Lust & Lies (MM)

Dark Horse 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,420
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA]

Dark Horse Agent Kevin "Pipe" Daniels considers his assignment as security detail to Skye Peterson a joke—until they are both nearly killed in an explosion. Now not only is it serious—it's personal. He likes Skye, too much, and puts personal feelings before his job. Kevin convinces Skye to fake his own death in order to draw out the killer. Then it's war.

Skye doesn't want to listen to the arrogant beach bum Dark Horse sent him to find out who's been breaking into his house. But after spending a heated afternoon in Kevin's arms, he realizes there's more to the gorgeous agent than he lets on—and Skye aims to find out what he's hiding.

A tragic turn of events uncovers the killer and pulls Skye out of hiding against Kevin's insistence. Will Kevin be able to stop the killer before Skye becomes the next to die?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jayden Knight is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lust & Lies (MM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Lust & Lies (MM)

Dark Horse 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,420
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



He’d heard this story before. “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.” Shakespeare wrote about it. The news headlines were scattered with stories to back up just how vicious a person could be when crossed.

“So you’d like me to catch her and—what? Talk some sense into her? I’m sorry, Skye. You really should talk to the police.”

“No! I don’t want her in any trouble. I just want her to leave me alone.”

Kevin knew firsthand that it would take a hell of a lot of convincing for that to happen. He’d worked too many jobs that all started this way. Some had a happy ending.

Most didn’t.

“And if I can’t talk her into leaving you alone, then what?”

Skye removed his sunglasses and looked at him. He scraped that dark gaze up and down Kevin’s frame, sending a rush of blood straight to his groin. Goddamn, that look was sexy as hell. Kevin had to concentrate on the reason he’d been called down to the marina and not on that wicked glimmer in Skye’s brown eyes.

“I’ve been assured your agency will take care of this and with discretion.”

Of course Burns would say that. He’d say anything with assurance if it meant another job. The man ran Dark Horse with a passion for righting all the wrongs of the world. And Kevin thought Dixon had been a hard-ass running Dark Horse up until he died.

“I’ll take care of it, but I need your word that you’ll let me do it my way.”

“And what way is that? You can’t hurt her.”

“I’ll do everything in my power.”

“You’ll have to do better than that.”

Kevin held his gaze. “I’m the best there is.”

After several tense seconds, Skye finally nodded and slipped his glasses back on, returning his attention to the water. “I certainly hope you are.”

He just had to know. The not knowing would distract Kevin until he knew for sure whether his gaydar was off. “So did you ask her to marry you? Or the other way around?”

“After she called to tell me that she was pregnant, I asked her what we should do. She suggested we get married.”

“Why did you say yes?”

Skye glanced over his shoulder at Kevin. “To be honest, I ask myself that question every damn day.”

He went for broke. “Did she not know you were gay?”

Skye stiffened and sucked in a breath as he turned to face the water. “No, she didn’t.”

“Did you?”

He turned to face Kevin, those dark eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. Kevin really wanted to pull them off his handsome face just so he could see his eyes again. In fact, Kevin wanted to toss the glasses aside and pull Skye up to him. He wanted to kiss those sultry lips now curled ever so slightly at the corners.

“At the time, not really. I just thought I was confused.”

“And now?”

“Why are you asking? Are you interested?”

“Maybe I am.”

They both stopped and stared at each other. Kevin saw his reflection in those sunglasses, that shocked look on his own face, and turned from Skye. Where in the hell had that come from? He’d already convinced himself that Skye Peterson was off-limits.

And then Skye had to go and say the one thing Kevin had wanted him to say.

“Maybe you aren’t the only one.”




Kevin pulled Skye into his arms and covered his lips, tasting the sexy man deeply for the first time. His hot lips burned into Kevin’s. Dear Jesus, he tasted amazing. Intoxicating. He could easily get drunk off nothing more than his scent.

Skye muttered Kevin’s name, and the sound falling from his lips sent a rush of unsteady emotion ripping through him. He didn’t want to be lost in a man like Skye, and yet he couldn’t stop himself from doing exactly that.

“Just for today,” Kevin muttered and held Skye by the back of the neck to keep him close so he could continue to get filled up on his taste. He wanted to be close but couldn’t stand to promise anything more than today. It was the only way he knew how to get close to anyone anymore. “Let me love you, baby. Just for now. No strings attached.”

“What if I want strings?” Skye asked.

Kevin’s chest pinched at the thought of another one-night stand, and yet it scared the shit out of him if it led to anything more than just that. They’d have to see each other tomorrow, and the day after that, and after that, until Kevin finished the job.

But it wasn’t his head making the decisions right now, at least not the one that listened to reason. His erection throbbed against Skye’s, and he rocked his hips to gain more friction.

Their tongues met, and a deep growl rumbled in the back of Kevin’s throat. Skye released a growl of his own when Kevin dove his tongue inside Skye’s mouth.

Skye weaved his fingers into Kevin’s hair, holding him close, as he matched the intensity of Kevin’s heated hunger with his own.

Pulling him closer, Kevin held him as they fell down onto the bed, neither willing to break their kiss. He lowered Skye down until his back met the cushions.

