Cherry Hill 15: A Love to Kill For (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,798
10 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

Emerson was forced by her ex to leave Cherry Hill a year ago. She learned the hard way that he didn't love her, and really didn't have good intentions. This is her new start. She's a lot wiser, and a bit more cautious when it comes to men. That is until she meets two men separately and feels an attraction. She's resistant, of course, but as she rents a cottage from one of the men, and soon meets his brothers, she realized they are all related and represent everything she fears. They're hardcore, had commanding attitudes and are soldiers. Can she take a chance to trust them when they're similar to her ex?

They break down her defenses. She confides in them about her ex and his betrayal, and they share their fears, as well. These are real men. Capable, seasoned, sexy, and experienced, and when she's with them, she is safe and well loved. So when one of her new lovers is involved in a case and her ex is being investigated, some friction starts. Add in a serial rapist out for the one he desires and there's a whole lot of danger brewing, and one individual ready to kill for love.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Cherry Hill 15: A Love to Kill For (LoveXtreme)
10 Ratings (4.4)

Cherry Hill 15: A Love to Kill For (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,798
10 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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“That’s her? The brunette in the shorts and tank top?” Raven asked, as he, Beretta, and Harley looked from their yard to the cottage. The woman moving in had a bunch of guys with trucks helping her and a couple of other women. There was music playing, not too loudly, but they were laughing and having fun. Raven crossed his arms in front of his chest. “How the fuck old is she, Harley? Is this a sign of parties and loud music into the wee hours of the fucking morning?” Raven barked at him.

“You sound like an old man,” Beretta chimed in. Harley snorted.

“Let’s just hope it’s because all those guys are there helping her move in,” Harley said.

“You need to make sure she knows not to be throwing parties and shit or that place will turn into a pigsty,” Raven complained and then walked by the side of the house. What the fuck was Harley thinking, renting that place to some twenty-year-old party girl? As he headed to his truck to grab the tool box he heard someone calling out. He turned to look and sure enough, the brunette was heading over to him. The closer she got the less angry he became. The woman was gorgeous and her body incredible. As she smiled wide, he almost smiled back, but he was pissed off and didn’t know why.

Suddenly she stopped short. Her jaw dropped. “Oh God, I’m so sorry, I thought you were Harley,” she said. Her face went flush and she looked him over then looked back toward her friends. They were all still carrying things into the house.

“Emerson,” his brother Harley called out and came over. As she turned Raven checked out her ass in the shorts, her toned, tanned thighs, and her full large breasts.

“Hi, Harley. I thought he was you,” she said and then glanced back at Raven. “Sorry to bother you. I’ll let you get back to what you were doing,” she said and then Harley was there. His brother looked her over. He supposed that he and Harley were very similar. Especially now with their beards, shoulder length hair, and physiques.

“This is my brother, Raven. Raven, meet our new tenant, Emerson,” he said, introducing them.

“Brother? Oh, okay, so I don’t feel so stupid thinking he was you,” she said and pointed to Raven and then back to Harley. Harley smiled and it shocked Raven.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, and Raven didn’t reach his hand out to hers to shake. Instead he gave her the once over and continued to pull stuff from the back of the truck. He heard her mumble something but then Harley was talking to her.

“One of my friends, who works in construction, was wondering about the granite in the kitchen and where you found it. He and his brothers all work construction and build houses and they’ve never seen anything like it,” she said to him.

“Oh, well, it’s—”

“None of their business. It’s custom-made and cut. We picked out the stone and had it made into that piece, so they can’t match it or whatever,” Raven snapped at her.

“Raven,” Harley interrupted, but then Emerson was already stepping back.

“Sorry to bother you.”

“Hey, my brother can be uptight sometimes about things. He’s right though, we basically got it cut for us after we found the piece. So it’s one of a kind.”

“Nice, Harley. Thanks.”

“Hey, and keep the music down, too. Not sure if Harley told you no parties either. We work around here,” Raven snapped at her and the expression on her face shocked him.

“Raven,” Harley said his name again, but Emerson backstepped.

“Sorry. I won’t bother you again.” She walked away and Raven ran his fingers through his hair. He looked back and Jesus, the woman had a perfect ass, and she smelled incredible. She was gorgeous, young and he just acted like a dick.

“What the fuck was that all about? She’s a sweet woman, and friendly.”

“Maybe someone needs to think with the right head here and lay down rules.”

Harley just stared at Raven, who was looking straight ahead at their house. He was gripping the side of the truck. Then they heard laughter, and turned to see the guys packing up their truck and getting ready to leave. Raven wondered which one of those guys was her boyfriend, or maybe more than one? Would they have to sit over here and watch men pull up at night and stay with her? The series of thoughts flashed through his mind from out of left field, and then came the jealous feelings.

“She’s gorgeous, man. You’re out of practice, like me,” Harley said to him. Raven glanced up at Harley, who leaned against the truck right next to him and looked toward the cottage.

“What the fuck does that even mean?” Raven barked.

“It means I saw the way you were in a dead stare at her when she approached. She caught your interest immediately and you nearly smiled. She’s likable.”

“She’s trouble, and you should have denied renting her the place. It was meant for someone who will take care of it, not trash it.”

“Emerson won’t trash it. There’s a classiness about her, a sweetness and she’s respectful.”

“You make her sound perfect.”

“Hell no, she isn’t perfect. Her sweetness nearly got her in a jam the other day in town.”

“What?” Raven asked and then Harley explained what happened.

