The Divine Creek Ranch Collection, Volume 4 (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 225,428
1 Ratings (5.0)

In Their Divine Doctor, A Holiday Ménage, Emma has dedicated her life to healing. Duke and Gage have dedicated their lives to helping others. Fearing that life is passing them by, the trio embarks on a “bucket list” quest, igniting passion along the way. When danger strikes, will Emma pay the ultimate price for loving them both?

In Divine Phoenix, fleeing a sadistic ex-husband, Lily barrels into Clay’s life from the distant past. Clay discovers his muse in her gentle, giving spirit. Del returns to Divine, traumatized from a lengthy deployment, trying to move on. As they forge a future, will their love be enough when Lily’s past comes calling?

In Sparks Fly! A Divine Creek July 4th Family Reunion, Divine’s town librarian, Jayne Sheridan, and local tattoo artist, Seth Carter, are in Grace Warner’s matchmaking crosshairs. Grace’s sheltered cousin Jayne wants to embrace her fantasies. Seth believes life experience is overrated. Add in a Divine Creek Fourth of July Family Reunion and what happens? Sparks fly!


A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Divine Creek Ranch Collection, Volume 4 (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Divine Creek Ranch Collection, Volume 4 (MFM)

Divine Creek Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 225,428
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Emma sorted through her kit, looking for what she’d need to treat him.

“What are you doing?” the blond man asked her.

“What’s your name?” Emma asked as she took a seat at the picnic table by his head to talk to him and set him at ease. His tone was cautious, and she could see the anxiety in his green eyes.

“Gage. Gage Randall. What are you doing?”

Emma placed her hand on his firm back. “Gage, I’m Emma Guthrie. I’m a doctor and I’m setting up my supplies so I can treat you. I’m going to remove the arrow and clean out the wound. Your friend is right. If it’s not treated properly the resulting infection will not be fun for you.” Or for your lovely tush.

It surprised Emma to think such inappropriate thoughts over a nervous patient so obviously in pain. For the first time in a long time she felt her cheeks heat up over dealing with someone’s private areas. She thought that response had been trained right out of her in medical school. As a family practitioner, she’d seen just about everything.

Quietly, the man said in a deep, earnest voice, “Not here.” He sounded very serious.

Emma looked around. “Where then? I’m not kneeling in your tent if I don’t have to. Wait.” The light was better inside the customized tent attached to the back of her Aztek. She could sit on her folding chair, and he could lie on the bedding on the tailgate. He was tall, so it wouldn’t be comfortable for him, but it would be better than being out in the open. She looked up at Gage’s dark-haired and equally handsome friend. “Duke, right?”

He nodded and replied, “Duke Rivers.”

“Can you bring him to my vehicle? We’ll set up there.”


Gage grimaced as Duke helped him rise stiffly from the picnic table, and they made their way to her campsite. She unzipped the tent and directed him to the opened cargo hatch. Emma was surprised that he made little noise as he settled. He must have a high pain tolerance level. She’d seen grown men cry over much less.

Duke made himself handy with the lantern while she reached around Gage to unbutton his jeans. He grasped her hand and stilled it. “What are you doing?” His hand was strong, impeding her progress, but not forceful.

“Gage, I have to give myself some room to work once I have the arrow out. I’ll have to clean the wound properly.”

Gage seemed to debate with himself for a few seconds then gently removed her hand from his fly and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants himself.

“So, did you just get here?” she asked, making small talk as she sanitized her hands and readied to remove the arrow.

“Yeah. We’d just set up the tent,” Duke said. “We were enjoying the view when it happened.” She glanced over at Duke and saw his crooked smile curl up on one side and mischief twinkled in his eyes. There seemed to be more he wanted to say but didn’t. A tremor raced through her, and she was willing to bet his girlfriend had her hands full. “This is a pretty cool setup you have,” Duke said.

