Maizy the Bear Charmer (MFMM)

Divine Creek Ranch 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 131,546
54 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light foot fetish, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Maizy Owen is living her dream, working as a kindergarten teacher. Her profession gives her purpose, but her personal life is another story. Recently rejected by her fiancé, Maizy struggles to hide a part of her nature that she longs to freely express.
Cody Welsh , Heath Lindsey, and Spencer Ketchum, affectionately known to their friends as “the bears,” have been searching for the mysterious belly dancer who laid claim to their hearts nearly a year ago. Their paths cross on a rainy morning when Spencer can’t take his eyes off of a bubbly, dark-haired beauty with an unconscious urge to dance.
Far from overwhelmed by the bear’s immense combined presence, Maizy finds comfort and acceptance in their arms. They set out to discover if their growing bond can thrive, realizing her dream job may be jeopardized. Thanks to the gossip mill in Divine, it quickly becomes clear that Maizy has a choice to make. Keep her job or lose the men she loves.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.
Maizy the Bear Charmer (MFMM)
54 Ratings (4.7)

Maizy the Bear Charmer (MFMM)

Divine Creek Ranch 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 131,546
54 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this book. The 'bears' just went straight to my heart and did what they could to protect their woman. I am so waiting for the next book in this series!!!
Maizy and her bears - couldn't wait to read this one and Ms Rainier did not let us down at all!! excellent as always and truly a fun read!

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Spencer Ketchum sat in the booth at Divine Drip, opposite of Cody and Heath. His brain was barely functioning after another late night at the Twisted Bull and then an early morning working on their house. The three of them were seizing any chance they had to make progress. They’d ripped out the carpeting and put down ceramic tile and had finished the exterior renovations.

He was stoked as hell that they were finally painting the interior, erasing the bright color scheme. Several containers of paint in a calm off-white were in the back of his truck and they were tackling a room per day until they were all done.

Sipping his coffee, he mentally rubbed his hands together, anticipating the next project. The back deck. His baby. He’d expanded his plans to include a deck with an outdoor room and a new water feature. But instead of the usual pond or fountain, he was putting in an antique tub he’d found, complete with hot and cold running water.

The outdoor room would be enclosed by trellises that he’d plant climbing vines on, to provide shade and privacy for the retreat, which was intended for their woman…when they finally found her. He wondered what she’d think if she knew he was building that secluded spot so he could make love to her in the dappled sunlight or under the stars. He let out a slow breath as the tingling in his groin increased.

“He’s thinking about her again.”

He became aware of Cody and Heath both watching him with amusement in their eyes. A wide grin split Heath’s face and he chuckled. “Welcome back, man.”

Spencer laughed and covertly shot him the bird as he lifted his coffee cup to his lips. “What? Like you’re not?”

Heath shrugged unapologetically. “We all are. It’s the house. Working on it keeps her on our minds.”

Spencer nodded and removed the top from his cup of coffee and reached for the sugar shaker.

Movement in his peripheral vision drew his eyes and he saw a little brunette waiting in the line at the front of the shop.

On the surface she looked conservative, except that she was wearing sexy heels. He loved a woman in heels. The pattern on her black lace stockings led his gaze up to where they disappeared inside her school-marmish skirt. The ends of a brightly colored scarf trailed down the back of her shoulder over her cherry-red top, and when she turned in profile, he could see she’d used it to pull her curly hair back from her pretty face. She had long black eyelashes and darker-hued eyes.


Spencer looked at Cody. “What?”

Cody pointed at Spencer’s coffee cup. He looked down and realized he’d been pouring sugar the entire time he’d been watching the dark beauty. Good thing he liked his coffee sweet. He put the sugar aside and picked up his spoon to stir and looked over Cody’s shoulder again.

She was next in line. He grinned when he realized why she’d caught his eye to begin with. She was wiggling her hips, just barely, to the closing refrain of “Magic Man.” She seemed like she was fighting the urge, because she kept going still, then a few seconds later, her hips would twitch again. She was really cute. He was almost sad when the song ended.

“She must be really something,” Heath said, laughter lacing his voice as he sipped from his coffee.

Spencer looked down at his cup, trying to rein in his inner horndog. He hoped again he wasn’t being foolish by buying into Heath’s belief that their little belly dancer was out there somewhere and they were bound to come across her eventually.

At night, she still visited his dreams, with her toned but sweetly curving legs, her waist and hips making his hands twitch with the need to stroke her warm flesh. He felt a little guilty for looking at the young woman in line when what he wanted was the woman meant to be his. Theirs.

