Fallen Lights (MM)

Bright Beginnings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,900
6 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]
Prince Azri Iriart is stranded far from home, trapped on a planet with only the few things his crew had managed to drag off their crashed ship. If there is one thing Azri hates, it's being trapped planet side. When Fate throws his mate at him, he must do whatever he can to keep his crew and mate safe from harm. Even if it means that Azri has to hide for the rest of his existence from his mate’s own government.
Eric lives a lonely existence working as a cashier for a local grocery store. Stashing every dime he possible can, Eric is building for a future for himself. Until he meets Azri, a lonely stranded Alien that needs a kind touch. Can Eric tame Azri’s wandering nature?
Can Eric and Azri build a new life together, away from his childhood home, and the government that is looking for Azri and his crew?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fallen Lights (MM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Fallen Lights (MM)

Bright Beginnings 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,900
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Eric walked out of Kroger feeling more tired than he had in a long time. Tension knotted his shoulders, making him cringe at the sheer amount of stress he was under. The parking lot was dark, as it was past the normal time for most people to be asleep. The lot was empty, except for the occasional night crew and a single passenger van parked at the end of the lot.

It had been a long night, filled with college students trying to buy liquor when they were beyond intoxicated. A few of them had been upset at Eric refusing to sell them any liquor, but one set of college students had been more violent than normal. It probably had something to do with the fact that finals were approaching, and it made for harder partying as a stress reliever.

Eric crossed the parking lot, intending on taking the well-lit main street home, rather than the darkened, shorter way. By the time he reached the end of the stretched lot, he knew it was going to be a long walk home. A slight scuttle sounded to his right, and Eric swung around to see a stone slam against his head. Pain lanced through his head as he hit the ground with a force that shook his bones.

“Hey!” a voice called, but Eric couldn’t focus his eyes on anything beyond the lights that clamored behind his eyes. Sounds erupted around him, and he knew a fight had broken out. He touched his head to feel the thick globs of red liquid. Retreating footsteps echoed from somewhere, but Eric was more concerned with trying to stand up. For a moment, his world seemed to tilt, drowning out the sound with a rushing waterfall of blood. Eric concentrated on breathing for a moment, as the sound faded and the world righted.

“Are you okay?” a sultry voice asked. Eric almost groaned as his dick hardened in response. The last thing he needed was to get beat up more because his other head couldn’t control itself.

“I think so. I just need a minute.” Eric patted his hand against the air, trying to placate the voice that sounded like sweet honey mixed with danger. The flashing lights cleared behind Eric’s eyes. Eric looked to the voice that captivated his soul. A small ounce of fear billowed from his insides, but was quickly squashed by the sheer amount of chemistry that flowed from the man. The chill in the air seemed to spark with electricity. This man was not a man, but something else entirely.

The street lights reflected against his skin that flittered from one color to the next, like a hummingbird in mid-flight looking for the perfect flower. Hues of orange and red mixed with the deeper shades of black and blue, giving the otherworldly creature a devilish appearance. A tail swished slightly on the blacktop behind him. But it was his face that pulled at Eric’s soul.

His long hair was braided in hundreds of strands, some of which hung limply, but others appeared to be wrapped around each other. Eric thought his hair must have been made of braided moonlight. His diamond shaped face was framed by slightly pointed ears. The otherworldly creature’s eyes were the most beautiful thing Eric had ever seen. They were blue, but dusted with small sparkles of silver like a picture of a star nebula.

“Mate, are you okay?” the ethereal creature asked with such compassion that Eric’s heart squeezed in pain. No one had ever really cared about him. But for some reason, Eric could feel his concern in his soul.

“Yeah…” Eric berated himself for his lame answer. The creature held out his hand, and Eric found himself dying to touch the chameleon skin to see if it was as rough as it looked. He took a steadying breath as he reached up, colliding his hand against the skin that felt like fine rabbit hair. “Where were you going, mate?” The voice caressed the air, electrifying it, making Eric shiver as the creature held tightly to his hand.

“Home...” Eric choked, giving him more cause to berate himself. “Then, I should accompany you. I am Azri,” Azri announced. Eric found himself wishing he could find his voice, but fear seemed to prevent him from speaking. He only nodded in agreement, mostly because he would sell his soul to see those eyes for five minutes longer.

Azri swished his free hand out, allowing Eric to lead the way. The walk home was quiet, as Eric searched for something witty to say. Nothing came to mind, so Eric settled into the silence that had comforted him for most of his life. The feel of the soft skin against his hand seemed to comfort him, allowing him time to contemplate the stranger. Eric took the quiet time to study Azri. Even the way he walked was pure grace, making Eric wonder what it would be like to be beneath him. He wondered if he could invite him in for coffee. One of his co-workers used that excuse all the time to get men into her bed.

As Eric contemplated what he could offer Azri to get him inside the apartment he shared with his currently jailed parents, they arrived sooner than Eric liked. He struggled with opening the door to the apartment, and then had to search for his keys. He dropped the keys twice, trying to open the door a few more times, finally getting the door open. He knew there was no way he could invite Azri to stay after he presented himself as such a mess.

