Their Sexy Christmas Elf (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,476
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Menage, Contemporary, Billionaires, MFM, HEA]

Brittany Snow’s event company plans Jeremy and Shane’s Christmas party, but will she plan on spending time with them when they ask her?

Jeremy and Shane Matthews have taken a step back from their careers, but Brittany seems reluctant to do the same. Can they convince her to do the same or is their relationship destined to fail?

Brittany slowly falls in love with the two men and wants to spend more time with them, but she loves her job just as much. It takes time for her to realize that a relationship takes work and that means making sacrifices. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice and put her career on the back burner in order to work on her relationship with Jeremy and Shane?

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Sexy Christmas Elf (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Their Sexy Christmas Elf (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,476
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Shane hadn’t said anything, but he was smiling. She hoped that was a good sign. Jeremy looked as if he’d been hit over the head. She waited for him to ask another question.

“Um, so you can handle everything?” he asked again.

“That’s right. We can handle personal shopping to party planning and anything in between,” she said.

“I see. Can you get me a quote on the full service?” he asked.

“I’ll work all this up and get back with you. It will only be an estimate until I can look at the house, but I can guess,” she said. “Oh, and I’ll need a dollar amount on the party gifts and the personal gifts.”

“On second thought, don’t worry about a quote. You’re hired,” Jeremy said.

“Really?” Brittany nearly squealed. She cleared her throat and smiled. “That’s great. When can I look at the house and how soon can you get me a list of people you want gifts for?” she asked.

“Can we schedule the house for this weekend, say, Saturday afternoon around two?” Shane asked, speaking up for the first time.

“That works for me,” she said, adding it to her calendar.

“We can get you a list of names for presents by the end of next week,” Shane said. “There may be some last-minute gifts, but there always are.”

“Of course,” she said.

“Jeremy? Did you have any more questions?” Shane asked.

Jeremy looked from Shane to her and shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t think of anything. I like the idea of not having to coordinate between two and three companies to get things done. If you can pull this off, you’ll have our business for the foreseeable future,” Jeremy said.

“You’ll be using me from now on. I guarantee you’ll be pleased,” Brittany said, standing. She reached across the table and shook his hand then shook Shane’s. “Thanks for meeting with me.”

Brittany closed down her computer and slipped it back in her bag. They showed her out of the conference room and back to the reception area, where they parted ways. She got on the elevator and did a fist pump as soon as the doors closed. That had gone much better than she’d expected. She’d planned all sorts of spiels to garner their business and she hadn’t had to use a single one of them.

I can’t believe it. I actually got the account. I can’t wait to tell the girls. This is big. If I can pull this off, I’ll get a chance at more larger accounts and my business will move on to the next level.

Once out on the street she quickly flagged down a taxi and relaxed in the heat of the car. This called for a celebration. She’d go out for dinner tonight. She’d see if Rhonda and Jessie could go as well. They were her best friends since college. She sent out a group text and hoped to hear back from them soon.

By the time she reached her office, they’d both agreed to meet at Margaritas for dinner and drinks at six. She hurried inside and began filling in her forms with the information she had so far for the job she’d just landed. She drew up the contract and left the dollar amount blank. She’d fill that in once she had all the pieces in place. First, she needed to see the house and gauge what it would cost to decorate it. Then she needed to get the list of people she would need to shop for. Last, she would add the catering for the party once she had the guest list. Excitement bubbled inside her like expensive champagne.

When she met up with her friends later that evening, they could tell she was brimming with news. She told them about her meeting with Shane and Jeremy Matthews. They were impressed and told her all about the gossip they knew about the two men.

“Did you know they share their women?” Rhonda asked.

“You’re kidding. Like sexually?” Brittany asked.

“Like everything. They take her out together and everything,” Rhonda said. “I can’t believe you didn’t know that. You really should read the entertainment sections of the paper.”

“You mean the gossip columns,” Jessie said with a wry smile.

“Whatever,” Rhonda said.

“Well, I’m not dating them. I’m working for them, so it doesn’t really matter.”



