Stefan's Scandal (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,169
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois, M/M/F, HEA]
Scandal has dogged Stefan Hawk, Viscount Constantine, all of his life. He learns his father was the late Earl of Hawksfell and is warmly welcomed by his brother, the new earl. He finds another brother and the family he never knew he wanted.
Madeline Crowley wants excitement in her life. More than that, she wants the love and passion her brother and cousin Millicent have found. When she goes to Hawksfell Manor she finds all that and more with the newest Hawk and handsome footman Hugh Stanhope. Though untried, she wants them both.
Hugh was forced to trade on his looks in London before becoming first footman at Hawksfell. He doesn’t want to lose his position and tries to fight his attraction to both Stefan and Madeline, but the three of them ignite.
Will they find the strength to risk everything to be together? Or will scandal rear its head and pull them apart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stefan's Scandal (MMF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Stefan's Scandal (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,169
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very good story with lovely characters
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Yet another wickedly yummy Hawk emerges from the devilish dirty mind of Ms. Josie Dennis. It's 1913 England, and Stefan Hawk, the Viscount Constantine, has learned that his father was the notorious Earl of Hawksfell…and that he's got a lot of half-brothers out there. He travels to Hawksfell Manor to meet the current Earl, his half-brother Gabriel, all the while trying desperately to ignore his beast, the curse of all Hawk men, the insatiable need to have sex with someone, anyone, all the time. When he sees the countess' cousin Madeline Crowley who has also come to visit, as well as first footman Hugh Stanhope, his efforts to control his lust fly out the window. He soon seduces them both, much to all of their extreme enjoyment. But if there's one thing Stefan won't abide by, it's even the hint of a scandal, and taking not one, but two lovers is sure to leave some slack jaws, if discovered. Will he trust that he's finally in a place where people love him no matter what? STEFAN'S SCANDAL is book 8 in the Lords of Hawksfell Manor, and while it can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading all of these wildly delicious erotic stories! I love me some MMF action, and Ms. Dennis never disappoints with her rugged rakish Hawk's and the adventurous women and men who tame their beasts. Though there's nothing extraordinary here in regards to the storyline or even the sex, it's still an incredibly hot novella with a fun and lighthearted story that will make you want to pick up the other books in this series to see how the other Hawk's found their HEA's. Bottom Line: An erotic MMF read with delicious MM action and a heroine whose need for excitement will make you smile. " -- Delta, The Romance Reviews

"I am totally delighted to report that this eighth addition to the series is deliciously fascinating and delightfully erotic. Of course a new member of the Hawk family is introduced, but a completely exhilarating element is the younger sister to the male partner of the Hawksfell earl who dominated the first book in the series. Excellent! Stefan Hawk, Viscount Constantine, has felt for a long time that only the servants at Constantine Abbey were his family. Now that his mother died along with a host of other poor souls aboard the Titanic, he is up to his earlobes in confusion and discontinuity. This viscount is exceptionally noble and attempts to manage his curse with the kind and dutiful help of his housekeeper. He certainly seems to do the best he can, considering the difficulty his *condition* places him in. His housekeeper is really a dear. She hints encouragingly to Stefan that he should visit the current earl at Hawksfell Manor. Really! Madeline Crowley positively aches for the possibly scandalous but certainly exciting life her brother and her cousin Millicent are enjoying. Crowley Park seems to her about the most stiflingly boring place on the planet. The escape of a lifetime flashes before her as she extricates herself from another boring dinner. She is brimmingly positive that her brother and cousin will welcome her with open arms to Hawksfell Manor where she will spread her wings within the most titillating environment imaginable. Exciting! Hugh is very handsome. He is also a survivor of the London streets. He is relatively new to Hawksfell Manor, but his work has been favorably appraised and he has moved up to the enviably position of first footman. He is not unfamiliar with the stories, legends, and activities that have recently been happening at the Manor. His London survival experience serves him well while he keeps tabs on all the remarkable happenings and continues to prove his professionalism. Hugh is a super cutie darling and quite astute. Magnificent! Even with Madeline being a bit on the young and perhaps naive side, she is a crackerjack, a sublime beauty, and a rather focused young woman. She wastes no time getting things rolling once she arrives at Hawksfell Manor. This eighth book assuredly makes the grade and I relished it. In fact, all the previous books are satisfyingly pleasurable providing a grand and royal basis upon which to add to the admirable exuberance of book eight. Fantabulous!" -- jj, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Madeline Crowley pouted as she held in an exasperated gasp. Talk at the dinner table was excruciatingly boring tonight, but she shouldn’t be surprised. Crowley Park wasn’t known for its animation these days. Not since her brother Michael and their third cousin Millicent went on that fateful drive through Yorkshire last summer. They’d found adventure and romance, something sorely lacking here in Scarborough. She missed them both most keenly.

