Protecting His Subs (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,686
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M elements, HEA]
Jackson Malone’s accident in the Tiger’s Lair brings a stroke of luck when he meets Abigail Winters. Decadent thoughts run through his brain as he figures out how he can include her in his life, hoping to introduce her to his lifestyle within the club as well. When he meets her best friend, Tinker Jameson, Jackson finds a third for the budding relationship, and another submissive.
Abigail can’t believe her luck that she has captured Jackson’s attention. She never once believed that she would have the attention of such a handsome and built man like Jackson. When he wants to include Tinker, Abigail can’t believe what the man discovers. Diving into the relationship, she is eager to work on it.
Tinker has cherished his friendship with Abigail, never wanting to rock the boat. He accepts the new relationship, eager to please both Abigail and Jackson. But when Jackson’s past comes back to haunt him, can Tinker keep the three of them together?
Note: This book contains double penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance


Protecting His Subs (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Protecting His Subs (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,686
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Yes!” she exclaimed, and then kicked herself for sounding like a giddy schoolgirl. Clearing her throat, she told herself to settle down as she looked the man up and down. Nodding at Jackson, she replied, “Yes. I see you have recovered.”

Jackson stepped into her comfort zone, causing her to have to look up at the man. His smile was dazzling with straight white teeth behind full lips that looked oh so kissable.

“Yes, I have.” He held the basket out to her. “I wanted to bring this to you to show my thanks. I know the situation wasn’t the best, but you came through.”

Heat rose internally from Abigail’s chest, up through her neck, and into her face. Every time she thought about Jackson Malone, and she thought about him a lot, she would blush. She didn’t know why, but the man got her hot and bothered.

If Jackson noticed her current state, he was kind enough not to say anything. He was still holding the basket, looking at her with that damn smile that could get a nun to masturbate.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she reprimanded as she accepted it. “A simple thank you would suffice.”

“Nonsense. You are not a simple lady; therefore, you deserve something special.”

His words were nearly a chastisement, but also a compliment. For a moment, she thought perhaps he was flirting with her. Needing to not offend, she placed it on the coffee table next to her.

“Thank you,” she said, her eyes lowering.

Tinker was back at her side now that he had fought the door and closed it. For the first time, Abigail felt territorial and wanted Tinker to leave, for it almost seemed as if he was trying to lay claim to her with the new man in the house.

There was an awkward pause, and when Abigail looked up to see what was going on, she found Jackson and Tinker looking at each other. At first, she thought it was because pleasantries weren’t presented yet, but she also felt a thread of sexual tension between them.

Had she been wrong that Jackson had looked at her that night with the eye of a tiger, wanting to eat her up? He was looking at Tinker as if he could get on his knees and give the man a blow job.

The air suddenly took on a sexual air, and Abigail felt uncomfortable. Glancing up at Felix, she hoped she didn’t give him an evil eye. She wanted to see if he noticed what was going on.

“Jackson, this is Tinker. He lives here in the building and has been friends with Abigail for about three years now. Tinker, this is Jackson Malone. He’s a gentleman we had to attend to a while back. The situation was a bit tricky because the electricity had gone out and he was in the basement.” Felix was rambling a bit, as if the situation was a bit abnormal and uncomfortable for him.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear you had problems with the electricity,” Tinker said quickly and with conviction. “We try to keep everyone up and running in all situations.”

Tinker was sometimes looked at as a kiss-ass, but he was sincere and charming. There were times he wore his heart on his sleeve, paying some people’s bills just so he wouldn’t have to cut them off. Most of the people who lived in this apartment complex were working people, but there were a few single mothers who barely made it through their paychecks. Sometimes, when the power bills were higher because of heaters being used, or air conditioners running, Tinker helped them out.

“Oh, really?” Jackson asked, although he didn’t wait for an answer. “It wasn’t anything you could have done to keep it from happening. It was a night like this, and a transformer blew. It just happened at an inopportune time.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Tinker said as he shook Jackson’s hand. “I hope we got it fixed quickly for you.”

“I wouldn’t know. I was in the hospital for a couple of days. Broke my leg and messed up my knee, so they made me stay, at least until I had someone at home to help me out.”

“Your wife wasn’t home when it happened?” Tinker asked.

Abigail knew that Tinker was searching for information, and she nudged him with her elbow. Apparently, it was too hard, for Tinker nearly toppled over. Jackson grabbed hold of the man before he hit the floor.

Once he was standing straight again, Tinker looked down at Abigail and gave her a look that said, What was that for?

She shrugged as she looked down, shame filling her.

“Well, guys,” Felix began, “I need to run over to the firehouse and thought perhaps you could entertain Jackson for me.”

Abigail was surprised that her head didn’t fall off her neck with how quickly she turned to look at Felix. He was up to something, but she feared whatever it was was going to backfire since Tinker and his friend seemed more interested in each other.

“I guess,” she said, defeat evident in her voice. “I’m sure he’ll be well taken care of.”

