[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, angels, demons, fae, gods, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
When Xavier Angel meets his mate, he is ecstatic, but the closer he gets to Liam, the more ill he becomes. When this mysterious illness threatens Xavier’s life, causing him to almost die, Liam discovers what is wrong with Xavier. His heart breaks knowing he will never be able to have his mate—because to do so would cost Xavier his life.
To try to stop this unknown force keeping them apart, Xavier and Liam must travel back to Xavier’s birth pack in search of a wicked omega who may be the only one able to help them. But their only chance at happiness and love turns out to be the very thing that caused it.
Xavier will do whatever he has to in order to claim his man, but will it be enough? Will they be able to stop this great evil and save Xavier?
Or will their love be the one thing that kills them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Masquerade (MM)
19 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
OMG this book rocked! The hits and surprises just keep coming! Maggie Walsh gives us a great addition to the Angel Pack series!




“I have been able to keep this pack off the human government grid since before there was a human government in these parts, and I won’t let these beasts of hell ruin that. We need to heighten our patrols around the outlying perimeter. First, we need to get rid of all of these…beings, before someone stumbles upon them,” Micah proclaimed.

“Phenex, call upon the Legion to come and claim these souls, then take them back where they belong. If I’m correct, these piles each contain some of the taken ones we have been looking for,” Lucifer ordered.

“If I may, Lord Lucifer,” Liam said. Lucifer met his gaze and nodded. “If they are returned to where they were stolen from, they will only return to the one who took them, then he will know you have found them, and he would be able to reanimate them and use them for his deeds again.”

“And you know this how?” Lucifer asked.

“I was one of them once. And I recognize a few of them in this pile. Yes, they were of the ones Hades had abducted to create more Nephilim. Once the hell-borns ripped their way out of their host’s body, Hades healed them and reanimated them so that he could use them again to create more. If he had given them up for this, then he may be desperate, or he has given these to others to cause the humans to focus on you. Either way he wins. You get distracted by the humans or he gets them back to keep his army going. He would probably get them back anyway if the humans had them.”

“What do you suggest, Liam? Because we can’t keep them here,” Micah asked.

“I’ll take them to the Bitter Mountains or Tartarus. Hades would never enter either because even he would be trapped in either forever. These souls would be removed from the humans finding them and also from Hades. But they would also be returned to hell in which they belong,” Liam offered.

“Have you forgotten that you can’t return to the Underworld, Liam? You’re a fae now. You have angel blood,” Jesse reminded.

Liam peered at the mound of bodies for a moment, then looked to Xavier. Xavier met his gaze, and the two stared at one another. After a minute, Liam broke their connection and looked to Jesse. “Between you, Prince Demetrius, and Lord Lucifer, I think one of you may be able to remove the spell from me so that I could enter. If not, then I will go to my maker and ask him to change me back—”

“No, Liam. You will not go back to being one of those creatures,” Micah stated emphatically.

“Don’t worry, Prime. I was thinking that Lord Lucifer could destroy me after I return the souls that belong there. This way I wouldn’t be able to be used as one of Minos or Hades’s pawns again, and I wouldn’t come back to hurt any of you.”

Micah took a step closer and placed a hand on Liam’s shoulder. “That’s not what I meant, Liam. I have no doubt that you would never come back to harm us. But you have been given a second chance. You have been reborn, and finally have a chance at a life. Lucifer, Phenex, and the Legion can move the mounds. You don’t have to do this. But thank you.”

“I know they can, and I would need the help of the Legion, but I feel like I need to do this, Prime. To repay you for all the harm I have caused and to thank you for trusting in me. For welcoming me into your home and around your family. Once the Legion take these souls into the Bitter Mountains or Tartarus, they would be trapped there. Even Lord Lucifer’s protection spell would wear off before they could escape. That would be a big loss to all kinds. But if I were trapped in either, the loss wouldn’t matter.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Liam,” Jesse said as he stepped closer. “The loss would matter to us. We would feel your loss. More of us than are willing to admit.” Jesse’s gaze flicked quickly to Xavier and back.

Liam gave him a sad smile. “Thank you, Heart, but I have given up all hope for that. And at least this way, I can feel like I have repaid some of your kindness.”

“None of this?as entertaining as it is, and it really pulls on my heartstrings?but none of this is necessary,” Lucifer stated. “I can get you into the Underworld, with my mate’s help. Demi can change your blood. He can take away your angel connection, thus allowing you entrance into the Underworld without having to change back into one of those mindless sheep.”

“But then would he still be fae or something else?” Jesse questioned.

“He would no longer be fae,” Lucifer replied.

“Then what would he be now? A human?” Lexi asked.

“Most likely.”

