Learning to Love & Submit (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,070
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Menage Amour: Consensual BDSM Contemporary Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense Romance, MMF, with MM elements, bondage, flogging, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Time after time Thomas Thompson, the resident dungeon monitor of the Tiger’s Lair, has seen his friends fall into relationships.  Ménages at that.  He wants what his friends have.  Love and the submission of a man and woman. 

Security guard Gerard Monahan has been drooling over Thomas for quite a while but has yet to do anything about it since his position seemed so lowly compared to Thomas’s.  He realizes he needs to do something about his feelings.

All her life, Carrie Newton wanted love but never received it from the person she craved it from the most.  Studying hard, she has made a good life for herself.  Working a second job wasn’t something she wanted to do, but she did it.  After an invitation to the Tiger’s Lair, Carrie steps into a new world and meets Thomas and Gerard, and her heart has found new life. 

Can Carrie learn submission to find happiness?  Can the three find love together? 

Learning to Love & Submit (MMF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Learning to Love & Submit (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,070
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Once their drinks were sitting before them and they had privacy, Thomas covered Carrie’s hand with his. “So, little one, tell us about yourself.”

Oh, God, no! She always hated talking about herself, especially when it came to her childhood. Perhaps she would skip that part.

“I’m a mental health counselor. For children,” she added. “I also drive for a ride-share company.”

Thomas looked impressed at the beginning of her state, but then concern settled on his face. “Why do you drive? It’s dangerous out there.”

He sounded like Mistress Eliza. “I have student loans to pay off. I should be able to stop in a couple of months.”

“But you have years to pay those off,” Gerard said, drawing her attention to him.

“I know. I just don’t like having that hanging over my head.” 

“That’s always a smart way of think. However, doing something that puts you in danger isn’t,” Thomas pointed out.

Carrie shrugged. She knew it was. She just hated people pointing it out to her.

“I don’t mean to be a pain, but I won’t let the people I’m involved with put themselves in danger.” Thomas sounded serious.

Really? Was he telling her what she could and couldn’t do? She cocked an eyebrow at him. His own arched back at her challengingly.

As if he was defusing the situation, Gerard said, “We can discuss that later, sugar. So,” he asked with a smile, “what did you think of the club?”

She looked back at the guard, who was now wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt with ‘Owens’s Rocky Mountain Security Co.’ in white lettering across his chest. She had to admit the man looked scrumptious in the jeans when they were walking out to their cars from the club. Thomas looked just as good in his blue jeans.

“It was different. Interesting, but different.” 

“Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?” he asked before taking a sip of his soda.

Carried turned her glass around repeatedly with her free hand. She needed a moment to think about her answer.

Thomas squeezed her hand, a reminder that he was there, not that she could forget. What the three of them had shared a couple of hours ago was seared in her brain. It was something she would never forget.

All in all, she found the club fascinating, and truthfully, stimulating. People walked around being themselves, in whatever form of kink they wished. She dealt with trying to draw people out of their shells, to be the real them, every day. The club was, in essence, a form of therapy. Its members had found a way to release their inhibitions and have fun while doing it.

As she explained her feelings to her men, she felt freer in a way. She’d had to have a tight hold on her thoughts, her actions, for so long, she had never been able to have fun. Everything she had done up until she had walked into the club had been a part of a goal she had set up for herself to accomplish, because that was how she had taught herself how to live since she was a small child.

She learned early on to cook her ramen noodles, and sometimes she had them several times a day when her mother hadn’t been grocery shopping for a while. Carrie had to get herself up each morning for school, so Child Protective Services didn’t show up for her being continually late or absent too much, which had happened several times. Covering for her mother had started at a young age. Wasn’t it time to find herself, and have fun doing it?

“Will you come back to the club?” Thomas asked.

Tonight, she had wanted to go to the club to check out why Eliza had been so happy with her lifestyle choice, and to see if it was something Carrie would be interested in. She had the answer to both questions, but was it something she could fit into her schedule?

At least for now, Wednesday nights were open for the classes, but the late-night thing wouldn’t be feasible since she worked late two other nights a week. “I will attend the classes.”

Disappointment settled on Thomas’s face. A glance at Gerard revealed the same thing.

“We still want to see you, and our lives are at the club five nights a week for work,” Gerard said.

Yeah, this wasn’t going to work out.

“You’ll be working, so what fun would it be for me to just hang around the club?” she asked nervously.

The two had insinuated themselves into her feelings, and it would be disappointing not to give this a chance. But how was that supposed to happen when they only had Sunday and Monday nights off?

