Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat (MM)

Pariah Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,085
20 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
In his role as gamma, Silas Donovan is in charge of his werewolf pack’s safety and wellbeing. Therefore doing a favor involving security for an old friend of his alpha seems like a piece of cake.
The job, however, is being the bodyguard for a male supermodel, Aran Aquino. His fame stems from his extraordinary beauty and grace—and him being an out and proud Asian golden cat shifter. As the old adage goes about two people fighting like cats and dogs, Donovan learns the same is true with cats and wolves. He and Aran have starkly different views when it comes to determining potential threats.
Still, a tropical photo shoot on a private luxury island sounds like a dream come true. But Donovan soon begins to suspect that Aran is indeed in grave danger. Dealing with the threat would be easier, though, if Aran weren’t Donovan’s mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat (MM)
20 Ratings (4.2)

Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat (MM)

Pariah Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,085
20 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I definitely wasn't as into this book as I was the first in the series. Maybe I just prefer the predator and prey matings, but regardless, this couple didn't hold my interest.
Hopefully I'll be re-energized by the next in the series.
Christy Duke
I so enjoyed watching a wolf fall for a kitty. The sparks that flew between these two were amazing to see. Both in the bedroom and out. Their connection and need and desire to protect the other, even if it meant putting themselves in danger is what love is all about. I highly recommend this book. When you are done with this one, if you haven't read Wolfe and His Bunny I highly suggest you do. Both wonderful stories. So well written that I couldn't put either down once I picked them up, til I was done.
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Each book in the Pariah Pack collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order. To me there is nothing better than a paranormal romance with two gorgeous men. Donovan is a gamma wolf who feels better when he is alone. However he also loves his pack and will protect them. He is missing something though. When his alpha asked him to be the bodyguard to a male supermodel he was not sure what to expect. It sure wasn’t the spunky cat that turns out to be his mate. Aran is a very rare Asian golden cat shifter. He is absolutely gorgeous and has a big heart to boot. He is also very quirky. Asian golden cats are wanted for their parts and makes it very dangerous for him if anyone found out exactly what he was. He has a stalker, not that he quite believes it. So when he finds out that his gorgeous bodyguard is not only his mate but a wolf he is surprised. Then the danger shows to be real and it is up to Donovan to keep his mate safe. What got my attention with this was the fact that there are a lot of cat versus dog jokes. I spent most of my time laughing at these two. This book just grabs your attention from the moment you start reading and keeps it there till you have read every word. Hell my attention is caught by the cover right off the bat. This book gave me everything I could ask for in a story and so much more. I loved this one and cannot wait for the next amazing story. I can honestly tell you that this is going to be one of those types of series. One that I will have to read over and over. I love the way all the feelings they felt was involved in this story. It was the perfect story for me and I loved it. Trust me it will keep you laughing, crying, loving and having fun." -- Lisa, MM Good Book Reviews

4 CUPS "Silas Donovan is a werewolf and in charge of his pack’s security. He has just taken on a security job for a friend of his alpha. Aran Aquino is an asian golden cat shifter and a male super model. Aran is the security job, protecting him that is. Donovan (no one calls him Silas) does not enjoy the tropical location that he has to be at to protect Aran, and the first time he meets him, the two have a fight. However, Donovan also knows almost immediately that Aran is his mate. Aran takes a little longer to realize it. When an ex-boyfriend shows up and starts making threats, Donovan is less than enthused and promptly tells the man to get off the island. Unfortunately, this does not endear him at least initially to Aran who does not believe that his ex is really a threat. As the two get to know each other, and find out that they have sparking hot chemistry, the real threat has been under their noses the entire time. Will Donovan figure it out in time to save Aran from a threat they neither thought was a threat, or will he lose him forever? I enjoyed Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat very much. It has scorching hot sex and the chemistry between the two main characters is very evident. The whole cat/dog thing just cracked me up. Each is very much entrenched in his particular animal, and their personalities totally match because of this. The suspense is well written, and I liked how the author sort of tricks the reader into thinking the threat is coming from one direction, and then lo and behold it is from another you would never have thought of! And I’m not saying anything else on the matter, you will have to read this lovely book for yourself. I for one will be buying more books by Ms. Laine." -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More