He allowed Azri to enter before shutting the door and waiting for the otherworldly creature to give an excuse to leave. Not that Eric could blame him. If he had been in Azri’s position, he would do the same. “Thank you. I’m Eric,” Eric mumbled, trying to get out proper thanks before Azri left.

Azri crossed the distance into Eric’s personal space, making Eric take a step back in terror. He had never been approached by a man with such raw power, let alone an otherworldly creature with such sexual appeal. Azri didn’t seem to mind. Instead he followed Eric’s steps until they reached the wall. “Do you have something for this?” Azri slightly touched the wound on Eric’s head, but the pain was overridden by the soft touch.




Eric’s hands flittered down of their own accord, darting across Azri’s muscled chest in curiosity. Beneath the jacket, his shirt was tight across his muscles, leaving nothing hidden, but for some reason, under Eric’s fingertips the muscles were stronger, more defined than they looked. He had never felt a more attractive chest.

“Mate,” Azri breathed against his skin, nuzzling his neck. Eric moaned at the sensation of heat flittering across his crawling skin.

Azri pushed Eric up against the wall, kissing him again, intensely, pillaging his mouth. There was nothing Eric wanted more right now than for Azri to take him right up against the wall, but he knew sounds would echo through the shared hallway, causing even the wildest neighbors to blush.

Eric grabbed Azri’s hand, dragging him through the apartment toward his bedroom. Out of habit, Eric quietly closed the door behind him. Wincing when he realized that he had shown more of himself than he cared to, he turned to look at Azri. Azri did not seem fazed by the action. Instead, he gently brushed his hand across Eric’s face. Eric savored the sensation, shuddering as he realized no one had ever really touched him before. There had been times when he had had sex, but it was always a one-night stand, no emotions, no cuddling afterward, just sex, fulfilling a need that both parties demanded.

Eric leaned into the touch, a small sigh escaping his mouth. Azri gently pulled Eric to him, causing Eric to gasp in anticipation. Eric could feel Azri’s length through the strange pants he wore. They reminded him of the clothing from Star Trek, a sleek material built from something otherworldly. Eric slowly walked Azri backward to his bed, stopping right before they reached the overly small bed. He reached down, slowly stroking Azri’s cock, which brought a deep, raspy growl to the alien’s lips. Eric dropped down to his knees, kissing the still-clothed cock in front of him. He looked up at Azri, making eye connection for the first time since they entered the bedroom. His breath caught at the sight of the beautiful cloud-dusted eyes.

Eric looked back down, staring at the long length that bulged just above the alien’s knee, making Eric’s mouth water at the thickness of the package in front of him. He looked back up at Azri, with a puzzled look. “Ummm, how exactly do we get these, uh, off?” he asked a little sheepishly. A slight blush crept up his neck, staining his cheeks red. Azri chuckled, hooking his thumbs into the waistband, peeling the material from his skin. Eric eyed each exposed inch with a look of a predator. He wanted nothing more than to slide his tongue along the sexy, colored skin that morphed from an orange to a bright red.

“Oh,” Eric said sheepishly. Eric stared wide-eyed at the package, trying to judge how large he really was. On a wild guess, Eric thought that Azri was near eleven inches long by at least two around. He was not sure whether he could take all of it, and began wondering if he had enough lube to even try. But a part of him demanded that he have this man seated deep within his channel, making him beg for release.

Determined to try, he leaned forward, nipping at the head before taking the mouthwatering morsel deeply. The size was a big adjustment for him. He had to slowly work his way along the head, licking and teasing as much as he could, giving his mouth time to adjust to the large member. Azri’s breath turned ragged as Eric reached up to stroke the rest of the large cock with both hands. Azri whimpered slightly, making Eric smile. Shudders gripped his lover, pulling Eric deeply into the desire that had long ago overtaken him. After a few minutes, Azri groaned, pulling Eric back up to him, kissing him deeply, causing Eric’s own cock to jump in his jeans.

Azri ripped Eric’s shirt up, breaking the kiss to remove it. Eric shed his jeans quickly, as Azri removed the rest of his clothing, tossing everything in a pile next to the bed. Eric reached under the bed to grab his lube. After squirting some on his hand, he smeared it across his opening, sharing some of the liquid on Azri’s raging hard-on. Tossing the bottle on the bed, he stroked Azri’s cock, coating it thickly with the lube.

Azri pushed Eric onto the bed, where he quickly positioned himself on the edge. Azri quickly was behind him, caressing his ass gently. Eric gasped as he felt one of Azri’s fingers slide inside of him. He forced his body to relax and soon the discomfort was replaced with waves of pleasure that radiated from somewhere inside of him. Azri grasped Eric’s dick in his other hand and started stroking it, bringing Eric quickly to the brink of an orgasm. Azri slid another finger into his ass, slowly working to stretch him as much as possible. Azri crooked his fingers inside him, causing Eric to jump slightly at the new sensation.

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