“I got a great deal on it. The customized tent was ideal for me because I love to camp.” The tent that came with the vehicle had been altered and another larger tent attached to it so that she not only had the enclosure for the back of the vehicle, but in addition, she also had a small private space at the end of the vehicle.

“We do a lot of camping, too,” Duke replied as he came close and watched her work. The combined scents of the two men in the small enclosure caused her to inhale slowly and appreciatively. A ripple of awareness quivered through her at his proximity, her nipples hardened, and warmth spread through her core. Glancing up, she caught Duke watching her curiously and her cheeks tingled with heat.

“I feel like I know you from somewhere, Duke,” she said.

“Our work takes us all over. We’re IT consultants.”

She gloved up and wrapped her hand around the arrow close to the wound. To Gage she murmured, “Ready?”


“Count to three.” She tightened her hand around the arrow and prepared to remove it.

“One—” With one fast but careful tug, she pulled the arrow straight out. “Ow! You said—”

“I was distracting you,” she replied with a chuckle as she handed Duke the arrow. “I couldn’t have you clenching, now could I? Lift for just a second while I pull down your underwear and your jeans.”

He hesitated and that trace of unease returned to his handsome features. He seemed more bothered by her exposing his ass than the pain of the arrow removal.

To reassure him, she said, “I’m just a doctor, Gage. I see asses all the time. Young asses, old asses, tight asses and saggy asses. I’ve pretty much seen the asses of half of Divine at one point or another.”

Duke chuckled softly at her attempt to put Gage at ease.

Gage looked up at her. “Maybe so, but I’m not used to showing my ass off. And you’re not just a…”


“Never mind. Do your thing,” he muttered as he allowed her to tug his jeans and underwear down. He flinched, hissed, and cursed softly. “Stop.”

She let go and watched the muscles in his triceps ripple with strength as he lifted his upper body on one arm and carefully pulled the waistband of his underwear over his groin area. Although it was dim in the enclosure, as she observed him she realized what the problem was. His cock was standing up stiff and must’ve gotten caught by the waistband when she’d tugged.




Gage pressed his lips to the crown of her head, her unique, sexy scent filling his nostrils and hardening his cock further. He remembered the effect her fragrance had on him when she’d treated the arrow wound. It had hurt like hell, but his pain had been eased when he’d breathed in her scent on her pillow while he lay on the little bed she’d made up in the back of her Aztek.

She trembled against him and moaned as he stroked her back opening and Duke teased her pussy. Even though they stood in cold water, Gage felt like his blood was rapidly heating to boiling point. “Angel, I need you.”

“Come back to the tent with us, Emma. We have everything set up,” Duke said as he gazed into her eyes.

She closed her eyes again and nodded in what seemed liked relief. Need was something the three of them had in common. Gage wrapped his arm around her back and the other under her knees and lifted her from the water. She gasped and her arms tightened around him, but she didn’t protest. She gazed into his eyes as they strode from the water.

Gage loved the seductive side of Emma but carrying her protected her feet and took away the worry she might feel about stepping naked from the water. He thought she was perfect just exactly the way she was, but he could respect her feelings because he was embarrassed by his scars, though not so much around Duke or her. He didn’t want to cause her that worry and ruin the mood. Once they were within the thickly forested campsite she would probably feel less exposed.

“I put a towel in my bag,” she said once they were under the cover of the trees.

A warm breeze blew through the oaks and cedars, and shade dappled their picnic area. Gage placed her carefully on the cement slab the wooden picnic table was anchored to, and she reached in her bag where they’d placed it earlier. She gazed at them, standing naked waiting for her as she dried off. When Emma stared at his cock and licked her lips, Gage groaned and reached down to stroke himself. He was as hard as he’d ever been and the thought of fucking her outside in broad daylight was making him even harder.

“We didn’t eat lunch,” she whispered as she laid the towel to dry on the picnic table and turned to them. “Want to lie down in the tent? We can eat later.”

Duke pulled her to him and placed little kisses along her throat. “No, let’s stay out here and eat.”

