, his hands caressing her breasts, his fingers tweaking the nipples as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth, but he didn’t seem inclined to fuck her just yet. After waiting so long for this to be possible, it was confusing as hell.

He broke the kiss, winked at her, and threw a condom over his shoulder without even looking.

“About time you got here,” Jed said as Devlin caught the little rectangular package in midair. He slid onto the bed behind Lilly. Still fully clothed, he wrapped his arms around her middle, pulling her upper body back against his chest, and then pressed a kiss to her temple.

“Do you mind if I stay?”

“No,” she said in a breathy voice as her arousal level climbed even higher. She grabbed his hand, holding it to her, making certain he didn’t misunderstand. Having Devlin here actually made everything more perfect. He breathed a sigh that sounded suspiciously like he’d expected her to throw him from the room, and then moved his hands higher, caressing her breasts. Jed kissed her passionately as his hands moved lower, caressing her stomach softly. She could feel her juices leaking onto her thighs, her breath catching as Jed’s fingers slid over her pussy lips and then pushed inside her.

“Fuck,” he said on a groan. “Lilly, you’re so tight. I could have hurt you.”

He looked over her shoulder, making deliberate eye contact with Devlin before removing his fingers and lifting his hands to her breasts. He painted her nipple with his slippery fingers, kissing her again as Devlin’s hand caressed lower, moved over her pussy lips, and plunged inside.

She moaned at the delicious feeling of having his fingers stretch her long-unused passage, the naughtiness of being touched by two men at once winding her need ever tighter.

“Please,” she whispered, starting to shiver all over.

“Soon,” Jed said as he slid lower on the bed, his tongue blazing a trail of need as he licked down to her belly, and then lower to her thighs. He teased her, his fingers parting her intimate folds, opening her to his torment. He suctioned his mouth over her clit, the incredible sensation dragging a shocked gasp from her throat.

She felt her cream spill onto her thighs, the slippery fluid scorching her as it coated Devlin’s fingers.

“Good girl,” he whispered, pushing his fingers deeper, fucking her harder. She squirmed in Jed and Devlin’s combined hold, her heart beating harder with excitement when she realized they held her down. Devlin pushed another finger into her tight channel, fucking her, stretching her a few more moments before he pulled away.

She moaned her disappointment, but he pressed another kiss to her temple and then slid his hand to her knee, lifting her leg up, opening her pussy to Jed’s questing mouth.

“Come for us,” Devlin ordered in that tone of voice her body remembered so well. Lightning forked through her, every inch of her scorched with the heat of her orgasm, her legs shaking uncontrollably, her eyes closing as wave after wave of nearly forgotten ecstasy crashed over her.

Her body was still quivering, her orgasm still bouncing back through her, the incredible, mindless, thrilling roller coaster ride finally slowing as they caressed her gently. She was almost back down to earth when Jed moved up the bed and pressed his cock against her pussy.

She gasped, her muscles clenching rhythmically as he slid slowly into her tight channel. He kissed her, her flavor still on his lips as he possessed her mouth as thoroughly as he claimed the rest of her. Devlin held her open, trapping her between them, his own denim-covered cock hard as steel. Her anus clenched as memories of Devlin taking her there stole over her. He’d been the only one she’d trusted enough to try it, and simply put, he’d taught her to love it.

The thought of taking both her lovers into her body at the same time seared through her. Jed moaned, dragging her underneath him more fully, slamming into her pussy harder, faster, pistoning into her body again and again and again.

Heat curled through her, winding around every nerve ending, setting her ablaze with incredible arousal, spinning her orgasm closer and closer and closer. Fireworks exploded inside her mind, the brilliant lights and swirling colors filling her vision as Jed fucked her like a wild thing.





Angus McPherson watched his temporary squad partner, Dyson James, drive away in Kristen’s car and had to admire the man’s smooth moves. It wasn’t often that Thomas didn’t get the girl, so Dyson probably had reason to be a little smug. Although, come to think of it, Thomas had been rather quiet lately, especially when it came to the ladies. In fact, he hadn’t really seemed his usual cocky self since the issue with Skye and her sister, Jennifer, several months ago.

