Their Sexy Hitchhiker (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,800
5 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary, Billionaires, MFM, HEA]

Chrissy loves her job, but if being with Quinn and Link will cause her to lose it which will she choose? Them or the job?

Link and Quinn know that Chrissy is the woman for them, but how can they convince her to risk the job she loves? They’re Houston’s most eligible bachelors and are hounded by the press all the time, so being with them means giving up her privacy.

Chrissy knows that they are worth losing her job, but if they are just stringing her along, she doesn’t want to end up losing everything including them in the long run. Should she risk it all to stay with them or should she leave them now while she still had a job she loves to fall back on?

Link and Quinn want Chrissy to choose them over her job, but is it fair to force her to choose when they haven’t given her a reason to stay?

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Sexy Hitchhiker (MFM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Their Sexy Hitchhiker (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,800
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


She soon relaxed and began to enjoy the ride. There was something freeing about riding a bike. The wind didn’t bother her with the helmet on. She bet it was a problem for Link though with just that small helmet on. She still thought he should have kept the full mask and let her take the small one.

“How are you doing?” Quinn asked her a while later.

“I’m doing great. This is fun,” she said.

“Glad you’re enjoying it. We’ll stop again in about an hour. You’ll need to stretch your legs. If you’re not used to riding, they’ll get stiff and ache,” he said. “Tell Link to take exit one-fifty-one.”

Chrissy leaned up closer to Link’s ear and shouted what Quinn had said. He nodded and told her okay.

When they stopped at the gas station, she realized that Quinn was right. Her legs felt like spaghetti noodles and her crotch still felt like it was vibrating. What a feeling. Who needed a silver bullet when they could ride a bike for a couple of hours to get themselves going? She pulled off her helmet and handed it to Link.

“I better run to the bathroom while we’re stopped,” she said.

“Wait inside until we get you. It’s not safe to wait out here alone,” Link said.

“Okay.” She didn’t know what he was talking about, but she would take his word for it.

She finished her business and washed up then walked around the store for a few minutes before waiting by the door for the guys to come get her. Quinn waved at her as he checked out. He handed her a bottle of water and ordered her to drink up.

“Riding dehydrates you. Need to drink plenty of water,” he said.

She drained the bottle and tossed it into the trash. Then she followed him outside where Link was already waiting on them. He handed her the helmet and strapped it on for her.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“Good. This is fun,” she said.

“We’ll be stopping for the night in another three hours. Not riding at night,” he said.

“Okay,” she said and wondered what she would do then. Maybe they would let her sleep on the couch in their room.

It was getting close to dusk when they pulled into a decent hotel parking lot. It wasn’t a fancy one, but it wasn’t a Motel Six either. She breathed a sigh of relief when they had her follow them inside. They ordered one room with two beds. When they walked into the room she smiled. It was clean and nice, and the little love seat looked comfortable enough she could sleep fine.

She immediately went over and kicked off her shoes and sat down, stretching her feet out on the opposite end.

“What are you doing?” Link asked.

“Getting comfortable.”

“You can have the bathroom first. Then you get one of the beds,” he said.

“You guys are too tall to fit on the love seat,” she said.

“Let us worry about that. Go grab a shower,” Link said.

Chrissy grabbed her pack and walked into the bathroom. She was glad they offered the amenities such as shampoo and soap. She took a long shower and washed her hair as well as conditioned it. When she got out, she dried off then blow dried her hair before putting on her sleep shirt and panties. She felt a little uncomfortable stepping out in just that T-shirt, but she didn’t have a robe and the hotel didn’t offer one.

Finally, she realized she couldn’t put it off any longer and walked out of the bathroom. Both men were sitting down working on some sort of tablet. Link was on the love seat and Quinn sat at the desk.

Quinn looked up. “Finished?”

“Yeah. Sorry I took so long, but it’s been a while since I could wash my hair,” she said.

“No problem. Gave the water time to warm back up. I’ll go next,” he said and put away his tablet.

Link looked up. “Go ahead and decide which bed you want. Do you want me to turn on the TV?” he asked.

“Only if you want it on. I don’t watch a lot of TV,” she said.

“If you don’t mind it, I’ll watch the news,” he said and grabbed the remote off the bedside table. He turned it on then scrolled through the channels till he found one of the twenty-four news stations. She felt safe with them for some reason and soon was drifting off until the bed dipped at some point and she realized that someone had gotten in the bed with her. She jackknifed up and yelled.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Link asked, looking at her.

“What are you doing?” she yelped.