“You don’t want to—”

“Don’t worry. We intend to fuck you, Em. Right after we dine on your pretty pussy.”

“Oh. I thought you’d changed your mind.”

Gage said, “Never, Emma. Food can wait. We both want you like crazy.” When she shivered, he asked, “Are you cold, angel?”

Emma shook her head and said nothing more. Duke looked at her beach towel spread on the table and said, “Sit on your towel, Em. Let’s have our little meal al fresco.”

Emma looked around, and a blush stole over her cheeks. Gage saw the sparks of lust that glittered in her eyes, as she smiled at them. “Out here in the open?”

Almost overcome with hunger for her, Gage nodded then watched as she bit her lip and climbed up to sit on the picnic table facing them with her feet resting together on the bench. Once she was situated, Gage and Duke seated themselves on either side of her closed legs.

There was a hint of merriment in the sparkling depths of her eyes as Duke asked, “Are you wet for us right now, Em?” At her eager nod, Duke continued. “You’re a naughty little thing for being naked out in the woods with us, aren’t you?” She nodded again and bit her lower lip, letting them know with that telling gesture that they were on the right track.

Gage slid a fingertip across her tightened nipple and then down her torso to her slit and murmured, “Anyone could see you like this, angel. They could come upon us here in the open.” He raked the top of his knuckle over her outer pussy lips and slick, hot moisture coated it. His dick twitched, and he forced himself to stay where he was instead of diving mouth first on her pussy.

“Someone might see you letting us eat your pretty little pussy,” Duke continued as he motioned for her to scoot her tush closer to the edge of the table and rest back on her hands.

“They might see you fucking me?” she asked with bated breath.

Duke nodded slowly. “They might watch us fill your pussy with our cocks.” He lifted her ankle and placed it on his outer shoulder so that she was partially opened to both of them.

“Oh,” she responded weakly, her breath coming in small pants. Her exposed pink flesh was already glistening with her slick, sweet juices.

Gage urged her a little closer to the edge to give them greater access to their play area and then lifted her other ankle slowly and whispered, “And if they’re very lucky they might watch us take your sweet little ass, too.”





Lily woke the next morning filled with excitement. She grabbed the clothing she’d laid out the night before, the only decent attire she had that was appropriate for the shop, and headed down the hall to the bathroom.

The Kelly Clarkson song was still playing in her head, and she hummed to herself as she looked forward to her first workday and the small shopping trip she had planned afterward. Clay was letting her go a couple of hours early so she could walk down to Stigall’s, located in the same shopping center, and do some much-needed clothes shopping while he finished and closed up the store.

Lily wiggled her tush as she sang, “You don’t know a thing about me,” and pushed open the bathroom door with her shoulder. “You don’t know a thing—Aaahhh!” she screamed loudly.

Clay stood naked in the open shower, steam clouding around him as he toweled off his head. He jumped when she screamed, his feet slid out from under him in the slick bathtub, and he went down like a ton of bricks, the towel still draped on his head.

Lily slapped her hands over her eyes, dropping her clothing on the floor. “Oh, my gosh, Clay. I’m so, so sorry! I was singing and I didn’t realize you were in here. Oh, I’m an idiot!”


* * * *


Clay’s ass throbbed like a son of a bitch, but he couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped as he watched Lily fumble around. She’d dropped her clothes, which were now probably wet from the steam-dampened floor. Her hands were clamped over her eyes, and she stepped on the clothes as she bumped into the bathroom wall, then the doorframe, feeling around for the exit with her elbows.

“Clay, I’m so sorry. That was dumb. I should’ve knocked.”

He clambered back to his feet and wrapped the towel around his hips as he got a look at her long, shapely legs under her sleeping T-shirt. If she spent time in the sun, she’d be a deep bronze in no time. He squelched the thought of spreading tanning oil up and down those satiny thighs as his cock tingled and took notice of the direction his mind was going in. Down, boy. He stepped out of the tub and reached out to steady her before she bumped into anything else.

