Cowboys and Pearls (MMMM)

Loving in Silver 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,859
15 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

After the deaths of his wife Jessica and his partner Don, Nick isn’t looking for love. All he wants is his heart to heal. He has to go on, not only for himself, but for his teenage daughter. Then he meets Teddy and Wesley Kimura and things begin to change in ways he hadn’t been expecting. Still, he rejects their obvious love.

Though there had never been anything beyond the mildest flirtation with the handsome rancher, it is apparent Nick doesn’t want Teddy and Wesley. Bruised but not broken, the twins turn to Breck Gordon for comfort and discover a man who can love them both without reservation.

Breck finds two men, not one, for him to love. It is perfect, with the exception of one thing. Nick Walker is never far from their thoughts and never leaves their hearts. It is knowledge Breck doesn’t know if he can accept.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cowboys and Pearls (MMMM)
15 Ratings (4.4)

Cowboys and Pearls (MMMM)

Loving in Silver 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,859
15 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
First book i read that was all men but i loved it xxx
I started the Series backwards, but now I'm going to book one and reading the whole series to the point it's at, 1 so I can reread this book and 2 cause once ya meet the Town of Silver you'll be hooked....A MUST READ....



Nick Walker was just a little irritated by the time he left the coffee shop. All his brothers and friends had sent him on a coffee run before he started work. There hadn’t been a problem until they wanted the coffee from one particular shop in town and donuts from another. Now his truck was loaded with things that were probably going to roll and spill everywhere.

He was about to get into the cab of his truck, ready to get out to the fairgrounds, when he heard a pair of voices calling to him. Okay, now he was officially pissed. This hadn’t been about coffee and donuts at all, but getting him into town where a pair of high-fashion hotties could possibly see him.

Taking a deep breath, Nick turned to face the men. To say they were stunningly beautiful would have been an understatement. He had never seen men as beautiful as Wesley and Teddy Kimura. Not even Colt Redford, whom he’d always thought of as having a sleek male beauty with his Russian ancestry, came close to this pair. Wesley and Teddy were glowingly beautiful, like pearls on a bed of cream-colored satin. If he didn’t know they were male, he might have thought they were female, their features were so refined.

To say that his breath was taken away every time he saw them would be an understatement. Now was no different, which was why he had begun making a point of avoiding coming into the center of Silver where they tended to stay while in town. He had heard they were visiting friends, so he had been making a conscious effort to stay far from downtown. And it was damned early! What were they doing awake?

“Hi, Nick,” Wesley breathed, smiling up at him, his dark eyes telling just what he was feeling.

“Hi, Nick,” Teddy echoed, but in a more reserved manner.

One was willing to just go for it. The other wanted some reassurance first. Nick couldn’t give them either. After the death of his wife Jessica and partner Don, he didn’t think he was ready for another relationship. And would he ever be ready for one with these two men? Probably not. They were too wild, too exotic. Basically, they were over-the-top and so far away from his world that he couldn’t see anything long-term happening between them. They didn’t live in Silver, but came to visit their good friend Marley Evans, formerly Marley Jacobson. Normally they were in New York City, where they had their fashion design studio. If they weren’t there, they were in LA or London or Paris. Yeah, those places were very far away from his world. He was a real country bumpkin.

“What are you guys doing in town?” he asked, realizing he probably didn’t want to hear their answer.

It seemed like they shouldn’t be in town right now. Hadn’t he heard something on the news about a big fashion show in Paris? Or was it London? Either way, they weren’t supposed to be here in Silver.

Wesley grinned. “We’ve retired and moved here.”

That was just something Nick hadn’t expected or wanted to hear. Nope, it was most definitely not. If he accepted that he had heard it, then he would have to make some kind of decision concerning his feelings for these two men. He looked from one to the other. He forced a smile to his lips. “Well, welcome to Silver, guys. It’s going to be a big change for you. What are you going to do here?”

Teddy, who was always the quieter of the two, finally spoke, “Nothing. We’re fabulously wealthy.”

Nick blinked then stared at him. “Well, that’s good, I think. But won’t you get bored doing nothing but being fabulously wealthy?”

“We’re hoping to get laid,” Wesley told him bluntly, his dark eyes roaming over Nick like a caress. So much so he felt goose bumps rise on his skin. “This is the place for us. We’ll fit in here. We want to find someone to love.” He glanced at the carriers full of coffee in the truck. “You better get going. The coffee is going to get cold. Teddy and I’ll see you around.”

They hurried down the sidewalk toward the Silver Star Hotel where he knew they normally stayed when in Silver. He hadn’t failed to notice that they were both rather subdued in their manner of dress today. Normally they were wearing impossibly bright colors. The last time he had seen them they were wearing skintight black skinny jeans, and shirts of peacock greens and blues, with deep pink and gold scarves. Their hair, too, wasn’t as radically styled either. No spikes, no shocking colors, no glitter. They were still wearing eyeliner and shadow, which he admitted to himself that he liked. And had Teddy been wearing just a hint of pink lip gloss on his plump little mouth? So hot!