"A spoof on Bodyguard of Whitney Houston fame and a cool shifter story full of cat and dog – ahem – cat and wolf jokes make up the second book in the very entertaining ‘Pariah Pack’ series. Different from the first book, there are no prey and predator shifters here, but the age-old idea that cats and dogs do not get along is at the center of the book instead. As it turns out, there are as many cat/dog puns, wisecracks, and quips – if not more – as there are bunny/wolf jokes. The human characters of Aran, the Asian golden cat, and Donovan, the gamma wolf, are also perfectly in line with their animal counterparts, which supplied additional hilarity. These two really do fight like cat and dog – even though it is more teasing than serious. I loved their banter and the way they end up working together is cute. Even though they are mates, the slight edge of teasing never quite goes away. They certainly make it work for them, but there is not a trace of mushy-ness to be found. Donovan is a former lone wolf, rejected by his pack because he was the bastard son of the old alpha. He may be part of Wolfe’s pariah pack now, but he knows about being alone. In that sense he has much in common with Aran. As Aran’s new bodyguard, he can indulge his protectiveness, or so he thinks. Aran has other ideas and, as a fellow predator shifter, is well able to put Donovan in his place. Hilarious! But Donovan’s strength and abilities are much needed as a stalker comes out of the woodwork – not that he is the last person after Aran. Donovan certainly has his hands full keeping Aran safe. Aran is an internationally famous supermodel, and it made me smile. I have often thought, as I was watching big cats sun themselves in the zoo, that they sit there with the regal elegance of a model. Aran’s human may avoid the sun, but his cat certainly likes it. As a celebrity at the top of his profession, Aran is lonely. He may still have his family – his parents are hardworking immigrants from Thailand where their cat species has been hunted almost to extinction. But he has not lived with them for a long time, so finding his mate gives him someone to be with. If you like shifter stories that examine preconceived notions in a humorous way, if a story about two lonely predator shifters figuring out how to live together sounds like fun, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of surprises, funny, and scorching, then you will probably like this novella. I am looking forward to the next book in this very entertaining series!" -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Thus far, Aran Aquino had been elusive to the point of being a living mystery and a virtual no-show. Had his entourage not been onboard this super-luxury yacht, Donovan might have believed Aquino of being either invisible or absent altogether. Though Donovan worked for him and was supposed to keep him safe, thus far they hadn’t spoken, met face-to-face, or even passed by each other on the jet or on the yacht.

Was he avoiding Donovan, or one or all of his staff? Was this a quirk of character or a sign of a permanently high-maintenance personality? Wouldn’t a man used to being in the limelight want to be the center of attention all the time? Donovan could only hope Aquino had a level head on his shoulders, plus enough common sense to yield command of this situation to a consummate professional like Donovan.

Or perhaps the wee cat shifter was just shy.

Two minutes later, considering the ship was so big to navigate through, Donovan stood outside the main cabin. In front of him Sara knocked once and, without waiting to be bidden entry, opened the door and stood aside to let him pass.

“Good luck, Mr. Donovan,” Sara whispered to him, winking as he walked in. Donovan replied with a lopsided grin.

As soon as Donovan was firmly inside, Sara excused herself and closed the door behind him.

Donovan had no idea what to expect. All he’d seen of Aquino were beautiful pictures. Aquino had been in seclusion throughout the trip, at first in the backroom of the jet and then below deck on the yacht, so there’d been no personal face-to-face contact. Donovan wasn’t a newbie when it came to private protection. Aquino was a top supermodel, so Donovan had every reason to expect the worst.

The main cabin took over a notable chunk of the yacht’s second floor bow section. A short corridor, with a private bathroom on the left, led to a well-lit, dark wood-paneled room, with a plump king-size bed dominating the space. Little round lights from the white ceiling reflected off the gleaming wooden surfaces, completed by a white carpet that felt heavenly soft on Donovan’s bare feet. A white couch framed the wall on the right and a vanity with a large mirror reigned on the left.

Donovan had never seen so much opulence in his life. He wasn’t fond of crowds, noise or fancy things that separated him from the wild and the natural. As nice as it was to get anything he asked from the able-bodied service staff, he refused to let any of it go to his head. The assignment, as far as Donovan was concerned, would last two weeks, and no more. That was what he’d signed up for. He wouldn’t tolerate a single second beyond that.