“It’s okay, Lily. I was nearly done.” Her cheeks were flushed dark pink, and he could feel the heat in them as he peeled back her hands. Her eyes were slammed shut, too. “You can open your eyes. I’m not naked anymore.”

She opened them, and her gaze slid as far as his chest before her cheeks went even darker, and she kept her eyes on his face.

Skittish little thing.

“I promise, I’ll be more careful next time.”

Her words were so sincere, and he smiled as he looked at her lovely eyes up close. They were brown, but all the gold striations made them appear much lighter. “I’ve always loved your eyes. They’re beautiful.”

Lily’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink, and she licked her full lower lip, so that it glistened. His cock reacted to the sight and he just barely held himself back from kissing her right then and there.

She pulled back and started to say something, but nothing came out at first. He felt suspended in the moment as she gazed at his mouth for a few seconds before seeming to come to herself. “Um.”

Clay released her and said, “Sorry. That was probably not appropriate. I know it’s hard for you.”

“It’s not that. I’m just not used to that.”



Clay gritted his teeth to restrain the territorial surge of anger he felt toward her ex-husband. He wanted to beat the shit out of the bastard for the way King had beaten down his fiery, spirited Lily until a compliment felt foreign to her. Showing Lily that anger would only frighten her.

He knelt down and suppressed a groan as his hard-on made its presence known. He gathered her clothing and gently handed it to her. “Sorry about your clothes. If they’re ruined you can wear just whatever you can manage today.”

Lily acted as though she hadn’t heard him while her gaze traveled the length of him from his chest, down his abs, to his towel-covered groin area. She must have seen his erection because her gaze immediately returned to his. And, yes, it was possible for her cheeks to turn even pinker.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, Lil. I’ll let you get ready.” He left the bathroom without further comment. He looked down at his horny, thickening cock tenting his towel expectantly.What?




Del lifted his body and in a sweeping motion, threw the covers and top sheet away from them then rose above her. With one hand he jerked his pajama bottoms from his waist and pulled his feet out one at a time then threw the pants across the room.

Lily moaned and shuddered when he descended on her again, and she felt every searing inch of his long, hard body pressed against hers. Hot moisture rushed to her entrance and seeped against him when he lifted her thigh and wrapped it around his hip. With a growl, he looked down at her and smiled. The gleam in his eyes and the approval she saw there made her throat ache.

“I love you, Del. I love you so much it hurts.”

A smile came to his lips, and he whispered, “I love you, too, Lily Bell. Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll kiss it better.”

Tears spilled from her eyes, and she pressed her fingertip to her breastbone. “In here.” He slowly descended and pressed a gentle kiss there. She touched her fingers to her throat and he kissed her there. She cupped her breasts. “And here.”

She released them and held the back of his head as he took them in his hands and kissed them reverently and slowly, sucking gently at each hardened tip, causing her pussy to draw up tight with each tug of his hot mouth.

He dragged his scruff over both mounds, and waves of heat tingled all over her, and her breathing grew erratic. Her heart hammered as he shifted and moved his body lower.

He looked up at her. “Where else?”

She had to search her memory for why he was asking then remembered. She pressed a fingertip to her belly button, and he grinned as he dipped his nose down and tickled her there lightly then tilted his head and flicked her with his tongue before kissing her.

Moving her hand tentatively, she pressed all her fingertips over the tattoo, covering the spot she knew bore the name of another man. She slammed the door on the memories and felt only the touch of Del’s gentle lips as he kissed the spot above her mound.

Her fingertips drifted to her slit and parted her lips for him. She heard him growl faintly, but it was a sound that seemed to vibrate with approval all through her. Her cunt throbbed with pulsing arousal, keeping time with her heartbeat. Orgasmic waves rose within her.

She felt his hot breath on her wet pussy lips, and she let out a shaky breath as he teased her with his lower lip. “You make my mouth water.”