He’d have to take it slow with Skye. This gorgeous man had had lovers in the past, but they clearly had to have been a bunch of selfish sons of bitches. Every time Kevin so much as inched a touch toward Skye’s backside, he tensed.

“I won’t hurt you,” Kevin told him.

Skye laughed, obviously questioning his sincerity. “And you promise to call me in the morning?”

“Actually, I’ll still be with you in the morning if we stay out on the boat tonight.”

“I’d like that,” Skye said with a genuine grin.

Kevin kissed Skye’s hard chest and settled in on one of his nipples, licking and teasing the hard bud until Skye arched his back and drew in a breath with a hiss. With his hand, Kevin descended Skye’s body until he reached his cock.

“Very nice,” Kevin groaned and fisted the hard flesh.

Skye thrust his hips off the bed to drive his cock in and out of Kevin’s grip. “Oh, yeah. Kevin, yeah.”

Kevin kissed his way down his tight abs and past his narrow hips. Once his lips found Skye’s hard-on, he darted his tongue out and licked the glistening drip of pre-cum off the tip.

“Oh, Jesus.”

Taking that as permission, Kevin slid his lips over the hard flesh and sank down until he swallowed the blunt end. He swirled his tongue over the head and moved up and down as he stroked Skye’s cock with his lips.

His taste intoxicated Kevin, and he sucked hard to milk more pre-cum from his body. Skye rocked his hips, fucking Kevin’s mouth.

“Ah, Kevin. Please don’t make me come, yet.”

“Why not?” Kevin ran his tongue up and down the heavy vein centered on the underside of Skye’s cock as he fisted his balls.

“Please, baby. Please fuck me.”

Kevin pulled back and looked up at him and saw the eagerness in Skye’s eyes. He wanted nothing more than to bury his cock into Skye’s velvety warmth but had already made the decision that he wouldn’t penetrate him, not this time.

But that look in Skye’s eyes, pleading with Kevin to toss out that vow and sink his flesh deep into Skye’s, couldn’t be ignored—nor could it be denied.

“Do you have lube?”

Skye nodded and reached behind him, pulling out a small bottle of lube and a foil package holding a condom. Kevin took both and drizzled a generous amount of the lube all over Skye’s tight star. He then ran his finger up and down the hole, teasing it, loosening it.

Pushing against Kevin’s finger, Skye bit down on his lower lip when Kevin’s finger slipped past the tight barrier and sank inside. Dear God, he was so tight. Kevin wouldn’t last long once he buried his cock inside him.

He’d have to get Skye that much closer to the edge before he took him entirely. Skye had to enjoy this. He had to come first, and Kevin wanted him to come hard.

Slipping Skye’s cock between his lips, Kevin bobbed his head as he thrust his finger in and out of Skye’s backside in time. “How’s that feel, baby?”

“More,” Skye whimpered. “Oh, Kevin. I need more.”

“You got it, sweetheart.” He pulled his finger out only to replace it with two, scissoring them to stretch Skye’s tight hole. He sucked at Skye’s flesh, pulling more pre-cum to the surface, as he slipped three fingers into Skye’s entrance.

He was ready.

He ripped the foil packet and slid the condom over his rock-hard cock. As soon as he moved between Skye’s knees, Skye moved to turn around.

Kevin stopped him. “What are you doing?”

“Getting on my knees.”


“Isn’t that the easiest way to fuck me?”

“It doesn’t matter the easiest way, Skye.” Kevin moved over him and kissed him deeply, taking his time gently exploring his lover’s mouth. He nudged the head of his cock against Skye’s opening.

When Skye stiffened, Kevin relaxed as he slowed his kiss, controlling and setting the pace for their lovemaking. There might be a time for fast and furious, but not when it might be a first for one of them.

“Look at me,” Kevin whispered against Skye’s lips.

Skye lifted his gaze to Kevin’s.

“Watch me.”

He inched the head of his cock into Skye’s opening, and back out, and in again, repeating in short strokes until he felt his sweet lover relax beneath him. Kevin never looked away as he slowly, gently worked his erection into Skye’s heated hole.

As Kevin’s cock slipped past the tight ring, they both sucked in a breath and stilled.

“Jesus,” they said in unison.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby.” Kevin kissed him and worked his cock inside, now in longer, steadier strokes. “Jesus Christ. So fucking tight.”

Skye rolled his hips, moving Kevin’s flesh in and out of his. “Yes. Oh, yes. This is nothing like what I thought it would be like.”

Kevin licked at Skye’s lips before kissing him as he pulled out and thrust all the way inside, burying his cock to the hilt. “Shit, Skye. Oh shit, baby. You feel so good.”

He moved in rhythm. In and out. In and out. Slowly. Steadily. Cum bubbled in Kevin’s balls, tightening them, driving him to quicken his pace. He couldn’t help but move faster, pushing himself closer to his release.

“Yes! Oh, yes.” Skye started to pant.

Kevin fisted Skye’s cock and stroked it in time with his thrusts. “Oh, Skye. I’m getting close, baby.”

“So am I. Just a little more. Oh, please. Don’t stop. It’s so good.”

Kevin drove his cock in and out of Skye’s ass, forging their flesh together as the heat they generated between them pushed a film of fine sweat to the surface of both their skin.


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