“Going to sleep. You’re safe. I’m not going to touch you. See? I’m on top of the covers. Like you said, I won’t fit on the loveseat and you need a bed to sleep on. Just go to sleep. Nothing’s going to happen, Chrissy,” Link said.

“But you’re in the bed with me,” she said.

“Doesn’t mean anything. I’m not going to hurt you. I promise. I’m just going to sleep. That’s all. Go to sleep, hon. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover tomorrow,” he said.


He slid his hands under her T-shirt and slowly lifted it over her head. When it slid free of her arms, he dropped it to the floor and kissed the top mounds of her breasts. Then he pulled her in for a kiss. This one was far from chaste. He swept in and devoured her mouth until she didn’t know where he left off and she began. Fire raced through her bloodstream even as sweat beaded her brow. He was building a raging fire inside of her and only he and Quinn were going to be able to put it out.

He sucked on her tongue until she moaned into his mouth. Then Quinn was there, nipping at her shoulders as he unfastened her bra and slid it off her shoulders. Only Link’s chest against hers kept it up. Quinn tugged at it so that the material rasped across her swollen nipples as he pulled it free of her breasts. Now Link’s T-shirt abraded her overly sensitive nipples as he slanted his mouth over hers and took the kiss even deeper.

She felt Quinn at her feet working on her shoes. He was bound and determined to undress her. She nearly giggled at it, but then Link closed one hand over her breast and squeezed and all she could think about was his hand and his lips and how good both felt. When he pulled away from her mouth, she almost chased his lips.

“Easy, honey. Let Quinn finish undressing you. I need to get undressed as well,” he said.

She watched as he grabbed his T-shirt by the back and pulled it over his head in one fell swoop. She took in his slightly hairy chest and the dark trail that led lower to disappear into his jeans. He chuckled and unfastened his jeans as Link unfastened hers and lowered them at the same time Link lowered his. She hissed out a breath at the sight of Link’s swollen cock pressed tightly against boxers that barely contained it.

“Fuck, Link, you were right. She’s saturated down here,” Quinn said. He rubbed her pussy through her panties and snapped her attention away from Link’s cock. She moaned at the sudden stimulation.

Quinn lowered her panties and held her hand as she stepped out of them and her jeans at the same time. He held her panties up to his nose and inhaled. His eyes rolled back as he growled.

“So damn good. I can’t wait to taste you,” he said. “Here, Link.” He tossed them to Link, who caught them with one hand.

Link held them to his nose and inhaled as well. He smiled with his mouth open, much as a feral cat would.

“Exquisite. She’ll taste like the finest cream. We both get a taste of her, Quinn,” Link said.

Chrissy stood before them completely naked now and suddenly she felt vulnerable. She crossed her hands over her breasts and looked around for something to put on.

“Whoa, baby girl. None of that. You’re okay. Let’s get you on the bed where you can relax,” Quinn said.

She took his hand as he led her up the steps to the bed and helped her lie back. He arranged a pillow beneath her head then kissed her so that she no longer felt exposed. She moaned into his mouth as he explored her mouth then thrust his tongue deep before coaxing hers out to play. When he slowly withdrew, she felt better. Then he sucked on her nipples and all thoughts of vulnerability and exposure went out the window. All she could do was feel as he suckled at her breasts.

Link climbed on the bed and stretched out next to her. He smiled down into her face and kissed her nose before he took over sucking and pulling on her nipples as Quinn began kissing his way down her abdomen toward her pussy. Chrissy knew where he was headed and couldn’t wait to find out what it would be like to have a man lick her there. The many books she’d read had described it as orgasmic, to say the least. She knew books exaggerated, but it had to feel good, right?

When he got to the spot where her pelvis and thighs met, she squirmed beneath his kisses. It tickled so much she started giggling. He laughed and teased her mercilessly before finally having mercy on her and moving down where he licked and kissed all along the inside of both thighs. She bucked between both men as Quinn seemed to be postponing his assault of her pussy.

Maybe he didn’t really want to lick her and was putting it off until he had to. Disappointment hit her that it had been all talk when in truth they were like most men and didn’t really want to go down on her. She started to tell him it was okay, he didn’t have to when he suddenly licked up her slit, making her jerk so that she nearly tossed Link off her chest.

“That got a reaction,” Link said with a chuckle.

Quinn licked her again and again, then spread her pussy lips apart and began to lap at her like a dog at his water bowl after a long game of fetch. She squirmed and begged as he circled her clit with the tip of his tongue then stabbed her pussy with his tongue over and over again. When he entered her with his fingers and began to pump them in and out of her cunt, she nearly screamed in pleasure.

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