The heat coursed over her sensitive flesh, and her clit felt huge and swollen, demanding his touch. She felt suspended, waiting for the contact that would send her over.

He moved closer, and she bit her lip so hard she nearly drew blood as he laid his tongue against her clit and engorged flesh, taking her into his mouth. Heat sizzled through every nerve ending, and the sensual sound that came from her mouth didn’t sound like her at all. She arched her back as he lapped and gently stroked her cunt with his velvety tongue.

She was on the verge of orgasm without ever being penetrated. An impossibility, or so she’d thought until that moment. His gentle hands slid over her hips and lifted her to his mouth, spreading her thighs wider.

He opened his mouth in an impossibly languid motion and drew her swollen flesh into his mouth and held her there, sucking gently until the tense coil inside her burst, releasing a wild howl of pleasure from her. He continued sucking through every pounding, pulsing wave of her orgasm until she thought she would shatter into tiny pieces, unable to contain the pleasure inside her a second longer.

As she came down, he gentled her, licking and stroking, but avoiding her oversensitive clit as she caught her breath. He sat up and came to lie over her again, bracing most of his weight on his arms. His eyes practically glowed with desire as he gently stroked tears from her temples.

Tilting his head down, he kissed her lips, and she tasted herself on his tongue. He whispered, “No more sad tears.”

“Only joy.” She arched against him, joining his cock against her slippery cunt. “If you have a clean bill of health, I’m on the pill.”

She burned to feel him slide inside her the first time but let him control the moment as he kissed her again. His lips slid to her collarbone, and he kissed and lapped gently then murmured, “I had a checkup when I got back in the States. I’m all clear. Thank you, Lily Bell.”

He punctuated her name with a smooth thrust, filling her cunt with one hot stroke. He was huge, and she was grateful when he paused to give her a chance to become accustomed to him. He switched to the other collarbone and sucked at her flesh, raising goose bumps all over her body.

Involuntarily, her hips flexed and her cunt rippled with tension at the contact. She wrapped her arms around his back and threw back her head as he began to move in small, gentle strokes. Her heart pounded at his care for her, and she felt more hot tears slip from her eyes.

“You feel so good, Lily. So tight and soft. I love your pussy.”

He thrust harder, and she felt the flickering, dancing echoes of an orgasm as she thrust back against him with each stroke. Her body vibrated with tension, wound so tight it felt ready to explode any second.

Pleasure welled inside her, and she joyfully whispered, “It’s coming, Del, it’s coming! Oh! Del!” She felt immensely powerful as she moved beneath him, taking the pleasure he gave her so freely.





Jayne Sheridan fanned herself as she sat in the folding chair between her cousin Grace and Seth Carter. Her heart hadn’t settled into a regular rhythm since Seth had sat down beside her.

He turned to speak with one of the men and, her eyes were drawn to his arm, perched next to hers on his chair’s armrest. Up close, his tattooed skin looked nothing like what she would’ve expected. She wasn’t even sure what she’d expected. The tattoos were monochromatic, black with gray shading, and very intricate. The unusual design drew her eyes inexorably up his forearms to his lean, muscular biceps. She unconsciously leaned in to get a closer look, and her fingers twitched with the desire to run a finger along his smooth skin. He cleared his throat, and she looked up into his faintly amused blue eyes. Unsurprisingly, words failed her and she looked away.

Think of something to say. Anything! The parade will be over soon and you might not have another chance.

Sucking it up, she turned to him and asked, “Did it hurt?” right as a member of the local lowrider club, driving a customized 70s-model Chevy Impala, slowed to a halt in front of them. He turned up the volume on his sound system and “Low Rider” by WAR blasted from his speakers. She groaned softly, thinking Seth hadn’t heard her and she’d have to pretend like she hadn’t asked him a stupid question.

Of course it hurt, you ninny.

But Seth must’ve known she was speaking to him because he leaned close and said, “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

Miss Tongue and Miss Lips forgot how to function as a unit when she inhaled his manly, clean scent. His long, black hair wafted in the breeze and caressed her cheek as she looked at his profile. Words failed her, again, and Jayne wanted to crawl under a rock.

