Howell Lourge Marshall wasn't afraid of anything. He wasn't afraid of having a mate, he wasn't afraid of having kids and he especially wasn't afraid of falling in love. He just chose not to have those things.

Michael Prosace has already lost his pack and most of his family because he chose to live his life as a proud, though deaf, gay man who is also transgender. He is almost completely satisfied with his life, so when he finally meets his mate Howell, he just knows that his life was finally going to be complete.

But Howell is from the Tate pack and trouble seems to follow these shape-shifting cowboys around. Before Howell and Michael will be able to explore their deep feelings for each other and a connection that goes back further than they expected, the two men will have to deal with danger, bigotry, murder, and six unexpected additions to their very unconventional family.

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Cover Art by Vicktor Alexander

He turned back to look over the patrons in the room. His eyes took in the beauty of the painted dark purple walls with gold sconces on them. His eyes swept over the circular, cherry marble wood tables and the black iron chairs all filled with customers, to the long line of customers that still stood in line in front of the cash register waiting to place their orders. It was here he felt his eyes widen as the most amazing smell assailed his nostrils. His eyes slid close as the smell of peaches, horses and melted caramel filled his nose. He felt his chest expand as every hair on his body stood on end. His heart began rapidly pounding in his chest and he felt his spirit man fighting against his wolf in an attempt to prevent himself from shifting in public. His cock hardened almost painfully, the throbbing there synching up with the pounding of his heartbeat and every other pulse point in his body.
Only one thing could cause him to have such a reaction.
His mate was here.
Opening his eyes he saw the large black man moments before he walked forward and pressed him roughly against the door behind him. He saw Katharina’s eyes widen as well as the looks of shock and horror that crossed the faces of everyone else in the shop and he raised his hand and shook his head slightly to let them know that he was okay. There was no need for them to worry, he was perfectly fine. He was the safest place that he’d ever be. In his mate’s arms.
His head tilted back when he felt the other man press his nose to the side of his neck and he shivered with delight as he felt the larger man’s breath on his neck. Shortly thereafter he felt the raspy texture of the other man’s tongue in the same area, causing his every cell to tremble within his flushed body. He was going to have an orgasm right here in front of everyone and he couldn’t even bring himself to give a flying fuck. He gripped his mate’s biceps in his hands and curled his toes in his pair of black Nordstrom shoes, when he felt the slight scrape of his mate’s incisors on his throat. They were practically making out and having sex right there in front of everyone in the shop…
And Michael knew without a doubt that he really didn’t care. He was practically begging his mate without words to fuck him in front of a room full of strangers. If his mate asked him at that moment, and if he could hear him ask, he would happily strip and assume the “head-down-ass-up” position.
After the whole debacle with his birth pack, them finding out that he was gay, then them finding out that he liked to wear women’s clothes sometimes, he’d grown very private, very conservative in public. No one needed to know that he fantasized about having sex in a public place; it was something that he would never allow himself to do. It was illegal, number one, and because he’d learned long ago that when something like that happened and he got caught, which he always did, then he’d be the only one to get in trouble, the other guy always got away scot-free.
So why in all of the gods name was he panting and practically desperate for his mate to rip his clothes off and fuck him right there in front of everyone?
Giving himself a mental shake and realizing that it was probably just the whole just found my mate thing, he looked up at the man in question. He stared at the beautiful chocolate skin and up over the very prominent Adam’s apple, over the chin that was covered with hair, past his beautiful and moving plump lips to the thin nose and the gorgeous light brown eyes that fairly sparkled with excitement. It wasn’t until he’d reached the black hair that had been twisted and intricately arranged in beautiful dreadlocks that he realized what he’d failed to fully categorize and accept before. His mate was talking to him and had been for a while.
Feeling like a complete asshole in that moment because he’d forgotten to let the other man know he was deaf he placed the palm of his left hand over the gorgeous man’s heart and felt the vibrations in his chest stop as the other man stopped talking. Michael inhaled deeply, the smell of his mate rushing through his blood and making him almost lightheaded with its delightful scent. With his right hand, he pointed to his right ear and shook his head. Trying his best to alert his mate to the fact that he couldn’t hear.
The vibration under his hand alerted him to the fact that his mate was talking again and he lifted his gaze from his hand on the other man’s chest and up to the other man’s lips.
I. Don’t. Care. He read slowly as his mate’s lips slowly formed the words. Feeling his eyes fill with tears, he lifted his eyes to the other man’s eyes, hoping the other man could see the almost desperate hope shining there that he felt thrumming through his veins.
When his beautiful black man merely nodded his head with a smile, Michael launched himself into his arms, wrapping his arms around the other man’s neck and pressing his very erect cock against the other man’s stomach. He was so happy that he was extremely shocked when he felt himself being shoved back.
What the hell was wrong?
He watched as his mate’s eyes traveled from his breasts down to his prominently displayed erection with a look of shock. Like a bucket of cold water had been dumped on his head, Michael saw all of his hopes and dreams for a happily-ever-after with his mate flowing down the drain.
He was a freak. A short, deaf, wolf-shifting freak. No wonder his mate didn’t want him.

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