She felt her cheeks heat at the praise. He began unzipping her dress while her eyes were on Shane. He’d pulled off his sweater and folded it, leaving it on the dresser. His wide chest had a sprinkling of hair that led down to disappear into his slacks. He unfastened them and slowly lowered them to reveal black silk boxers. He’d already stepped out of his shoes, so the slacks slid down without a hitch. He draped them over the back of the chair. His boxers were tented in front, letting her know that he was already aroused and ready for her.

Shane didn’t remove his boxers, much to her disappointment. She wanted to see his cock, but her attention was drawn away by Jeremy as he had her step out of her dress. Shane walked over and let her hold on to his broad shoulders while she did. Jeremy draped her dress over the back of another chair.

“Fuck, I love a woman in garters and stockings,” Shane said. “I wish I’d left your shoes on you now. I’d love to see you strut around in them.”

“Next time,” Jeremy said. “Right now, I want her out of them.”

“I’ve got them.” Shane went down on his knees and began unfastening her garters and slowly rolling her stockings down her legs then lifting her foot to pull them off. One at a time, he took care of them before removing the garter belt as well. Now she was left in only her bra and panties.

To her embarrassment, Shane pulled her hips toward him and buried his face in her crotch and inhaled.

“Fucking delicious. I can’t wait to taste you, little elf. You’re going to be pure honey on my lips,” Shane said.

“Handle the panties. I’ve got her bra,” Jeremy said.

In less than a second, the two men had her completely naked and standing before them. She thought she’d feel exposed and uncomfortable, but for some reason she didn’t. Shane led her over to the bed and had her sit down then crawl backwards up to the center of the big bed. He climbed up with her and settled between her legs.

“I want this pussy, but I’ll let you watch Jeremy before I claim it. You won’t be able to concentrate on him while I’m devouring you,” Shane said with a smug smile.

Brittany would have said something smart back at him, but Jeremy pulled his sweater over his head and revealed his equally wide chest. Brittany’s mouth watered.

* * * *

Unlike his brother, Jeremy didn’t have any chest hair. He was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She couldn’t help but lick her lips when he slowly began to unfasten his trousers. He lowered them to reveal red silk boxers. She smiled. Somehow, she would have switched the colors on the two men. Shane should have worn the red ones with Jeremy wearing the black ones. It would have fit their personalities better. Leave it to them to break the molds.

“Like what you see?” Jeremy asked.

“Yep,” she said, popping the p on the end of the word.

“Can’t wait to feel your mouth around my dick, darling. I bet it’s going to be fucking amazing,” he said.

“I can’t wait to taste you. Come closer and I can now,” she said.

“Not while Shane is going down on you. I like my dick where it is. Attached to my body,” Jeremy said with a chuckle.

She started to say something back when Shane stopped her with a wet tongue to her pussy from the bottom to the top, making her gasp.

“See what I mean?” Jeremy asked.

All she could do was nod. Shane wasn’t playing around. He ran his tongue all around her clit then back down her slit to suck in her pussy lips one at a time. She squirmed beneath him, but he put his hand on her belly and held her down.

“Watch her, Jeremy. She’s trying to get away from me,” Shane teased.

“I’ve got her.”

Jeremy lay alongside her and latched on to one of her breasts with his hot, wet mouth. She gasped as he sucked hard on the globe while squeezing the other one. Then he pulled back and sucked hard on the nipple before nipping at it with gentle bites. Brittany moaned. With both men working her over she was helpless to focus on any one area of her body. The stimulations were getting all mixed up in her head. She was overwhelmed and moving too fast toward a pleasure that was sure to drive her insane when it hit.

Shane swirled his tongue inside her slit then stiffened it and fucked her with it while he gripped her ass with his hands. She couldn’t help but grind her pussy in his face as he ran his stiffened tongue up and around her clit once more. He chuckled as she tried to chase him with her body.

“Uh, uh. None of that, little elf. I’ll take care of you. Just settle down,” Shane said.

“You’re driving me crazy. Both of you are,” she whined.

Shane thrust two fingers deep inside her cunt and pumped them as he licked at her clit then sucked on her pussy lips again. Brittany moaned and humped him as he moved his fingers in and out of her pussy. When he curved them to reach her sweet spot, Brittany nearly came undone.

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