You Are Mine (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 128,483
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, with F/F, shape-shifters, bondage, HEA]
When twins Caleb and Jeremy Royce buy the hunting lodge of their dreams in the Canadian wilderness, the last thing they expect to find is a tame she-wolf. They take in the small white wolf as a pet never suspecting that she is really a Lycan in hiding.
Nicole Delmore has been on the run from a sadistic alpha male who wants to mate her. Once she meets the twins she wants nothing more than to stay with them. She doesn’t understand why, but she is drawn to these two human men.
After she reveals her secret she is forced to turn her two men into Lycans in order to protect them from the evil alpha that hunts her. They are all shocked when a handsome stranger arrives. He is a powerful Lycan and what he tells them about Nicole not only changes her life but his own and that of her newly changed human men.
A Siren Erotic Romance
You Are Mine (LoveXtreme)
2 Ratings (5.0)

You Are Mine (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 128,483
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love it. I hope the author writes about the sister story. But continue to add some of these characters in there too!! Or maybe a continuation of this story. One can hope!!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS "Nicole Delmore is on the run from a sadistic alpha male who wants to mate her when she meets Caleb and Jeremy Royce and is forced to change them in order to protect them, and this begins a series of events that changes all of their lives in this exciting paranormal romance. The readers can't help but get drawn into the story as a playful white wolf ensnares their attention right along with the two human males. Things go from hot to blazing with lots of intensely sizzling desires and scorching sex scenes that continuously get hotter as Nicole's destiny takes hold and she has more mates than she could ever imagine. Lots of emotional turmoil flows from the pages as these strong compelling characters seduce readers with their story, and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot excites readers with lots of suspense, action and romance. Anticipation builds throughout the story as Nicole learns more about what she is to the shifters and to the vampires. This leads her and her men into danger as others covet Nicole and her powers for themselves. The well written scenes and details paint such vivid images that the reader becomes lost in Nicole's world and can't put the story down until they have read every last detail of the intriguing events. Oh, and I guess I should warn you that there is some hot f/f action as well that adds additional spice to the story which was already quite zesty with unexpected twists adding tension and interest. Kris Royce's world has lots of interesting differences and the plot seemed to take on a life of its own. I became caught up in Nicole's story and there was a well balanced mix of sex, emotion and danger. Though some elements could have come across as a bit fantastical, the author presented it in such a way that it all made perfect sense and just made the story that much more entertaining. I can't wait to read more books by this author." -- Evampire,The Romance Reviews

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Nicole hit the porch and shifted in a dead run scooping up the discarded shirt she had taken off. She held the door as her two males ran in.

“Shift back, do it the same way as before but this time picture yourself as a man,” she told them, trying not to panic but they knew what she was feeling.

Both men shifted, surprising Nicole at how quickly they were able to do it.

“What’s wrong?” Caleb asked, pulling on his pants.

“There is a wolf coming this way. I smelled only one but there could be more. I know that there are two of you but neither of you are ready to face a wolf who has had a lifetime to know how to be one,” she told them.

“Tell her, damn it.” Jeremy growled, going to Nicole and pulling her into his arms because she was shaking.

She pulled back from Jeremy to look up at him with a slight frown.

“Tell me what?” she asked, looking at Caleb then back to Jeremy.

Caleb ran a hand through his hair.

“Tess is sending someone to help us,” he told her.

“A wolf?” she asked in complete shock.


She jerked away from Jeremy.

“And you were going to share this with me when?” she snapped, crossing her arms with her eyes flashing.

Before either one of them could answer there was a knock at the door.

“Oh, allow me,” Nicole snapped at them and walked to the door and jerked it open.

It was Nicole who was surprised, actually she was floored. Yeah, the man standing there looking down at her was one of her kind but he was, in a word, gorgeous. He was well over six and half feet tall, broad shouldered with long silky black hair and dark blue eyes. The man had his arms braced up on both sides of the door. He wore a long black leather duster with no shirt leaving his muscular chest and stomach bare. His tanned chest and stomach were sculptured, mouthwateringly hard muscle. His chest was void of hair and the only hair he had was a dark line below his belly button that disappeared into the low-cut black leather pants. The large bulge in those tight leather pants was impressive.

Nicole’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open. The man had the same expression on his face upon seeing Nicole standing there with nothing on but a man’s shirt that was not even buttoned up all the way giving the stranger a nice view of cleavage and plenty of leg.

The stranger recovered faster than she did and a sexy grin slowly spread across his face, showing perfect white teeth as his eyes moved over her. He breathed in deep her scent and his eyes darkened.

“Oh my,” Nicole thought.

Her wolf rolled over on her back giving herself to him. Bitch!

“You must be Nicole,” the man said in a thick sexy accent taking her hand in his much larger hot one and pulling her to him.

As if in a trance she let him pull her into his arms. He smelled so damned good and her wolf liked him a lot. Nicole wanted to knock him down and roll her body all over him. She wanted to nip his chest and lick that line below his belly button. Her heart began beating faster. Her body temperature began to rise. Her nipples hardened as things down low clenched with need. Moisture dampened her thighs.

