Real or Not (MM)

Suncoast Society 87

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,929
17 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Sensations ManLove: Alternative Consensual BDSM Contemporary Romance, MM, minor paranormal elements, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Brett didn’t want to leave Kodie. Deep in the closet, Brett attended grad school and even dated the daughter of his father’s business partner in an attempt to satisfy his father. Unfortunately, it leaves Brett feeling empty—unless you count loneliness and regrets.

Kodie tried moving on from his broken heart, including relocating to Brooksville, Florida, starting a career building custom motorcycles, and changing his name. Except no one can replace his first love. Now, gO! Network wants to make a TV show about his shop. It’s a special kind of hell to find out his new PR contact is none other than Brett.

Alcohol and desperation are a volatile combination that leaves both men realizing there is no other future other than being together. Except Brett’s ex doesn’t want to go away, and tries to leverage the truth for her gain. Will they risk ending Brett’s career—and possibly jeopardizing Kodie’s show—for another chance at happiness?

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Real or Not (MM)
17 Ratings (4.9)

Real or Not (MM)

Suncoast Society 87

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,929
17 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another excellent Suncoast Society book. Truly I am hooked on the series. And while MM is not my favorite background for stories, I have to admit, if you just consider the plot, the reactions, the feelings, and the HEA, it truly doesn't matter if the story is MM, MF, or FF. These happenings occur in any combination of couples. Well done!
Suncoast Society, Book 87. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, can love bloom? When the love of your life chases his dreams, leaving you far behind, what do you do? Why, the logical thing, of course! Start a successful custom motorcycle shop and get your own show on the gO! Network. But will that cure a broken heart? Wait though! There’s a not-so-little surprise waiting in the wings that just might…what? Beware! A tornado’s about to hit, turning life upside down and inside out for everyone! That can’t be good—can it? This book is absolutely wonderful! There were times I laughed so hard that my sides hurt and others where I cried like a baby. Brett and Kodie, the main characters in this book, stole my heart. From the beginning, I was furious with Brett. Kodie’s a sweetheart, but hardly perfect. Then, hold onto your hat! Things go north, south, east, and west faster than you can imagine. The bottom line is who can resist a story of star-crossed lovers? This is definitely a standalone book but, again, Tymber Dalton shows her wonderful versatility. The Suncoast Society is far from her only series. From time to time, characters from her other series make cameo appearances. This is one such book. You absolutely DON’T have to have read the other series to appreciate what these characters bring to the story. Tymber Dalton’s writing is so special in so many ways. Her stories are character-driven, full of true emotion, and never predictable. You may think you know what’s coming. Believe me, you NEVER do! Congratulations, Ms. Dalton! To say I loved this book is a vast understatement! A final note. This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. Check the book blurbs and reviews available on Goodreads and all the booksellers where the book’s sold. Use them before buying this book. I highly recommend this book and think you’ll love it! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.

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Brett was torn between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry. When they’d approached the guy from behind, he’d thought okay, gorgeous guy to look at, definitely. Huge, broad shoulders tapering down to what looked like a nice, tight ass.

Then he’d turned around, and Brett realized this guy who now towered a good five inches over him was his boy.


Ryan cocked his head as he studied them. “Ah, do you know each other, then?”

A server walked up to them with a tray full of wine goblets, and Brett watched as Kodie grabbed one and downed half of it.

“We do,” Brett said, not wanting to commit to more than that, since he knew nothing of the situation past the basics.

Hell, he didn’t even know if Kodie was single or not, or if he was out to the network guy.

“Excellent,” Ryan said. “Then I’ll leave you two to it. Oh, and I meant to tell both of you, there’s been a scheduling change. Sorry about the short notice, but we’re going to have a production crew up in Brooksville starting on Monday afternoon, and running through next week, and I want them to film some B-roll footage of the shop this coming week, along with shots of the bike in progress.”

“Monday?” both of them asked in unison, but then Brett took over while Kodie finished emptying his wine glass and waved down that server for another.

“We can do that,” Brett said. “No problem.”

Kodie finally nodded, once he had a replacement wine in hand.

“Wonderful. I’ll check in with you later.” Ausar headed off to go talk to someone else, leaving Kodie glaring at Brett.