Felix’s brows knit together at her words. How could he know she had a crush on the man from the minute she had seen him?

When he headed for the door, he pulled the hood from his coat up over his head as he went, Abigail following him. Before he opened the door, he leaned over a bit and whispered in Abigail’s ear, “Don’t blow this. He’s interested, has been since the minute he saw you.”

“But,” she began to interrupt.

“He’s bi,” Felix went on. “Give him a chance.”

She was still confused as to what was going on. This visit was obviously a setup. A setup that was going badly.




Jackson’s lips curled into a wicked smile as he used his foot to move the ottoman that was in his way to the side. As he knelt between her spread legs, he never took his eyes off her cunt. “Take off your pants, boy,” he ordered as he slid his hands up her shins. “Then kneel next to baby girl on the couch.”

Tinker did as he was instructed, not hesitating a beat. He had to move the zipper down gingerly for the bulge that was behind it made it difficult to do. Abigail watched as the gold zipper went down. Tinker’s cock sprang forward. Long, hard, and thick, it sprouted out of a trimmed patch of dark hair. At the tip was a bead of liquid, causing her mouth to water.

Carefully, he got on the sofa, his dick so close to her. She longed to touch it, to slip it in her mouth, but she refrained, not wanting to upset Jackson.

Jackson’s hands moved past her knees on the insides of her thighs until his fingers stopped at the edge of her panties. His gaze stayed on her face, as if he was gauging her reactions.

“Lift your ass,” he ordered, not bothering to curb his words.

Doing as she was told, she raised her butt off the sofa, and Jackson quickly pulled the panties down until they were to her knees. She lowered herself as he gathered the black silky material in both hands and ripped them apart. A shriek escaped her.

“You don’t need these anymore. In fact, at home, you are not to wear panties at all.”

That surprised her and caused her face to heat up again.

“Oh, look at that cunt!” he admired. “Freshly waxed.”

Tinker had taken Abigail to a salon earlier in the day and had them wax her pussy. It hurt like hell, but when she felt it afterward, she found she liked it. It was so smooth, making her feel decadent. Now, Jackson was looking at it like he could eat her up. Well, she was hoping he would.

His face disappeared between her legs in an instant. She felt his hot breath a microsecond before his mouth was covering her mound. Her hips rose up as she tried to get him to take more of her, but he pulled back. A sardonic grin appeared on his full lips.

“Keep your butt on the sofa, or I’ll have to tie you down,” he warned.

His face was still close to her pussy as he spoke. Hot breath fanned her flesh. His words went straight to her core. She felt cream leak from her slit as she lowered her hips. The threat of being tied down kicked her arousal up to the next level, but she wanted to be good for him.

Jackson made her wait before he lowered his head again. The moment his mouth covered her, a moan escaped her. His tongue swept up her slit, and the groan that escaped him caused little vibrations to tingle against her skin.

Abigail had never had a man do what Jackson was doing. The men she had dated had played with her there, but not once had a mouth been pressed against her.

Not wanting to know how many women, or men, Jackson had had before her, Abigail tried to think of what he was doing with his tongue. He was an expert with it.

Starting from her opening, he moved up through the channel between her labia, and then he struck her clit. When her hips began to rise, she looked down and found Jackson looking up at her from the position he held. Moving back down, she let a moan of delight.

Sharp zings shot out from her clit to the other parts of her pussy as Jackson repeatedly licked over the hard bundle of nerves. Every so often, he would drag his teeth across her clit, causing her to cry out.

Her hands found Jackson’s shoulders, and she found herself holding tight to him as he continued his assault. Currents of electricity coursed through her cunt and then out to further edges of her pussy. To her surprise, Jackson slipped a finger inside of her pussy.

She felt her vaginal walls trying to hold on to his finger when he began to pull out. He twisted his hand and his finger slid back in, this time to where the pad of his finger touched a sweet spot as he pulled out again.

Several times he repeated the action, the whole time sucking on her clit. When he added another finger, she couldn’t help herself as she exclaimed, “Aarrggghh.”

Jackson began to shuttle his fingers in and out of her pussy. Each time he hit the spot on the upper wall of her cunt. Soon, she felt a tingling sensation begin from that area. With each pass, the sensation grew until it was consuming her core.

It felt so good, she was lost to his touch. It felt as if an explosion occurred within her, electricity shooting out to all areas of her body. She had no control of her body as her hips rose from the couch and her back arched. It felt as if she came all the way in her fingers and toes as her hearing turned into white noise. She had closed her eyes, but even with them closed, fireworks exploded behind her eyelids.

Abigail wasn’t sure how long her massive orgasm lasted, but when she finally came back to herself, she found herself still holding on to Jackson’s shoulders, her nails digging into his skin.

He didn’t seem to mind, for he had Tinker’s cock in his mouth, moving up and down on the long thick shaft. Tinker’s head was tossed back as his hips moved to meet Jackson’s mouth, the two working together.

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