“Who’s with me, then?” Angus asked, already knowing what the answer would be. Slip travel was uncomfortable for most creatures, except for the demons born to it, but he’d been told on numerous occasions that his particular form of travel was not only nauseating but freeze-ya-tits-off cold as well. Personally, he found the temperature quite refreshing, but judging by Thomas’s and Adam’s quick negative replies, it was too cold for pretty-boy werewolves.

“I’ll transport Adam and Thomas directly to the safe house. You follow Dyson and Kristen, and they’ll meet you there.”

“Not a problem,” he said with a wide grin. He didn’t need to ask what Brody would be doing. The man would be going back to protect Ava. It was as clear and as simple as that. The woman might be off the assassin’s radar thanks to the fake death they’d arranged, but she was never without at least one of her husbands.

Angus watched Kristen’s small car climb a slight rise in the distance and decided it would be best to get himself moving. He’d slip travel ahead of the vehicle, wait for Dyson and Kristen to drive past and almost out of sight and then slip travel ahead once more. It would be quite nice to be able to stop every mile or so. With slip travel taking him directly from one point to the other, it wasn’t often that he got to slow down and appreciate the scenery. This assignment might actually start out rather pleasant.


* * * *


Three days of quiet, surrounded by deliciously handsome men who not only acknowledged her existence but also cared about her comfort didn’t really prepare Kristen for the realities of being a serial killer’s target. She’d never been the center of attention before and was a little bit embarrassed by how much she liked it. Of course, that didn’t stop her imagination from taking things one step further. She was well into her latest fantasy about Angus and Dyson taking turns at making love to her when an awful screeching sound filled the air.

Dyson was beside her almost instantly, his warm arms wrapped around her, holding her close as the other three men moved to investigate.

“Damn,” Angus said in a soft whisper, “we have at least two out the front.”

“Two more out back,” Adam said as he came into the living area, Thomas right behind him. “Time to follow the ‘live to fight another day’ rule and retreat.” All four men nodded in agreement.

Kristen held her breath, panic stealing through her. If they were surrounded, how were they supposed to retreat?

“Get her to Brody. We’ll follow with Dyson,” Thomas said decisively a moment before Kristen’s understanding of the world changed forever.


* * * *


Angus held Kristen close. He knew that slip travel was very uncomfortable for humans, but he’d been hoping that Kristen wouldn’t have to learn about their unusual skills the hard way. It had seemed easier just to take things one day at a time. Learning that she was an Oracle’s receptacle and currently surrounded by paranormals was something they’d decided to ease her into. Of course, that had been when they believed the safe house to be safe.

Kristen clung to him as her knees wobbled. He held her closer with one hand as he dialed his cell phone with the other.

“Brody, emergency evac,” he said as soon as the dragon-shifter answered the phone.

“On it.” A dragon vortex appeared beside them a moment later. Brody stepped through, quickly closed that jump vortex, and opened another. Angus lifted Kristen into his arms and followed the dragon-shifter. He ground his teeth together as nausea gripped him. He might have no effects from his own type of travel, but he wasn’t immune to the side effects that a dragon vortex had on nondragons. Kristen moaned and lost consciousness as he stepped into the bright sunshine in front of the alternate safe house they had set up.

Brody left and was back a few moments later with a fire demon who was unsteady on his feet and two men who morphed into wolves as soon as they hit the ground. Adam and Thomas wriggled out of what was left of their clothes and then paced the area checking for unexpected scents.

They changed back immediately as all five men’s cell phones began ringing at the same time.

Benjamin’s news was horrifying. His orders succinct.

Go off the grid.

They had a traitor in their midst, and they had no idea who they could trust.




“Are you a virgin, Kristen?” Dyson asked, clearly following the same thought process as Angus.

She blushed prettily but shook her head. Her mumbled “not really” was confusing.

“Define ‘not really,’” Angus ordered, wishing that he could somehow ease her embarrassment but also knowing this conversation was necessary.

She took a deep breath and finally said, “‘Not really’ as in only one relationship, a dozen or so fumbled times in the dark.” She lifted her gaze and smiled at them both shyly. “And not once did I ever feel like that.”

“Well, then,” Dyson said with a wide grin, “we have a lot to teach you.”

