[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, knife play, sex toys, spanking, whipping, HEA]
Juliana Grenville longs to be Dom Beckett Parker’s sub, but he seems to hate her. Jason O’Connor is kind and sweet and treats her beautifully but he isn’t a Dom. It seems wrong to date Jason if she wants to be in the dungeon with Dom Beckett.
Juliana is the receptionist at The Dom’s Dungeon BDSM Club. It’s the best job she’s ever had, but it isn’t helping her to become a sub when the man she desperately wants to be her Dom ignores her or glares at her. Yet she can feel the chemistry between them. There’s plenty of chemistry between her and Jason as well. He’s every woman’s dream of a thoughtful and caring man.
Finally she decides to pretend she’s a Domme and perform a stage show at the club with Dom Beckett. Perhaps that’ll make him pay attention to her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dungeon Love (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this book.
The story line was good, but lacked some intensity. Was a good average read though and I did enjoy the story.




Beckett spent some time rehearsing in his dungeon after his final client left. He needed to get ready for the show, but he had enough time to grab some food and a coffee before then. What he didn’t have was time to get changed into street clothes and then change back again. Well, too bad. He’d take the food back to the staff break room instead of eating it in the Stage Lounge, and if people stared at him ordering a meal at the bar, it was too bad.

As he got to the doorway into the Stage Lounge, he saw Juliana, still in her uniform, talking to Jason. I didn’t realize they knew each other. But then, since she’s the club’s receptionist, likely she knows everyone.

He was just about to shrug it off when Jason took Juliana into his arms and kissed her. It was a proper kiss. Beckett could tell that even at this distance. When she turned away from him, Jason’s gaze followed her across the room. If Beckett wasn’t mistaken, Juliana’s knees were a little wobbly as she started walking. That must have been a hell of a good kiss. He was certain she’d been kissed often enough to be impervious to an average kiss.

I should be the one kissing her. She’s mine. And she won’t be a fucking Domme either. She’ll submit to me.

Except how could that be? Unless she was a switch. But why would she put on a show as a Domme if she was a switch? Fucking hell. Jason was his friend as well. Or, at least, they were on the way to being friends. The evening they’d spent together had been a great time, and he’d planned to invite Jason out for a meal again someday. But it looked like Jason had another interest. A redheaded interest.

Well fuck. She’s mine dammit. Beckett frowned. He might just change up the end of their stage show tonight and show her who was really in control.

Forgetting all about food, Beckett turned on his heel and marched back down the stairs to Dungeon One again. It was time to plan a few changes to the ending of their scene—an ending that put the redheaded Domme in his arms where she belonged. And under his control as well.


* * * *


The beginning of their stage show went exactly as planned and exactly as it had the previous day. They arrived from different areas of the Stage Lounge, each demonstrated their skills to the audience, and then they battled each other for the audience’s admiration.

Juliana acted exactly as they’d planned and he did the same, the choreography giving him plenty of opportunity to demonstrate his skills with the whip. Every now and then the crowd broke into spontaneous gasps and clapping, which showed they were paying close attention to the display.

But as he and Juliana moved toward the conclusion, Beckett sensed an extra tension in Juliana. She was always very focused, very intent on her steps and her actions. To the audience it might seem as though she teased and paced around him gracefully and nonchalantly. But up here on the stage with her, he could tell that every step she made, every hand and head movement, was precisely choreographed.

She might be smiling prettily, but the tension showed in her eyes, and he was the only person close enough to know. Had she guessed he planned to alter the ending of their scenario? Was that what had her worrying? Was he giving off vibes that she could pick up warning her he was going to depart from the script?

As the assistants stepped back and displayed the sheet showing their neat parallel lines on it, Juliana cracked her whip out and wrapped it neatly around his waist. As if she’d guessed he’d never agree to be reeled in, she moved closer to him winding the whip around his waist as she did, and openly flirting with him.

The audience had been clapping already, but now they clapped harder.

Damn the fucking woman. This was going to make it ten times harder for him to add the new ending he’d planned.

Instead of shaking hands, as per the script, she lifted her lips to kiss him.

Aha. That was her undoing. This was how he’d rearranged the ending. He lifted her up, but instead of kissing her, he threw her over his shoulder in a modified fireman’s carry, holding her knees tightly in one hand and letting her body hang down his back. Then he left the stage to a lot of clapping, foot stomping, and cheering.