The three of them grinned when the classic rock station that Cassie favored began to play their song. “Black Magic Woman” by Santana. Or at least it had become their song since their belly dancer had danced to it the year before. All three men smiled at each other and Spencer took it as some kind of sign. Judging by the satisfaction in Heath’s eyes, he was having similar thoughts.

Cody and Heath both turned to see who he was looking at and he directed his gaze to the beauty who had just reached the front of the line. She was chatting enthusiastically with Cassie as she leaned her palms on the counter, unaware of how delicious she was from his point of view. Her ass swayed with the tune, and she turned ever so slightly, giving him a view of the most luscious set of full breasts he’d ever seen. They’d fill his hands perfectly.

In what seemed like an unconscious move, she slid one high-heeled foot out from the other in a small, simple flexing movement. At the same time, she lifted her abundant black curls off her shoulders and neck, moving the raven mass back with a flick of her head. The movement lifted the red and orange scarf off her shoulder and sent it fluttering.

Hot coffee suddenly splashed across the table and Cody and Heath swore softly. Spencer followed with an expletive of his own as the burning liquid hit his crotch and he noted the crushed cup in Heath’s hand.

They split their attention between mopping up their clothing, the flooded table, and staring at the brunette. Even though he was trapped on the inside of the booth, Heath rose from his seat, obviously intent on climbing out. Cody grasped his shoulder and hissed, “Stop.”

“It’s her, Cody,” Heath whispered as he sat back down. “It’s her.”




Maizy watched Heath place the last bite of succulent chicken in his mouth as she sipped from her glass of sangria and stroked her bare, peaked nipple. AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” played in the background, charging the atmosphere with raw, sexual tension. Joy vibrated inside her as she continued poking the bear, knowing it was only a matter of time before he gave chase.

Good thing I’m already nekkid.

He watched her with glittering eyes as he chewed slowly, as if enjoying every flavor, every texture, every taste, much like how he made love. Excitement soared inside her as he lifted his beer to his lips, took a sip, and then quietly said, “Run.”

As if it was controlled by someone else, her body slowly, seductively slid from her seat, giving him a teasing peek at her pussy, as she watched him for the slightest hint of movement. He set his beer down and rose from his seat. She squealed and made like an antelope across the living room, leaping to the love seat and hurdling it in her bid for the hallway.

She knew he was hair’s breadth behind her by his deep chuckle at her gutsy move as she raced down the hallway to the master bedroom. He was so close she could sense his heat and hear his breathing as her heart pumped and she ran through the master bedroom door. She leaped for the bed to cross it and he grabbed her in mid-air and twisted so she landed on top of him on the plush bed linens.

He rolled, flipping her facedown and pinning her with his sizable strength. She went completely still, every nerve ending pulsating, as he growled and bit down lightly on the flesh at the base of her neck where it met her shoulder. Her cunt contracted and she whimpered, on fire for him. She inhaled a shaky breath, her entire body vibrating with need as he reached for the drawer in the new night table, still pinning her down.

“Wanted to fuck you all night, baby. Starving for you,” he muttered as he tore open the condom.

Seconds later he pressed his massive body heat over her from head to toe, his sheathed cock searching, probing hotly between her thighs. Resting his elbows on either side of her arms, he wrapped his forearms around her, caging her. He was completely in charge but she didn’t give in to him too easily as he nudged her thighs apart to make room for himself there.

“Relax baby, I don’t want to hurt you, but I’m not taking this slow. Not this time.”

“Yes, Heath. Fuck me hard, please!” Her cunt trembled and hot moisture drenched the head of his cock as if her body was also begging for him, and she tried to take him inside her. “Please, please.” She rolled her ass against him, encouraging him to fuck her just the way he’d described.

Drawing his teeth along her shoulder, he bit down again as he plunged his cock deep inside her on the first thrust, stretching her until she stung. He sent her soaring as her orgasm burst with a sweet, sensual throb through every nerve ending.

He groaned as if he was in pain and thrust deep until she was utterly taken.

“That’s right, baby. Take every inch of me. Fuck! You feel so good!” He pressed his lips against her shoulder and held her tightly as he began thrusting hard and fast.

She spread her legs wider for him, giving him every bit she could and took his cock, his balls bouncing against her clit with every pounding motion until she felt brimming full of him. She found purchase with her knees and he allowed her the leverage and fucked her even harder.

The sound of their flesh smacking together and the wet, sensual sounds of their union echoed in the room. Motion in the corner of her eye drew her attention and the sight of him on top of her, fucking her, in the mirror’s reflection was the most savage, beautiful thing she’d ever witnessed. He moved with such animal grace and there was no denying him when he growled, “Come for me, baby.”

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