And so much for Brett even being able to drink tonight to help him through this. He wouldn’t leave Kodie spinning in the wind when he could tell this was hitting his boy as hard as it was hitting him.

He didn’t even know what to say to Kodie.

“I’m sorry,” he finally whispered, but that drew a sullen glare from Kodie.

“You have no idea what I’ve been through,” Kodie finally said, glancing around and keeping his voice down.

“I can work with you, Kode, but I need to know if you can work with me.”

“For starters, I go by Lincoln, or Linc.” Then he frowned. “I don’t go by Kodie anymore, or Kode. I wonder how she knew that, anyway.”

“What? Who?”

“Never mind.” He took another swallow of wine. “Ryan Ausar told me on Monday he was bringing in PR. Why didn’t you contact me before now? Wanted some big reveal?” The sharp bitterness in his tone sliced through Brett.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t know it was you specifically before now. I was brought in at the last minute when our other guy had to take emergency family leave. No one told me it was you, or believe me, I would have.”

They called for people to start moving into another room for the buffet. “Let’s go get something to eat, huh?” He started to reach for Kodie’s elbow, but the man jerked away.

Brett struggled not to drag him out of the room, upstairs, and into his room.

Where they could be alone and he could apologize.

And then kiss him.


A lot more.

“Please, after we’re done here tonight, let’s go upstairs and talk. Alone.”

“I’m not promising you anything,” Kodie said.

“Fair enough, but you didn’t answer my question—can you work with me? Ryan Ausar specifically asked me to take over this project once it had to be handed off.”

He couldn’t help holding his breath until Kodie nodded. “Yeah, fine. Whatever.”


He desperately wanted to spank that attitude out of him, and then lick every mark on his ass and soothe the pain away.

I have got to be careful.

He also needed to get some food into Kodie before the alcohol hit him too hard. Meanwhile, he needed to distract him while they stood in line for the buffet. “How’d you get into motorcycles?”

He wasn’t sure Kodie was going to answer him at first. “Friend of mine was into motorbikes. Took me up to Croom one weekend and we rode. I really loved it, but couldn’t afford to do it on my own. I ended up working for a guy in Sarasota who worked on dirt bikes, quads, ATVs, and some motorcycles. Then, later, met a guy up in Brooksville, who had a motorcycle shop and needed help. I moved there, which put me near the park. Opened my own shop when that guy ended up retiring.”

“What is Croom?”

“Motorcycle park in a state forest. Corner of 75 and State Road 50, just outside Brooksville. I have a place a few minutes from there. North of Tampa.”

Brett said what he felt, not really thinking it through first. “I’m proud of you.”

Storm clouds filled Kodie’s expression. “Not looking for your approval. I don’t need it. Not like some people need approval, I guess.”

He deserved that shot, and he knew it. “Sorry.”

Kodie finished his wine. “Hope it was worth it,” he muttered.


“Nothing.” But the challenge that flashed through his eyes as he met and held Brett’s gaze, briefly, before looking away, made Brett’s cock throb.

I’m sooooo fucked.




Brett didn’t want to unceremoniously drag Kodie out of the party and make a scene. Instead, he started incrementally easing him toward the exit, letting him stop and chat and take selfies with people who approached him as they moved through the room, making introductions for Kodie when Brett knew who the person was, and introducing himself first when he didn’t, so he’d know who these people were. Especially in case he needed to know who they were later, if he had to deal with them while promoting the show.

That took longer than Brett was comfortable with, though. Partly because of the way Kodie and his gorgeous damned bare chest and abs were being hungrily ogled by women and men. But mostly because Kodie had managed to snag himself another glass of champagne from a server’s tray when Brett wasn’t looking, and then had the balls to stick his tongue out at Brett before downing it in three swallows.

Oohhh, he’s soooo getting my belt across his ass later.

The larger man was staggering pretty badly by the time Brett herded him into an elevator and the doors slid closed behind them.

“What room are you in?” Brett asked, feeling around in Kodie’s pockets for his room key.

Kodie jerked away and jabbed a finger at him, scowling as he apparently had trouble focusing on Brett. “I have a-a f-few words f-for you.”

Brett kept his cool and remembered his boy was completely blitzed, while he was totally sober. “I’m sure you do, but let’s get you back to your room first. Then you can say or do whatever you want. I meant it when I said that.”