“Hello?” he called out to announce himself so his client wouldn’t get startled or spooked. Donovan was kind of big.

A single figure sat on the edge of the bed, with his legs crossed and perched over the vanity chair. He wore nothing but a pair of white boxer briefs, tight against his skin and stretching snugly over a bulging crotch. He leaned back on his hands, his lean, lithe, utterly hairless body in full view, and his caramel skin held a youthful glow.

His probably natural black hair, since he had distinct Asian features, was dyed golden blond and cut extremely short. He had startlingly full, luscious lips and under his black eyebrows shone spring green eyes. He appeared younger than his twenty-five years suggested.

In all honesty, Donovan thought, this man was a jumble of ethnicities, showcasing the very best in physical qualities. Naturally, youth and beauty added to the rare mix.

The biggest problem, however, was the overbearing scent lingering in the room.

Oh, how Donovan wished then that a new foul, disgusting odor came from the abysmal cat, so he could have wrinkled his nose and with disdain ignored the stench.

Unfortunately the encompassing and oh so alluring sweet scent came from his mate.




Oh God, yesss…,” Aran whimpered, his hips bucking, trying to get closer and deeper inside Donovan’s eager, relentless mouth.

Letting Aran’s dick drop from his mouth with a lascivious plop, Donovan chuckled in his irritatingly arrogant way. Aran fully expected the man to comment about his godlike abilities in cocksucking.

But Donovan stuffed his face into Aran’s crotch, sniffing his balls, mashing his face against them, and rubbing his scruffy stubble on them, and even nipping at them. A low continuous, satisfied growl emerged from his throat so Aran figured he liked what he smelled and felt.

“Fuck, your smell’s driving me crazy,” Donovan muttered, and took Aran’s nuts into his mouth, laving around the sack with his tongue till the balls dripped saliva, and with Donovan’s mouth still on them, he yanked gently with soft suction and a hint of teeth. The danger of pain was present, adding to Aran’s thrill.

Aran could have come from that alone. “Sweet Jesus, don’t stop,” he pleaded hoarsely, thrashing around on the bed.

He threaded his fingers through Donovan’s hair, tugging when he could and caressing in gratitude. It had been ages since a man had last given him head. To give himself freely to a man unafraid to touch him was a heady experience, leaving Aran a shaking mess on the bed. His hands clutched the sheets as his body went through the wringer, pleasure his sole sensation and his cock his sole focal point.

He couldn’t take much more, not when it’d been so long since he’d been touched like this. “Silas, want you to fuck me. Please. Don’t leave me hanging. Want you in me now.” He didn’t care how shameless he sounded. Aran needed to get fucked.

Donovan pulled up, licking his lips obscenely, his eyes aglow with lust and hunger. To be the object of desire for such a powerful man was Aran’s dream come true. Donovan nodded and said, “Okay. We’ll do it the other way around next time.”

His sweet promise had Aran’s toes curling. “Come one, Silas. Now.”

“Topping from the bottom, eh, puss?” Donovan’s assertive chuckle was all man, pure unfiltered masculinity.

Aran almost creamed himself right then and there. Only his unyielding fist closing around the base of his cock did the trick and staved off the inevitable explosion. Well, that plus the use of the affectionate term Donovan used and which Aran found mildly insulting. But also kind of cute.

“Lube?” Donovan’s question met with Aran’s hazy brain but he finally managed to nod toward the bedside table. Donovan lunged for the drawer and snatched a full tube of lubricant with gusto. No doubts about his eagerness, Aran concluded. “Thanks.”

Donovan’s voice was rough and his hands shook as he fumbled with the cap. If Aran’d had any doubts about their coupling, the last shreds vaporized as he watched with sympathy at the man, tip of his tongue peeking between his lips as he concentrated on getting the cool gel out of the tube and onto his hands instead of all over the comforter.

Aran loved watching a man lube up his erect cock. The light sloshing sound, the dark cock protruding upward like the bow of a ship, the rich odor of a man’s pre-cum and arousal. All these things put together brought Aran to his knees in adulation of the wonders of gay sex.

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