She heard her men growl as the man holding her against him leaned down with his nose in her hair. Then he surprised them all as he lifted her up with one hand sliding over her bare ass until she was eye level. He growled low in his chest when he realized she was naked under the shirt. Nicole felt the rumbling of his growl all the way through her body and whimpered. His eyes darkened even more just before his mouth lowered over hers kissing her passionately.

Nicole could not help herself she had to kiss him back. She had to taste him. His taste and his scent, not to mention his looks, were like an aphrodisiac to her. She wanted him almost as much as she wanted her twins. Her wolf wanted him just as much.

Nicole was dazed when he ended the kiss and slowly slid her down his body setting her on her feet before he released her slowly letting his hand slide across the bare cheeks of her ass. The stranger reached out to steady her as she swayed but Caleb and Jeremy pulled her away before he could touch her again. Their growls filled the room. Their anger leaked through the bond they shared pulling Nicole back to her senses, sort of.

Nicole brought a shaking hand to her mouth as she quickly blocked her thoughts from her men because they would think she was a slut if they knew what she was thinking about doing to this stranger.

What. The. Hell?




Stephen took her to the ground in one swift movement, controlling the fall so she wasn’t hurt. He pinned her down with his much larger body. Again he held her wrists with one hand as he reached out and grabbed a sash from a robe with the other. He claimed her lips and she tried to bite him. Stephen laughed which just made her even angrier. She did bite him on the chest as he stretched out over her to tie her wrists together above her head and then to the bottom of the bed frame. He wasn’t laughing at her now, he only grunted until he was done.

Stephen fisted Nicole’s hair and pried her mouth from his chest. She expected him to be mad that she had bitten him but he wasn’t. Stephen held her head still while he licked away the blood that was staining her lips and chin before kissing her deeply.

This time Nicole moaned and kissed him back for all of thirty seconds then she bit his tongue hard. Stephen jerked away with a growl and still he grinned even as his blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. She stared up at him with her eyes flashing in anger and desire. Then she slapped him with her power.

Without warning he growled as he rolled her onto her stomach. His large hand came down hard on her plump curvy ass. She squealed and kicked out at him. She cussed him like a sailor. Stephen brought his hand down hard a few more times until she shut up. He watched his little wolf arch her back into his hand where he rubbed her burning ass cheeks and groaned. With a dip of his finger he found she was swollen and dripping wet for him. She pressed back into his touch with a moan.

Stephen moved in behind her between her legs lifting her hips until she was on her knees with her head down. He used his knees to spread her wide. The sight of her spread out naked before him like this drove him on. He ran his hands down her body as his wolf demanded he claim her. Stephen backed up then leaned down and swiped her with his tongue causing Nicole to whimper and push back against him. He did it a few more times, spreading her slick moisture before he latched on to her clit, sucking hard before releasing her. Nicole was whimpering as he leaned back up and lifted her hips up just a little higher. Then he did what he had wanted to do since the first second he saw her, he plunged his thick hard length into her wet silky folds.

Nicole screamed and tried to get away but Stephen held her in his tight grip. He could feel her tight sheath resisting his invasion but they were not human. He might hurt her a little but he had been with enough Lycan females to know they enjoyed a little pain. Their bodies healed faster and he knew this was what Nicole needed, what she craved. She might not be ready to admit it yet but she needed this brutal coupling with him. He could see in her mind and knew her wolf wanted this as well.

A true Lycan mating was always violent and savage. There was always biting, fighting and blood involved until the female submitted to her mate.

Stephen could not believe how amazing she felt. She was so fucking tight, so hot. He was fighting for control and it was not easy.

By the time Stephen forced himself all the way in he was beginning to worry that he had been wrong until Nicole shuddered under him and began to shove back against him with every thrust.

“Oh God, Stephen please,” Nicole said in a harsh whisper.

“Fuck yes,” Stephen growled as she began to respond to him with a roll of her hips taking him deeper.

Their Were magic, their power, began to build around them wrapping them in a cocoon of heat, friction, and feeling. Both of them panted as the scorching pleasure spread through them. He took her hard and deep with every stroke until he knew she was close.

Stephen stopped moving which took all his will power to do. Nicole made a strangled sound and tried to shove back but he held her still.

“Do you accept me as your mate, little one?” He growled with every muscle in his body quivering.

She nodded.

“Say it out loud, Nicole. I need to hear you say it,” he told her in a growl.

“Yes, damn you. I accept you as my mate. Stephen, God, please, I need you,” she said, almost crying out the last.

With a deep growl Stephen gave her what she wanted thrusting hard and deep once more hitting the end of her while she screamed and he filled her over and over again. He could see Nicole’s claws growing longer as she partially shifted. This time he did not stop her but shifted a little himself.

He knew the time was now to mark her as she screamed her pleasure and her muscles clamped down on him in a stranglehold. He leaned down over her covering her back with his body, his long hair forming a curtain around them. Stephen opened his mouth and bit down on her shoulder. Nicole screamed out his name and went wild under him, bucking up to take more of him inside her as her body spasmed around him in waves of intense pleasure.

Stephen followed her over the edge with a loud roar, filling her with his scalding seed as he pumped into her frantically. Stephen had never felt such pleasure before in his life. It felt so good it was almost painful.

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