“We’ll make it work, little one.” Thomas sounded like he believed his words. “As with any relationship, we’ll have to find the time for each other. However, we would like to see you at the club also. We want to show you our world. Please be open to us.”




Her gray-blue eyes were large as she looked up at him. Her mouth gaped as she nodded. She slid her gaze back down to his crotch. His cock was straining against his briefs, the head escaping from the waistband.

Gerard climbed onto the bed behind Carrie, naked. Thomas had been so focused on their woman that he hadn’t noticed his other lover strip. Carrie glanced behind her, surprise written on her face, before she looked back at Thomas.

He knew what she was waiting for. She had seen Gerard naked already. Now, she wanted to see him.

Not wanting to waste another moment, Thomas pushed the two garments that impeded his need down his hips and then let them drop to the floor. His arousal stood long and thick at an angle, as if it was trying to reach out to Carrie.

Carrie licked her lips as she stared at his cock, a slight smile on her lips. Her aroma permeated the room, letting Thomas know she was fully aroused and wet. He liked the way she smelled. The urge to bury his face in her cunt and eat her out was great.

Stepping out of the puddle of garments, Thomas leaned a knee on the bed beside Carrie. He glanced at Gerard who seemed to know what Thomas was thinking for the man snagged Carrie around the waist and pulled her back as he scooted himself backward. When Carrie was leaning against Gerard’s chest and her legs stretched out before her, Thomas grasped her ankles and pulled her legs apart. He lay between her legs, letting his wide shoulders continue to spread her out, and his face was a few inches away from her cunt.

Her labia were plump and pink, glistening with her honey. Even her upper thighs were moist. When she released a moan, Thomas looked up to see her lovers kissing. Gerard was also playing with her luscious breasts.

Ignoring the pain in his cock, which was trapped between the mattress and his body, Thomas ducked his head and looked at the seam of her pussy. She bucked her hips. Using his thumbs, he pulled her lips apart and licked from her opening to her clit. Her hips thrust upward again.

“Argh,” she said in a husky, almost tortured voice after pulling out of the kiss with Gerard.

A chuckle sounded from Girard before Thomas heard him ask, “Does that feel good, sugar?”

Her hand clutched at Thomas’s hair, her nails scratching his scalp before she ground out a quick “Yes!”

Thomas flicked his tongue across the hard pearl that was her clit, drawing more movement and sound from her. He glanced up her body and was taken in by the wonder and awe that was written on her face. She was flushed from her chest up to her face. Her legs were parted, and her nostrils flared. Her now dark gray eyes watched him intently.

Gerard continue to manipulate her breasts. He pulled her nipples and then squeezed them, eliciting small moans from her. Thomas felt that Carrie’s first orgasm was going to come swift and hard.

Continuing the tongue-lashing of her clit, Thomas thrust two fingers into her hot tight pussy. The smack of her pelvis against his face hurt, but he couldn’t fault her. Slowly he moved his fingers in and out of her, letting her adjust to the foreignness of his digits since she was a virgin. Her breath was coming in short gasps while her inner muscles squeezed his fingers. Her cream was flowing from the onslaught.

Twisting his hand, his fingers were now able to hook upwards, and he hit that spongy area Thomas knew drove women crazy. Carrie’s hip thrust up again, but Thomas pulled his head up in anticipation. When she settled a bit, he latched onto her clit with his lips and sucked on it strongly. He felt her cunt walls flutter against his fingers, right before they clamped down on him.

Carrie’s body went taut as a strangled shout erupted from her. Her juices burst out around his fingers, hitting Thomas’s chin and moistening his hand. He continued to thrust into her and sucked on her clit until he felt her body begin to relax.

Thomas lapped up her cream, reveling in the sweet taste of his woman. She was as delicious as Gerard was, but in a different way. Once he was finished, he pushed himself up and looked down at Carrie.

Contentment and bliss had settled on her face, her eyes glazed as her labored breathing was slowing. Thomas knew he wanted to see that look on her face often, and for the rest of his life.

Leaning over, Thomas wrapped his hand around Gerard’s nape and drew his lover towards him. “Taste her on me,” Thomas ordered roughly. “She tastes like heaven.”

Gerard pressed his lips against Thomas’s, and then he opened them and licked along them. Getting a bit sloppy, Gerard licked around Thomas’s lips as if he wanted every possible trace of Carrie’s cum.

As they kissed and licked at each other, Carrie moved below them, and then she whispered, “Damn, that’s hot!”

The two men separated and looked down at her.

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