[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, light spanking, HEA]

Leaving the troubling dilemma of loving two men behind, Charlotte Perth heads home to California. The last time she was there she’d just come back from the dead with the gift of being clairvoyant. Now, another young swimmer has drowned and Charlotte realizes it’s another victim…one who might not have been if Charlotte had only told the truth twelve years earlier. She doesn’t count on Jonas Daire and Nash McKnight following her, ready to hammer out the details of being in a ménage relationship. Both love her so they’re willing to share, as long as they don’t kill each other. Only now they have to convince stubborn Charlotte they can make the unusual relationship work. Before she can possibly think of the future, however, she’s got a murder to solve while not falling victim twice to the same killer…one who’s waited a very long time for Charlotte to come home.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Breathless (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“We’re here,” Alastair stated.

And just like that, Charlotte forgot about the conversation. She forgot about sitting between Jonas and Nash. She forgot everything, because just seeing the swim club brought it all back. That night. How the feeling of the water on her skin, caressing, felt like an attentive lover. How she had pulled the cap off her hair and it floated like tentacles around her. There hadn’t been any sound except the gentle lapping against the side of the pool as she scissored her legs back and forth. Her mind had drifted as she thought about the Olympic trials, exactly one week away. She’d been working her whole life for them, having been just a few months too young to qualify. Nothing was going to stop her, nothing was going to hold her back.

And then the hand tangled in her hair, and her whole life suddenly stopped.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Jonas murmured and he put his arm around her, pulling her into his shoulder. She felt him wince a little and realized she leaned against his bullet wound, so she pulled back, unable to stop her chin from quivering.

“I’m okay,” she said.

Nash snorted but didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to park at this meter instead of going in the garage,” Alastair stated. He didn’t add the words just in case, but they hung in the air anyway. Once he’d pulled into the parking space and turned off the car, he glanced at her in the rearview mirror. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I…need to do this?” She hadn’t meant for that come out as a question but being confident was beyond her ability at the moment.

“Why don’t we take it in stages?” Holly suggested.

“Right,” Jonas added. “Let’s just go the lobby. If you feel comfortable, we’ll take the next step.”

“Okay,” she said, taking a deep gulp of air, hoping it would steady her nerves. But, nope. No such luck. Her heart hammered like a race horse running in the Kentucky Derby.

As she exited the car, she studied the building. The swim club consisted of three indoor lanes, an indoor kiddie pool and ten lanes outside. The indoor lanes were only for older folks who did their water aquatics and for those days too chilly or too rainy, but thankfully Southern California didn’t have that many bad weathered days.

Holly slipped her hand in Charlotte’s, squeezing for support, and Charlotte flashed her a grateful smile. With Alastair leading the way, Jonas and Nash behind her, she felt as fortified as she was going to be. It warmed her heart to have her loved ones around her.

As soon as she walked inside the club, however, the smell of chlorine made her knees buckle. Nash grabbed her arm to steady her while Jonas slipped an arm around her waist.

“Are you all right?” Nash murmured in her ear.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “I think I might want to puke.”

It was as if twelve years had never passed. The same old reception counter where people signed in, the same old logo on the wall. Even the same damn mat on the floor. She never thought she’d be here again and the memories almost brought tears to her eyes.

“Can you feel anything?” Alastair asked.

With a Herculean effort, Charlotte pushed away her emotions. Emotions only hindered her ability to concentrate and she desperately needed to get this over with because the sound, the smell and yes, even the taste in the air began to break down her tenuous hold on her composure.

After a minute, she turned her head and stared down the hallway that would take visitors to the changing rooms. “Yes,” she said. “There’s a pull toward the locker room.”

“All right,” Alastair said. “That’s good enough for me, let’s go.”

Suddenly, ice coursed through Charlotte’s body and she shivered. Vaguely she heard Nash mutter, “What the hell?” as the temperature around them dropped several degrees. She closed her eyes because she knew what this meant, had felt it once before, and when she gathered her courage to open her eyes she saw a dead girl. The ghost’s body wasn’t transparent as one would expect. She stood as solid and real as anyone else around her, except, of course, no one else could see her.

She wore a bathing suit, sleek and black, and her hair was stuffed under a rubber cap. Water dripped off the ends of her lashes. The girl’s blue eyes were clouded over with the stare of death and red pinpricks of blood swam in them. She was still wet in the afterlife and though Charlotte couldn’t hear the water drip to the tile floor, she imagined they sounded like staccato flares of gunfire as they dropped.