He put her down once they reached the private hallway that led to the staff change rooms and break room.

“You stupid moron. You’ve spoiled everything.” Juliana slid off his shoulder and rammed her knee into his balls before running into the female change room.

No one had ever done that to him before. The pain was intense, but the shock was almost as bad. Beckett grabbed his balls, cupping them gently, and only just managed not to drop to his knees in agony.

“I don’t think she appreciated that.”

Beckett looked up, still hissing from pain, to see Jason standing in the hall watching him.

“Ya think?”




He dropped his head to her breasts and sucked her entire areola into his mouth. He flicked the nipple with his tongue and then pressed it to the roof of his mouth, which made her groan with the intensity of her pleasure.

Beckett was still pumping two fingers in and out of her ass.

“I’m ready now. Anymore and I’ll combust before I see any cock at all.”

A hard spank landed on her ass, sending fiery heat deep inside her tissues. “Are you sure you’re ready? Don’t you think you could be a little hotter and wetter for us?”

Beckett slapped her again and again, covering her entire ass with his hands until her skin was burning hot and her nipples were so hard they dug into Jason’s chest. Her cunt dripped cream, and she was almost shaking with the need to come.

“Sit up and let Jason feel just how erotic a hot ass is.”

Juliana sat up, her ass burning against Jason’s thighs. Up until now she’d considered his skin against hers to be warm, almost hot. But the heat from her ass was ten times hotter than his thighs. She rubbed her sore ass over his skin and felt her own cunt cream there. She really was going to combust soon. Well, no, maybe she wasn’t. Beckett was deliberately giving her the time to come down from the high the spanking had raised her to and rest on a plateau before they began fucking her. Damn, he was knowledgeable. He seemed to understand her so well.

Beckett took the blindfold off her, and then uncuffed her hands. She smiled at the cuffs. They were navy blue denim, which explained why they hadn’t felt as heavy as she’d expected them to be. He handed her a condom. “Put that on Jason.”

She took the sheath and stroked Jason’s cock. Not that it needed arousing. His cock was thick, long, and hard, the head a deep reddish purple, which showed graphically that he was as aroused as she was. Carefully she rolled the latex over his erection.

Beckett handed her a second condom and stood beside the bed, close to her. His cock was every bit as long, thick, and hard as Jason’s. She couldn’t resist rolling his foreskin down to see what color the head was. Dark red. She released his foreskin and gloved him.

He must have given Jason some kind of sign because Jason pulled her back down and held his cock at her pussy entry. Happily she wiggled until the head was inside her channel and sighed with delight as he thrust deep inside her. He held her hard against his body, his palms flat on her back as Beckett climbed onto the bed behind her.

Beckett pressed firmly at her entry and then rocked his way inside, gradually working deeper and deeper. Juliana closed her eyes and relished the experience. Her body was being stretched tight to fit a second cock inside. Her cunt was full of Jason, and now her ass was being stretched to its limit to accommodate Beckett. She was very full, and there was a sensation of pressure, but it didn’t hurt at all.

Juliana’s only previous experience of anal sex had been over almost before it began, as her boyfriend at the time had lasted less than two minutes. She knew she could rely on these two men to last a lot longer than that and to ensure she orgasmed as well.

There were no words to express the incredible sensations when both men were deep inside her. Juliana was squashed between their bodies, her nipples digging into Jason’s chest, her face resting on his shoulder, his arms tight around her waist. Leaning on her back, Beckett was like a blanket, keeping her toasty and warm, but with his lips and hands all across her neck and shoulders as he pressed a line of surprisingly gentle butterfly kisses to her skin.

Her ass, jammed against Beckett’s pelvis, was still hot and sore, but that only added to the carnality of the moment. And then both men began to pull out of her. Juliana gasped with shock. In the space of a few seconds, she went from stretched far too wide, full of men, to empty and alone. Only the fact that they couldn’t thrust back inside her until they pulled out stopped her from complaining at the sensation of being utterly bereft.

They drove in deep and hard, holding her hips tightly so she couldn’t move, before sliding out again. In and out they pounded until Juliana’s mind was blank with overwhelming pleasure. The steady rhythm hypnotized her, dragging her along with their movements until she couldn’t think or act. All she could do was lie between their bodies, relishing the mind-blowing knowledge that two men were fucking her together.

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