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Ghost Warriors - Book Six of the Running in Fear Series

Running in Fear Series

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 59,000
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In Ghost Warriors, the sixth title in the best-selling Running in Fear series by #1 Amazon paranormal romance writer Trinity Blacio, strong-willed vampire Lissa must take on the challenge of being mated to four supernatural men, as well as saving her world.

No matter what came her way, Lissa had always been a fighter. Yet, when Lissa learns she is mated to four men, she swears someone is out to get her!

Nikola, Castor, and shifter brothers Adonis and Pierre have all vowed to keep their mate safe, but Lissa has other ideas now that their world is beset by dangerous magical enemies and violent zombies! As a vampire herself, she can hold her own—but with an inevitable war between the supernatural species approaching, can Lissa and her mates build their relationship while they keep each other safe?

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“Do you think it’s wise to be out here alone when so many enemies are close?” He moved like a warrior and a man who knew every detail around him, full off confidence, but also so alone. Once more he leaned against the tree, his arms crossed over his bare muscular chest.

Lissa studied him under her long black bangs while she slowly ran her gaze up his body. Anyone could get lost in his dark green eyes. His hair was the color of wheat lit by the sun and it brushed his shoulders. He had to stand at least seven feet tall, but then she was small at five feet four inches. She raised her gaze to his, his lips curled up and Lissa blushed. He had caught her staring.

She moved back a step. “Umm sorry, but, no I’m not important like Suzanne, Jaycee, Cecilia or Shelly. If you’ll excuse me…” Lissa waved to the path. “I think I’ll continue my walk.”

She moved back onto the path and once more concentrated on her surroundings. Lissa listened to the whispers of the roses, mums, lilies and all sort of flowers which lined the path, hastas mixed into the mix. They calmed her as nothing else could.

“You really don’t believe yourself important enough to have protection?” Nikola asked from behind her. She jumped again grinding her teeth as she frowned at him.

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