“Who did this to you?” Charlotte whispered to the spirit.

But the spirit didn’t answer, of course. She simply stared at Charlotte with angry, accusing eyes. Did the spirit know that she was dead because of Charlotte? That Charlotte had had a chance to bring a murderer to justice and because of her immature decision this girl had paid the price?

Charlotte blinked and then the girl was standing directly in front of her, so close that their noses practically touched. 

“I’m sorry,” she told the girl. She reached out her hand although she didn’t know why. Maybe to give her condolences. Or to ask for forgiveness. But none was to be granted as the ghost opened her mouth, screaming silently in purgatory, her breath a forceful shove of anger into Charlotte’s mouth. The light above them exploded, sparks raining down. Vaguely she heard someone cursing and felt herself being herded back out the door and the connection with the ghost ended. Outside, the patch of cold air disappeared, the ice in her chest melted, and four people stood around her in a circle, staring at her as if she’d grown a second head.

“What have I done?” she whispered.




“I want you to suck him,” Nash whispered in her ear. She opened her eyes and saw Jonas. “I want you to take him in your mouth and suck him dry while I fuck your hot cunt.”

She watched as Jonas began to disrobe. Nash ran his hands down her torso, over her flat stomach to unbutton her pants. He pushed them down her hips, hooking her black panties and pulling them along as well. She saw Jonas’s eyes widen and his nostrils flared as he gazed up and down her body. He fisted his cock, pumping it up and down with slow, steady strokes.

Nash picked her up and laid her on the bed before taking off his clothes. He loomed over her, running his fingertips over every inch of her body. He started with her neck and moved down, lightly feathering over her collarbone, down her chest, and over her breasts. He took his time with her nipples, teasing them with light strokes until they puckered and strained for more. Charlotte’s breathing turned shallow and an ache developed deep inside. She could feel herself growing slick in her rising desire.

Charlotte moaned and titled her head back over the untamed passion Nash’s touch caused her. His fingers continued down, over her flat tummy, tracing the V-juncture to where her thighs touched. His fingers divided, the middle one moving forward into the thatch of black hair that hid her sex.

He found the nub that thrummed with excitement and rubbed. Charlotte jumped then pushed her hips forward trying to get more caresses, which he obliged. He teased her, revving up her senses more and more, until she squirmed and begged for more. His other index finger slipped inside her, and the two fingers moved simultaneously in and out. Soon, Charlotte was too far gone to care about anything except what lay at the end of the taut string he balanced her on.

And then Nash bent his head and took one nipple into her mouth, sucking on it deep, and it was too much for Charlotte. She screamed a little and broke apart in a hundred pieces, flying up into the sky before crashing back down. Panting, sweating, she opened passion-clouded eyes to see Nash’s satisfied gaze.

He flicked a questioning look at Jonas.

“You going to join us?” he asked.

Jonas walked over to them. Charlotte tipped her head back to look at him.

“I thought I’d be jealous,” he murmured, running a hand over her body, lingering on her nipples. “But you’re so fucking gorgeous. So sexy. I think it’s because I can see the love between you. Get on your knees, Charlotte.”

Nash eased from between her legs far enough to allow her to obey. Charlotte pushed her passion-drenched body around and brought herself up until she rested on her hands and knees. Her mouth came level with Jonas’s hard cock. She looked up at him, waiting for his direction.

“Suck him,” Nash ordered, pushing her head down.

Charlotte reached up and took hold of Jonas’s dick, encircling it with her hands and rubbing it up and down. She eased the tip into her mouth, licking the juice leaking from it off, sucking as if trying to drain him dry. Jonas moaned and sunk his hands into her hair, holding her in place and guiding her when needed.

Nash ran his hands over her back, down her ass, and between her legs, shifting her thighs more apart before pushing forward. She felt his large cock head pushing forward, his fingers guiding him into her.


The angle had him hitting a spot that made her shudder with pleasure over and over. Reality was fast losing consciousness. And then she convulsed, again, harder than before, and still, he pressed on, hitting that spot again and again. He wasn’t moving fast, or pushing too deep, but he maintained a steady rhythm that kept driving her over the edge of sanity.

She pulled off Jonas’s cock to moan, “Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes!”

Jonas guided her head back to his cock and then they were working in tandem. She let Nash set the pace of how she took Jonas cock in her mouth. As he pushed forward, she swallowed more of the huge dick in her mouth, using the back muscles of her throat to squeeze him. She was rewarded each time with a deep groan of pleasure from Jonas.


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