Even if he lived another six hundred years, Angus would never forget the expression of relief that crossed her face. Had she really thought they’d reject her because of her inexperience?

He leaned over, pressed a kiss to her lips, and then moved her so that she was kneeling over the top of Dyson, straddling his hips.

“Ride him, baby,” Angus said as Dyson fit his hard cock against her slick pussy and then let her control the pace. She slid slowly onto his cock, the expression of wonder on her face truly beautiful to see. She took him all, rocking slightly when Dyson held her still.

But then she made a panicked sound and tried to lift away, the word “condom” on her lips.

“Shhh, it’s okay Kristen. He’s wearing one.” He leaned over to touch her face so that he could be certain she was listening. “Demons and humans aren’t supposed to be compatible in a genetic sense, but there’s no way we’d put you in danger. We’ll protect you from assassins and unplanned pregnancies. I promise.”

“Okay,” she said with a shy nod. It didn’t seem the appropriate time to tell her what had happened to Ava, but Brody had explained that the Oracle’s receptacles seemed to be different. It was amazing, really. Angus had never even considered getting married and making babies, but with Kristen, ideas like that kept popping into his head. He could almost visualize her swollen with his and Dyson’s babies. But it was a random thought that caught him by surprise. If they hadn’t known the Oracle’s receptacles were capable of interbreeding they might not have used condoms and could right now be creating a new life. It was strange how a thought that would have terrified him merely weeks ago seemed so appealing now.

Angus leaned over, caressed Kristen’s spine as she and Dyson slowly started to move, and tried not to think about the future just now.


* * * *


Dyson was really glad that he’d thought to grab a condom. He hated the damn things but the pleasure on Kristen’s face had made it all worthwhile. He wasn’t entirely convinced that the Oracle’s receptacles could breed with demons, but he was willing to protect Kristen regardless.

She moved slowly, lifting off his cock and then sliding back down, the wonder on her face confirming that she’d never experienced this position before. Had her previous lover been so self-centered that he hadn’t noticed the sensual woman underneath the shy demeanor? Dyson trapped her hips in his hands, holding her suspended above him. He thrust his cock up into her pussy, slamming into her over and over, watching the pleasure on her face multiply as her orgasm drew near once more.

She was panting, writhing in his hold, begging with her body for more when Angus pulled her away from him. She squeaked in surprise as Angus arranged her on her hands and knees, her breasts swinging over Dyson’s face as Angus thrust into her from behind.

Dyson latched on to her breast, sucking the hard tip into his mouth and tormenting the tumescent flesh with his tongue. He slid a hand across her belly, slipping lower until he found the soft curls covering her mons and the hard nub of her clit. She groaned as he slid his fingers over the swollen little bud, sucking harder against her breast as Angus fucked her faster.


* * * *


Kristen screamed as her climax burst, her arms and legs shaking violently, barely able to hold her up. Her pussy clenched and throbbed around Angus’s thick cock, and he held still, grinding his pelvis against her ass as he pushed his cock as deeply as it would go into her body. She could feel him pulsing inside her, a feeling of feminine power winding through her as he groaned out his own release. He slid his hands around her, lifting her upper body against his, the arm around her waist a more possessive embrace than anything she’d ever known.

He held her close as her orgasm subsided and her skin became oversensitive. She jolted several times, his soft touch sending waves of heat flowing through her entire body. Dyson rolled to his knees, his touch against the side of her face amazingly affectionate.

“You look very beautiful like this.” Dyson ran a finger over her mouth, pressing against her bottom lip until her mouth fell open. “One day soon I want to slide my cock into your mouth while Angus fucks you just like this.” He leaned up to run his tongue over the surprised smile on her lips. She’d read about oral sex, but until this very moment she’d never understood the appeal. “But first I need to fuck you.”

Before she could react, Angus had slipped from her body and Dyson had arranged her on her back. A small sliver of disappointment wound through her when she recognized the missionary position, but she wasn’t about to reject the man or complain when everything they’d done so far had felt so wonderful.

But when Dyson hooked his fingers around her ankles and encouraged her to draw her knees to her chest, she realized that this was definitely not going to be anything she’d experienced before.

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