She mutely stared as the diffused sunlight illuminated his blue eyes until he finally turned to look at her. She suddenly forgot how to swallow and choked on her own spit.

Oh, kill me now!

Grace patted her back, and Jayne put her hands over her face and wanted to die of embarrassment. Seth leaned forward, looking at her with sincere concern in his eyes.

“Are you all right?” he asked quietly.

Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as she settled back in her chair and wiped stray tears from her eyes. “Yes. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened.” Yes, you do, you big dolt. You choked on your drool! Get a grip!

She was grateful for the distraction when Maya, Kendall, Boone, and Richard arrived laden with bottles of water and cotton candy for the kids. Mutely, she nodded when Grace softly asked if everything was all right. She sipped from her water bottle and figured she would wait five minutes then make her pathetic loser excuses and walk the few blocks back to her house. She wasn’t even surprised by today’s outcome. Par for the course for her social life.

Seth turned to her and short time later. “The lowrider made it impossible for me to hear you earlier. What were you trying to say?” He didn’t act as though she’d just royally humiliated herself or try to hide the concern that was still in his eyes. He merely chose not to remind her by overlooking it. He really wanted to know what she had said.

Jayne took a deep breath.

You might as well chat with him. It’s not possible to humiliate yourself further. Wait, don’t say that…

Feeling a little more at ease, she replied, “I asked if it hurt.” She pointed at his wrist. “But that’s a stupid question, isn’t it?” She hoped it didn’t make him uncomfortable to point out his tattoos.

Giving her his full attention, he shook his head. “No. Some hurt worse than others, depending on how many nerve endings there are and how close the tattoo is to a bone or joint. None of it was unbearable.” As he spoke, he showed her the image on the underside of his wrist and then turned his arm so she could see the rest. There was so much to see she couldn’t take it all in at once.

Not sure if she hid her inward cringe at his description very well, Jayne asked, “Was the pain worth it? It must’ve been a struggle to sit still through that.”

Seth contemplated her words stoically for a few seconds, but when he looked back into her eyes, she thought she saw the hint of a smile. “Some things in life are worth the struggle.”

Jayne nodded and sat back as his words echoed in her thoughts. She had personal experience with struggles. When the parade drew to a close she stood and folded her chair as the others made preparations to leave.

Grace turned to Jayne and said, “Instead of walking back for your car, do you want to just ride out to the ranch with one of us? We’ll give you a ride back into town whenever you’re ready to go home.”

Jayne hated to be an inconvenience to anyone like that and started to shake her head. “It won’t take but a few minutes. I’m only three blocks away.”

Gaining her immediate attention with a gentle hand on her bare upper arm, Seth said, “Would you like to ride with me, Jayne?”

Just about anywhere you want to take me, handsome.

She looked at where he gestured behind the flatbed trailer to a sparkling, well-maintained motorcycle parked in a row with two others. She recognized the Harley-Davidson emblem on a chrome part and bit her lip.

Grace asked, “Ever ridden on a Harley before, Jayne?”

Jayne stifled a gasp at that question because Grace already knew the answer. Since making the move back to Divine in February after the breakup with her rather staid former fiancé, Jayne had spent a lot of time getting caught up with her cousins. She’d heard about a lot of their escapades, and they knew all about her lack thereof.

“No, I haven’t.”




Teresa nodded silently when Joaquin patted his thighs as they reached the back end of the Divine Creek Ranch, near the small waterway it was named for. She could see the heat in his smoldering green eyes and knew he wanted to do more than take a simple horseback ride with her. He’d teasingly suggested on several occasions that they should try this but hadn’t acted on it until today.

As she released one foot from her stirrup, the warm breeze caressed the bare flesh beneath the hem of her sundress. Joaquin caught the reins on her horse, Adoración, and drew Deseo closer so they were juxtaposed alongside each other. She reached out for Joaquin, and he lifted her as though she weighed nothing and placed her in front of him, facing him. The breeze lifted the loose hem of her sundress again, exposing her clear to the tops of her thighs.