“She was talking to Coda though, so maybe she’s thinking about taking some self-defense lessons. That isn’t your problem, man, and it wouldn’t be smart to try and get the tenant in bed.”

“I’m not trying to get her into bed. Holy shit, you really are at a loss right now? You felt an attraction to her, didn’t you?” Harley asked.

“Who wouldn’t? She’s got a great ass, big breasts, sweet voice, incredible smile, and she’s young and would be easy to manipulate into bed. What else could a guy ask for?”




Raven kissed Emerson’s neck as she calmed her breathing. She felt so delicate and precious in his arms. An overwhelming sense of protectiveness filled him and he was shocked. He didn’t know how to handle it, but he knew he would do anything to protect Emerson from further harm. She definitely trusted too easily. Was sweet as could be, and perhaps an easy target. He didn’t like that and as his woman, she would need to change that kind of thinking. He really wanted to find out who this dick was and kick his ass.

He took his own steady breaths as he lifted up and stroked her throat as she watched him with those sensual green eyes of hers. “I’m sorry, we’re sorry that you went through that. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy to put it behind you or forget about that dick. He’s done though. He isn’t part of you anymore. You’ve fought to move on.”

Her chest lifted up and down. “You see why I’m so scared to let go and try this with you? I knew one day I would want to try again, maybe with one man, but meeting all four of you has totally sent me into an emotional roller coaster.”

“But you’re not saying that ménage doesn’t interest you?” Cassius asked.

“A ménage relationship with only the four of you interests me,” she admitted and then nibbled her bottom lip and her face went flush.

“God damn, baby, you are so shy and sweet. You’re practically a virgin,” Raven said and lowered down to nip her neck.

She giggled and swatted at his arm. “I’m glad I told you guys. It feels better somehow, but also like I’m naked, and revealed all of me and you’re still fully dressed.”

“We can change that right now,” Beretta said and pulled off his shirt. Her eyes widened at all the muscles on Beretta’s chest and she closed her eyes and Raven snorted.

“I think we’re in serious trouble here,” he said and then lifted her skirt to her breasts and began to kiss her belly, then lower down to lick her cunt. She moaned as he maneuvered his fingers and tongue into her panties. When she started to rock her hips, his brothers joined in and in no time she was naked on the lounge chair with them shirtless, surrounding her.

“Oh God, please. Please, Raven,” she moaned as Harley and Cassius pushed her arms above her head and lowered down to feast on her bare breasts. Raven suckled and thrust fingers into her cunt.

“She sure is coming a lot. You need to share, Raven,” Beretta told him.

Raven lifted up and took in the sight of their woman. He slid his palm up her chest then back down and over her groin as he lifted up.

“Our woman is incredible,” Raven said. “Fuck that. Our woman is hot,” Beretta said and he took Raven’s place. Raven watched, and took in the sight before him. Cassius and Harley were sucking on Emerson’s large breasts, trying to cup each globe but were unsuccessful. She was built for big men like them. Beretta had her luscious toned thighs over his shoulders and was eating her out, and fingering her.

“Look at me, baby,” Raven said from behind Beretta. She locked gazes with him. Her eyes glazed over, her chest lifting up and down as his brothers feasted on her tits. “You are going to be our woman, and we’re going to be your men. We will never hurt you, Emerson. Not ever,” Raven told her and Beretta did something to her because she gasped and cried out another orgasm.

“A nice, tight asshole. I think our woman was made for us, big time,” Beretta said.

“Time to switch. Now,” Cassius said and Raven and Beretta chuckled as both Cassius and Harley lifted up and Beretta leaned over Emerson and kissed her on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and shivered. “Inside,” Cassius ordered and Beretta lifted her up and against him, and carried her into the house. The sight of Beretta’s large hand on Emerson’s ass was enough to make Raven feel like coming in his pants.

Beretta sat on her bed with her straddling his hips.

“A king-sized bed. Perfect,” Harley commented as he pulled off his shirt.

“Invite us to stay, Emerson,” Beretta said as he cupped her jaw. Cassius moved in behind her as Beretta fell backward.

“Oh God, but we did so much already,” she said and panted then gasped as Cassius slid fingers into her cunt from behind.

“You want us like we want you. What does it matter if it’s on the first date or the tenth?” Beretta asked and drew her down for a kiss. She moaned into his mouth and Raven and Harley undid their pants. Beretta released her lips. “Yes to making love to us together tonight?” he asked.

“Oh God, I hope I don’t regret this,” she exclaimed and panted.

Cassius slid his other hand up her back to her shoulder and leaned over her back as he thrust fingers into her cunt. “No way in hell any of us will regret this. It’s the beginning, baby. Do we need condoms?” he asked.

“I have an IUD.”

“We’re safe, you already know it’s been over a year for all of us,” Raven told her as he climbed up onto the bed. Beretta cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Oh,” she moaned.

“We’re yours, too, baby. Let’s make love together,” Raven told her and kissed her on the mouth.

When he pulled back, Cassius and Beretta got her into position. Beretta shimmied out of his pants and underwear and Cassius did as well. He kissed her bare shoulder, cupped her breast and nibbled on her ear. “After tonight, we’re one. You’re our woman and we’re your men,” he said.

“I want that. I want this so badly it aches.”

“I ache, too, sweetie,” Beretta said as he stroked his cock. Raven and Harley watched in awe as she slowly lowered down over Beretta and began to explore his cock then take it into her mouth.

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