Whatever I w-want?”

Whatever you want. What’s your roo—”

That’s when Kodie fisted the front of Brett’s shirt with one meaty hand and hauled him in for a kiss.

God help him, Brett’s cock instantly hardened. “What fucking room are you in?” he mumbled against Kodie’s mouth, not wanting to lose the contact with him.

“I don’t remember.” He sucked on Brett’s lower lip. “Upstairs, somewhere. Tenth floor? Twelveteenth? I don’t remember.” His other hand reached down, grabbed Brett’s ass, and he started grinding his hips—and very fucking hard cock—against Brett’s.

That’s helpful.” Brett punched the button for six, his floor. “Fuck it, we’ll go to my room.” He hooked a hand around the nape of Kodie’s neck and took control of the kiss, shoving him back hard against the wall of the elevator with his body.

Was he really going to do this? Even with Kodie drunk as shit, and without really sitting down and talking this out first?

Better fucking believe he was.

No way in hell was he turning his back on his boy, drunk or sober, happy or angry.

Fuck, even if he wasn’t single.

Brett no longer cared about finding out those little details.

They didn’t matter to him.

Not anymore.

All that mattered to him in this moment was reclaiming his boy. They’d work the rest out later.

Besides, Kodie had kissed him first.

That meant game motherfucking on.

When the doors slid open on his floor, Brett first stuck his head out and glanced up and down the corridor to ensure they were alone before grabbing Kodie’s hand and dragging him down the hall. Thank god he had a room at the far end of the corridor. He already had his key card out and ready when they reached the door, and he shoved his boy in ahead of him once the lock clicked over to green and he could wrench the handle open.

After putting out the do not disturb card, he closed the door and flipped the deadbolt and the security bar so no one could get in.

When he turned, he spotted the same hunger burning in Kodie’s eyes that was currently devouring his own soul.

Finally, he registered he still had Kodie’s shirt wadded up in his hand. He held it up. “Hold on.”

He took it into the bathroom and rinsed the stain as best he could with cold water. Then he closed the sink stopper and ran cold water in the sink, along with dumping in the whole damn bottle of hotel shampoo to let it soak.

When he turned, he found Kodie standing in the bathroom doorway.

Bed, boy,” Brett ordered, completely reverting to Dom-tone, and damn, did it feel good. “Now.”


* * * *


Linc wasn’t so damn drunk that his cock couldn’t stand up and howl at hearing the dark, dominant tone in Brett’s voice.

Honestly? It was a tone he never again thought he’d hear.


And it was a tone he craved to hear, like his soul had been completely parched and on the verge of crumbling into dust and Brett’s voice was a long, tall, cool drink of desperately needed water.

Linc yanked off his jacket and dropped it to the floor, backing out of the bathroom doorway and toward the bed, his gaze never leaving Brett. He was almost afraid to take his eyes off him out of fear this would turn out to be some really weird alcohol-induced dream. That Brett would disappear, or it’d turn out that drunk goggles had totally fucking backfired on him in a horrible way, and it wouldn’t actually be Brett he was desperately about to fuck.

Linc toed off one shoe, then the other, his hands fumbling with his belt when he felt the bed pressing against the back of his legs.

Brett was also stripping as he walked, dropping his clothes as he moved. He was still the same height he’d been the last time Linc had seen him, but he’d filled out some, hard, slenderly sculpted muscles, like he ran, or maybe biked or something. A dusting of hair across his chest, with a light treasure trail that disappeared under the waistband of his slacks.

Damned if that fucking goatee and mustache didn’t look hot as fuck on the man.

By the time Brett reached the bed, he was down to nothing but his slacks. He reached out and planted a hand in the middle of Linc’s chest and shoved, hard.

Linc landed on the bed and Brett pounced. He climbed on top of Linc, straddling him, kissing, nipping, biting, and sucking his way down Linc’s body, up again to kiss him before leaving another trail of bites down his chest and abs, to just below his navel.

Linc shivered with pleasure, his cock now screaming for relief. This. This was what had been missing from every other encounter he’d ever had. Not that he’d been a manwhore or anything, but he’d never felt such a deep, primal connection with any of his other partners.

Brett hadn’t just been his first, but his best.

The man he could never evict from his heart.

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