Their Sexy Waitress (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,285
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]

Tessa is in love with Hudson and Asher, but will they be able to make it work when society gets in the way? Hudson is pursued by the media. When they focus their attention on him, he thinks walking away from Tessa is his only choice. Will it backfire and burn them all?

Asher and Tessa continue their relationship though Tessa still loves Hudson despite seeing him with other women. She misses him but knows that if he doesn’t love her it won’t work. Asher talks her into telling him about her past and convinces her to let him help her out of the situation she is in.

When the press finally digs up her dark past and pastes it all over the social papers, she is devastated. Will she let Hudson back into their lives when he confesses that he left her in hopes it would keep the media away from her, or will she refuse to allow anyone who lied to her back into her life after the way her first husband had treated her?


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Sexy Waitress (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Their Sexy Waitress (MFM)

Broad Street Billionaires 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,285
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Tessa had to draw in a deep breath before she grabbed the tray with the two men’s order and carried it out to them. They were the most handsome men she’d ever seen before. They affected her in ways she’d never been affected before. Her panties were damp, and her heart fluttered every time she’d gone to their table. Now she was going back, and her hands trembled. She was afraid she’d drop everything in their laps.

What was wrong with her? She needed this job and couldn’t afford to make a fool of herself. She walked with a straight back, carrying the tray of food over to their table, then spread the tray holder and set the tray on it so she could deliver their food.

“Here you go. Would either of you like shredded cheese or ground pepper?” she asked.

“No, thanks,” they said.

“Can I get you anything else?” she asked.

“We’d like your phone number,” the one with the shaggy black hair said in a voice so deep it almost hurt to listen to.

She smiled, unsure what to say to that. She finally just laughed and shook her head and took her tray and the holder and walked away. They were kidding, right? Did they really want her number? The man with the short brown hair had the prettiest hazel eyes and an angular face. He looked yummy in the business suit that probably cost more than she made in a year. The other man appeared to be about six feet and was muscular with that shaggy black hair and dark eyes. He wore slacks with a button-down shirt and a jacket but looked just as yummy.

Tessa sighed. They were both beyond her station. She would never appeal to two men like them. They were just teasing her. They didn’t want a waitress like her. She checked her other tables then returned to theirs to check to see if they needed anything else.

“We’re still waiting on your number, princess,” Hazel Eyes said.

“Oh, well we aren’t supposed to give out personal information to the guests,” she said, not really knowing if that was true or not.

“Nonsense. This is The Club. We make the rules, and there are no such rules,” he said.

“Why do you want my phone number?” she asked in a shaky voice.

“So, we can call you and make a date with you later,” the dark-eyed one said.

She gasped. A date? Surely not.

“That number, Tessa?” Hazel Eyes asked.

“I don’t know your names,” she said.

“I’m Hudson, and this is Asher. Pleased to meet you, Tessa,” Hudson said.

So Asher had the shaggy black hair and Hudson had the short brown hair. She hesitated, unsure what to do. Giving her number to strangers seemed dangerous.

Tessa smiled then bit her lower lip. Finally, she tore off an order sheet and wrote her phone number on the back. She folded it and handed it to Hudson.

“Thanks, Tessa. Was that so hard?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said then turned and walked away without asking if they needed anything else.

She had to take a break after that and splash water on her face to cool off. Why had she given in and let them have her phone number? She should have written a bogus one down instead. Would they have gotten her fired if she had? She needed this job. It paid well, and she had bills to pay.

When she returned, she found that they’d already left and had paid the bill, leaving her a fifty-dollar tip. She pocketed the tip with trembling hands. What was she getting herself into?




“Having fun, Tessa?” he asked a few seconds later.

“Yes. You have a lovely home,” she said.

“Thank you.”

The music came to an end, and he slowly let her go. Asher handed her drink back to her, and Hudson led her over to the couch where the three of them sat down with her in the middle.

“Why are you working two jobs?” Hudson pressed once again.

“Look. If you’re going to keep asking me the same questions, I might as well leave,” she said, setting her glass on the coffee table and starting to rise.

“Don’t go,” Asher said. “We’re just concerned that you have to work so much. No one as pretty as you should have to work that hard to make ends meet.”

She settled back on the couch and sighed. “I have bills that I have to pay. Let’s leave it at that. Okay?”

Asher and Hudson exchanged looks but nodded.

“Fair enough,” Hudson said.

Asher leaned in closer to her and kissed the side of her neck before kissing her jaw, and using one finger he turned her chin to face him before he kissed her, taking her breath away. The man could kiss. Her blood heated even as her pussy grew damp with desire. His mouth over hers took her by surprise, and she gasped, allowing him inside hers with his tongue where he caused all kinds of havoc.

Tessa moaned at how good he tasted and how well he played her. She didn’t know if she’d ever recover from the way he made her feel with just that one kiss. Her body was on fire, and her head seemed to spin out of control. Then he pulled back and stared deep into her eyes as if making sure she knew it was him who’d just rocked her world.