“That means I would be giving up all of my powers as I walk into the pits of hell for eternity?” Liam asked calmly.

“Yes,” Lucifer said sadly.

“No. We can’t do that. There must be another way. Why not have the Legion take all these souls to the Desolate Road or those catacombs to hide them from Minos and Hades?” Jesse asked.

“That’s what I was originally thinking to do, Jesse, but what Liam said about Hades finding them and using them for his needs again is very real. Even in the Desolate Road he could find them. And Minos knows those catacombs,” Lucifer explained.

“Then we need another plan, because all of these suck,” Jesse huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.




Liam had helped him lie down on his back and Xavier spread his legs in invitation. Liam moved over him and settled between his thighs, and they both moaned from the contact of their cocks pressing together for the first time. Liam kissed him, then made his way down his throat, shoulders, chest, and stomach. As Liam licked and kissed him everywhere, he had slicked up his fingers and pressed one against Xavier’s waiting hole. At first, he stiffened up. It had been a very long time since he had bottomed and he was a little nervous. But when Liam began to play with his nipples, Xavier relaxed, allowing the digit to slide in.

Liam kept up his attentions on Xavier’s body as he stretched his hole, adding one finger at a time until he had four fingers rocking in and out of his body smoothly. Xavier thrashed and writhed as he groaned his pleasure, trying so hard not to come too soon or make too much noise. He had no idea how long they had, and he didn’t want to be interrupted from his cries of pleasure. The thought of Agatha coming back and finding them, placing the curse on him once again, and robbing him of this moment with his mate made his heart heavy and filled him with dread. He was finally able to be with Liam and enjoy their time together, but their time was limited.

“Now, mate. I’m ready,” Xavier whispered.

Liam sat up and grabbed the packet of lube, then pulled his fingers free from Xavier’s body. Instantly he missed the connection and needed it back like a man in the desert needed water. Xavier looked down his body and watched as Liam squeezed out the last little amount of lube onto his fingers, then coated his gorgeous cock, making it glisten. Xavier licked his lips, looking at the angry, purple, leaking head. All he wanted to do was taste his mate, but he knew it couldn’t happen right now. He loved sucking cock, and Liam’s extra-large one to go along with his extra-large body was stunning. It had to be at least eleven to twelve inches long, and it was thick, but not overly thick. He knew this first time it would still make him feel as if he were being split in two, but he couldn’t wait to feel Liam inside him. To finally feel that connection that only comes from sharing your body with another. And he knew this time would be a thousand times more intense because it would be his mate, not some one night off.

Liam moved closer as he held the base of his cock and pressed the tip to Xavier’s waiting hole. He bent his legs and pulled them back as far as he could without the use of his hands, giving Liam more room.

Liam pressed forward and Xavier’s back arched as he bit his bottom lip, tasting the copper of his blood. The burn was a little painful, but he liked it. Liam slowly rocked in an inch, then pulled back. By the time he did this a few times, each time going in a little deeper, the pain began to wane, and his body relaxed and filled with pleasure. Liam leaned forward, pressing their sweaty chests together, and Xavier put an arm over his shoulders, careful of his injured hand and pulled him closer. Liam kissed him deep, driving his tongue to the back of Xavier’s throat as his cock filled Xavier completely.

They moved together as one, meeting thrust for thrust as their tongues entwined, and their breath mingled. Xavier had never felt so full in his life, or so good, and he never wanted this moment to end. The only thing better would be if he could use his hands and explore his mate’s body as they rocked together in their bliss.

Liam pulled back as he swiveled his hips, the action causing his cock to brush against Xavier’s sweet spot, and Xavier couldn’t help the cry that came from his throat as his body arched upward. “Right there, babe?” Liam asked breathlessly, his hot pants caressing against Xavier’s cheek.

“Yes. Gods, yes. Don’t stop, Liam. Make me come, mate,” Xavier hissed low, still trying to be as quiet as he could, but damn if that was an easy thing to do right now. Liam was filling him, and making his body sing. All he wanted to do was cry to the heavens, sharing with everyone how much pleasure his mate was giving him.

Liam hit that spot again, and Xavier could feel his orgasm racing to completion. He tightened his hold around Liam’s shoulders and pressed his face against his sweaty throat as he rocked with Liam, taking everything his man had to give him. The sensation of Liam’s rippled abs rubbing against the underside of his cock was just the right amount of friction, and Xavier’s head began to spin. Liam had to be close too because he picked up the pace and began pummeling Xavier’s body like a desperate man. The sounds of skin slapping skin, heavy breathing, and hushed moans filled his ears, and Xavier’s balls pulled up tight against his body. “Now, mate. I’m coming,” he said through clenched teeth.

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