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The Summer Hideaway
0 ratings
It’s holiday time and Big Chook races to join his friends. Wally, Three Parts Pete, Handsome Harry, and the newcomer to their group, a fiery young girl called Kirstin. The five head into the nearby bush land an MORE...
Worth More Dead
0 ratings
It is spring in Crescent Falls and time for the annual Thrift Store Fashion Show. Since the event will be held in the spacious social hall of the Crescent Falls United Methodist Church, amateur sleuth Adelaide MORE...
The Horror of Kuchisake-onna
Jo Cartwright is travelling to Tokyo without her ever-attentive husband. Persuaded to take advantage of her unexpected liberty, she accompanies her friends for a night out on the town. A night out that ends in MORE...
Inner Flame
2 ratings
With her older brother MIA, the responsibility for taking in their four-year-old sister Jazz and her dog Hank falls on Sera Dobson after their mother's suddenly death. Grief stricken, Sera’s mind starts playing MORE...
Hello, Tom
0 ratings
The town of Belmar, on the Jersey Shore is home to the fishing boat Miss Patty, which is home for Tom. He thinks the town is his playground. He may be right.
0 ratings
After a brutal rape and near-murder, Valerie wants to get past feelings of victimhood from both the assault and her history of being bullied. Not knowing the identity of her masked rapist and dealing with the n MORE...
Shoestring Rider
0 ratings
Emma keeps her Thoroughbred horse, Wisdom, at Blakewell Stables, where Ms Larimar is the barn instructor. But Emma has a major problem. Wisdom rushes his fences, which stands in the way of Emma’s ambitions to c MORE...
I Live In A Doghouse
Eleven-year-old Nick Cassidy's stepsister delights in calling him gross names. His half-sister loves for Nick to push her in the stroller, to his embarrassment. What if the guys from school see him? All Nick wa MORE...
The Prophet's Mate
NOTE: This is a previously published work. This prequel is geared toward readers who are already familiar with the serial novel. Before Kyla's protectors were in place and the war began, there was Sam. The sea MORE...
0 ratings
Last year sixteen-year-old Autumn solved her sister’s murder. This year, she is part 
of a high school forensic dream team that assists the police when teens are
kidnapped. When it’s discovered the kidnappings MORE...
Tarot The Magician
0 ratings
After discovering an ancient tarot deck, Kassandra Troy’s life takes a thrilling and frightening turn. She triggers The Magician card and releases the mysterious and captivating Luke Rykell. Luke has a dark sec MORE...
Poles Apart on the Same Bed: Twenty-Nine Selected Short Stories
Here's a fine selection of Alexander Raju's stories written over thirty years--ranging between the stories of a tyro giving expression to his idealistic perspective of the world and the society he lives in and MORE...
Field Season
0 ratings
Each year an expedition is launched pitting man against the raw untamed glory of the Amazon Forest. This year, the team of biologists have flung themselves into the jungle to pursue the most elusive of animals. MORE...
The Aviary
0 ratings
Doris Meadows had twelve million dollars, a mansion, a bird aviary, and a very bad heart. All Stacey Ryan had to do was to marry her and wait for her heart to give out. It was all very simple. Or was it?
Belinda goes on a Picnic
Belinda wanders into a forest and becomes lost. What will become of her?
Belinda Goes to the Beach
Belinda ventures outside of the safety flags at the beach. What will happen to her?
Fish Kicker
0 ratings
Against the unforgiving landscape of Alaska, Sharon Wolf, a single mother, struggles to reclaim her life from alcohol abuse and regain the custody of her daughter. But first she must overcome dwindling funds an MORE...
Football Mambo
A funny Australian mystery about Adelaide and football and fishing and voodoo and wives. When down-at-heel Adelaide private detective Bruce Bilger accepts a curious but seemingly trivial case from a local Aus MORE...
A Shot of Trouble
0 ratings
Open gunfire in an elementary school with Cassidy "Trouble" Michaels around and you better run. Run for the hills, but don't leave tracks and don't take time to look back. She will track you down, send you to t MORE...
A Taste of Gold
0 ratings
Psychic twins with special talents meet two thieves, two Taniwha, and one pretty reporter as they experience the adventure of a lifetime… On a prospecting holiday, brothers Jason and Levi discover an ancient s MORE...
Spirit of Christmas
An inspirational Christmas collection about the joy of sharing the Christmas spirit with those around us. The Christmas season reawakens the desires and encouragement to give of oneself and to help others in n MORE...
Death Card
0 ratings
A United States president mad with power declares himself dictator, suspends the Constitution and declares war on the American public. Unleashing a reign of terror, the United States citizens find themselves vi MORE...
Holmes on the Range: A Novel of Bad Choices, Harsh Realities and Life in the Federal Prison System
Demons. We all have them. They take various forms and affect us in different ways. Some are obvious like drugs and alcohol. Loneliness and depression and self-doubt are not so apparent if that is all you’ve kno MORE...
Mistaken Identity
1 ratings
What is the meaning of identity? A woman living in an isolated cottage on the central California coast watches the fog drift across a desolate landscape. Several miles to the south, another woman, a patient in MORE...
Palace of the Twelve Pillars
Young Adult Christian Fantasy The Peace Summit was in shambles, the prince kidnapped. When the rival king realizes he kidnapped the wrong prince, hostilities escalate. Loyalties to each other and country are MORE...
The Boa Murders
0 ratings
One look at the two teenagers told me they were scared as much as humans can be and with good reason. They were wearing scarlet Boas, a symbol for a certain group of streetwalkers who were being murdered by a m MORE...
0 ratings
Jennifer has never phoned me until now. She said come at once and be careful about being followed. I broke the speed limit through the city’s usual traffic problem. The sound of her voice over my Ameche said sh MORE...
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