Her mother droned on about an upcoming assembly to their guests, the reverend and his wife, but she only paid the conversation scant attention. Balls and assemblies in the village were very dull indeed, despite the fact that her mother was eager to marry her off. She was only twenty-one, for goodness’s sake! Millicent had been given far more leeway regarding a husband hunt, but then again her future had been all but set in stone. Madeline was not that fortunate.

“Michael and Millicent will not attend, of course,” her mother said.

“What is that?” Madeline asked, at last drawn out of her thoughts.

Her mother sighed, patting her golden curls so like Madeline’s and Michael’s. “Your brother and Millicent, Madeline. They will no doubt stay in Yorkshire with Millicent’s earl. It won’t do to have talk bandied about.”

Madeline nodded absently, her mind already on Millicent’s husband, the mysterious and enigmatic Earl of Hawksfell. She’d heard tales, of course, from the servants when they thought she wasn’t within hearing. That was one benefit of living in a large estate house, the opportunity to eavesdrop and overhear the most delicious tales. And oh, these were quite delicious indeed.

Dark tales of the handsome Hawks’ unrelenting urges. Stories of the earl prowling his ancestral manor on the gloomy moors as he demanded his pleasure from his well-paid and eager staff. She stifled a shiver as she imagined what Millicent must feel with all of that masculine attention focused squarely on her now. She had both the earl’s passions and Michael’s devotion.

“How fortunate for Millie,” she murmured.

Her mother gasped. “Really, Madeline! Your brother was affianced to Millicent. People are still talking about her defection to Yorkshire! She had no business straying from her destined course.”

“Her destined course to marry Michael and keep her money in the family?” Madeline countered. “Really, Mother. She had the right to marry where she wished.”

Her mother eyed their guests, who pretended to study their coffee cups very closely.

“And what of Michael?” Her mother harrumphed. Her eyes, a much cooler blue than hers and Michael’s, rounded. “Why does he stay in Yorkshire with the both of them?”

Madeline could wager an answer, but she feared her guess would turn her mother’s blonde curls quite white. She could only imagine what their guests’ reactions would be. As talk continued at the table she pondered just what kept her brother in Yorkshire.

She’d witnessed the passion between her brother and Millie one night last spring, when they’d thought her abed. True, it had been just the once, and she hadn’t seen much, but she’d heard her brother make sounds she’d never heard before. And hadn’t Millie looked quite pleased with herself the morning they’d left for their fateful drive into Yorkshire? Passion like that didn’t fade away. In fact, perhaps Millie…Her head spun as the most illicit images filled her mind.

“No, that can’t be!” she gasped aloud.

“What is that, Madeline?” her mother asked.

The reverend and his wife both gaped at her.

“Your face has gone quite pale, dear,” the reverend said.

In a flash, heat suffused her cheeks and she knew that condition had changed.

“It’s nothing,” Madeline rushed out, waving her hand. “Please, do not attend me.”

“Are you ill?” her mother asked.

“No, no.” She came to her feet. “I am a bit tired, however. Would you all excuse me?”

The reverend and his wife nodded vigorously, making sounds of sympathy as they stared up at her. Her mother, however, narrowed those Crowley blue eyes on her. Dipping her head, Madeline hurried from the room and into the very library where she’d witnessed Michael and Millie’s love secondhand. She could run and hide in her rooms, but even her gothic novels held little appeal tonight. Her heart was just too jittery to let her mind settle.

She sat herself at the little desk set near the fireside, staring at the settee where Millie and Michael had their rendezvous. Her chin resting in her hand, drumming her fingers against her cheek, she wondered about passion, like she did every day of her dreary life here at Crowley Park. She longed to feel a touch of the heat she’d seen that night.

No young men in the village, or in London for that matter, held her eye for more than a moment. Was she destined to end on the shelf or to marry a man who failed to rouse as much as her temperature, all for the sake of keeping more talk away from the lauded Crowley family?

She had to get away, but it was the dead of winter. Her mother would never agree to go to London for the little season in any event. The woman abhorred the city when it was clogged with soot and ice. Well, there was no way on God’s green earth that Madeline could wait until Easter to get out of Scarborough. If she didn’t find a way, she would just bust!

Snapping her fingers, she brightened. She would appeal to the one man who never failed her. She opened the center drawer and withdrew some paper, then grabbed a pen from atop the desk. She would write to her devoted big brother, Michael.

Her pen scratched swiftly over the paper as she wrote her entreaty. Her brother and his Millie would take her in at Hawksfell Manor. They just had to. She was nervous about meeting the dark earl, but no matter. Like a heroine in one of her beloved novels, she would seek romance and adventure on the moors, and perhaps find her own adventure in the process.