With his balls clenching and his cock weeping copious amounts of pre-cum, Breck didn’t know how long he was going to last. “Well, I can’t get anything in your ass if you’re still wearing your clothes, can I?” They began stripping off their own clothes as he pushed down his jeans and underwear, only to stop when they stopped to gawk. “Clothes, guys. If I have to take them off you, they’re coming off in strips.”

“Oh, fuck yes! Come here and do it!”

Shoving the jeans to his feet he kicked them off and stalked toward the mischievous pair. They squealed and ran in different directions, out of the salon and into one of the bedrooms, jumping on the bed, running across it, to jump down off the other side.

Laughing, Breck managed to catch Wesley first as he tried to squirm under the bed. He sat on him, his cock pressing against the man’s ass. The lace jacket was no match for hands which had done farm work for years. It ripped from the hem upward. He didn’t spare it a glance as he pulled it off slender arms. A chuckle left him as Wesley laughed and squirmed between his thighs. One more rip and the cute T-shirt met the same fate as the jacket. Lifting up for a moment he flipped the man over and reached for the button on his tight jeans.

His little sweetheart was going commando. Breck’s tongue about dropped out of his mouth as he looked down at the beautiful specimen which bounced out on display. The guy’s cock was huge, almost as large as his own. Almost. He spared a glance and looked at Teddy, who was peeping at him from behind a heavy drape.

Scooting backward along long legs he pulled the shoes and jeans off, tossing them across the room. Then he was picking Wesley up and tossing him to the center of the bed.

“Stay!” Breck ordered, pointing a finger at him. Wesley nodded and grabbed his cock, fisting it, which nearly made him forget he had another man to strip down yet. His fixed Teddy with a look, then stalked across the room after him. “You’re next, sweetheart.”

Teddy squealed and dashed from behind the drapery, trying to get around a wingback chair before jumping over a coffee table with the grace of an antelope. He was obviously trying to get to the bathroom, where he could lock himself in.

Laughing, Breck ran and launched himself at the smaller man. He rolled, taking the impact with the floor, his body absorbing the shock. Teddy laughed delightedly, sitting up, his ass wriggling around naughtily on Breck’s aching cock.

“Good thing you didn’t land on your cock. It would have snapped off before you could get in my ass.”

“Or you could have got rug burn on it,” Wesley chirped.

“Be quiet over there, before I have to spank you.”

The leather jacket came off as Teddy shrugged out of it. The orange T-shirt was ripped up the center, exposing a beautiful chest with dark nipples. Though they were small men, they were definitely men, with nicely sculpted bodies. They were in shape, just not bulky like he was.

“You’re pretty, too,” he whispered. “I have to be inside you. I have to make love to my two beautiful men.”

Teddy nodded. It took some doing, but Breck got them both off the floor without releasing the man. He carried him to the bed and pulled Teddy’s shoes, socks, boots, and jeans off. He went to his jeans then for condoms.

“Lube,” he said as he returned and crawled onto the end of the bed. Wesley reached under the pillow and pulled out a small bottle, handing it to him. “The oldest gets my dick in his ass first.”

Teddy grinned while Wesley whimpered and jerked his cock harder. Breck rolled a condom down the length of his cock then patted the bed. “I’m five minutes older than Wes.”

“Hands and knees right here.”

Teddy did as he was told, spreading his knees wide, offering Breck the most perfect ass he had ever seen. His gaze stroked over the tight balls and the hard cock pointing toward the mattress. He would take the time later to lick every inch of Teddy’s beautiful body. Pouring lube down the man’s crack he then lubed his fingers before breaching the perfect little rosette.

The man’s asshole resisted the entrance of his finger. Teddy pushed back, trying to impale himself on it. “More,” he gasped. “I like a little burn.”

Taking him at his word Breck added a finger, scissoring them, beginning to stretch the muscles, relieved when it didn’t take long to get him ready. Withdrawing his fingers he stretched out on the bed and offered his cock. Teddy crawled over him, straddling his waist, impaling himself on the cock Breck held for him. They groaned together as he slowly slid down his length inch by inch. A powerful shudder of pleasure shook his body when Teddy bottomed out. The man’s ass was so hot and tight. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load.

Sliding his hands up along slender thighs, Breck stroked silky skin as he admired the cock and smooth, hairless balls pressed against his groin. Except for the beautiful black hair on their heads, both brothers were smooth.

Teddy leaned forward, bracing himself on Breck’s chest, and began sliding up and down his cock. It felt so damned good it was all he could do not to come right then. Reaching between their bodies he grabbed the base of his cock, squeezing, taking deep breaths. He wanted his beautiful little man to take as much pleasure from his body as he could.

The soft whimpers from the man beside him on the bed made Breck turn his head on the pillow. Wesley looked like he was in serious pain, as well as very, very needy.

“Come here, baby. Let me suck your beautiful cock,” he invited hoarsely, not quite believing his dreams were coming true.



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