Before she’d even had time to process his kiss, Hudson pulled her into his arms. He had her leaning into him with his hands running up and down her arms then her back. He threaded one hand in her hair to palm her head as he lowered his head to take possession of her mouth much as Asher had. There, the similarities in their style ended.

Where Asher took and conquered, Hudson explored and sipped at her mouth as if tasting a favorite wine. He took his time mapping every part of her before sucking on her tongue and thrusting his alongside it. Then he pulled back, sucking on her lip before nipping it and letting her go. She nearly followed after him before catching herself.

“You taste like a warm summer’s rain all fresh and clean. I could kiss you for hours, Tessa,” Hudson whispered against her lips.


“We want you, princess,” Hudson said as he nibbled at her jaw. “We want to make love to you. Will you let us?”

“I don’t know you,” she finally got out.

“What more do you need to know? Ask us anything,” he said.

Tessa couldn’t think as Asher began to kiss and nuzzle the other side of her neck. She was helpless between them, and she hadn’t even had a full drink so she couldn’t blame it on the alcohol. It was all desire that raced through her bloodstream. She wanted them just as much as they said they wanted her.

“I don’t sleep around. I don’t do this,” she finally managed to get out even as her eyes closed to the pleasure they were giving her.

“We know that, princess,” Hudson said.

“Let us make you feel good, Tessa,” Asher said as he sipped at her neck then sucked on her earlobe.

“Oh, God. What are you doing to me?” she whimpered.

“Nothing compared to what we can do if you let us make love to you,” Hudson said.

“I can’t think when you’re doing that,” she said.

“Don’t think. Just feel, princess. Feel what we can give you,” Hudson said.

Tessa’s head was spinning as if she’d had a dozen drinks instead of a couple of sips of one. She shouldn’t say yes, but knew in that instant that she was going to. How could she say no to what she might never get a chance at again? Just once she wanted to feel cherished like these men seemed to be intent on showing her.

“I hope I don’t regret this later,” she began.

“You won’t,” Asher said, cutting off her sentence. He stood, and leaning over, he picked her up and carried her toward a hallway across the room.

Tessa gasped at the strength in his arms as he carried her down the hallway to a bedroom at the end. Asher slowly let her down his body until she was standing before him. Once he was sure she had her feet under her, he stepped back and smiled.

“You look good in here.”

Hudson walked in behind them and started unfastening the buttons of his shirt. He shrugged out of it and tossed it on a chair in the corner of the room. Then he walked over toward her and cupped her face in both hands to kiss her once more.

“You’re going to enjoy this more than you think possible,” Hudson said.

He continued kissing her as Asher slid behind her and began unzipping her dress. She wanted to stop and explain that she hadn’t expected this to happen and that she hadn’t worn her best underwear, but then she didn’t have any fancy underwear. All she had was her plain, white utilitarian bra and panties. Shame washed over her, stealing her blissful high, and she pulled away from Hudson as Asher revealed her body by sliding her dress down her arms.

“What’s wrong, princess?” Hudson asked.

“I can’t do this. I’m not like the women you’re used to,” she said, pushing her dress back up, clenching it at her neck.

“Easy, Tessa,” Asher said. “That’s the reason we’re so attracted to you. You’re sweet and fresh and nothing like them.”

“You’re nothing like them. They’re scheming and conniving and out for no one but themselves. We want you, Tessa. Just you,” Hudson said, rubbing his hands up and down her bare arms.

“I don’t understand what you see in me. I’m not sophisticated or pretty like them.”

“You’re beautiful, Tessa,” Asher said. “You’ve got the perfect body, all curves, and that hair is gorgeous. I can’t believe you don’t see yourself for what you are.”

“No one has ever called me pretty before,” she said.

“They’re fools then,” Hudson said.

He leaned in and kissed her again, silencing all the protests in her head once more. This time when Asher slid her dress off her arms she didn’t protest. The dress pooled at her feet. Asher urged her to step out of it. She had no idea what he did with it, but in that moment, she didn’t care. She was too lost in Hudson’s kiss.

Somewhere in time she lost her bra and panties as she explored Hudson’s bare chest with her hands. While he wasn’t built like a bodybuilder, he had a wide chest that was muscular and hard. His abdomen was tight with no hint of flab. She surprised herself when she went to his belt and began unfastening it then unfastened his slacks to slip her hand into his pants. She found that he wore silk boxers and his cock was hard and large. She grasped it and squeezed, earning a heartfelt groan from Hudson before he grabbed her wrist and pulled back from their kiss.

“Don’t want this to be over before it begins, precious,” he said.

“I want to taste you,” she said, unsure where her newfound boldness had come from.

“You will. After we take care of you. Let’s get you on the bed, princess.”

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