Hugh nodded, his eyes focused on Madeline’s cunt. He breathed in as he came close and Stefan knew the scent he relished. Madeline’s sweetness. Joining them on the bed, he came up and kissed her neck, her throat. Hugh must have been very good with that lovely mouth of his, for she was soon writhing and mewling with pleasure. Stefan closed his mouth over one of her nipples again, sucking and nibbling as Hugh brought her closer and closer to climax.

“Oh, my!” she cried. “I’ve never imagined…Yes!”

He teased both her nipples now, licking and tweaking as Hugh skillfully ate her. She came hard, bucking in his hold as Hugh moaned his own delight. Breathing heavily, Hugh came up and kissed her.

“So sweet, Madeline,” he said.

Stefan couldn’t wait another moment. He came up on his knees and unfastened his trousers. “I have to fuck you, Maddie.”

She slid her clouded gaze in his direction and nodded. “Mmm, yes.”

Once his pants were thrown to the floor, Stefan covered her. Her pussy was hot, wet from her juices and Hugh’s kisses. His cock’s head brushed over her swollen flesh as he held himself up on his hands. “You feel incredible.”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Hugh standing close to the bed now. His trousers were open and he caught a glimpse of Hugh’s pretty cock. Hugh fisted his hand around himself as Stefan began to sink into Madeline.

Her maidenhead was a thin barrier that couldn’t force his retreat tonight. No. Tonight he plunged in deep. She was tight and perfect and he began to move faster.

“Stefan!” she cried, grabbing onto his arms.

“Am I hurting you?” he managed to ask between thrusts. “Tell me if I’m hurting you.”

“N–no,” she said, her head thrashing to the side. “It’s…Oh, it’s heaven!”

To his surprise she grew even tighter around him. He squeezed his eyes shut at the added dimension of pleasure and heard her cries of completion as if from far away. His blood pounded in his ears as he lost the battle with his own release. He’d meant to pull out of her but he couldn’t keep himself from holding her close as he poured his seed into her.

“My God.” He collapsed to one side of her. “Forgive me, sweet. I meant to withdraw.”

“No matter,” she sighed. “I’m certain I’m safe.”

He couldn’t question her on the matter. There was nothing he wanted to discuss less than her last monthly bleeding. Nodding, he reluctantly pulled away and kissed her.

“You are amazing, Maddie.”

“The sight of the two of you,” Hugh said with a moan. “I’m about to burst.”

Stefan came up on his knees again and wrapped his fingers around Hugh’s thick shaft. Watching Madeline eye him with keen interest, he closed his mouth over the head of Hugh’s cock. He seldom gave a man pleasure this way, preferring a quick fuck as he jerked his partner to completion. He’d been sucked often enough, however, by maids and serving girls and grooms and footmen. To taste Hugh’s passion just moments after riding Maddie to his own? It was beyond anything he could imagine.

Hugh tossed his head back as he moved ever so slightly back and forth. Stefan grasped his very firm buttocks and squeezed as he sucked with more vigor. He dipped a finger into Hugh’s ass and was rewarded with a low moan.

“Oh, my,” he heard Madeline gasp. “Hugh. Stefan. Oh, the two of you…”

Stefan pulled back, leaning to allow her full view of Hugh’s ready cock. “Lick him, Maddie.”

Her mouth fell open and Stefan felt his own lusts stir again.

“I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Hugh fisted his hands in his own hair. “My God, I’m so close.”

Stefan gave the head of Hugh’s cock a long, slow lick which earned an anguished groan from him. Winking up at him, he turned to Madeline. “Come, sweet. Use that beautiful mouth of yours.”

She came up on her knees and wriggled closer. Stefan held Hugh’s shaft, stroking gently to ratchet up the pleasure, as Madeline’s sweet little pink tongue flicked over the cockhead.

“Ah!” Hugh shivered and groaned.

Stefan chuckled and brought his mouth to where she was licking gently and maddeningly. “Deep, Maddie.”

He kissed her, then closed his mouth around the head. Hugh was close. Madeline squeezed closer and took over when Stefan withdrew. Together they took turns sucking and licking until Hugh was trembling. Again and again Stefan plunged his tongue into Madeline’s mouth before running it up and down Hugh’s cock. She must have learned quickly, because she was holding him and moving her head rapidly as she engulfed the head again. Another first for Stefan, loving a man with a woman. Their tastes mingled and he’d never tasted anything so delicious.

“Come, Hugh,” he rasped, licking down around the base. “Come into Maddie’s pretty mouth.”

He saw Madeline’s eyes widen, then fill with heat.

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