Joaquin growled softly, causing her pussy to tremble at the desirous sound. “I’m so glad I asked you to leave the panties in the truck now.” She was too. She’d waited all during lunch, getting hotter and wetter, wondering what their plan was.

At Joaquin’s side, his brother, Angel, the other great love of her life, nodded in agreement as she smiled up at him.

“I feel very naughty.”

Joaquin’s chest vibrated with a chuckle. “You’re going to feel a whole lot naughtier before this little excursion is over. Angel has plans for you too.”

Teresa looked into Angel’s golden-brown eyes. “You do?”

“Yes, beautiful. I want to watch you ride Joaquin’s cock on horseback and then you’ll find out what I’m going to do with you.”

The thought made Teresa squirm in Joaquin’s lap, drawing a happy groan from him. Her gaze locked with his, and she smiled as she unhooked his silver-plated belt buckle and unbuttoned the fly on his Wranglers. “I’m not sure how good a job I’m gonna do of saving the horse while I ride the cowboy.”

“Funny, sugar.” Joaquin helped her, leaning back and drawing the zipper down. “Deseo doesn’t mind, remember?”

How could she ever forget the night Joaquin had proposed while they’d taken a moonlight ride together on Deseo’s back? The bright moonlight had given the landscape an ethereal, dreamlike quality as Joaquin had shared what was in his heart. From that day to this she’d never looked back with regret.

Angel ambled up beside them to watch and help as he scanned the area around them, making sure they were completely alone, before lifting the skirt of her dress out of the way. Teresa’s cunt spasmed with need as her naked flesh was exposed to the open air.

Joaquin parted his fly, revealing his convenient commando state and fisted his thick cock. “Ready to ride, sugar?” His voice was deep with lust.

At her nod, he wrapped his other arm around her back and lifted as she placed her thighs on top of his, braced the balls of her feet on the insteps of his boots in the stirrups, and arched her back. She felt his blunt head at her slippery, wet opening and squirmed against him, causing both Joaquin and his brother to groan.

Angel moved ahead of them, and Teresa surmised he was watching as her pussy took Joaquin’s cock in tiny increments as she moved. She knew Angel enjoyed watching her take them, one at a time or both at the same time. She delighted in providing the show for him and waited as Joaquin held her tightly and slid in by careful degrees, impressing her with his tremendous strength and control.

Deseo shifted beneath them, but Joaquin held him steady and turned him toward a shady stand of trees in the distance. Deseo walked at a slow pace, with Angel leading her horse, Adoración, right beside them. Her heart pounded when Angel reached over and slid his hand between them and caressed her engorged pussy lips and her clit. Joaquin whispered to Deseo and his gait increased to a light canter, which nudged the head of Joaquin’s cock in and out between her lips with a maddeningly erotic motion. A moan came from her, and she laid her forehead against Joaquin’s shoulder as she redoubled her efforts to get more of his cock inside her.

“Teresa, you feel so damned good. I’ve looked forward to this for a long time. Ready to pick up the pace?”

She wanted all of him, and she was ready to start begging as Angel continued teasing her clit. Her cunt ached with a deep need, and she cried out, “Please, yes, Joaquin!” She was already writhing toward climax as he finally released her and she slammed down on his cock, crying out in triumph. Angel pulled his hand back and let his brother have the moment.

Joaquin spoke to the horse, and the strong animal quickened his pace, moving from a canter to a long-legged, smooth gallop that she matched in his arms. The hot wind blew around her naked flesh, and she’d never felt wilder as she rode Joaquin with abandon. A lump clenched in her throat at the sounds of absolute pleasure Joaquin made as he rocked with her, somehow dividing his focus between controlling the speed of the horse as he held her securely and let her move to her heart’s content.


“Oh, yes!”

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